View Full Version : Looking For Captain Jack Sparrow Costume, Please

07-18-2006, 11:59 AM
Here is my offer for the Captain Sparrow Costume. I know eventually the trade value will go down, but I have been playing that game over and over and have had no luck. I figure it may be a little easier to trade for, lol.

DLR Quest/Special:
x1 Frontierland Quest Pin
x1 Fantasyland Quest Pin

WDW Quest/Special:
x1 Ace of Spade Carpet
x1 Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter Set (linking)
x1 Briarstone
x1 Cactus Chair
x1 Captain Nemo Chair: Pink
x1 Huntsman's Heartless Hamper: Pink
x1 Jungle Cruise Poster: Gorilla
x1 Jungle Cruise Poster: Rhino
x1 Rocket Couch: Magenta
x1 Saddle Seats Sofa: Red
x1 Safari Lifestyle Collection Poster
x1 Stitch Teleporter Set (linking)
x1 Teleportation Magic
x1 TS: Kali River Rapids Couch (all four connecting pieces)
x1 TS: Thrill Seeker's Quest Pin

x1 TS: Animal Kingdom Safari Room Code
x1 Jungle Cruise Explorer Tent Room Code

Thanks, Michelle