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06-16-2006, 11:24 AM
I just saw this this morning when I check my CC balance (citi) and I check it daily so its most likely a new offer.

It doesn't look too easy or quick. But it does look free and I know we here on the budget board are both frugal and patient(look at some of our counters)... that being said:

1) Apply for a Citibank Regular Checking account - it takes just a few minutes.

2) Fund the account with $1,500 by 7/31/2006.

3) Sign up for Direct Deposit or make two bill payments per month at citibankonline for six month.

OK just noticed as I copy/pasted it that it doesn't necessarily take 6 month (I missed the "or")

We don't fly that often so I most likely won't do the offer but I hope some of you get the chance to use it... let us know.

06-16-2006, 11:30 AM
Here is the disclaimer below the offer, hopefully this answers some questions/saves some time.

† IMPORTANT: By submitting an application pursuant to the Offer Details below for Promo Code CECV, you acknowledge and agree that: (i) the satisfaction of all the terms and conditions of the Offer is required in order to qualify to receive and keep the airline ticket and, (ii) if, for any reason, you fail to satisfy all requirements of the offer, you will agree to reimburse Citibank in the sum of $350, the fair market value of the airline voucher, and (iii) you authorize Citibank to set off and deduct such sum from any account you may have with Citibank and any of its affiliates without first trying to obtain payment through any other means.

This offer is not available at Citibank Financial Centers.

To receive the plane ticket voucher from Citibank you must: (1) Open and fund a checking account in the Citibank EZ Checking package with an initial deposit of $1,500 by 7/31/2006. (2) Within the first calendar month after the account is opened either make a direct deposit into your checking account each month for six consecutive months or pay two bills online at www.citibankonline.com each month for six consecutive months. To pay a bill online means that funds are debited from your account during the applicable time period. (3) You will receive a voucher for airplane ticket in the mail within 120 days of your initial Direct Deposit or first two qualifying monthly bill payments, if your checking account is in good standing, and your credit card is open and not in default.

Voucher is redeemable for one round-trip coach ticket to destinations in the contiguous 48 states in the continental United States. Roundtrip travel must be completed within 30 days of initial departure. Upon redeeming the voucher, 14 day advanced purchase is required. Saturday night stay required. Blackout dates apply. Voucher redeemable for 12 months from issue date. Voucher can be redeemed for travel on the following carriers: United, American, Continental, US Airways, Delta, America West, Southwest, Air Tran, ATA. Taxes, airport fees, passenger facility charges and the September 11th security fee are additional and will be the responsibility of the voucher recipient. Complete terms and conditions concerning travel are contained on the voucher.

All accounts are subject to approval. One offer per customer. Only available for first-time Citibank checking / deposit account customers and is valid only once for any individual. Offer only available to primary card holders on the Citi Credit Card account. Customer must be a citizen or resident alien of the United States (U.S.) with a valid U.S. taxpayer identification number. Taxes, if any, are the customer’s responsibility. Accordingly, Citibanck recommends that the customer consult their tax advisor. Persons under 18 years of age are not eligible. Offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice and is not transferable.

††Citibank EZ Checking package is free of monthly maintenance fees and per-check fees with 2 or more qualifying electronic bill payments from, or a direct deposit to, a Regular Checking account during the monthly statement period. Otherwise, when the $1,500 minimum balance requirement is not met, your package will be subject to a maintenance fee and a per-check fee. Qualifying electronic bill payments are individual or recurring bill payments that you make to a third party: by preauthorized transfer; using Citibank Online; or using CitiPhone Banking® bill payment service. Check payments do not qualify. Charges for other account-related services apply

††† Forbes.com's Best of The Web chose Citibank Online as its favorite online banking site in its Spring 2005 issue.

06-16-2006, 11:36 AM
OK and it's me one more time....

Now I actully took the time to read the offer and heres my thoughts

1) you do get the voucher right away (well it can take up to 120 days) then as long as you meet the requirements nothing else happens.

2) If you fail to meet the requiremnts they bill you $350 for the voucher.

3) voucher must be used within 12 month

4) Taxes and fees not included (that could cost you a bit)

and 5) If you did end up "defaulting" you get billed $350. I'd say not the end of the world since you keep the voucher (as long as you use it) depending on the cost of the flight you use it on I think you could break even?