View Full Version : How will 5 year old do in Wilderness Lodge's evening kids program?

grilled bran
03-28-2001, 12:00 PM
We were hoping to let our 5 year old daughter spend an evening in the Wilderness Lodge kids activities while mom and dad snuck off to Pleasure Island. Has anyone had a single child of similar age they've left in this program for the evening? What happens when the kids start to get tired and crater? Sleeping accomodations? etc...

03-28-2001, 06:55 PM
My 6 yo daughter went last December, and loved it! They have arts and crafts, Barbies, computer games geared toward all ages. I have heard that sometimes a character will visit, although that didn't happen when my daughter was there. At 9 pm they settle down on mats and get to vote on what Disney animated film they will watch--my daughter's group watched Toy Story II. She didn't want to leave when we got there:)
When you drop her off, they find out where you will be for the evening, and provide you with a beeper, so they can reach you if necessary. They also give you the phone number, so you can call and check in.
I think she'd have a great time:) :D

Have a Wonderful day, Eeyore