View Full Version : 3night cruise..Is this long enough???

07-24-2006, 08:56 AM
We are going on our first disney cruise. We have cruised on other lines. We are doing universal and disney also. After reading everyones reports, I want to stay on the boat longer. I know we are not going to want to get off the boat.
Since this is a very short cruise what are the things that are not to be missed? We want to see/do everything?
We are probably going to stay on the boat while in nassau. Been there done that!!!
Another question, We booked a guarantee room. When do you think I should know my room number? I keep checking and checking but nothing.


07-24-2006, 10:26 PM
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07-24-2006, 10:57 PM
I would say to def. go to all the shows.....they are AMAZING! relax and enjoy CC! Eat whatever you want whenever you want and don't feel guilty! LOL I try to drop a few pounds before we go, but eveytime we get back I don't really gain any weight because we walk ALL OVER THE SHIP!!! Try not to plan to much, just make it a peaceful trip, believe me you WILL go back (I don't know anyone else who didn't)for another DCL experience so you will have the chance to experience other things the next time!

Sue (mom of 3 boys!)
07-25-2006, 09:11 AM
I think 3 is too short. We felt that we just got on the ship and it was time to leave. But we did the 3 night to see how if kids like to cruise. They do :banana: . It's a good taste of DCL, but it definitely left us wanting more. My biggest suggestion would be to NOT try to do everything. It's impossible. Pick out a few things to do, and save the rest for the next cruise :)

07-25-2006, 09:49 AM
I agree that it's too short to really enjoy, but that's just me. We're going on the 11-day special southern caribbean one in September, and I'm STILL sure we'll feel it was too short! :rotfl2: But, if it's all you can do at this point, three days is better than no days. You'll never get to see everything, so be sure to order room service (even the mickey ice cream bars that aren't on the menu), and try to see the shows. Even the little shows in the clubs are nice, and the earliest shows are fine for kids, too. You'll want to do everything because you only have three days, but just pick out a couple of things. I'd stay on the ship in Nassau and make better use of my time there than ashore, but again, that's just me. Read people's suggestions and do what appeals to YOU most! Have a fab time!!! :goodvibes

07-25-2006, 10:08 AM
For a stand-alone cruise w/o the parks, 3 days would be a case of just as you had found your way around, it was time to pack. But if this is part of a larger trip and that's all the time you have, go for it. Agreed--the shows are one of the signature features that sets DCL apart, see them all. Glad someone pointed out for you that great secret of room service--that Mickey Bars are available even though they are not on the room service menu. Staying on-board in Nassau--as they say on the Guiness commercial, "Brilliant!"--I've done that too. Make sure to have dinner in the three rotational restaurants--save Palo for your NEXT Disney cruise. Get on-board hungry--at most have a light continental breakfast that day. Don't nearly try to do too much--just try to sample maybe two places or activities each day other than dinner and the show (those should be automatic), and other than that, relax & enjoy. And eat mickey shaped food whenever available--waffles, pasta from the kids menu (yes, order things off the kids menu as an adult if you so desire, you wont be the only one!), and of course mickey bars. Personally, we've never stood on line for character photos or autographs, and it adds probably an hour to the day by skipping that, but then we have a son and the most popular characters are the princesses (other than Mickey, but we get hugs and photos with him in the atrium at embarkation).