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06-20-2006, 07:53 AM
We aren't looking for sympathy here but just a random act of kindness. :love:

We are on a very tight budget- we are taking Grandpa to WDW in Sept. he had major cancer surgery and recovery last summer :) . We had our reservations for Sept. and then found out that the drs are watching another area - :guilty: .

70 year old Grandpa has decided that since this will probably be his last go round at WDW, that he wants to ride EE ( he is usually such a big chicken! )- I know it's silly to worry about a few dollars but we have to worry about all of them or we can't pay our bills. If anyone can help us I'd really appreciate it- we need 2 EE free pics coupons- we have tried and tried to get the program to work and have gotten nowhere- we will not be able to afford the pics so if anyone has extra PLEASE let me know.
Thanks for all your help! :grouphug:

06-20-2006, 11:50 AM
Sorry - I can't help with the coupon (we had one and used it on our trip) - but I kinda cringed at your 70 yo grandpa riding Expedition Everest - LOL - I hope he's okay afterwards! It's a pretty fast thrill ride - they do have warnings for heart issues, etc.

Have a great trip regardless!

06-20-2006, 01:28 PM
70 is no longer as "old" as you might think. Heck, my DBIL took my dad out in his biplane for Dad's 75th birthday. They were doing barrelrolls and inverted loops. Dad had the time of his lfe! If my dad can handle that, I'm sure the OP's father can handle EE, as long as he is in otherwise good health. FWIW, my dad had several cancerous polyps removed from his kidneys just a few weeks after his birthday. But he's doing quite well now, thank the good Lord.

To the OP: The coupon that you are awarded at the completion of the game opens up on a screen on your computer and then you have to print the page. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as emailing a link to someone. The page would have to be mailed. Once you complete the game, you cannot run it again and get another coupon.

It looks like someone bumped up an old thread about how to play the game and how to fix any problems that you might encounter. I must say that it runs better if you have a lot of memory and a fast processor on your computer.

Good luck. I hope that someone can help you out.

06-20-2006, 01:35 PM
Is it per vmk registered player? Meaning - if you register again, you can get another one? Try posting the request on the VMK board as well - someone may help there -

06-22-2006, 12:39 PM
Thank you for the information. Grandpa is indeed a young 70- his family, all and I mean all, live into their late 90's as a general rule. They're a stubborn group to be sure. He has no other health problems except the "chicken" gene that he shares with my uncle and border line high blood pressure that his dr says, as long as he is taking his meds, that he can ride and have fun.

On our last trip he has broadened his horizions by riding all the MTNS at MK :thumbsup2 - I told him that I would pay for his resort room if he didn't like them after he tried them- he thought that he had a sure thing until he had to be honest and say that he loved the mtns. He rode "The Mummy" at Universal Studios during that same time frame. His comment was - "I wish I hadn't have been so sure that I was frightened of these rides, look what I missed for all these years". :woohoo:

I am NOT, however, going to temp him to ride Mission S. unless it's the toned down ride- I won't even get on that as I have motion sickness and he does too. :rolleyes1

The only true problem that he has is this darn cancer that keeps trying to steal him from us. :guilty: He has had growths removed from his colon which turned out well. Then last summer, he had his bladder removed and several feet of intestine removed. He also had healthy intestine cut and shaped into a "new" bladder that he has "trained" to act as a bladder instead of intestine- it's not perfect but he can go during the day and control himself and not have to use external collection bags. We thought that he was doing great hence the trip to WDW ( we didn't think he would ever get to go again but he pulled through ) until his scan last May, now the drs are going to re-cat scan him in Sept right after the trip to see if the area that they are watching has changed. :guilty:

Anyway, I am glad that he is trying out new things- life can be so predictable for an older parent who seldom ventures out of the house. He is on a tight income, mostly due to his medical bills now :rolleyes: so his adventures start and finish with us when we insist that he go on vacation with us.

Someone has said that they will mail me the coupon :cloud9: and I am very thankful- our budget just doesn't allow for pics when we can take them with our own camera. I admit it would not work to try to take the pic while riding, with my luck I'd drop the camera or some such silly thing that I'm prone to do!

We did pay for 1 day tickets but are using old passes for the other 2 days that we are there, sharing meals to stretch our food options to cover another day and having yard sales, using mega coupons and going snack free and meatless for at least 4 dinners a week until vacation. The last part isn't too bad because we are "very" Pooh sized healthy and my middle boy has dropped 4 lbs since May without snacks and lots of hamberger based dishes :3dglasses . So, the free pic- one with each Grandson riding with Grandpa is important to us and the boys.
thanks again for any help be it advice or coupons- I love my friend at the DIS. :grouphug:

06-22-2006, 01:11 PM
Is it per vmk registered player? Meaning - if you register again, you can get another one? Try posting the request on the VMK board as well - someone may help there -
You don't have to be a VMK player to get the coupon but you do have to register or already be a registered member of disney.com.

Once you play the game on your computer, the game places something in your registry that prevents you from replaying the game and getting mulitple coupons (even with multiple memberships). You could run it on another computer and get another coupon, I suppose, as long as there is another individual member registered with Disney.

IOW - DH registers, DW registers and DS13+ registers. Each plays the game on a different computer and wins a ride coupon. If each tried to play the game on the same computer, it wouldn't work.

06-22-2006, 02:35 PM
I have one you're wlecome to. PM me your address and I'll stick it in the mail. Hope you have a good trip! :Pinkbounc

06-22-2006, 02:37 PM
I have one we didn't use on our trip last week... pm me...