View Full Version : Hoping to Have a Fantasmic Christmas

08-07-2006, 12:05 AM
Hi all .. we'll be in the Parks Dec 19 - 21 incl. I've tried doing a past search but am keen to confirm for DS (10) that Fantasmic will be operating nightly at that time in 2006. I see that it's scheduled for nightly during peak periods and otherwise at weekends. Our dates are a Tues Weds Thurs.
Also, it is my b'day on 21 December :cheer2: . Normally this is a date I might prefer to forget but I am thinking I might ask DH for a special outing to the Blue Bayou as we have seen it on previous trips and it always looks so pretty. I see that its $$$ but I think I'm worth it! Hopefully he agrees :love: !