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06-07-2006, 10:01 AM
Ok I just found out I may be going to Disney for about 3 days next February!!! Yay yay yay!

DBF's dad lives in Fla so we'll be going for a week and I"ve managed to talk him into a brief visit to Disney.. he's not been there since he was 6!! I want him to see the best of the best.. and have the most fun he can in this SHORT time (i was there last sept with my ex for 9 days and that still wasn't enough time!)

He's a sports nut and we're both on a TIGHT budget so I was thinking all stars sports might be a treat for him. We may drive down because air fair is SO HIGH but we'd use disney transportation.

I was thinking a day at magic kingdom (day 1 of course), EPCOT, and then a split day of AK (just want to do EE and Dinosaur.. the rest of AK i'm not impressed with.. oh.. maybe bug's life) and MGM... see the basics and then fantasmic.

EPCOT I love world showcase but we can do that rather quickly.. DBF doesn't drink so there will be no drinking around the world.. soarin', test track, SE are MUSTS ... and for him that scarey mars ride is a must (I refuse to go on even if they tame it down and i hope he waits till just before we leave to ride it in case it makes him sick)

MK I could spend all 3 days there. I want to see all the parades and do all the rides... for some reason while most find MK to be the most childlike, I find it to be the most romantic of the parks.

Maybe we'll do an evening at downtown disney but again, that won't take too long. We'll skip the water parks...

So we'll be going in Feb.. probably around val day since this is value prices at peak hours if we go at the right time. I can't go earlier, I have a new niece or nephew due mid jan so even planning mid feb is risky!

Any tips on which days are best at which parks (yes I have the guides but I am looking for personal experiences here!), dining suggestions (CP is always my first meal there.. we'll do lunch at CP our first day that's all I know for sure)... anything romantic or very unique.. we'll likely purchase the dining plan.

I don't know how I can pack all I want to do in 3 days so.. help me plan! Tell me about Feb (it's been 6 years since I"ve been there in feb)... tell me about how to fit everything in such a short time!

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Definitely book your stay so that you check in on Feb. 14th or earlier. The resort season changes from Value Season to Peak Season for stays beginning on 2/15/07 thru 5/23/06. Even if you check in on 2/14, you would get Value Season rates for your entire stay. That's a difference of $30/night at an AllStar Resort!

How many days will you be in WDW? The reason that I ask is that Disney charges more for a 3-day Hopper ($235.37) than they do for a 4-day Base ticket($207.68). Instead of hopping from AK to MGM, you could plan AK for the morning of your departure day. Then you would have 3 full days to enjoy each of the 3 remaining parks. Not only will you have more time to spend in AK and MGM, you will save yourself a few $$.

Depending on park hours and EMHs, I would do the following:

Arrival Day: Check in and head over to MGM for 1/2 to 3/4 of a day. Decent counter service meals can be found at Flatbread Grill or the ABC Commissary.
Day #2: MK. I chose this as the second day because it gives you a full day in the park. If you were to do it on your first day, you would arrive late, and may not get to see everything that you'd like to see. Definitely do lunch at CP. For good CS meals, try Cosmic Ray's or Columbia Harbor House.
Day #3: EPCOT. Doing both Future World and the World Showcase will require at least a full day. You'll want to arrive at opening and follow the CM to the right of Spaceship Earth so that you can ride Soarin' first. Then head to the other side of SE to grab Fastpasses for Mission Space and Test Track before they disappear. EPCOT is a great park for "eating around the World" but if you're looking for something substantial, try Le Cellier in Canada. If you're in the mood for counterservice food, the Sunshine Season Food Fair (in The Land) has great healthy choices and reasonable prices.
Departure Day: AK for 1/2 day. Pack the car up and check out of your resort early. Drive to AK (you'll park for free since you're still a Disney Resort guest). At the opening, head straight to Expedition Everest. Ride it and then head to Dinosaur. Grab a Fastpass for Dinosaur and then head back to the Tree of Life to see ITTBAB. Return to Dinosaur when your Fastpass time is up.

You won't get to see all of the parades unless you stay at the AK until the later part of the afternoon. The parade usually steps off around 3:30 or 4 pm.

Hoped that this helped a bit. Good luck with your planning!

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What days of the week are you planning on going? If you want to see the parade and fireworks at the Magic Kingdom plan to be there on a Saturday (or maybe sometimes a Friday or a Monday). Another thing to consider in the other parks are Extra Magic Hours for resort guests. Three extra evening hours at Epcot added to a one day touring plan is a Godsend. Tour Animal Kingdom on a day where you can start the day there; the animals are awake early (an Extra Morning Hour here is even better).

06-07-2006, 12:03 PM
Wow! Thank you all so much! Not sure which days we'll be going but were planning on 3 days.. may bump it to 4 since we'd be saving money!

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Here's a good link for estimated crowd levels during your stay: