View Full Version : trade done, please close

07-24-2006, 06:38 PM
Since I'm apparently never going to get it the old fashioned way, I've decided to try to trade for it. I've only been on VMK since April, so I don't have a whole lot, but here's my offer anyway.

I'll offer 100,000 credits through a quest kiosk plus any two of the following -

* purple baseball costume (hat, shirt, cleats, pants)
* animator's desk and stool
* pirate pin set (1/5-5/5)
* firewall
* 10 separate fireworks magics
* 20 blue blizzard beach crates
* 2 green director's chairs
* 10 slide pieces (5 up, 5 down)
* 4th of July pin
* Birthday pin
* 4th of July hat
* Green Pirate Throne
* Yellow Toy Soldier
* Quest Pirate Hat

If you don't want any of the items, just credits, I'll bump it up to 125,000.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I intend to keep and wear the costume and not ever trade it away.

edited to add items