View Full Version : BWV or VWL for a short weekend bday trip...?

08-04-2006, 03:50 PM
After banking my leftover points for 2006, we decided that we're going to use them (plus 3 from 2007) for a Sat-Tue stay for older ds's 9th birthday. My Dmom is coming w/ us so I've snagged a 2bdrm Boardwalk view.

I had originally hoped for a standard view (saving 12 pts) but with none available, I opted for the Boardwalk view. Now, looking at the points, it's the same as any other 2 bdrm villas.

Considering this is a short 3 night trip, DM is coming with us (she'll be just short of 71), and it's ds's 9th bday, would we be better off at VWL, with the short trip to MK by boat? We're planning on eating at least 2 of the nights in Epcot, which would be so easy to get to from BWV. However, longer trip to MK upon arrival and during the stay.

Just thinking if we should shift the ressie, if possible. We're staying at VWL for our first trip "home" in November (just me, dh and the 2 boys), so I'll have had the chance to enjoy it.

Anyone with any thoughts? I was also thinking of BCV (specifically for Stormalong Bay) but February weather is so erratic (this past year it rained the first full day and took until the last day to really clear up) we might not have any chance to enjoy it.

Thanks for your thoughts/comments.

08-04-2006, 04:41 PM
WHEN is this predicted short trip? That would make a lot of difference for the advice given. It looks like it is February of 2007. When is your use year? If you have already banked your 2006 points into 2007, you would have to borrow all the points from 2007 unless you will aready be in your '07 use year.

08-05-2006, 08:35 AM
I'm fine with use year. I have a Feb use year and banked about 137 points into 2007. Our stay starts Feb 3 so I'll use all of the banked points and only 3 of my 2007 points.

I was considering whether BWV was the best choice for a short weekend (Feb 3-6) when the primary destination is MK and Epcot. I think we'll probably keep the BWV ressie, since I'm more inclined to want a shorter trip back into Epcot for dinner (can access through international gateway) rather than arriving by monorail or bus and having to make our way through the entire park to the World Showcase.