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05-09-2006, 09:07 PM
Okay I just got back from a JOann's outing. I almost did not go because we have two in the vicinity of my house and my husband needed to go make copies at the staples so he said for me and our daughter to go waste time in the Joanns while he made copies. My daughter (1 1/2) was behaving too well, she wanted to hold onto everything. So I didn't get to look around much when my husband already came to get us. He agreed to watch after the baby as I looked around a little more. I was looking at these scroppbooking box sets, which I usually don't buy because I do not use a lot of the elements in them... well they were 1/2 so my interest was peeked. My hubby saw some baggie package kits underneath and said did the sign apply to them too? We did know so we went to ask. One was definately 9.99 and the other had no barcode so she jusst gave it to us for the same price even though she didn't know. They were called a Scrap Pack and an Album Scrap pack..... supposedly $100 worh of stuff for 19.99 now down to 9.99. Promblem was you couldn't really she what was in the bag and there were no photos on back. Well surprises of surprises one my husband encouraged my to buy them (i sould not have as I know it is only 20 dollars but we leave for disney in 14 days) anyway...here is what was in it. (if you can find these it is totally worth it) Although I do not know if this is done at corpate or store level

Scrap pack included:
1 colorbok Dimensional Perfect Pages Birthday Fun (with 30 pieces, 6 frames,
2 die cuts accents, 6 12 x12 pages, 12 stickers, and 5 embellishments)
2 colorbok memories made easy rub-ons alpha black(4 sheets/ 34 letters)
2 colorbok " " " " " " aplha and numbers blue (4 sheets/ 89 letters
and numbers)
1 colorbok sticky stax numbers 15 self adhesive numbers per pad 255
numbers (and question mark, excalmation, dollor sign and &)
1 colorbok school photo graphics 12 diecuts
" " Memories made easy layer tags 5 piece
" " "stiched vellum pocket tags 3 piece
2 colorbok metal rimed vellum tags 5 pieces ea
1 colorbok my type word eyelet charm 12 pieces
" " " " word charm clip 16 pieces
" " " " " square brad alphabet 72 pieces
4 dog dish diecuts
5 dog house diecuts
5 happy birthday journal pad things
2 remember when black and white 32 Number ad symbol pads 25 shhets per
2 remember when sticky stitches 1 yd each 6 colors

okay and that is just the scrap pack.....
Album pack to be opsted shortly

05-09-2006, 09:17 PM
Album pack

1 perfect scrapbook faux leather scrapbook 8 x 8
2 remember when dimensional accents (graduation) 3 embellishments (totally
needed this)
4 remember when self adhesive stitches hand stitched die cuts (37 total
1 colorbok susan branch self adhesive 3d embellishments (12 pieces)
1 remeber when sticky stitches 1 yard each color 6 colors
4 sheets barbie stickers
2 shhets colorbok sue dreamer seasons page bubbles (one birthday, one
1 joann's gold clip alphabet 26 pirces list price on it 7.99
1 remember when simple scrap solutions celebreate card making kit (enough
for 6 cards and matching envelopes)
2 colorbok once upon a time frames peter rabbit
20 sheets (didn't open yet) Teresa's kids garden paper 12 x 12

05-10-2006, 12:03 AM
Wow! Great find!

05-10-2006, 06:17 AM
Wow! Wish my stores had deals like this!

05-10-2006, 07:48 AM
MyLittlePiglet- I found these at one of the Joanns in my area about a month ago. They had the birthday pack and a camping pack. The bags they were in looked a little beat up. I want to say they had a clearance sticker on them and then there was a % off clearance, but I did end up paying the same price you did. I purchased the camping themed pack. It had mostly the same stuff as your birthday pack, but the pack with the papers was a camping theme. I walked around the store with it for awhile trying to decide if I really wanted it (it was really hard to see what was in it). Once I got it home and opened it up, I was glad I did. :)

05-15-2006, 09:00 AM
I love a bargain - nearly as good as free :woohoo: