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08-07-2006, 10:01 AM
With the price of everything going up I decided to take a look at my phone, cable, and internet to see where I could save some money. Comcast is offering cable, digital voice (phone service) and internet for $33 each a month for a year. That would make my total bill for all just over $100. Big savings!!!! However I am a leery of the digital voice phone service.

Does anyone have this and if so what is your opinions on it?

I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I did a search and nothing came up. So thanks in advance.

08-07-2006, 10:16 AM
We signed on BEFORE the promotion and our bill is $133 per month-still much better than what we were paying before for separate AT & T service (we had digital cable and Comcast internet already and were paying $111 for those 2 services.... so for only $22 more a month we have the phone as well) We haven't had any complaints with our phone-the only glitch was in the beginning, there was a problem with my voice mail (couldn't retrieve messages) but they fixed it within 24 hours for me. It "sounds" the same as our old land-line phones only sometimes the phone "rings" back after you hang up-so I have to just pick it up and put it back in the receiver again. Not sure if it's just my phone or if it's the cable service?

Oh, and beware the fine print.... my neighbor tried to take advantage of the same promotion you're speaking of, and the operator @ Comcast told him it was for NEW subscribers only (meaning that you don't have ANY comcast services right now-in today's day and age, I can't imagine there are a lot of people that would fit this category???? ) Not sure if that's been revised since he called 4 months ago?

08-07-2006, 10:54 AM
does this apply to adelphia customers? we just got taken over by comcast and Im looking to lower my bill not increase it! right now we pay $72 for cable, HD channels, DVR recorder and cable modem. I pay bellsouth for our phone service around $40 a month. I use my own answering machine since I was tired of paying their rate for voice mail.

08-07-2006, 12:51 PM
Considering that EVERY time we get a decent rain Comcast has "Weather" issues I am afraid to go that route. My cable was out for about 18 hours yesterday. (Those ads where they try to make you think the Dish is the only thing affected by the weather just make me laugh and EVERY time I have to call about the rain that went thru a DAY ago messing up my cable I point out them that my boyfriend's DISH is working just fine)

Neither Comcast or Bell South have the FIRST clue what Customer Service is. That's what a monopoly gets you, high prices and jerks!

08-07-2006, 12:59 PM
Are you currently a COmcast customer? If so, you will not be able to take advantage of this offer. It is for NEW customers only. I have Comcast digital cable (basic pkg) with HBO, internet, digital phone. Wanna know what my monthly bill is???

$146 a month. Big difference from $100!! We don take advantage of the long distance included with the phone. No more using my cell phone for that. Good luck....I have to call them, as a matter of fact, and find out why my bill is higher than what it should be. This ought to be fun!

08-07-2006, 01:35 PM
Well I did call them and no I was not eligible for that plan as I am a comcast customer. :furious: I asked if there was any other plans available to customers, she was quite rude in telling me know I was not eligible for any other packages. :badpc: I told her if there wasn't a better plan then they would lose me as a customer. She said she would be sorry to lose me, but there was nothing she could do. I told her o.k. then cancel my service. I was on hold to have them cancel my service when a rep picked up and said how she could offer me a special package for one year. They didn't want to lose me as a customer.:rolleyes: (Yeah right, they didn't care 2 mins. ago) I listened to the whole speal, and took it. It's not as good as the 3 services for $99 but it is better than what I am currently paying for everything. It will be $130 for digital cable, internet and phone.