View Full Version : Stitch Hat Offer or Sparrow!

07-31-2006, 09:48 PM
Full Kali Couch
4x Green Directors Chair
2x Stack of Presents
1x Mickey Christmas Tree
1x Jungle Cruise Gorilla Poster
1x Jungle Cruise Rhino Poster
1x Cactus Chair Green
1x Blue Turnstile
2x Tiki Tiki Tiki Fountains
1x Set of Stitch Teleporters WORKING!
1x Purple Carpet Chair
1x Animator's Desk
1x Animator's Bench
1x Uphill Slide Piece
1x Downhill Slide Piece
3x Ice Chairs
1x Red Saddle Seat
1x HSM Piano
1x Green Bamboo Divider
2x Red Tiki Idols
1x Green Barrel Seat
2x Mickey Pumpkins

1x VMK Frontierland Quest Pin
1x Pirate Attraction Pin 2/5
3x Pirate Attraction Pin 3/5
1x Pirate Attraction Pin 4/5
1x Pirate Attraction Pin 5/5
2x * Teleportation Magic
1x Tiki Pin Set (excluding Tiki Opens pin)
1x Tomorrowland Retro Pin Set (excluding #4)
2x Hollywood Hotel Pins
1x Happiest Celebration On Earth Pin
1x Buzz Cup Pin
1x New Years 06 Pin

1x Superhero Outfit Green
1x Sorcerer Ears
1x Black Mickey Ears
1x Gold Mickey Ears
1x Space Suit ( no bubble helmet )

3000 Credit Shopping Spree
20x Narnia Teleporters (all working)

IF Sparrow: I add Gray Mansion Top and Pants!

07-31-2006, 10:16 PM