View Full Version : Lets try and beat the record-URGENT UPDATE

Pixie Power!
10-21-2001, 01:04 PM
Am i the only one who is always checking the number of people on these boards hoping to be part of the new record?

Lets have some fun - lets try and break this record and get more friends gathered together on these boards at one time. The record is 625 at the mo - im sure we can beat that!!

So, lets pull together and meet up for even more fun then usual:D

The date - 28th October 2001
The time - 2pm EST (7pm in the UK)
The Place - HERE!!!!

Please bump this message so it doesnt get lost - spread the word.

See you there and dont be late:D


Pixie Power!
10-23-2001, 03:29 PM
There's been a change of plans as we need to ensure that we dont 'crash' the boards.

Please meet us all here on Monday instead of Sunday at 7pm EST (sorry to all us UK people - its going to be a late night)