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08-09-2006, 10:10 PM
Anyone know if World of Disney in DTD or anywhere inside both parks sell mickey shaped cookie cutters? I'll be there next friday but if the answer is no then I'll try my luck on ebay. TIA :mickeyjum

08-10-2006, 12:30 AM
I'm not 100% sure, about 95% sure, that the coffee store on Main Street sells metal cookie cutters. I know I've seen them there someplace. They have lots of cups, dishes, baking things...and I believe, cookie cutters. As you're entering Disneyland and going down Main Street, it's on the right hand side, right next to the fruit stand.

08-10-2006, 10:52 AM
Thank you, I'll be sure to check out that place :sunny:

08-10-2006, 11:57 AM
Cookie cutters? What a cute way (Disney cookies) to remind the kids of a wonderful trip! I'll have to look for those, too. :)

08-10-2006, 11:59 AM
I'm pretty sure you can find them somewhere. I have 2 mickey cookie cutters, and I know I purchased one at DL, but it has been a while. I got the other one in WDW.

08-10-2006, 01:40 PM
I use to have at least 3 but I can't find them for some reason and reason I'm in search for one is my son's 1st bday is on the 18th but we are celebrating his party on the 26th and of course his theme is non other than mickey mouse, actually its disney babies with mickey as the star :earboy2: I plan to have the desserts cut into the mickey shaped head (rice krispies treat, brownies, cookies).

Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to hunt around DL when we are there on the 18th celebrating DS 1st bday (w/DH) and 1st time at DL!

08-10-2006, 06:43 PM
I was at WDW in June and they had some at the Emporium. Maybe they would have them at DL? Also, the CM said that they double as pancake molds!

08-10-2006, 08:39 PM
You can buy them in DL. I found mine in the candy shop next to where you see pooh.

08-10-2006, 09:49 PM
:sunny: thanks so much,now I don't have to worry about were I can buy them. Thanks again!!! :yay:

08-11-2006, 01:08 AM
You can buy them in DL. I found mine in the candy shop next to where you see pooh.

Really? I totally missed them!! I am thinking I need to call and order a couple of things I forgot, anyway. I may have to add this. I swear, at this rate, I may as well drive back to Disneyland and buy everything myself!