View Full Version : Looking for Small Jewel Rugs from Pirate Quest

07-31-2006, 02:44 PM
I am mostly looking for the small jewel rug from the first Pirate Quest.

Also looking for Firewindow, Couch and Stool w/stick.

Items available for trade
Trading: Costumes:
x1 Herbie Pants
x1 Lanyard Shirt: Yellow
x1 Past Special: Superhero Suit: Green (Top, Pants, Shoes)

Trading: DLR Quest/Special:
x1 Fantasyland Quest Pin
x1 Frontierland Quest Pin
x1 Monster's Inc Doors: Gold

Trading: Furniture:
x75 Blue Typhoon Lagoon Crates
x3 Past-Special: Blue Flying Carpet Chair
x10 Past-Special: Green Barrel Chair
x1 Past-Special: Green Number Generator
x10 Past-Special: Green PhilharMagic Chair
x10 Past-Special: Green Tiki Bamboo Divider
x5 Past-Special: Heart Chair: Pink
x5 Past-Special: Heart Chair: Red
x1 Past-Special: HKDL Chair: Cyan
x1 Past-Special: HKDL Chair: Magenta
x2 Past-Special: Paper Lantern: Cyan
x2 Past-Special: Paper Lantern: Magenta
x5 Retired: Everest Throne
x3 Retired: Light Blue Rocket Couch
x1 Retired: Monster's Inc Doors: Purple
x1 Retired: Pink Slipper Chair
x5 Retired: Snow Rug

Trading: Pins:
x2 Disneyland 5/9
x4 Everest: 2/5
x2 Everest: 4/5
x2 Everest: 5/5
x4 Hotel: Contemporary
x1 Hotel: Polynesian
x1 Hotel: Cheyenne
x3 Hotel: Disneyland Hotel
x4 Hotel: Hollywood
x2 Hotel: Hong Kong DL Hollywood
x2 In-game Quest: Mickey
x3 In-game Quest: Tomorrowland Crystals
x3 In-game Quest: Tomorrowland Ride
x2 Monster's Inc Ride Opening Day
x3 New Year's Day 2006
x5 St Patrick's Day
x1 Tiki: Tangaroa
x1 Tiki: Tangaroa-Ru
x2 Tomorrowland: Flying Saucer 1/5
x1 Tomorrowland: Motor Boat 2/5
x1 Tomorrowland: People Mover 3/5
x2 Tomorrowland: Submarine 5/5
x2 Valentine's Day 2006 Tink

Trading: Magic Pins:
x3 Fireworks Magic
x1 Teleportation Magic

Trading: WDW Quest/Special:
x1 Happiest Celebration Pin (pin you receive by purchasing a real pin at park, not the DLR 50th quest pin)
x3 Ace of Spade Carpet
x3 Adventureland Retro Pin
x3 Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter Set (linking)
x3 Briarstone
x5 Cactus Chair
x3 Captain Nemo Chair: Pink
x10 Fantasyland Retro Pin
x1 Flying Carpet Chair: Purple
x1 Golden Showcase Collection
...... Number Generator
...... Penny Press
...... PhilharMagic Chair
...... Rope
...... Turnstile
x2 Huntsman's Heartless Hamper: Pink
x3 Jungle Cruise Poster: Gorilla
x3 Jungle Cruise Poster: Rhino
x3 Rocket Couch: Magenta
x4 Saddle Seats Sofa: Red
x3 Safari Lifestyle Collection Poster
x3 Stitch Teleporter Set (linking)