View Full Version : One nite offsite, clean but inexpensive. Recommendations?

06-15-2006, 04:43 PM
Still hoping to find airfare that will coincide with my pkg dates at Disney but if I HAVE to fly in the nite before, I'll need an offsite hotel that won't break the bank. Nothing fancy but we have 2 young children and I want it safe and clean. Any recommendations??? Thank you. :sunny:

Rella Bella
06-15-2006, 05:11 PM
Check this out... it's just a couple of blocks up Lake Buena Vista from DTD, (near the Olive Garden if you know where that is).
Free breakfast too!
We stayed there a year ago, it was spacious and clean. My friends just stayed there last week and said it was great.

06-16-2006, 10:41 AM
I would stay at an airport hotel with a shuttle. So you can still use DME to get back and forth to the airport.

a value resort at Disney again so you can use DME.

otherwise consider the cost of your rental car plus hotel room.

if you are getting a rental car anyway - then cypress pointe.
you can generally get a room

when are you traveling?