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06-14-2006, 11:02 PM
Wow!!!! We loved this resturaunt! We are family of four. Two adults, daughters 15 and 9 on the dining plan.

We sat down and were handed hot towels...surprisingly refreshing even after coming in from the heat!

My girls were given special chopsticks, but both are skilled in the regular ones so they used those. I was very pleasantly surprised to see them both dive into thier seaweed salads. I ate one token piece...not for me! We ordered the sushi sampler and paid OOP for it. Dh ate most of it, but Dd9 and I split the salmon one.

They allowed Dd15 and Dd9 to order the smoothies on the dining plan, but I am not sure that is the norm. They were both delicious and came with cute little umbrella's. Very fancy.

Dd 15 and I ordered the garden salads. Neither of us enjoyed these much, they were *swimming in the dressing. It's a personal preference...we all like our salads with just a touch of dressing. Dd9 shared Dh's appetizer of soybean pods, which they both enjoyed.

The food was fabulous! The lomein with vegetables was divine! We were all almost stuffed by the time the meat hit our plates! Dh and I got steak and shrimp. Dd15 got chicken and shrimp. Dd9 got the shrimp. It was all cooked perfectly and we wished we had more rooms in our stomachs to eat more!

Dessert...who had room for dessert? Well, we all made a little room! Dd15 had the green tea icecream which she said was fabulous! Dd9 had the chocolate icecream which came with Mickey sprinkles. Dh had the fresh fruit which was an insane amount of fresh pineapple! I had the ginger cake, which I can't say I loved. There was nothing wrong with it, I think I was just stuffed...and expecting something more like gingerbread.

06-15-2006, 03:38 AM
Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.

06-16-2006, 12:16 AM
Thanks for the review - Enjoyed reading it :thumbsup2