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07-11-2006, 09:59 AM
Anyone know of a good place to get an XBox360 that won't cost me $4 bajillion dollars?

My DW wants one... yes, I said DW, not me (not that I don't want one, it would be fun, but she's the instigator - I play games on our computer mostly...) But we saw one in action at a dinner party over the weekend and being football nuts, must have it to play Madden football. :) Also, Sid Meier's Pirates! pirate:

I'd even settle for a good condition used model if anyone knows of any out there...

07-11-2006, 11:00 AM
YOu did not say which 360 you are looking for so let me say that if you are going to buy one I would not buy the core system as I think that you dont get the same value as you would if you buy the premium sysytem. For the extra $100 you get wireless controlers, the ability to download content and fixes. You also are also able to play regular xbox games on it. You can still do this if you buy the core system but you have to also buy a hard drive that is about $100 inorder to do it.

That said the best deal on the premium that I have seen recently is at our costco. http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11091580&whse=&topnav=&browse=&s=1
This gives you the console with the hard drive, two wireless controlers, a game and a carge kit. However I havent been looking in a while as we have ours now. THis sites helped us with price comparison.
www.xbox-360.com I am not sure if they still update it or not as some of the prices seem a little high to me now.

Here is a link to a previous thread on finding the 360

07-11-2006, 01:39 PM
Thanks for the links! My DH wants one for his big 40th bday.. he is just a big kid at heart!

07-12-2006, 09:59 AM
Thanks. I intend to get the premium system - as you say, the core is a waste when you consider all the upgrades you need to add on.

Anyone have problems playing original Xbox games on the 360? We are lovers of Sid Meier's Pirates! on our PC, and they made an Xbox version, but I don't think there is a 360 version. I have read a few reviews that some original Xbox games have problems on the 360, and that while they will load, there are often so many problems that they aren't truly "playable" - is this true?

07-12-2006, 11:02 AM
Not all games that you can play on the xbox will play on the 360. You need to get a software download that allows you to play them. Per xbox.com they are certifing more games all the time to work on the 360 but not all of them work at this time. If you try to play a game that is not cert. you will get a message saying that it is not suported.
Here is the link to the list of supported games.

Plus if you want a game emial them to tell them and there is always an increased chance they will update it.

07-18-2006, 01:10 AM
My husband just told me about this site for good deals on the 360 plus coupons. So here you go I hope it will help one of you.