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06-26-2006, 07:52 PM
Here I sit, 150+ days from our trip...and everything is done! I won a ready, set, go auction with skyauction for $61. and chose Orbit One. We were able to add 2 extra nights for $99. each.

Booked airfare with Jetblue, using a credit I had so the total return cost for 4 was $682. Not too shabby. Last week they sent me an email telling me that my route (Syracuse -MCO) is now available as a direct flight. I called right away, and they rebooked my flights to the direct flight, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! No change fee, and they didn't even charge the additional fee for the more expensive flight! Now THAT'S customer service! Now we are getting in at 12:20 pm instead of 4:45. We originally planned to just have a quick dinner somewhere, check in, get some groceries, and hang out at the pool for the evening. Now we are planning to go to MVMCP on arrival night instead of later in the week, which makes a day for a much needed break later on. Since we changed the date of the party, I changed around a couple of our other park days so I had to rebook so ADR's we had. I only made 4 ADR's for our 9 day trip ( at least 3 days will be spent at US/IOA, and 2 days are "relax" days). I choose lunch at Sci-Fi, lunch at Le Cellier, dinner at 'Ohanas, and dinner at WCC. 'Ohanas is on a day that we don't have anything else planned, and we hope to be able to see the water parade after we eat; WCC is after a day at IOA, and we hope to be able to see some of the campfire movie after. This is our third trip, but we've never been to any of these restaurants or resorts, so I am excited about trying them.

Yesterday I booked the rental car with a rate I can live with, but I hope will go down a little closer to our dates. So, I guess I can put away my Passporter, and just wait for Nov! Now what?

06-26-2006, 08:33 PM
Ok, it's time to plan your "We only have 100 days left" party. I bought Mickey cups and plates from a party store and some "Mickey Dust" ( Mickey head confetti). We will have chicken strips, fries, theme park food! Then we'll look at past photos or watch a movie. Then we'll start our paper chain countdown. Then every 10 nights we have a meeting, we'll watch a movie or play a game (all Disney related). We might go over our itinerary or packing lists.
Try to have fun and not go too crazy....yeah right I drive my family nuts!! We have 150 days left as of today, so I'm with you on the waiting game.

06-27-2006, 08:08 AM
That is an excellent suggestion, kimbac3! My husband already thinks I am crazy, so I have nothing to lose. He actually said to me the other day "What are you going to do when the trip is finished and we have no need to go anymore?" Silly, silly man! Doesn't he realize that I bought 10 day non-expiring park hoppers, with 6 plus features, yet only scheduled each WDW park ONCE this trip, FOR A REASON?!?! :rotfl2:

06-27-2006, 08:44 AM
Wow, I didn't realize it was only 150 days until the start of the holiday season. There's always tweeking of the schedule to do.