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06-12-2006, 08:46 AM
I am trying to decide between two houses and wondered if anyone has ever stayed in either.
First one is in Lindfield Reserve listed on Cyber rentals #117600, the other is located in Sandy Ridge lakeside-orlando (ref#60701-8). I guess I can't really put up the web site since this is my first post.
They both look really nice. I tried to look up the owners names to see if they were legit using a web site that someone else posted and was not sucessful with either owner name.

We have only gone to WDW once and that was in July 2000, we stayed on site @ Wilderness Lodge. We are a family of 5 and I don't want to get 2 separate rooms $$. This seems to be the only alternative. Oh, did I say we are planning to go in just a couple of weeks? So we need to work fast.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for all your help. I have been following this board for a while now and appreciate all of the help for fellow Dis members.


Brian Noble
06-12-2006, 08:54 AM
All other things being equal, I like being closer rather than farther away.

06-12-2006, 09:23 AM
Sandy Ridge is fairly new but a bit further out .You are looking at homes in 2 different counties so you need to look on both Polk and Osceola county websites if you want to check things out owner wise.
Select the home that suits your family the best .

isla bonita
06-12-2006, 12:22 PM
Here is a map that might give you an idea where they are.


Have a great vacation.

06-12-2006, 12:34 PM
WOW! Sandy Ridge does look far away. I guess I am better off with Lindfield Reserve.

Thanks for the map.

isla bonita
06-12-2006, 01:33 PM
Glad we all could help. If you need anything else just ask. This board las a great wealth of information. Save yourself a lot of stress and use it. We all are glad to help.

06-12-2006, 03:54 PM
If you end up on too much of a time crunch w/ the rental homes. Looking through all the options can take awhile. You could always try Cypress Pointe--They have condo's/suites that are 1, 2, & 3 bedrooms for great prices. They always get pretty good to great reviews on this board. Usually some of the best prices are found on www.hotelkingdom.com .

Now as for the rental homes, being farther out you should notice a price difference. We tend to stay a bit farther out because you can usually get a lot more for quite a bit less. However, we don't mind the 15-30 minute drive (guess it doesn't seem like so much when my commute to work is 60 minutes each way-- and commuting to Disney is sooooo much better than work :) ).

06-13-2006, 07:54 AM
Did you check out Windsor hills? It is a new resort about 2mi. from disney the townhouses are very reasonable and have small privet splash pools. Tip,if you rent directly from the owner it is cheaper. Pm me if you need any help. :sunny: