View Full Version : yay im having a virtual party

Invisible Penguinboy
06-13-2006, 09:35 PM
YAY!!! My MVMCP tickets just came today. Please join my party and dance with me. I might cry if no one dances with me.:banana: :dance3: :bounce: :cheer2::woohoo: party: party: :jumping1: :rainbow: :jumping3: :jumping2: :yoda: :figment: :stitch: :goofy: :sulley: :tigger: :donald: :mickeyjum :dog:
o yeah what a party

06-13-2006, 09:41 PM
We've got our tix for 12/7, so we'll dance with you... :goofy: :donald: :mickeyjum :tigger: :ccat: :figment: :stitch: :sulley: :hmghost: :maleficen :simba: :dumbo:
What day are you going?

06-13-2006, 10:45 PM
Great, way to go, and I've got my tickets too.... :dance3: :cheer2: :Pinkbounc :banana: :cool1: pixiedust: :jumping1: