View Full Version : Confused About WDW Prices...Tickets...Plans

08-07-2006, 07:40 AM
Okay I am a little bit confused :confused3 ...after hearing a rumor about 2 months ago that 2007 room only rates were available I called WDW and reserved a room only at POP. During that phone conversation I was told that 2007 package rates were not available but nothing was said about the ressie has far as changing rates or paying any additional, etc. I was just told to watch for package rates in August. Then this weekend I heard that ticket prices were going up - so I decided to go ahead and get my tickets through the Mousesavers link, Undercover tourist. DH and I decided to get a ten day, hopping, water park & more options no expiring ticket. Then Sunday I learned that the package rates were out. I immediately went to the website and ran a package search. The price I was quoted for a room and ticket package (no dining plan) was about $300.00 more than the room rate and tickets I already have. The extra perks included in the package do not seem to justify this difference. Am I missing something? Did I do the right thing? I understand that I can always change to a package to include the dining plan but even that does not seem to justify the extra $300.00? :confused3 No with all the hype surrounding ticket prices and package availability I am questioning my decisions and wonder if I am doing something wrong? Why is everyone so excited about the package rates...when they seem so much higher. Any info you all could provide would be so appreciated!

08-07-2006, 08:12 AM
I guess that the price difference could be partially accounted for by the difference in ticket costs. depending upon how many of those 10-day premium no-expiry passes you bought. The current advance-purchase price for an adult 10-day MYW Premium Pass (no-expiry) is $444.11.

The other additional cost could come from trip insurance. The package quote might include it while the room + tickets does not.

Some people prefer to book packages instead of doing the la carte thing. That could account for some of the excitement. And for others, the only way to book the DDP is by booking a package. So for them, it's nice to be able to get an idea of what the package will cost. I don't think that you made a mistake by booking a room-only and buying your tickets in advance.