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08-09-2006, 11:37 AM
Ok, we stayed at Pop Century for two nights (after staying at Hojo for two nights and visiting Universal). We did all four parks in three days, checking in at 11 in the morning on the 6th and leaving at 6pm on the 8th. So here's how we used two-nights DDP credits (for two) during these three days:


Day One:
1 Credit CS Meal [Captain's Special] in Columbia Harbour, MK (~$12) 12:30pm
1 Snack Used in MK (~$3) 2:30pm
1 Credit TS Dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh (~43) + Appetizer and drink OOP (~$8) 7:30pm

Day Two:
1 Credit CS Meal [Mediterranean Chicken Snd.] at Everything Pop (~$13) 11:30am
1 Snack [Soft-Ice Cream Cone] in Epcot (~$3) 1:00pm
1 Credit TS [Sushi Lunch] at Yakitori House (~$30) 2:30pm
1 Credit TS [Veal] at Mama Melrose, MGM (~$40) + Appetizer OOP (~$5) 7:00pm

Day Three:
1 Credit CS Meal [Curry Chicken] at ABC Comm, MGM (~$13) 10:30am
1 Credit TS Lunch [Steak Sandwich] at Sci-Fi Diner (~$35) 12:50pm
2 Snacks at AK (~$5) 4:00pm
1 CS Meal [Shrimp Lomein] TO-GO at Everything Pop (~13) 5:00pm (ate on the plane)


As you can see we shared one credit between the two of us at every single location. We always let the server know that we will be using one credit and if we order anything extra we will pay for it seperately, OOP. At Marrakesh and Mama Melrose we were given an extra dish while at Sci-fi Diner our entree was separated in the kitchen.

At the two TS occassions where we ordered extra stuff, we received a seperate bill (charged to our room). At Marrakesh we gave the guy a $2 tip on the $8 and at Mama Melrose 18% gratuity was already included in our OOP bill.

We saved ~$50 with the Dining plan and wouldn't mind getting it again, even with the new 2007 Epcot restrictions, since there are many other places to try out and Le Cellier (which we couldn't get in to this time) is still on the list.

All in all we loved our FIRST visit to WDW (and the dining plan) and are actually planning to go back for another short excursion in January and see the things we missed this time: Expedition Everest, The MK Fireworks Show, Fantasmic etc. etc.


A dinning tip:

The best place to use CS credits was Everything Pop (or your resort food court). There was a great variety to choose from and the desert selection was also better than anywhere else (Yummy Cheesecake!). Also, you can get free refills on your drink at the self-service fountain.

08-09-2006, 11:54 AM
Glad to hear you had such great experiences.

Bet you can't wait to go back! :teeth:

08-09-2006, 12:50 PM
Of course you'll have to go back...you missed some of the best attractions! Thanks for a straight-forward account of maximizing the DDP while staying within it's rules of use. :thumbsup2

08-09-2006, 03:05 PM
Thanks..... great post


08-10-2006, 02:19 AM
Thanks for the report. Glad to see they are no limiting sharing by adults as this is what we plan to do on a few occasions.