View Full Version : Where do you find Mr. Potato Head?

06-27-2006, 10:28 AM
just read a thread that mentioned buying Parts to Mr. Potato Head. Can anyone tell me where you purchase this and are there princess parts? Also whats the cost. THanks

06-27-2006, 10:37 AM
We saw them is several gift shops in the parks and Once Upon A Toy in DTD.

06-27-2006, 11:28 AM
They also had them at the gift shop in Toontown. I believe it was $18 for everything you could fit in the box. They do have some princess items. My girls have gotten it a couple of times now, they have a huge tub of parts (which is usually a huge pile of parts on the floor :) )

06-27-2006, 01:14 PM
Once Upon a Toy at DTD Marketplace (the most selection)
Five and Dime store in MGM Studios - last store on the right before Sunset Blvd (the road to ToT)
Everything POP at Pop Century
Chester and Hester's shop in Dinoland, AK
Toontown Judges Hall - MK

The box is $18 + tax and it's all you can fill in the box. The princess parts (the ones I remember:)

Ariel's hair
Ariel's bottom fin
Princess crown
Princess pointy hat with veil
Tinkerbell's hair
Tinkerbell's wand
Tinkerbell's shoes
Tinkerbell's wings
Glass slippers
Cinderella's slipper on a pillow

06-27-2006, 01:58 PM
A tip:
The $18.00 "stuff a box" at Once Upon a Toy is fantastic. Fill your box with as many Disney Potato accessories as you can, instead of packing a potato and just a couple of special accessories. The Mr. Potato head takes up most of the box! Skip it! You can buy a Mr. Potato head at any store in your hometown for $5.00, but the special Disney accessories you won't find anywhere but Disney! Load up on the special princess hats, autograph books, Mickey ears, etc. Have fun!

06-27-2006, 07:30 PM
Did I read somewhere once that somewhere they had a My Little Pony place like that too? Was it DD? DD would like the pony stuff. DS the potato head stuff.


17 days till WDW!

06-27-2006, 08:00 PM
Once Upon a Toy has the My Little Pony.

As for Mr. Potato Head, Target sells the bucket of parts for $12.99. In it you get 2 big Potatoes and one Potato Kid. Plus tons of pieces, including about 7 noses. And of course room for storing the Disney Potato Parts. :p

UP Disney
06-27-2006, 08:57 PM
Walmart now also has Mr. Potato Heads as well as several accessory kits (one was a construction accessory kit).

Here are some links to a thread which had a long list of some of the Mr. Potato Head parts you could find at Disney as well as pictures.



I also read on a thread recently that someone talked to a CM and they were told there were new parts coming in July. No comfirmation on this yet.

06-30-2006, 10:20 AM
I always get another a box of Mr. Potato Head parts when we go to WDW. However nowI also get a set for each of my three families of grandkids. They love it. Even the 18 month olds play with them (just check the peice size). It is awesome to get the Disney items you can't find anywhere else. Make sure you get the lanyard, the autograph book, the golden mickey ears hat, the mickey ice cream bar and what ever else you can find.

06-30-2006, 10:40 PM
This is a tip we got from a CM at One Upon A Toy. They were very helpful with hints on how to get the most in the box. Especially helpful (if you do get the head); make sure to stuff everything you can get inside the Potato head as well. :smooth:

06-30-2006, 10:44 PM
I got my first pieces to my Mr. Potato Head last Sunday night! My husband stood by lovingly, as I attempted to shove as many pieces in as I could at Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney! He had to think that I had lost my mind!

06-30-2006, 10:55 PM
Once Upon a Toy at DTD Marketplace (the most selection)

How much better is the selection at OUaT? We are staying at the POP and I was planning to get a box there and use it at in room entertainment. If I buy a box there but see some "can't miss" parts at the OUaT on our last morning, can I buy just a few select pieces. If so, what is the per piece price range?

Is the My Little Pony box good for a 3yo girl or would she need to be a bit older to really enjoy it?

07-01-2006, 08:35 AM
The selection at Once Upon a Toy is about double what is at Pop's gift shop!

07-01-2006, 10:20 AM
The selection at Once Upon a Toy is about double what is at Pop's gift shop!

Thank you Wendyloo! It sounds like we need to wait.