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05-08-2006, 01:22 PM
We're back and I'm married!!! Everything was absolutely wonderful and I'm still trying to process everything that happened. There were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end everything worked out better then I could have imagined it! There were so many magical moments along the way, it was really a dream come true!! If anyone is thinking about getting married in WDW but you aren't sure about it or feel silly - do it!! I think everyone ended up having a wonderful time and even the people that thought I was crazy ended up being impressed!

So on to the trip report.. We were in WDW from April 20th to May 1st, then I surprised Jim by staying an extra day at universal from may 1st to May 2nd, and then we stopped at home for a day, and headed to San francisco from May 4th to May 6th. I tend to write in detail, so I hope it doesn't bore everyone too much. We ended up taking over 3,500 pictures between the two of us, so I of course have to sort through the pictures to choose which ones to upload, so it might take a while to finish. Hopefully some of you may enjoy the report. If you have any questions let me know : )

Here's the general outline of the wedding:
April 20, 2006: arrive in WDW... dinner at 'ohana!
april 21st - decide where to have the ceremony (read the story for more details)
april 22nd - rehearsal in the morning, FANTASMIC dessert party at night!
april 23rd - disneyquest
april 24th - wedding day!!! Ceremony at the little island called the "isola" in the Italy pavilion at EPCOT, reception at Ariel's at the Beach club.
4/20 - 5/6th - honeymoon!!

Here's a link to a PRE-trip report, with some details about how we met, the proposal, the bridal shower, and some of the planning details

((((Edited to add 6/18/207) - UPDATE - added links to our VIDEOS - including more video of the wedding day - uploaded on youtube, a complete index can be found on page 45 - or click here http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=19471837&postcount=668 )))

On to the trip report!

April 20th, Thursday

The morning we leave for WDW! Me (the bride) and Jim (the groom) would be flying from the los angeles airport to orlando with some of jim's family from california. My family was flying in at the same time, but since they all live in michigan, obviously they would be on a different flight! I hadn't seen most of my family in months, so I was doubly excited!

I had fallen asleep at a normal time Wednesday night (the night before we left) – around 11 pm or so, but had woken up 2 hours later and was too excited to fall back asleep. I got out of bed and saw that Sue (Jim’s mother) was awake and packing, I went to say hi to her. As I was talking to her she mentioned that I should pack some umbrellas and a rain coat. I had checked the weather the day before, and it had looked like there was going to be clear skies the whole time. I had checked that once and promised myself I wouldn’t check again because I didn’t want to get obsessed with it, when I had absolutely no control over what the weather would be. But since Sue mentioned it, I told her what the weather report said. Then she said “really? Janiece called and said it looked like it would be non-stop rain for the next four days”. I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds there. I went online and looked up the weather again, and sure enough there were scheduled thunder storms here and there for what looked like the whole week. I was devastated. I tried to reason and be rational and tell myself that this is Florida, and the weather was really unpredictable, and the weather channel has been wrong before, but nothing I could tell myself was making me feel any better about it. I didn’t care so much about if it rained on the wedding day, but if it rained and cancelled my fantasmic dessert party I was going to be so angry. I didn’t want to pay over $1,500 for some desserts in a room somewhere!! And I wanted all my guests to see the Fantasmic show, I just knew they would love it and weren’t likely to watch it on their own. Most of my guests barely knew there were more then one theme park in florida, I wanted it to kind of introduce them to Disney and maybe get them excited about it.

Anyway, I was a mixture of really excited about the trip and worried about the rain. I only got a half an hour asleep before the alarm woke us up.

The night before I had made a music CD with some wedding songs to put in my alarm clock. I thought it would be fun to wake up to “going to the chapel” or something. At 2:30 am, the alarm went off and it was “the game of love” by Michelle branch. That wasn’t the song I was thinking would play, so I hit snooze thinking it wasn’t time to wake up yet. I did that twice more before finally realizing it was playing the wrong CD. Oops. I was so tired but was so excited that it was FINALLY the day we were leaving!!!

I cooked some breakfast for me and Jim, cheese omelettes and bacon, but was getting ready while making them, so I ended up burning the omelettes which left a lovely cloud of smoke in the kitchen. We both quickly got ready and packed our last minute stuff and I went over everything in my head to make sure I had the important stuff. We were ready by 3:45 so we still had a while before the towncar got to our house. I had a pair of Winnie-the-pooh- ears that I sometimes wear to Disneyland, I decided to put them on my head that morning to get me in Disney mood. I forgot to take them off until we were in the car on the way to the airport.

Our flight was for 7:30 am at the los angeles airport, which was usually 30-60 minutes away depending on traffic. I hired a towncar to come pick us up at 4:30 am. I was so ready to be on our way that I went outside and was kind of pacing around waiting for the guy to come. It was 4:45 am and still no driver. Finally I call the company and they tell me he’s just a few minutes away. In the meantime, Jim and Sue are watching a Tivo’d episode of the Daily show while I am pacing around outside waiting for the driver. My dog was looking really depressed, I think he knows what having a bunch of suitcases in the hallway means (we had a house/pet sitter for while we were gone). I gave him a new shiny bone to chew on, and after that he pretty much forgot about us. At 4:50 the driver comes, apologizes for being late, we pack up our plethora of bags, and we are on our way to LAX!

My dog looking depressed:
Our luggage (actually this isn't even all that we took - there were 2 more carryons, and Sue was carrying something on for us as well)
It was too early in the morning
Packing our bags into the towncar

Traffic wasn't bad that early in the morning so we got to the airport fairly quickly. The driver turned the radio on to the news and they were talking about finding dead bodies from 9-11, me and jim looked at each other like "great thing to listen to when going to the airport..." The driver got the hint and turned it to an easy lisstening music channel instead. Much better. They played a strange selection of music though, and there was one song, I forget how it goes but it has a "cha cha cha cha" in there somewhere, and that was in our head for the next few hours.

A few people from Jim’s family were actually going to be on the same flight as us, but we were all driving separately, and since Jim and I had upgraded our tickets to first class, we barely saw them the whole time.

I was still a little worried about the weather but was trying not to think about it. We get to the airport, check our bags, and go to security. I had set aside our disposable cameras so I could ask them to handcheck them. We watched the security guy checking them over doing some really technical looking stuff. Me and Jim were impressed and were making jokes about CSI and stuff, and the security guy seemed to be pretty amused by it. He smiled and told us to have a great day.

We went to our gate and played tetris on Jim’s gameboy to pass the time. I called my mother's cell phone and she was with my family driving to the airport over in michigan. My mom said "I don't remember the last time i've been this excited!" I thought that was so cute.

Five minutes till boarding and Jim’s family still wasn’t at the gate. Jim was worried, but I know his family well enough to know that they’d be there one minute before they needed to be, no earlier and no later, and it would be fine. And sure enough I was right. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to go to the airport by ourselves, I like being there with time to spare so I’m not rushed or worried. Jim was watching over his mom’s bag while she was going to use the bathroom, and right then they started to board first class. I wanted to get on, so Jim asked Josh (one of the groomsmen that was there) if he could watch the bag. He said something like “you said you’d watch it, it’s your responsibility”. I kind of rolled my eyes a little, but Jim told me he was kidding and he took the bag and Jim and I got on board.

I was sooo grateful that Jim’s mother had upgraded our tickets to first class, we had soooo much leg space and it was the most comfortable 5 hour trip I’ve had! Their food was actually really good and the service was great. The brunch they gave us also included a bagel which was the first time in a year I had anything with bread in it. It took a while to get used to and to not feel guilty about it. It was weird. I didn’t have any such problems with the warm chocolate chip cookies they gave us though.

In between the meal services, I managed to fall asleep on and off for 2 hours, which I desperately needed. Jim watched X-men on our laptop while I slept.

Pretty sunrise over LA
Jim eating a bagel
Jim trying to make me laugh:
Fluffy clouds, we must be over florida!

We landed a short while later and I turn my cell phone on. I call my mom, who was on a flight from Michigan with my dad, sister, and brother-in-law, they landed the exact same time we did and they said they were still on the tarmac. I was on such an adrenaline buzz to finally be in Orlando, I was so excited!! After I hung up, my phone beeped that I had a voice mail message. I assumed it was my mother saying they landed, so I play back the message and it was my coordinator.

She had a serious voice and said something like “mary, this is your coordinator, when you get this message please call me as soon as you can, thank you”. I was like, well that doesn’t sound too good! Immediately I lose that excitement buzz and enter the “oh great I just touched down in Orlando and already something is wrong” mode. I tried calling her back but she wasn’t there, her assistant said she would call me back as soon as she got back. Which gave me just enough time to imagine all sorts of things that might be wrong.

The most likely scenario I thought was that she was going to say Fantasmic was cancelled, that’s the only thing I could really think of. We get off the plan and are waiting at the gate for Jim’s family to de-board (they were in the back). Finally the coordinator calls me back, it was hard to hear her as they kept making boarding announcements at the gate, but from what I could hear she was telling me that one of the bridges at the Italy Isola – where my ceremony was to take place – had been under refurbishment, and was scheduled to be completed that day, but it didn’t pass inspection. Me, with my jaw dropping, asked “You mean we can’t have the ceremony at the Isola??” Hopefully it didn’t sound rude, I was just a little shocked and confused. Jim, who could only hear my side of the conversation, was looking worried too. The coordinator tried to sound optimistic and said there was still a chance we could have it there, but there was an ugly construction wall blocking off one of the bridges, so Jim and I would have to come by the Isola to take a look at it. If we didn’t want to use the Isola then we could use the Italy courtyard, she said.

Well that left me with a bit of a shock. Honestly though, I was just glad she didn’t’ say fantasmic was cancelled. I had a feeling we’d figure something out for the ceremony. But there I was, having just landed in Orlando, not sure about our dessert party and all of a sudden, after one year of planning the ceremony at the Isola, I had no idea where our ceremony would be.

From the time we landed till the time we got to the baggage claim things got a little stressful. Jim’s family were going to a different hotel then us and they were taking Magic Express, so we kind of said “hi and bye” to them as my phone kept ringing and some of our guests and family kept calling me to ask me questions, and my mom kept calling me and asking where we were, finally I snapped at my mom to just hang on and I would call her when we got to baggage claim!! We finally got to the train that takes you to the center of the airport where baggage claim is, and I decided to put my Winnie-the-pooh ears back on to help me de-stress. People were looking at me like I was crazy and I didn’t care! I love those ears!

My family was at carousal 23 and we were at 5. I called and told them and it took them a while to make it down. Meanwhile we waited for our luggage which wasn’t coming. I turn around and see my mom walk by in a different direction. I almost didn’t recognize her, I was stunned! I hadn’t seen her in a few months and I knew she was dieting, but she’d always tell me she wasn’t losing anything, but man did she look a lot thinner!! I don’t know where she was headed though, then Jenny and Kevin (jenny = sister, maid of honor.. Kevin = her husband) sneak up behind us. I knew Jenny was pregnant, but I hadn’t seen her since in so long, so I was like “oh my god you’re pregnant!!” Like I didn’t know, I couldn’t believe it!! And was surprised to see Kevin too, even he had lost a weight. Everyone looked so different!! Jenny and Kevin looked pretty stressed out from traveling with my parents. She said dad was having a hard time walking/breathing when they got off the plane so had to wait for a wheelchair and said he was embarrassed and they were both being stressful about everything. I could sympathize. It was so nice to see everyone.

It’s jenny & Kevin, omg!

My mom was by the exit talking to a luggage porter and I could tell by the look on her face that she was in a “crucial moment” stage. (Ever since we were little, me and my sisters called it a “crucial moment” – that time when there’s no time for silliness or jokes, because she’s trying to figure something out and gets really stressed out). So I go over and say hi, she says something like “hi! Hang on a few minutes…” and goes back to talking with the porter, I go back to the carousal and we wait for our luggage. It is taking forever to come out. Meanwhile, to the side of us we see a guy sitting by his luggage which obviously has a lot of musical instruments in it, and his bags say “matthew nelson” we all think it sounds familiar but we can’t figure it out. Jim jokingly says “maybe he’s one of the nelson brothers”, but we kind of laugh it off and forget about it.

It literally took an hour for all of our bags to come out, it really set my schedule behind darnit!! We get our bags and go outside. My mom had hired a limo from happylimo and they came with a huge Limo navigator, it was really cool looking!!! My dad elects to sit upfront with the driver, and everyone else piles into the back. Inside the limo they had free cold drinks for us and started playing spongebob square pants on their LCD screens. It took me a little while to figure out how to turn off the TV’s. We all try to catch up while in the limo and I was in a complete daze. It was so weird finally being there, seeing my family for the first time in a long time and seeing how different everyone looked, it was just so much to take in and process!!

My dad sitting up front in the limo
My mother being attacked by the luggage:
me with my crazy eyes that I had in all the pictures that day from lack of sleep & excitement

We start to see the Disney buses and the purple signs, and I’m frantically trying to get everything on video and am just so excited! What feels like two minutes after getting into the limo, we pull into the yacht club, jenny says “wow it looks really small”, and I had to tell her that that was the convention center. Then we pull up in front of the lobby and everyone gets out of the limo. I’m still half recording, half just being excited, I step out of the limo but my feet slide off of the little step and I trip and jar my ankles and wrists as I tried to brace for impact. Ouch. My mom’s like “careful mary, you’re the bride you can’t break your ankles!” I laugh it off and say I’m okay but it actually hurt quite a bit!! I figure it will go away in a few minutes.


We’re at the Yacht club, I am just too excited, I don’t know what to take pictures of first or what to look at first! We give our bags to the bellhop and go in the lobby.

05-08-2006, 01:39 PM
Ahhh, everything smells so good and looks so pretty. There’s nothing like walking into a Disney Resort lobby for the first time. There’s always so much to take in. We go to the front desk and Jenny & Kevin are beside us checking in as well. The lady behind the front desk is really nice and goes through our info. Two other people behind the counter come to us and say something about it being our wedding and are making jokes and laughing, and I swear to you, I did not understand a WORD they said! I smiled, nodded my head, and pretended to laugh where I thought appropriate or where Jim did, but the whole time I could not hear them.I figured Jim understood as he was doing the same thing, but when I asked him later, he said he also had no idea what they were saying. I’m sure it was nice though. While we were checking in, Jenny leans over to us and says “Mary, we got upgraded to a water view!!” Figuring it was a good opportunity to ask, and there’s no harm in asking, I then ask the lady if it would be possible to be upgraded as well. The lady kind of smiled and laughed – I think she had been planning to do that for us as well, said she could. Woohoo! I was very happy. We then take out our Disney Dollars to pay – we had saved up a lot of Disney Dollars to use at the hotel – but they only came to us in $10 denomoniations. So there we were paying in exactly 180 ten dollar denominations. I felt like a little kid paying for some candy in pennies, but hey, it’s legal tender in Disney world!

Blurry pic of the lobby (there will be better pics of the lobby later on)
Friendly cast member checking us in
Paying with our Disney dollars that we had been slowly saving for the last year

We finish checking in, and go over to check on my mom and dad who were also checking in, but my mom seemed to be in “crucial moment” mode again, so we said we’d call them when we got to our rooms.

We walk up to our rooms and I’m recording video the whole way. We get to our room – 4087 and it was just beautiful!! And we had a view of the wedding gazebo and the lighthouse and stormalong bay and the boardwalk right outside – it was perfect!!

Walking into our room:
Hidden mickey!
Our view to the left
Our view to the right
and even more to the right

More hidden micky’s in our room:
We could see Jenny on a balcony across from our room:

The hallways maintained the sea-shore feel to the hotel
My parents in the hallway

I was so excited, I wanted to go in fifty directions at once and take pictures of everything at once, and was just so happy I didn’t know what to do with myself. We called for our luggage and they said it would be right up.

Well it actually took over an hour (literally) for our bags to come up, but it was probably good for me to have a little time to calm down and settle in. Though I was on a tight schedule! Everyone else had already gotten their bags and went over to the boardwalk to walk around, while we had to wait for our bags. At this point it is 6 pm. We all had dinner reservations for ‘ohana at 9:30 that night, and there were quite a few things I needed to get done, such as exchange our annual pass vouchers, then go pick up the Disney Dining Experience discount card so I could use it on dinner that night, and I wanted to pick up the mickey/Minnie wedding ears to wear to dinner.

We can see Jenny & Kevin walking to the boardwalk while we were stuck waiting for our luggage:

05-08-2006, 01:42 PM
So we get our bags from a bell hop named Mike, who was actually really sweet and said congratulations to us and seemed really happy to tell us about what was new at Disney, so even though it took him an hour to bring our bags, he made up for it.

So Jim and I head out to go to Epcot. We weren’t familiar with the hotel so we kept walking in the wrong direction or out the wrong door. Meanwhile, once again everyone in the world starts calling me while we try to make our way to epcot. Finally we get to the lighthouse where the water shuttles pick you up from, and wait ten minutes for the boat. We make a few stops and 20 minutes later we are finally at epcot. I didn’t realize at that point how easier and quicker it is just to walk to epcot from the hotel. My ankles and wrist start to feel swollen and a little painful from tripping while getting out of the limo, and I keep feeling really stupid about slipping. Great job tripping, Mary, really smart!!

Jim in the elevator salivating over the pictures of Disney food, must save appetite for ohana, jim!
The entrance to the giftshop in the lobby
The back entrance to the yacht club
Aboard the friendship, talking to Matt who just landed at the airport

We get to the International Gateway and go to exchange our annual pass vouchers for the regular passes. The lady sees that they’re wedding vouchers and asks if I want my new name on the pass or my current one. I tell her current, since that’s what’s on all of my ID’s, etc, I didn’t want any problems, better just to have everything with the same name. Jim looked a little confused and asked why I didn’t want the new name on the ID, I told him my reasoning, but he still looked hurt and asked if I was sure that was the real reason or something. I had no idea why he was hurt by it, I just didn’t want any problems and didn’t understand why he was acting upset. Finally I almost start to cry and I ask him to stop making me upset, there was no reason for it and it was stupid!! I didn’t want to cry right before entering Disney!! Normally I wouldn’t cry over something so silly, but it was a very emotional day for me.He apologized and we just forget about it.

We didn’t have much time in epcot, and our plan was to head to Mousegears and buy the mickey/Minnie wedding ears, and then go to the front of the park to get the Disney Dining card (which you could only get at the front entrance to epcot), and then go get ready for our ‘ohana dinner.

The international gateway entrance takes you into the world showcase, between France and the UK. We head to the left, past the UK. Epcot’s spring flower festival had just began and they had the most adorable topiaries everywhere! In the UK, they had some Winnie-the-pooh topiaries, so we had to stop and take some pics with them. We could see the Italy Isola across the lagoon, I wanted to go see the construction wall, but we didn’t have time. I thought I could see it from across the lagoon but wasn’t sure. As we were passing the UK, the “Off-Kilter” band was playing by Canada. They were really good! I slowed down to listen to them, and was kind of dancing along to the music, and all of a sudden it hit me that we were there.. I was finally in Walt Disney World, in epcot, and I could see where we (maybe) would be getting married. I was so happy that I just broke down and started to cry. Good thing I had sunglasses on because I probably would have looked really stupid otherwise. So me and Jim went to the fence alongside the lagoon and he hugged me and we were both just so glad to finally be there after one long year of dreaming and planning everything!

A tigger topiary in the UK
Off-kilter made me cry

Done with the whole crying thing, we head to mousegears in future world, passing the beautiful flower topiaries they had out. We took a few pics but we knew we really needed to hurry.

Beauty & the beast topiaries
Mickey & Minnie topiaries

We get to Mousegears, which is coincidentally where I worked when I did the college program, and was showing Jim around telling him where I used to stand, and how I used to greet people at the door, etc. We buy our ears and put them on.

The entrance to MouseGears
I used to have to wear one of those snazzy outfits to work everyday!
We get our ears, lets never take them off!
Cute stitch topiary

Once we had those ears on, it was like all of a sudden everyone in epcot wanted to congratulate us. It was so nice to receive that kind of positive attention from complete strangers, it was a really cool feeling! We head to guest relations, get the Disney Dining card, and the “Magic Wishes” pin (we didn’t even have to ask for them, they handed them to us right away and congratulated us). As we were heading back to the International gateway to go back to our hotel, I don’t think there was a single Disney cast member that didn’t congratulate us on the way. And then as we were passing from future world into the world showcase in front of a refreshment stand, this cast member jumps out in front of us and says “CONGRATulations!!! What would you guys like to drink, it’s my treat!!” I was like wow, that is so cool!!! I said a water and a diet coke, and he handed them both to us and told us to have a wonderful life together.. It was so nice!!!!! I don’t think me and Jim stopped smiling the entire way back to the hotel.

We get our magical wishes pins
This guy gave us free drinks!
Jim likes the free drinks!

Me on the phone again with someone
Me happy to be in epcot;

Instead of waiting for the boat, we decide to walk to the hotel, and wow is that a short walk, I had no idea how much quicker it was to just walk!!

We get to our hotel room and it was like 8:30, and we knew we wanted to be there close to 9 for our 9:30 pm reservation. I had so much to do before we went to dinner though!! Since our luggage had come so late, I didn’t have time to unpack anything, so I was practically throwing all of our clothes out of our suitcases as I looked for my dress, nylons, shoes, jewelry, etc. It was a whirlwind! As I was getting dressed I asked jim if he could prepare the welcome baskets (I had had them wrapped in cyran wrap so their contents wouldn’t fall out). So I was frantically getting dressed, putting jewelry on, or re-applying my makeup as I was “directing” jim what to do and occasionally helping with something.

As Jim was helping to prepare the welcome baskets, I asked if he could open up the box with my diamond earrings (I had taped the box close with tape – I only have one pair of really nice earrings and I didn’t want them to fall out of the box while in flight). But when Jim opened the box it kind of popped open, and one of the earrings got flung into one of the welcome baskets!! I was like Oye!!! So we had to empty and frantically search through three of the baskets before finding the earring. Whew that was close, that would have been a really expensive welcome basket for that one person!

We put all our welcome baskets into our carry-on suitcase so we could wheel it to dinner, and we head to the lobby to meet up with my family.

We get to the lobby and my sister Lisa and her friend Lynn is there. I haven’t seen Lisa since December either, and immediately notice her hair-extensions, they looked great!! Made me wish I had gotten hair extensions for the wedding, but they are pretty pricey. We all take a few minutes to say hello and catch up a little. I tell Lisa and Lynn about the ceremony site problems, and how I was worried they might cancel the Fantasmic show on Saturday. One of the bell-hops overheard me and said not to worry about the weather, that it was really hard to predict in Florida. I could have hugged him!

05-08-2006, 01:48 PM
We were all going to take a taxi to ‘Ohana to save time, but Jim’s best man, Matt says he’ll just take the bus, I’m like “just fit in with us, we don’t have a lot of time”, but he insists on taking a bus. I elect not to worry if he’s late to dinner or not, and we all head to the Polynesian.

Stuffing ourselves into the taxi
Lynne sitting on Lisa’s lap to make room in the taxi

We walk into the lobby and Jim, who’s never been in there before, seemed to really be impressed, and asks me “why aren’t we staying here?” I tell him, it’s not close enough to where all the wedding stuff is taking place. Jim and I stop in the lobby giftshop to buy ourselves some flower lei’s. We had got some for all of our guests but had forgotten to buy some for ourselves. The lady behind the counter was so excited that we were getting married and asked a lot of questions about it. I was surprised by her excitement, I would have thought they’d have seen a lot of brides at the Polynesian, with ‘ohana and sunset pointe being right there.

We walk up to the second floor where Jim’s mother and brother are. We hadn’t seen his brother, Chris, in quite a while, so we say hi and catch up with him. The other people in Jim’s family didn’t make it to the dinner, so there were only 11 of us. There was a musician singing Hawaiian music as we waited in the lounge area to be called. I opened up my suitcase and presented the welcome baskets to everyone, and took out the lei’s and said “aloha!” to them while throwing the lei around their neck. It was a lot of fun! Everyone loved the welcome baskets, although they were a little confused by the paper towel I stuffed into the bottom so that Stitch’s head would be poking out of the top of the bag. I didn’t have the time to make it prettier, but they were still good!

Aloha! My dad in the lounge before ohana
Sue & Lisa after getting their lei’s. Musician in the background
The welcome bags were a hit!
Picture of the welcome basket (taken at home in California)


We got seated and I handed out the few gifts I had for people, even though it wasn’t really a “rehearsal dinner”. The whole dinner was a blur, there was so much going on. Everyone loved their gifts, and the “gag gift” me and Sue made for Jenny was a hit..My mother cried when she read the card me and Jim wrote for her, and Chris & matt both really liked their t-shirts. The gifts for the groomsmen were stylized t-shirts with the faces of the groomsmen on them, with jim's face on the top, and the back said "the groomsmen" (it was supposed to be kind of silly). The bridesmaids gifts were photo albums from things-remembered with their names on it, and the first page of the photo album had a thank-you card printed out on photo paper

Everyone at dinner
Jim’s mother & brother at dinner
Chris likes the groomsmen t-shirt, it has his face on it!
Mom cries reading through her card & gift I made for her
Bring on the food!

Jenny likes her gift!

Since Jenny was pregnant, and had been like throwing up every day for the past 4 months, we customized one of those pregnant Barbie dolls for her, Sue even made a dress for it to match the bridesmaid dresses;

Me and my mom
Chris being silly

The “master of ceremonies” lady came by and congratulated us and asked us our names. Later in the dinner, she made the announcement to the restaurant we were getting married and everyone “toasted” us and she made us practice our kiss. She also gave us another lei! It was really nice.

The master of ceremonies lady congratulating us

I barely got to taste the food, I was so busy having a good time, taking pictures, taking videos, doing both at the same time, or taking video of the fireworks while trying to eat some food, it was really funny. Even though I only had a few bites, the food is delicious here!! This is one of our favorite restaurants at WDW - it's a must try!! My dad was so funny, the only thing he wanted was the shrimp that comes as appetizers, so he kept ordering more bowls of shrimp instead of eating the meat from the skewers. (he really liked the shrimp!)

Towards the end of the meal, they dimmed the lights a little and started playing the music from the "Wishes" fireworks.. oh cool, i forgot they would be playing whilel we were there, what a great way to end the night!

My Disney Dining card saved me $80 bucks. Since it cost $60.00 to buy, I had already made a profit off of it, woohoo!

We all had an absolutely amazing time at dinner, everything turned out perfectly! My only regret is that more people couldn't make it, but most people would be coming in two days later.

We stopped for some pics on the way out in the lobby. More cast members wished me and jim "congratulations!" on the way out:

We went back to the hotel, and it took me literally 2 hours to unpack all of our stuff and to clean up from when I tore our luggage apart looking for my dinner outfit Finally I got to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited and just sat there in bed thinking of the wonderful day I had and how wonderful everything was, and how this was just the first day!!! I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time and only got three hours of sleep that night. It would be a continuing trend that whole week!!

Coming up: The animal kingdom, deciding on a ceremony location, fun with a broken electric scooter, and dinner in canada

Mommy Poppins
05-08-2006, 01:50 PM
Happy 2 week Anniversary, Mary!!! I'm so excited to read your trip report. You have great details!!!! Keep typing and don't leave us hanging very long!!!!

05-08-2006, 02:00 PM
I have really enjoyed reading about your trip!! Can't wait to hear the rest!!! :thumbsup2

05-08-2006, 02:15 PM
Mary, Thanks so much for posting a trip report. I loved reading it so far, can't wait to read more. :goodvibes I'm impressed....we were married on April 1 and I still haven't managed to post a trip report yet :blush: But it sounds like you've had a great time so far!


05-08-2006, 02:21 PM
Ok, I'm ready for what happened next.

05-08-2006, 03:00 PM
I can't wait to hear more!!!

Marty Moose
05-08-2006, 03:01 PM
More! More! MORE!! :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

Congrats! I'm loving your trip report!!

05-08-2006, 03:05 PM
Well...what happened next??? :)

05-08-2006, 04:48 PM
Great Wedding Trip Report!!! Can't wait to hear more! :cheer2:

05-08-2006, 04:52 PM
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05-08-2006, 05:10 PM
This is a fabulous trip report! I feel like I'm actually there! The suspense is killing me though... I can't wait until you post again!

Cinderella Fan
05-08-2006, 05:22 PM
Such a great TR! I can't wiat to read more. All of the pics are great, you and Jim look so happy and ready to get married! I hope you wedding was everything you dreamed it would be!!!

Congratulations!! :wave:

05-08-2006, 07:23 PM
i am loving your report - especially the preggers barbie! that is GENIUS! :rotfl:
congrats on your marriage, i can't wait to read about the rest of your trip! :sunny:

05-08-2006, 09:29 PM
Mary626, congratulations! And welcome home! I'm sorry to hear that you got injured, but I hope you've healed by now (I know Pixie Dust works wonders).

05-08-2006, 10:03 PM
Mary I am loving your wedding report! I am so happy for you!

05-09-2006, 02:54 AM
good job Mary, i have enjoyed reading your report. Keep it going :thumbsup2

05-09-2006, 03:48 AM
Can't wait to hear more.
I loved your pictures...we stayed at the Yacht club too for our wedding, so it brought back many happy memories. Your room was not too far from ours, we stayed just to the left of the gazebo.
When you went to Ohana's your Dad is sat in the same chair I did in the lounge, and you also ate at the same table we did!
Isn't it funny how that feeling of excitement comes over you once you get into those gates? I smiled at all the little things you said like I didn't know what direction to go in next. I know just how you feel.
I am looking forward to your next part...please dont leave it long, it makes my memories come flooding back.

05-09-2006, 09:21 AM
Congratulations! You're trip sounds like so much excitement and frenzy so far, can't wait to find out how it all turns out for you!!!

05-09-2006, 11:43 AM
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05-09-2006, 01:36 PM
Congrats! I didn't even think about getting the wedding pins prior to the wedding, we'll definitely have to do that! Can't wait to see more, and thanks for the Yacht Club Wedding Gazebo pic, it's nice to see everything hasn't changed and that the site is still perfect for our wedding!

D&R love Disney
05-09-2006, 01:55 PM
Congratulations! Your report is great so far, looking forward to reading more.

05-09-2006, 02:47 PM
I'm so glad you all are enjoying the trip report! My favorite thing to do while planning our vacation/wedding was to read other people's Trip Reports so I knew I would have to write one when I got home! Thank you for all your comments and your congratulations! :goodvibes :goodvibes

A lot went on during Day 2, so I hope it doesn't get too boring or too detailed to read.


I woke up a half an hour before our wake-up call was going to go off and decided to get dressed and get ready for the animal kingdom. I showered and got dressed and the phone rang, I had forgotten about the wake up call so I was surprised when Stitch starts yelling at me to “wake up, wake up, no time for sleeping”!!! I loved it, it made me so happy! Luckily the phone woke Jim up so I didn’t have to. I asked if he wanted to get up and head to the AK and he said he did, woohoo! I call Jenny & Kevin, who were also heading there and they said they would wait for us. I notice my ankles & wrists are feeling much better today, thankfully. I knew it was the kind of injury that would either be completely gone the next day or get really bad the next day. Thankfully it was the former.

Jim quickly gets dressed and Jenny & Kevin come to our rooms. We head to the elevators together and I notice Jenny’s Pal Mickey and ask if she likes it. She responds by pressing the button and Mickey introduces himself, much to the dismay of the strangers on the elevator who look like they want to throw Pal Mickey down the elevator shaft. When we get out of the elevator, me, Jim, and Jenny are laughing, Kevin didn’t look very amused either though.

We walk to the bus stop and an animal kingdom bus pulls up at the exact same time, love when that happens! Jim’s Mickey-groom-hat had been digging into his forehead, so today he wore a baseball hat that said “groom” and put his Magical Wishes button on it. While on the bus, Jim calls his groomsmen to see how the tux fitting is going. 3 of them were going to share a taxi and go to the Afterhours in Kissimmee, which they figured would save them money instead of renting it an extra 2 days. The tuxes were the one part of the planning that I told Jim he could be completely responsible for and I didn’t care what everyone ended up choosing. I had given them some options and told them some alternative things they could do, but for some reason they all decided on this. So even though it seemed silly to me to waste a half of a day of your vacation by going to try on tuxes, I decided not to care about it. Jim’s bestman was supposed to take the bus over to the port Orleans and they could all share a taxi, but he had been running late, so Josh & Chris left without him. This made Jim pretty upset, I could tell. The taxi for Josh & chris cost $27.00, but Matt’s taxi driver charged him $50.00 – taxi drivers in WDW were awful, and this wasn’t our last experience with bad cab drivers in Disney!!

It didn’t take us long before we got to the AK, we arrive about a half an hour after it opens, and we all know to head straight to Expedition Everest before it gets too crowded. This is Jim’s first time ever at the animal kingdom though, so we do linger a little bit in the “oasis” and soak up the atmosphere a bit.

Getting on the bus
Kevin tries on a pink hat
jenny and Kevin in front of asia
me on the bridge to asia

I start doing my speed-walking –commando thing, and realize pregnant Jenny can’t walk as fast. I find it ironic, because usually Jenny is the speed-walking demon while at Disney and I can never keep up with her and always have to ask her to slow down. So now the tables are turned!! We get to expedition everest, we were going to get fast passes but the wait is only 15 minutes so we give our bags to the pregnant one and me, jim, and Kevin all get in line. I loved the queue for this ride, it really sets the scene for a trek in the Himalayas trying to find the mysterious yeti, I loved the theming!! It only took us 10 minutes and we are boarding our “train” to mt. Everest.

****Scroll down if you don’t’ want to read spoilers for this ride ******

The one thing that sucked while we were in line is that Jim overheard someone talking about how the rollercoaster went backwards. I kind of wanted that to be a surprise for him, but then he told me he already had known. That was a surprise to me! He said he learned it from Stacy. I was like “who???”. Turns out it was that annoying girl on that channel they play in the Disney hotel rooms to show guests what there is to do in WDW, and she had given away all of the secrets of the ride.

We get in the rollercoaster and it takes us up the mountain, where we could see the “tracks were out”, so we start going back, and man that is a scary sensation, it was so cool!! Then we see a cartoony shadow of the yeti tearing apart the tracks and we go careening forward and I don’t’ even remember what direction we were going in, and then all of a sudden we ride past the HUGE animatronic yeti that looks like he was about to grab us!! Completely different from any other roller coaster I’d been on!

Kevin was actually disappointed in it. I reasoned, I’ve been on much better thrill-ride-roller-coasters, but for an “attraction” I rated this very high. I heard someone else say it was the matterhorn on steroids, and that about sums it up!


************* spoilers over ***********

Jim looking scared as we’re about to board the rollercoaster
we survived the yeti encounter!

We exit into the gift shop like usual, and we overhear this other couple say something like “Fancy that, we’re in a gift shop!” in a heavy accent. So of course me and jim find it pretty amusing, and almost every time during the trip that we entered into a gift shop, one of us would have to say the line.

Me and Jim leave the gift shop and have no idea where jenny and Kevin went, and Jenny tells me they’re all the way by the bridge to asia and that mom & dad were there. So we head in that direction and all of a sudden I see my father ZOOMING by in an Electric Convenience Vehicle. I’m like “hey dad!”, he sees me, doesn’t stop and says “I’m going to go buy a yeti” or something similar to that. Me and jim start cracking up. Finally I see my mom looking around trying to find my dad, I tell her he was in the expedition everest gift shop buying a yeti stuffed animal, and she looks exasperated.

dad on his scooter

My dad had been looking forward to getting an ECV for the past year when planning this trip. He can’t walk very far without getting really out of breath, so this was like his key to freedom while in Disney world. He rented it from this company that drops it off at your hotel and you recharge it in your room, instead of having to rent one from the theme parks.

Once he got his ECV and got into the AK, my mom said he wouldn’t wait for her and kept going off in different directions without telling her where he was going. Me and Jim were pretty amused.

We waited around for a while waiting for my father to buy his stuffed yeti, but then decided to split off and meet up at the Kilimanjaro safari in 15 minutes or so.

Me, my mom, jenny

Me and Jim decided to take a slight detour into the maharajah jungle trek in asia. Since this was Jim’s first time in the animal kingdom I wanted him to see some animals, as much fun as the rollercoaster was!

The first thing in the jungle trek is the Komodo dragon. Jim was pretty excited and took about a hundred pictures of it. I loved watching Jim’s reactions to the animals, he was so genuinely excited, it was so cute! We saw the giant fruit bat things and kept quoting different lines from the batman movie back and forth to each other. The tigers were asleep – it was cute but not that exciting, so we head out and watch the gibbons playing around. Jim was really happy to see the monkeys. My mom calls and asks where we were – oops I guess we lingered too long in our “short cut”, I tell a small lie and say we’re almost there, so me and jim speed walk towards Africa.

Jim taking a picture of a komodo dragon
fruit bats
sleeping kitty cat

05-09-2006, 02:49 PM
We get to the front of the safari ride and Jenny starts complaining about the wait – it was 15 minutes long. I’m like.. Jenny, that’s nothing!! But I forget this is pregnant Jenny, and pregnant Jenny doesn’t want to wait 15 minutes, when it was 0 minutes just a little while ago!! So we all appease her and get fastpasses for a ride that only has a 15 minute wait on it, and the fast-passes tell us to come back in 45 minutes. Me and Jim decide to do the pangani exploration trail, next to the safari ride, and we ask if anyone wants to join us, Jenny said she wanted to sit down and eat something, and poor Kevin who really wanted to go, looked SO sad and said “I guess we’re going to go eat….” Lol it was sad but funny. My mom and dad come along, but they go through it much quicker then me and jim, since we are both taking our time while watching the animals, so we were pretty much on our own.

We see some pretty cool animals along the way, but Jim is most excited about the gorillas. I was disappointed that the hippos weren’t in that big tank of water where you can usually look through the glass and see the hippos in the water – that’s usually my favorite part. No idea where the hippo’s were. The meerkats were really cool too, but Jim mostly wants to see the gorillas, so we head there and spent about 30 minutes just watching them. At the first part, where you are looking through glass, Jim was disappointed there was a glass barrier, but I tell him that that’s only one small part of it. One of the gorillas climbs onto a branch and starts peeing, which of course greatly amused all the guys in the crowd. Jim took a picture of the event and is very proud of this picture.

We head out to the main part of the gorilla viewing area and we see a huge silverback across the ravine. I’m recording video through the viewfinder and the silverback seems to look directly at me, it was kind of scary! I wouldn’t want to get too close to that guy. I find a nice comfortable bench and rest my feet while Jim is geeking out and taking a billion pictures. I’m still wearing my Minnie wedding ears, so a guy walks by me and tells me I make a beautiful bride and then laughs. I thank him but wasn’t too sure why he laughed. Maybe he just felt silly about it and it was a nervous laugh, so I choose to feel good about it and not paranoid about it. Jim gets his fill of gorilla-watching and we exit the pangani trail and meet up with mom, dad, jenny, and Kevin for the safari ride…

I think this duck ate the hippos
Some cute little meerkats
Jim’s very proud of this shot:
A silverback

When we meet up with everyone, Kevin has a look of “please help me” written on his face. We all use our fastpasses and get on board. I let Jim have the “window seat” and I sit next to a friendly british man who tells me to let him know if he’s getting in the way of our pictures as he’s “sure you don’t want my nose in all of your pictures”. Jim is very happy during the ride, but all of the good stuff seems to be on the opposite side, so he wants to do it again sometime in the trip. He gets no disagreement from me! There weren’t any giraffes on the safari, and I remember the last time there were dozens of giraffes. Wonder if something happened to them or if they were just sleeping or something. I never seem to spot the cheetah in time, even though everyone else seems to see it. The lions were out which is always cool, and there was an elephant mother and her little elephant baby, too cute!!! Everyone on board said “awwww!” when they saw it lol! Jim didn’t really “get” the whole sub-plot of the ride about chasing the poachers and why they ended such a great ride with an animatronic elephant. I didn’t know what to tell him, I never really thought about it that way before. At the conclusion of the ride, as we pulled up to get out of the truck, the cast member there saw me and jim, turned to the people in line and said “everyone give a round of applause to this lovely couple here - they’re on their honeymoon!” It was really sweet!! Jim felt a little guilty because “we weren’t married yet” – but we were getting married in Disneyworld in 2 days, I think we were entitled to wear the ears, I wasn’t going to care.

My mom on the safari ride
Entering harambe
me on the safari ride
hungry hungry hippo’s
Tommy’s, tommy’s!
elephant mom and baby

I asked Jim if he was enjoying the animal kingdom, and he said he really really loved the animal kingdom and wanted to return. I was so happy he liked the AK, since most people think it’s “just a zoo” when I tell them about it, they just don’t “get it”, so I was glad that Jim “got it”!

After the safari ride I was trying to see if anyone else wanted to meet up again to watch the Festival of the Lion King, but no-one seemed to want to. Jenny & Kevin went off to conservation station (or is it called rafiki’s planet watch? I can’t keep track). My mom & dad were going to find a place to eat, so I recommended Tusker House and me, jim, my mom and dad all head there to eat.

05-09-2006, 02:50 PM
I ordered the turkey wrap and chowder, Jim saw that they served mac & cheese and was very excited about the mac & cheese! That has always been one of his favorite things and he hadn’t had it in over a year. He was in heaven. I tried to pay for me and jim’s meal, but my mom of course wouldn’t let us. I forgot to ask if they took the DDE card, probably not though. I found some seats and we all sat and enjoyed our meal together.

Me at the tusker house
Jim’s mac & cheese
My food
a mickey “gold fish” cracker, how cute!
me and jim happy to be eating

Jim was feeling the effects of lack of sleep and the high-noon sun bearing down on him, so I promised him we would head back to the hotel for a nap, even though I wanted to see festival of the lion king. I knew we’d be back but I knew time in Disney goes by quickly so I wanted to do as much as possible every time we were in a theme park. But I was tired too so we head back to the hotel and completely daze out while on the bus.

On the way out of the park:

Oh no where are my ears!
Back at our hotel, jim’s being silly

We went back to the room, Jim goes straight into bed and falls right asleep. I decide to explore the hotel since I hadn’t had the chance yet. I walk around the hotel, around stormalong bay, and into the beach club. I’d seen so many pictures of the hotel that it felt like I’d been there before, it was weird. It felt like watching a movie and then all of a sudden being in the movie, that’s the only way I can think of to describe it.

Exploring the hotels

05-09-2006, 02:52 PM
I walk past Beaches n’ Cream and go into the beach club, and right there I see Ariel’s and Martha’s vineyard, where my reception & pre-reception were going to be. I was so excited!!! I’d seen so many pictures of the two places and yet it was nothing like I imagined it, that was a surprise. But it looked so cool and I wish I had been with someone at the time so I could have shared my excitement with someone. The next time I would be there I would be married! I take a bunch of pictures and head back to the hotel room.

martha’s vineyard
to the right of martha’s vineyard
I saw this guy on that travel channel show “great hotels” when Samantha brown went to the beach club
the outside of the beach club
the boardwalk
the gazebo view from the ground level
inside the gazebo

Jim is half awake and asks where I was, I tell him, but he’s practically asleep before I finish my sentence. I get into bed, I am suddenly feeling exhausted and a nap sounds great. It was about 1:30 and we had to meet the coordinator in epcot at 3 for the site visit. Time for at least an hour nap. I change into some sweats and get into bed. Right as I was about to sleep I remember something I’m forgetting, crap! Jim’s dad was getting in around 3 and I had to go finish his welcome basket and take it to the front desk. I get dressed again and head to the gift shop hoping they had some liquor for the basket I was putting together for him. They had a bunch of alcohol behind the counter, so I ask the lady for a few bottles of different liquours and some jack daniels whiskey. I bet she thought I had a problem! I go to the room and arrange the basket with the DVD’s jim bought and our card. I wrap it in cyran wrap so the bottles wouldn’t fall out or break, and drop it off at the front desk. They put a note on his reservation so they would know to hand it to him when he checked in.

By the time I got done with that, it was time to get ready to go meet the coordinator and go figure out where we’d be getting married in 3 days!

My new backpack since my old one was falling apart

Jim’s dad’s welcome basket
with cellophane (not pretty, but practical)

05-09-2006, 02:57 PM
Jim quickly gets ready, and we meet up with Jenny, Kevin, my mom and dad in the lobby. Everyone on Jim’s side of the family was doing something else, but we were going to meet up with them later for dinner. We walk to epcot and towards Italy, taking some pictures along the way.

We stop for a picture in japan
some American topiaries

Me and Jim get to Italy, and see our coordinator on the Isola. I had never seen a picture of her before and I swear she looked exactly like I pictured her, it was weird! Me and Jim kind of stand out with our wedding ears on, so she waves to us, and we go over the bridge, she gives us a hug, and we look around at the isola. The wall was really ugly, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.

Some other pictures from our site visit;

We walk around the island and I mull things over and think about our options. If we move the focal point of the altar away from the fountain and towards Spaceship earth (the big epcot “golf ball”) , the wall wouldn’t be that noticeable and it wouldn’t show up in the pictures. The funny thing about this option is, it’s how I originally had imagined the ceremony when I chose the isola, but I remembered back a year ago when we were discussing it, the coordinator had mentioned that by facing that way the sun would be in our eyes. So I ask her “will the sun be in our eyes if we face the altar in this direction” and she thinks about it and says she was pretty sure we would be okay by that time of the morning.

the view from the isola

Five more Disney employees come and introduce themselves to me and Jim. They were the behind-the scenes people that were in charge of setting up and decorating, I think. They bounced some more ideas around about what we could do. I liked the idea of facing spaceship earth and having our altar frame it. I wasn’t 100% happy with the idea, but I was warming up to it more and more. Before we decide on anything the coordinator wants me to see the Italy courtyard and see if we’d rather have it there, so we all walk over there together.

We get to the courtyard and the coordinator tells me where the altar would be set up in this scenario. It’s pretty but it’s not at all what I wanted. It felt enclosed and like it was in the shadows, I wanted the ceremony to be bright and airy. I told her I thought the isola would be better, ugly construction wall and all, and ask my mom and jenny for their opinions. They both whole-heartedly agree with me. It’s funny though, I completely forgot to ask Jim his opinion even though he’s standing next to me the whole time. (He later made fun of me for it).

So we decide on the isola. Me, Jim, and the coordinator step aside to talk over details and scheduling. I ask if she can have a wheelchair or ECV for my dad in italy, since he’d be coming over in the limo with us, and she said she would make sure to have something there for him in case he started having a hard time breathing. I asked the coordinator if anyone's ever tripped and fell down the stairs over the bridge, which was a concern of mine, and she said "we haven't lost a bride yet!".. She gave us her pager number and some other numbers to reach her in case there were any emergencies, and I said "like if Jim decides to break up with me the day before the wedding?" and laughed.. we talk some more about some other details and she says she'll see us a little later, and jim adds "unless I decide to break up with mary before the wedding", and she jokingly pretends to get mad at jim and tells him to be nice. Done discussing all the details, we say goodbye (we’d be seeing her in the morning at the rehearsal) and head back to the hotel.

On the way back, we notice a sign by the theatre in the American adventure that says the Nelson Twins were performing. Hey I guess that is who we saw in the airport, how funny!! Jim is excited and we start trying to remember some of their songs, like “after the rain”. Ahhh good old glam. We stop for a cinnamon pretzel on the way, I hadnt’ seen those in years and used to love them!! We get one for Jenny too and go sit down in front of Japan to eat our snacks. Jim calls his friend Corey and tells him about the Nelson twins playing there. I call Jenny and tell her I bought her a pretzel, I thought she was back at the hotel but she was actually in Morocco, so we walk over to her. Her and my mom were pouring water on their heads to stay cool and seemed to be in a silly mood. Then they head back while me and Jim linger a bit in the world showcase.

It really was the nelson twins!

jim buying a cinnamon pretzel
our view as we ate our pretzel
jim calls corey to tell him about the nelson twins
mom and jenny pouring water over their heads to stay cool

10 minutes later, me and jim are heading out and are walking over the bridge right past France, and we see my dad on his ECV, completely stopped, all by himself. Confused, we go over to him and ask what’s going on. He complains that the battery died on his ECV and Jenny & mom went to the hotel for the charger. That didn’t make a heck of a lot of sense to me, where were they going to charge it, why didn’t they just push it? Dad says the brake is stuck. I’m like “there must be a brake release somewhere, that would be ridiculous not to have a brake release”, so after a minute of searching, me and jim find the brake release, release it, and start pushing my dad in the scooter out of epcot. I call my mom and Jenny to tell them we have it under control, they had only gotten as far as the exit so they wait for us.

Jenny seems to be in primadonna mode again and is stressed out and seems to be embarrassed about jim pushing the ECV. I’m like “just go back to the hotel, ms. Primadonna” and she splashes some water on me. I’m like hey! You’re lucky you’re pregnant! But decide that even if she’s pregnant I can still flick her in the arm. We’re so nice to each other. Jenny goes off to the hotel by herself, not wanting to deal with the ECV thing. Jim and I continue to take turns pushing or steering the ECV. Going uphill isn’t that bad, but all of a sudden there’s a big downhill drop, and Jim’s trying his hardest to slow down the scooter as it accelerates downhill, but it was a little bit out of control. Noone got hurt, but all of a sudden the brake release is broken. What the heck! No matter what we do we cant’ release the brake, and can’t seem to push it any further..

We try a few different things, but nothing works, meanwhile my dad is starting to get frustrated and my mom is getting stressed out and neither of them are helping matters. If I hold up the brake release, then we can push the scooter, so I start doing that and my mom tells me not to hurt my back and that she’ll push it. I’m like, ummm no! They aren’t exactly in the best health and I have it under control. I tell them just to go back to the hotel room and that me and Jim will take care of it and not to worry. Of course just letting me take care of it would be too easy so they stick around and continue to make things stressful when it would have been just fine.

All of a sudden we hear thunder and see lightning. Just great, there we are pushing a huge piece of metal around in a thunder storm. We get to the front of the Beach Club, and I say “why don’t we take it to the lobby in the beach club instead of pushing it all the way to the yacht club? I’m sure one of the cast members can find a way to help us or something, and it will get us out of the thunder storm”. Of course that makes too much sense and my dad insists we take it to the yacht club.

We push it another minute and then Kevin comes to help. He’s really good at fixing cars and pretty much a mechanic, so he takes off the base of the scooter and starts trying to fix it. Meanwhile the lightning is getting closer and the thunder is getting louder. I am getting ANGRY, the beach club is RIGHT THERE, why don’t we just take it there!! Everyone is telling me to settle down and “just chill”… Grrrr!!! What do I know, I’m just a girl I guess.

After Kevin realizes he can’t do anything to fix it, we start to push it to the beach club. Yep. Thank you. We take it to the front entrance to the beach club, and I call the company to come pick it up (the company drops and picks up the scooters from the front of Disney hotels so it shouldn’t have been a problem).

I’m calling them while walking back to the yacht club with my mom to get the receipt and the power cord for the thing. I get ahold of someone in the company and politely explain the situation to him. And he says, in a really condescending voice “well what probably happened, m’aam, is that you had it in neutral.” I’m like “ummm, no, the battery died and we had push it a mile, and then the brake release broke and I almost broke my back pushing it the rest of the way, that’s what happened, it had nothing to do with being in neutral”. Stupid jerk. He asks to speak to someone who’s by the scooter so I give him Jim’s cell phone number. Right as we get to the yacht club it starts to rain really hard, I mean it was pouring buckets!!

A few minutes later I call Jim and ask what was going on with that guy, and jim tells me that the guy was a jerk and kept telling them to do this or that with the circuit breaker, but nothing he was telling them to do was working, so he FINALLy agrees to come replace the thing. At this point I’m in my mom’s hotel room looking for the receipt, but Jim says we won’t need any of that, that they would just drop off a new scooter in a few hours for us, and that the concierge at the beach club said we could leave it with them and they would take care of it. Ahhh, god bless Disney Cast members!!

In the meantime, noone knows where my dad is. My mom had told him to go back to the room, but he wasn’t there, and he wasn’t with Jim or Kevin. So I go out searching for him. I quickly speedwalk through the lobby of the yacht club. A cast member asks if I would fill out a survey, and I say something like “sorry I would but I’m in the middle of a situation”, and she apologized and looked worried. I felt bad, I didn’t’ mean to scare her! (Later in the day I walked by the same lady and apologized about it)

After a few minutes of running around the hotel room, I see my dad outside the back entrance of the yacht club trying to use a cell phone. He was under an awning, but it was still a thunder storm and raining cats & dogs outside so why he was standing outside trying to use the cell phone was a mystery to me. I tell him mom’s looking for him and he was supposed to go back to the hotel room, and he was like “well I didn’t have a room key!” and I’m like “well most people of room keys to their hotel room”. I was going to tell him to go back to the room, but then I think I better actually walk him there myself to make sure he gets there and doesn’t’ get lost or something. I have to admit I was being pretty condescending to him while doing so, but this whole thing had just taken an hour and a half and was very frustrating. I was being a little snotty about the whole thing since if everyone had just listened to me it would have taken half the time. We got back to the room, and my mom tells him he gave him a key. He looks through his pocket, and sure enough there was a room key. I lay down on my mom’s bed and just close my eyes. Jim calls and says he ran into his dad in the lobby when he was checking in. I know I should go say Hi, but I can’t seem to want to get up, so I tell jim I need to de-stress and would be there in a little while. Even though it was kind of stressful, i was still in a good mood and was already laughing about the whole thing. This whole thing was just not on the itinerary for the day lol.

Coming up: dinner with jim's family in canada, illuminations, and seeing my best friend again for the first time in four years

05-09-2006, 02:58 PM
Mary - These are fantastic! I can't wait to read more! :)

05-09-2006, 03:02 PM
wow mary your trip report rocks love all the details & photos. it reminds me to get going on mine we were married back on march 21st at the yacht club.

05-09-2006, 03:39 PM
Mary - Your trip report is super! Love all the details. Keep them coming. I really like all the pictures too. Can't wait to see wedding photos!!! :)

05-09-2006, 05:35 PM
Thanks again everyone :goodvibes

Here is the rest of Day 2

After relaxing for about twenty minutes in my parent’s room, I call jim to ask what room he’s in. The cell phone reception at the yacht club was awful every day we were there, and I could not understand him. Finally I hear him say “lobby” so I head there. I hug Barry (Jim’s dad) and ask how his flight is and all that stuff. They were at the front desk waiting for them to find his gift basket. Seems they misplaced it. I had just dropped it off about 2 hours prior so how they lost it in that time frame is a mystery to me. Finally they find it and we head to his dad’s room to catch up. His dad likes the basket and seems to really like the card. He starts showing us some pictures he took with his new digital camera. Jim is happy that his father was there. Since his father lives in texas and films his show in north Carolina he doesn’t get to see him very often. Jim always seems much happier when his father’s in town, so I was glad he was in.


We head back to our room to freshen up for dinner and I catch up with Jim about what had been going on for the last 2 hours. I had left my ears in the basket of the ECV, and Jim told me Kevin had absentmindedly carrying the wedding ears while walking with Jim back to the yacht club, while Jim was wearing the groomhat. Jim said they had been getting a lot of funny looks. Just picturing it cracks me up.

We freshen up and meet up with jim’s mom, brother, and father in the lobby while jim’s dad is buying a park hopper pass at the front desk.

The rain had stopped thankfully. I was actually glad that it rained that night. The most recent weather forecast had said Friday night would be clear and sunny and Saturday night it would be thunder storms and raining. I was hoping since it rained today (Friday), it wouldn’t rain tomorrow and fantasmic would go on! At that point though, I had been having so much fun already and just so happy to be there with our families that I didn’t care if it was going to rain or not.

Chris, barry, and jim

We walk to epcot and to Canada and I check in for our reservations, and they say it will be 15 minutes. The “Victoria gardens” they have in Canada are beautiful! I check those out while chris & barry go check out the Canada180 movie, but they didn’t have a chance to catch it. We see Jenny & Kevin, who had reservations for the same time we decided to let us have it be a jim’s family thing and go sit by themselves, which I thought was kind of funny.

Barry using the biometric thing to get in (I hate those things, they never worked!!!)
walking to Canada

I had never eaten here before and had read so many rave reviews about it on the DIS message board that I was really excited to eat here, especially to try the cheese soup and the pretzel bread. It was good, but I wouldn’t rave about it. It tasted like the cheese-broccoli soup I get from quizno’s with a little bit of an alcohol-after taste to it. I wasn’t in the mood for steak (or for the price of the steak), so I just ordered creamy spinach and some cream-cheese mashed potatoes, which were both okay but nothing spectacular. I did have a bite of Sue’s filet mignon and it was delicious though! The waitress was really nice but it took forever for the food to come out. I didn’t care since we were having a good time talking and catching up, but if it had been just me and jim I would have been annoyed by it. The DDE cardd saves us a lot of money once again!

Le cellier

We got there at 7 and left right around 8:45, just in time to find a seat for illuminations. While waiting, Barry wanted to go back and try to watch the Canada movie and was asking what other countries were in epcot. I thought it was really cute that he seemed to be excited about it, I never would have guessed it! I think they missed the show again so they came back to where me and Sue were sitting and watched the fireworks.

Illuminations is a great fireworks show, but the story – if there is one – alludes me. I can never see the images on the globe and it always feels like I am missing something. I still ooo’ed and ahhh’ed over the fireworks though. At one point I saw the globe floating around and I wanted jim to notice it, so I point to it and say “look at the globe, it’s the world –“ and I’m searching for the right words to follow it up with, like, I meant to say it’s images from the world, or SOMETHING like that, but Jim starts laughing at me and says “yes, mary, the globe is the world” and I start laughing at how stupid I sounded. Even though I knew that’s not what I had meant, I realized how it sounded so I kept making fun of myself for it. It became a joke that everytime we walked by a globe or something, Jim would say “mary look, it’s the world!”. Anyway..

Right during the finale of the illuminations, Jim gets a phone call. Oh crap! I realize I left my cell phone in the hotel room and had told my friend Jo to call me when she got close to Orlando.

Jo and her fiancé Jim were driving to Orlando from Marietta, Georgia, and were going to stay with us that night before checking in to the port Orleans the next morning. I hadn’t seen Jo since April 2002, four years ago, and was really excited to see her again! She told me they wouldn’t be in till around 10 pm, and it was about 9:20 then. I hadn’t realized I’d forgotten my cell phone and was worried that they were there waiting for us or something.

Since the fireworks were going off jim couldn’t hear her, so we wait till the show is over and call her back. Meanwhile, Sue is just LOVING the fireworks and is really happy, it was really cute to watch her excitement, and makes me happy that she is having a good time.

Waiting for the show to start:

some fireworks
the globe that was the world
Sue really really liked the fireworks show!

05-09-2006, 05:37 PM
The show ends and we call Jo back, they say they are probably about twenty minutes away, so we head back to the hotel. Chris convinces Barry to go to pleasure island and go drinking with him, so they all head to the buses in front of futureworld. We say goodbye to them and will see them tomorrow. While heading back to the yacht club, we run into some of our wedding guests, they had been watching the fireworks in Canada too, we didn’t even know they had arrived yet! It was jim’s friend Larry and his wife and 3 children. I had only met Larry once and never met his family so we all introduce and ask how we’re doing. They told us how they had gotten in early that morning and were exploring the park but were exhausted, so they took the bus back to their hotel (port Orleans riverside), and they had ALL fallen asleep on the bus, missed their stop, and ended up back at the magic kingdom. And I thought I was tired!! I wanted to talk more but was worried about Jo getting to the hotel before we did, so we say goodbye and will see them tomorrow, and walk back to the hotel.

the yacht club at night

I was actually pretty tired. I had gotten 2 hours Wednesday night (and two hours on the airplane), and about 4 hours Thursday night, and it was now 9:30 pm on Friday night. We sat in the lobby of the Yacht Club waiting for Jo & (her) Jim, and I almost fell asleep a few times in the chair. They call a few times and they keep getting lost. About a half an hour later my mother and sister lisa walk by. Lisa’s on her cell phone but they sit down and my mom was asking about our day. I talk to mom for a while. Lisa stayed on her cell phone talking to her friend the whole time. Finally I ask them if they could leave us alone since I was excited to see Jo & Jim and didn’t really want lisa and mom around at the time. Mom understood, but all of a sudden Lisa, who was on the phone the entire time mind you, says “oh sure, you havent’ seen me in 4 months and you don’t even want to talk to me!” I look at Jim and laugh and shake my head. Very typical Lisa stuff.

Yay jo is on her way!
the lobby of the yacht club (and another globe)
my mom and sister stop by for a chat, okay go away now
tired… so tired..

Jo calls again, they had to stop at another Disney resort to ask directions and said, for real this time, they were almost there! I was exhausted but still really excited. Finally they arrive and I go over and give them both a hug. I didn’t realize how excited I would be to see them, and I almost started to cry. I was like “everyone’s here and can you beleive I’m finally getting married and I can’t believe it’s been four years since we last saw each other oh my god!!”

We spend a few minutes in the lobby talking or taking pictures and then head up to the room. I think it was past 11 pm at that point.

Awful awful awful picture of me but I’ll post it anyways
Jo and jim after getting lost for an hour
Jo & jim ponder the globe

I still needed to prepare all of our stuff to take to the rehearsal to give to our coordinator, and I needed to take the tux and a few dresses over to my mom’s room since the gown steamer would be coming in the morning at 8 am to steam the dresses and I was exhausted.

We all go back to the room and get in our comfy clothes and talk about this and that. Jim was happy to be talking to Jim about a videogame they both play called “world of warcraft”. Neither me or jo are into it so we make fun of them for it. I give Jo her gift and a few other things that I had. They were talking about how lost they got trying to find the hotel and I ask “did the directions I give you not work?” and Jim looks at Jo and says “she gave you directions” and Jo was like “oops”, it was pretty funny. I had given her exact and very specific directions on how to get to the yacht club, including the phone number to the yacht club in case they got lost. I start talking about how no-one read the itineraries I gave them either. I had created an “illustrated guide to mary & jim’s wedding” to help people as much as possible, but noone seemed to read them.

While still talking to them, I had to sort through all of my stuff that I had to give to the coordinator and Jo and her Jim were joking about how prepared I was. I was like you have no idea! And I show them my planning binder and my itineraries, and all the maps I have printed out, and all the lists I had created. I was like “I’ve been planning for this week for a year, I had better be prepared!”. Jo and Jim were kind of hungry so I tell them to order some room service while I went and gave the tux and some dresses to my mom for steaming. It took us all a while to finally get to sleep. I was glad they were staying with us that night, since there was so much going on the next day, I knew I wouldn’t be able to really talk to them much after that. It was weird how we hadn’t seen each other in 4 years but we seemed to pick up right where we had left off kind of, at least that’s what it felt like to me. I was also glad to get to know her fiancé more. I had only met him twice and not for very long and didn’t’ really know him that well. Seeing how happy they were together made me feel good and it reminded me of me and my jim


The next day was going to be really busy with the rehearsal in the morning the dessert party that night, and most of our guests coming in that day. I fell asleep around 1:30 am, exhausted but still feeling happy.

05-09-2006, 06:38 PM
I am so enjoying your trip report Mary. It sounds like although there were some bumps along the way, you and Jim really enjoyed yourselves. Family, Friends and Mickey...Who could ask for anything more?! :cool1:

05-09-2006, 06:47 PM
Super trip report. I love all the pictures too. Sounds like you guys had a blast.

05-09-2006, 07:08 PM
I am really enjoying your trip report!! :thumbsup2

05-09-2006, 08:41 PM
Mary, I am enjoying your reports so much!!! We were there at the same time, our wedding was the 25th, we saw you guys many times in the parks (recognized the ears). I keep watching your photos looking for us in the background. I can relate to all you are reporting, especially the ECV experience. Someone hit the switch on the back of my Dads while we were watching Illuminations, we all panicked when we thought it was dead. Thank goodness he remembered seeing the switch and we were on our way. What a way to skip a heartbeat :scared1: We can't wait to keep reading, Thank You.

Mommy Poppins
05-10-2006, 07:39 AM
Again, Mary your report is amazing!!! Love all the details. I so wish we had had the opportunity to meet up while we were down there. Your pictures are all of the ones I wish I had taken!!!!

05-10-2006, 07:51 AM
Fantastic!! Congratulations!! Thank you so much for posting all of those lovely photos. It's great to hear about peoples TRs (trip reports) but even better with pictures! Now I'm rethinking our wedding, the Yacht Club looks great! :yay:

05-10-2006, 10:08 AM
Everything looks great! Congratulations! :)

05-10-2006, 10:33 AM
Mary, I am enjoying your reports so much!!! We were there at the same time, our wedding was the 25th, we saw you guys many times in the parks (recognized the ears). I keep watching your photos looking for us in the background. I can relate to all you are reporting, especially the ECV experience. Someone hit the switch on the back of my Dads while we were watching Illuminations, we all panicked when we thought it was dead. Thank goodness he remembered seeing the switch and we were on our way. What a way to skip a heartbeat :scared1: We can't wait to keep reading, Thank You.

How funny that you saw us there!! I hope we weren't doing anything embarassing LOL. I was surprised that I didn't see more people wearing the ears - we only saw 3 other couples wearing them the entire 10 days we were there! Glad you could fix your father's ECV, those things were hard to push!

I am so glad everyone is enjoying the TR, I will try to post more later today :goodvibes

05-10-2006, 06:37 PM
Mary, I'm loving your trip report. But I just have one question for you...
Why didn't you just push the ECV into the BC to begin with? :rotfl:

05-10-2006, 06:49 PM
Mary your report keeps getting better and better!

05-10-2006, 07:22 PM
You're report is awesome! It's helping me remember that this planning stuff is all worth it in the end!!!!

05-11-2006, 12:59 PM
Here is Part 1 of Day 3:

I woke up before the wake-up call went off again, around 7 am or so. 6 hours of sleep, not that bad. I went over to my mother’s room to make sure she didn’t need me to help her when the gownsteamer came by. She said she’d handle it and not to worry and asked if I wanted any breakfast room service. I was hungry but decided that since the dessert party was that night I wasn’t going to eat much, just a light lunch or something.

I head back to the room and shower. When I get out the phone rings with the wake up call, I pick it up and know I should hang it up before it wakes anyone else, but I love listening to stitch so I listened to it and then hung up the phone. It did wake up Jo’s Jim though, and he seemed to think the wake up call was pretty funny too. I apologized for waking him and went back to getting dressed.

A misty morning at the yacht club

I guess Jo & Jim were already awake but not out of bed yet while I got dressed. Then I hear my jim, um, make an embarrassing sound, that woke him up, he says “excuse me” and jo and jim start laughing. As I’m getting dressed, Chris calls and asks if he can come to the room to get the Groomsmen t-shirt we had given to him (he had forgotten to take it with him), I said sure, thinking he would just grab it and go, I didn’t mention that jo and jim were in the room with us. He comes to the room having just woken up, in his pajama pants and not wearing any shirt, comes into the room, sees Jo & Jim and says “wassup”. My jim is like “chris noone wants to see that ****” lol. He grabs the shirt and leaves, we all start laughing.

As Jo got dressed I went to my mother’s room to check on how the gown steaming was going. Seeing my dress and bridesmaids dresses all hanging up, I was like “awww they’re so pretty!”, it got me really happy.

The bridesmaid dresses
my adorable mother
my dad falling asleep on the chair. I guess he doesn’t think steaming gowns at 8 am is very exciting

I went back to the room and got my suitcase full of stuff to give to the coordinator, and Jo said goodbye to her jim (who obviously didn’t need to go to the rehearsal for any reason), and the three of us head to the lobby.

Jo says goodbye to jim, awww

I see Jenny & Kevin sitting in the chairs in the lobby and go over to them. Jenny is wearing a shirt that says “precious cargo” – too cute! I am really tired and think caffeine sounds like a good idea. I don’t like coffee very much but love iced coffees and frappacino’s. I go over to the coffee cart by Ale’s Compass and ask if they can make any iced coffees or anything. The guy seemed really confused about the whole thing, so I politely say nevermind and go back to the lobby. Who hasn’t heard of iced coffee? Matt and Chris arrive and they are both wearing their groomsmen t-shirts. I think that is so sweet, we didn’t even ask them to wear them, they just decided to on their own, it was so cute! As we were sitting there my aunt pat and aunt dolly come into the hotel to check in, it was nice to be able to say hello to them before the dessert party.

Kevin, jim, and jenny in the lobby
Chris proudly wearing his t-shirt
aunt pat and aunt dolly stop by

Josh, Janiece, their baby Gracie, and Sue all arrive. Everyone but jim’s groomsmen corey is there, almost ready to go! Baby Gracie sees jenny’s pal mickey and is immediately transfixed by it, she is so cute. Sue asks if I wanted her to record some of the rehearsal on my video camera, I was so happy she asked! I’m that type of person that wants to get everything on tape or on camera. So one less thing for me to worry about doing!

My mom had picked up some hats that said “bridesmaid” for a dollar each at a clearance sale at targets , so I handed those out to everyone, and told them they didn’t have to wear them if they didn’t want to , I didn’t care. But everyone put them on, awwww!

I look like I’m doing the hokey-pokey here

Where’s Janiece?

There she is! There were always three people taking the same picture at the same time, like the papparazi, and we always ended up looking at a different camera, so we were never all facing the same direction!

It was getting close to rehearsal time so I ask someone at the front desk what the quickest way to get there would be. They must have thought I was retarded, because once I went outside, it was immediately to the right of us, there’s no way we possibly could have missed it! Oh well, it might have been a far walk, I didn’t know, the yacht and beach club can be a little confusing to navigate sometimes.

It’s about 9:52 and our rehearsal’s at 10, I decide to walk ahead and get to the convention center even though Corey isn’t there yet. I tell jim what room in the convention center to go to and say we’ll meet him there. Corey had taken a bus to MGM and was going to walk from MGM to the yacht club. He hadn’t realized how long of a walk it was.

Me, jenny, Kevin, lisa and lynn, mom and dad, and jo all head to convention center and get there in 2 minutes. Right after we left, Corey got to the yacht club. Jim gave Josh & Corey their groomsmen shirts, since neither were at ohana and they both put them on.. everyone had their shirts on, yay!!!

05-11-2006, 01:01 PM
We walk through the convention center – it is a beautiful place!! If I ever own a big business or something I will have to have a convention here! We get to room “Cape Cod D” and we see “Adams/Corbin” on the door, ooo that was us! How exciting!! The room is beautiful but kind of reminds us all of a funeral home, especially since there was nobody around and it was really quiet. We made it there before our coordinator so we all helped ourselves to some water and breathmints that they were kind enough to put out for us. I call Jim to remind him what room we’re in, he laughs and is like “yes Mary I know”.

Jenny, me, and Jo in the convention center


Kevin taking a picture of me taking a picture of lisa
me taking a picture of Kevin taking a picture of me taking a picture of lisa

It kind of looked like a funeral parlor

water & breathmints

Jim & the groomsmen arrive shortly after we do. I say hello to Corey and thank him for coming. Jim’s friend Jeff had come along with Corey, it was nice to see him there! He’s about the most laid back person I’ve ever met, he’s a really nice guy and I was so glad that he was coming to the wedding. I give Janiece my bridesmaids gift – the engraved photoalbum with a “thank you” note to her as a 4X6 as the first photo, and she pretends to like it lol. She then went through the photo album to the blank pages and says “here’s a picture of mary and jim going at it in the dark, here’s me and josh going at it with the lights off”.

Corey & Jeff arrive. I think Jeff is cold here
bridesmaid gift

The coordinator arrives and we get in our positions for the wedding. She introduces herself to everyone and explains that the officiant couldn’t make it but she would go over everything with us. She first shows me and my father how we’re going to walk and what side to be on, and how to hand me off to jim, etc. Then she goes through our prompts at the ceremony, filling in the non-important parts by saying “happy talk, happy talk, happy talk… now jim do you take mary as your wife?” etc, everyone seemed to get a kick out of that. Almost all of us were in a really silly/giddy mood so of course we’re making jokes the entire time, especially the groomsmen.

She gets to the part in the ceremony where they ask “Jim do you take mary as your wife?”,
Jim: “I guess”.
Coordinator: “Mary, do you take jim as your husband?”
Me: “Sure whatever”
Hey, it’s like our wedding proposal all over again!

At one point my sister Lisa asks which groomsmen she’s going to pair up with, I tell her that everyone’s going single-file. She says in a snotty voice “well THAT’S interesting!” I’m like “and you ask why you’re not the maid-of-honor?”. Sheesh.

Then we practice putting the rings on our pinkies instead of ring fingers, you know, just out of superstition. We go over it once or twice more and we’re done by 10:30! I wonder if the coordinator was amused at all or if they’re used to everyone being really goofy at the rehearsal. I don’t remember much about what happened or what was said during the rehearsal I just remember it being fun and short, and I was glad that everyone seemed to be in a good mood!

05-11-2006, 01:03 PM
The bridesmaids and the groomsmen get into position

I practice walking down the aisle with my dad and the art of holding invisible bouquets

meanwhile Gracie plays with Pal Mickey

Matt practices taking care of the rings

Jim looks like he’s about to slap me here

Us being silly as she fake pronounces us husband and wife

Let’s do it again!

wow Kevin takes some great candid shots..


Practicing the kiss, or is jim biting my ear?

Before I leave I give the coordinator all of our things for the reception – guestbook, picture frame, some favors, etc, and go over more details with her. She says she’ll just take the suitcase with everything in it. I stupidly ask if she’ll give it back, I knew she’d give it back, I meant to ask when or if I should come get it from her or something, so she laughs and says she thought she would keep it for herself. Hey I wasn’t working on a lot of sleep there. I ask her about fantasmic and she said she still didn’t know but promised to call me as soon as she heard anything – either way. Then I think, I won’t be seeing her again until our wedding day, weird!!

Everyone had gone back to the hotel except Jim and the groomsmen. They were all being really funny and said they decided to go to pleasure island together while wearing their groomsmen shirt and form a superhero team. They take turns and say “I’m Josh” “I’m Chris” “and I’m Corey”……. “and we’re… the groomsmen!” Since Jim’s face is on the top of the shirt, Jeff decides that with their powers combined they would form the head of Jim (just like the old voltron toys). Then they all get in position and do the faces that they have on the t-shirt. It was hilarious I was cracking up. Of course that’s the one thing I didn’t get on tape or pictures of!! We all go back to the lobby and head in different directions, we’ll see them later at the dessert party.


05-11-2006, 01:05 PM
Jim and me head back to our room where Jo and her Jim are waiting for us. We thought we would grab a bite to eat together, we decide to head to beaches n’ cream. Right as we’re about to step out the door, Jenny, Lisa, and Lynne arrive. Lisa had brought a gift for me, she thought that maybe they would throw me a surprise bachelorette party but then figured there was too many other things going on. It was a nice thought but I was glad they had decided against it. But Lisa had brought me some embarrassing bachelorette gifts and told me to open it there in front of everyone as she explained what it was for and how to use it. Now I don’t consider myself prudish or anything, but lisa knows how to say things that can make me blush! Of course she loves grand-standing and really puts on a show whenever people are around her, so I knew she was trying to embarrass me on purpose. It worked! Jim seemed highly amused by the gifts and I told him not to get any ideas lol.


After about a half an hour with them visiting, I tell them we’re starving and want to head to lunch before Jo & Jim have to leave, so they head out. We get ready to leave again and then Jim’s mother knocks on the door to give me something and to pick up her dress that had been gownsteamed. She visits for a while talking about the day, but finally I am starving and I know Jo and jim really do have to get going so I tell her we are actually going to lunch and we would talk to her later. I knew I was being a little forceful about it and felt bad, so I kept saying sorry, but I was really hungry and in a hurry!

Finally we head to Beaches n’ Cream. I had been so excited about going here as I planned our trip! Since I had been dieting so long, me and my sister Jenny would always talk about going to Beaches n’ Cream and getting the Kitchen Sink when we got to WDW. Of course I was waiting until after the wedding to do that – I wanted to make sure I could still fit into my wedding dress on Monday!! I order a hamburger and some fruit, nothing too big. Jim orders some chili, that wouldn’t’ have been my first choice. It was a pleasant lunch and we got to talk to Jo and Jim a little bit more before they left for their hotel. My lack of sleep was really catching up with me though and I think I kept dazing out through half of the meal. They say goodbye and we will see them at the dessert party!


Jim and I head back to our room for a desperately needed nap. As we’re preparing to sleep, Jim asks if I’m mad at his mother. Argh!!! I ask him “what reason would I POSSIBLY have to be mad at your mother? I was HUNGRY and Jo and Jim needed to leave soon!!”. We dropped it and fell asleep.

I fall asleep around 12:20, dead tired. A mere 20 minutes later I wake up to the sounds of a violin in the courtyard by the gazebo. I look out the window and they are preparing for a wedding, awww how romantic. I was hoping I would catch one in progress while at the yacht club! Looks like they are just setting up and tuning the violin though, so I try to continue my nap but then Jim’s mother calls. Jim had left a message earlier telling her not to call because we’d be taking a nap, and she called back after she saw that he had called but didn’t listen to the message lol. So I stay up and watch the wedding. It was really beautiful and the music was making me choke up! In just 2 days time I would be married too, wow.

so pretty!

The ceremony over, I try again to continue my nap. Just as I’m about to fall asleep, my coordinator calls with details about the dessert party.

She sounds very stressed out and in a hurry and tells me that MGM wants to put my dessert party in an indoor location. In case it rains they didn’t want the food to get wet, and if the show is still going on they’ll walk us all over to the balcony in the amphitheatre for the show. She says it’s the best room they have and that the MGM team is great – they are her favorite people to work with she says. They want to give us a whole hour with the food though, so instead of going in at 7:30 she wants everyone to go in at 7. Sounds great to me but I have no idea how I’m going to communicate this to our 47 or so guests. I ask her a lot of questions and details to make sure I understand it. She says if I can’t get a hold of everyone they can come in later, that they would have a guide on hand to wait for them. Sounds good but I’m not sure if it’s the best thing to do since I told my guests to look for me and jim, I didn’t want to just abandon my guests and hope for the best, so I kind of ask how they would know to go to the guide since I told them to look for me, and she kind of snaps a little and says “didn’t you tell them to go to the far right turnstyles?” Ouch, I was like “yes I told them that but I also told them to look for me”. I hear her on a walky-talky communicating with someone, and then she explains to me that she’s in the middle of someone elses wedding and would call me back in about 15 minutes. Geesh. I appreciate she called me but I wouldn’t have asked so many questions had I known she was in the middle of a wedding, no wonder she sounded so stressed.

I go through the list I have of our wedding guests and how I can get ahold of them. I call Sue – who LUCKILY is with about half of the guests at the sci-fi dine in theatre at that time and explain the situation. That was incredibly fortunate as she was with people who’s cell phone numbers I didn’t have. That took care of 20 people, and she says she will try to reach Donna, Bob, and Erica who’s cell phone number I didn’t have.

I call my family, who it turned out were ALSO at the sci-fi dine in theatre, in a different part of the restaurant, (not planned at all, they just felt like having lunch there, had no idea everyone else was there – kind of funny). I tell them the situation, and that takes care of mom dad, jenny Kevin, lisa and lynne. I call Jo and get ahold of her right away. Okay, so far so good.

Jim sends out a “general alert” text message saying “Fantasmic is now at 7” to everyone in his phone book – everyone in his phone book got the message, including people in California that had no idea what he was talking about lol. He also calls Corey who says he will pass it on to Jeff and Stevie, okay still going good.

My aunt pat and aunt dolly didn’t have cell phones but were staying at the yacht club, I call and ask for their room, leave a message, and try to slowly and simply explain the change of schedule and ask them to call me when they got the message. I will try calling them again if they don’t call me back in a while.

Jim calls Aris, who was with his girlfriend sarah and their friend/jim’s friend autumn. He leaves a voice mail and another text message, hopefully they will call us back soon.

That leaves uncle jane and james, who noone has any way of getting hold of, will just have to hope they come in time,.

Oh no, Clare and David!! They were barely going to make it to the party in time as it was, since their flight landed around 5 or so, they were flying in from London! I have her international cell phone and I know she was staying at one of the budget hotels – can’t remember if it was an all star or pop. I think it was all star, not sure which one, but which one made most sense? Okay the movies. I call all star movies and speak to an incredibly helpful and friendly lady. I try clare’s current last name, then try her maiden name, whoo it was there! Okay I was right, all star movies, I leave a long detailed message to the poor lady, she repeats it back, and they say they will give her the message when she checks in.

I decide to also try to leave a message on her voice mail. It was an international cell phone, so my cell phone won’t call it. I have no idea how expensive it is, so I call front desk and ask how much a phone call to a UK cell phone would be. They don’t know either, but say if it’s short it shouldn’t be too bad. Gee thanks. So I call from the hotel and get a voice mail, but it doesn’t say who’s voice mail I reached, so I’m not even sure if it’s hers. I try to speak quickly but clearly, and explain the change in schedule and where to go, etc, and end the message with “if this isn’t clare’s voice mail then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, have a good day!”. When we got the bill at check-out, this phone call cost $24.00 for a one minute message!! Glad we left it though since they heard the message right as they landed and went straight from the airport to MGM!

My aunt pat calls me back and says they got the message, and jim gets a hold of aris and everyone. Whoooh!!!

That was amazing! I was very proud of our combined efforts! The only people left in the dark were uncle james/aunt jane, and I wasn’t sure yet if Sue got ahold of donna/bob/and Erica. And I was nervous we might have let someone slip through the cracks.

Our coordinator calls back and apologized for rushing through the last conversation, but I was glad she called me when I did, since it worked out so perfectly with sue being with half the guests. She explains that the MGM guides were really good at spotting guests that looked confused or that might be part of our group, I explained that I had managed to get ahold of almost everyone except for maybe 5 guests, so it might work out after all. Now if it just wouldn’t rain out on fantasmic, it might actually work out better and give us one half hour more at the party!

I knew I had no chance of falling back asleep with all the adrenaline coursing through my system, so I try to wake up fully. I’m thinking caffeine might be a great idea. I’m at a point where I’m so tired it’s actually starting to physically hurt. My eyes are bloodshot and keep blurring up as I get dressed. Just great! I get dressed and keep trying to clear my contacts but my eyes keep blurring up, which happens when I don’t get enough sleep and try to put my contacts in. I try refresh tears, saline, and putting in a new pair, nothing works, so I just tell myself to deal with it, even though I couldn’t’ see that well.

We both get dressed and head to my mom’s room. She had bought me the mickey/Minnie wedding plushes, too cute!! I put them in my wheely suitcase and we all head to the lobby.

The coordinator had contacted me a week or two prior and asked if I wanted to add water and soda to the dessert party. I knew they would have coffee’s there for the guests and just kind of assumed they might have tap water, but I guess not. When I calculated the price of the beverage service, I opted against it. I did kind of ask “if we bring a few water bottles in would that be okay?” and she had told us that it would be fine, so I was going to go with that ! I go to the gift shop and pick out 10 huge things of dasani bottled water (the ones that are like half a liter or something). Luckily I had thought to bring a wheely-suitcase to the giftshop and packed them all in to that, it just fit!! I figured guests could pour the water from the dasani into the coffee cups. I told the cashier I was really thirsty, she laughed. Total for the dasani was about 30 dollars, much better then the 150 or whatever it might have been for the beverage service!

I go back to the lobby where Jim is waiting. Jenny walks down and sits by us. I notice she has a new Disney t-shirt on, but with my blurred eyes I couldn’t read what it said. But I thought it looked cute so I say “nice shirt”.

About ten minutes later my Aunt Pat and Aunt Dolly walk by and say hello. They’re both wearing a Disney t-shirt too, how cute, so I say “I like your shirt!” and I don’t even realize it’s the same one Jenny is wearing. My Aunt Pat says something like “yeah I wonder who gave them to us”, I then realize they’re both wearing the same shirt, so I look at it more closely and realize it says “Mary & Jim’s Wedding at Walt Disney World, April 24th, 2006”. Awwwww how sweet, it was a complete surprise!! I guess my mother had contacted Jim’s mother about the idea and they worked together and ordered these shirts for everyone to wear. It was so sweet!!

Mom, Dad, and Kevin all come to the lobby and they’re all wearing the same shirt too. It made me feel so special that everyone was wearing a shirt with our names on it, and it was so adorable!!

About twenty minutes before we’re going to head to MGM, the metal clasp holding my sweater together at the top broke. It wasn’t that bad, but I felt more comfortable with it closed so I asked Sue to bring some safety pins. She brought a few, but it looked really ugly. I went to the gift shop and looked for something like a broach or a pin to wear. It looked a little weird but it would do.

We all head to the Friendship boat to go to MGM. Everyone was wearing their t-shirts and it was just so cute! I was so excited to be on our way to our dessert party!!

Me right as the clasp breaks on my green sweater

Jim sitting back and watching me do all the work ;)

Jenny & Kevin wearing their shirts, too cute!

Coming up: the long awaited Fantasmic Dessert Party!!

Mommy Poppins
05-11-2006, 02:10 PM
Another great installment!!!! Love it!!

PS - I had the same problem with my contacts while I was in Florida. One night at MGM I absolutely couldn't read anything!

05-11-2006, 02:38 PM
forst of all congratulations on your wedding and i am loving your recaps. It really looks like you had a fun time and thats all tha matters.

I do have one question for ya...maybe I missed it, but did your coordinator say how long the construction on Italy Isola was going to last?

05-11-2006, 02:46 PM
Another great installment!!!! Love it!!

PS - I had the same problem with my contacts while I was in Florida. One night at MGM I absolutely couldn't read anything!

Thank you! :goodvibes Sorry to hear that you had problems with your contacts too!

It's kind of ironic that I had problems seeing and Jim didn't. He had gotten laser eye surgery about 2 months ago, and I was thinking about getting it done but I "didn't want any problems seeing while in Florida". Jim's eyes were perfectly fine the whole time! :rotfl:

05-11-2006, 02:50 PM
forst of all congratulations on your wedding and i am loving your recaps. It really looks like you had a fun time and thats all tha matters.

I do have one question for ya...maybe I missed it, but did your coordinator say how long the construction on Italy Isola was going to last?

Thank you I am glad you are enjoying the TR! :goodvibes

I'm not sure how long the construction was going to last for. She had told me the construction was scheduled to be done on April 19th or something, but the bridge to the right "didn't pass inspection", so they had to put a wall around it to block it off until they could fix it. I'm guessing the wall is probably down by now, but am not sure. :)

05-11-2006, 03:30 PM
Another great installment! I love reading about your trip...especially with the pics! :sunny:

I laughed out loud when I read that the guy didn't understand ice coffee!! :rotfl2: My family and I were down in St. Augustine, FL recently and they looked at us like we were crazy when we tried to order it! I am from NH...so I didn't know if ice coffee was just a northeast thing? But, now I have to assume it is just Florida that doesn't get it?! You would think, with it being so hot down there, they would be more familiar with it! ;)

05-11-2006, 06:41 PM
great installments of your tr- i absolutely love them and of course the pictures. You sound like a fun couple!

05-11-2006, 07:04 PM
Mary, I am loving reading your TR! I have been stressing & worrying (like every other bride) about whether or not my family and friends would have a good time. Your detailed report and wonderful pictures have definitely put me at ease. Congrats to both of you :) I cannot wait to read more!


05-11-2006, 07:28 PM
just wanted to say how much i'm loving your report! i come home each evening, make some tea, put on a disney CD and read your latest installment - it's helping me get through the next week before we leave for our trip (the last few days are sooo hard)! thanks for the great writing and pictures!

05-11-2006, 08:00 PM
I am so glad I caught up! I can't wait to hear more!!

05-11-2006, 09:28 PM
Kellyf2626 - that is so funny! I feel validated lol! I felt kind of dumb because he was looking at me like I was crazy to want ice in my coffee!

Princessblueeyez - thank you so much that is so sweet!

JJclemson - thank you so much! I'm sure your friends and family are going to have an amazing time!! Everyone who came keeps raving about our wedding and the people that didn't come seem to be regretting it! Your wedding will be wonderful!

Philadisney - I am so glad you are enjoying the report! That is so funny i was doing almost the exact same thing a week before my wedding :rotfl: I know what you mean about the last few days being the hardest - it's like time just STOPS! I can't wait to hear about your wedding, I am sure it will be perfect!

Thank you to everyone who is reading this report, it felt kind of silly at first to be writing about myself so much, but as long as people seem to be enjoying it I will continue :) It's fun for me to go through and relive it all as I type it up, I keep remembering all these details that I had almost forgotten about!

I just finished the rest of Day 2 and will post it in a few minutes.

Thanks again everyone! :goodvibes

05-11-2006, 09:42 PM
The boatride takes about 20 minutes or so (it travels at about 5 mph or something, it is very slow), but it is an enjoyable ride and we have plenty of time to get there. We deboard around 6 pm. As we’re walking off the boat I get a text message from Jo & Jim. It says “we’re at MGM”, right as I read it, I look up and there they are! Me, Jim, and Jo & Jim all sit on a bench near the “far right turnstyles closest to the ATM” where we told everyone to meet us. Everyone else in my family goes into MGM since we got there an hour early.

While we’re sitting and talking, we notice they keep playing music to different movies, most of which were Universal or WB, like the theme to superman, ET, or a bunch of others. Seemed very strange to be playing the competition’s music at a Disney Theme park.

We chill and talk for a while as we wait for people to arrive. Around 6:30, some of Jim’s friends are the first ones to arrive. I say hello to Aris and Autumn and am introduced to Aris’s new girlfriend Sarah (her and aris were such a cute couple!). Jeff, Corey, Stevie, and her fiancé Kurt are there too. We talk for a bit and catch up on things. Soon after that, Jenny & Kevin come out of MGM and Kevin gives Jim a gift he bought for him at the shop by Indiana Jones – it’s a ball & chain and a handcuff to symbolize our union together. Very funny, thanks Kevin ;) I thought it was pretty sweet of Kevin to buy that for him actually, it was cute.

On board the Friendship heading to MGM
we meet up with Jo & Jim
Me, Jim, Jo, and Jim take some pics while we’re waiting
The ol’ Ball & Chain gag
Kurt, Corey, Stevie, and Aris (shaking his fist at Jim)

While we’re talking, this little girl comes up to me, who was probably around 3 years old and asks what kind of ears I’m wearing, I tell her that I was getting married and they were bridal ears, and I tell her I like her ears too. The little girl kept talking and talking, and after a while I’m like “where are your parents?” She said something like “oh they’re over there”… “do they know where you are?” “yeah I guess”… I’m like “why don’t we go find them they might be worried about you” “oh they’re not worried about me”, then I hear her mother call her over to her, and off she goes. Very odd. She came back a little while later and was talking to one of the other guests for a good five minutes all by herself. That’s great parenting there!

A few minutes later more of our guests start arriving. It’s nice at first because they seem to “trickle in” so I have a chance to say hello and catch up with everyone one at a time. Jim’s uncle and aunt arrive – the ones that I couldn’t get ahold of earlier, so I was glad to see that they came early enough to go in with us!! Then Clare & David arrive, they had come straight from the airport. I was so glad they got the message and could make it in time!! I would have hated for them to fly all the way from London on Saturday just to miss the welcome party.

I continue to talk to people and socialize. A few times when I would be listening to someone talk and just nodding my head politely, I started to feel really faint like I wanted to pass out. That happened twice , where I was really scared that I might pass out. That’s just great, I kept telling myself. I was just so exhausted. I kept thinking to myself “if you passout I am going to kill you!”. It was okay as long as I kept moving or talking though.

Pretty soon everyone else comes in at once, and there were a lot of people I didn’t have the chance to say hello too. Luckily Jim is there talking to some people while I am talking to others. Jim starts to wonder where his family is, I tell him “Don’t worry, I bet they’ll arrive about five minutes to”, and they do… am I good or what lol.

Allie & nene,, me talking to Jim’s uncle in the background trying not to pass out
Jenny, Kevin, Jo, and Jim relaxing
Yay Clare & David made it all the way from London!
Josh, Janiece, Gracie,, and Chris, they’re all wearing the shirts too!!

Around 6:55 pm, the MGM guides come out with their “lightsabers” and ask how many people they should be waiting for, I think everyone’s there, but I’m racking my brains trying to think of who we’re missing, sue tells me donna bob and Erica arent’ there yet, glad she was paying attention. I don’t think I could have added five plus five and come up with the right answer at that moment in time! We queue up into two lines – one line with admission tickets and one without admission tickets (there was a “pay on consumption” viewing fee for those without tickets). While we are lining up when donna bob and Erica arrive, woohoo everyone made it!!

While we were in line to get in to MGM, Jim introduces me to his half brother bo and his wife and 3 children, I was really looking forward to meeting them for the first time, but couldn’t’ really say much to them other then “nice to meet you” since I had to insert my ticket into the machine and do that stupid biometric thing that never worked a single time I was at WDW.

Jim’s father, half brother, his 3 kids, and Chris.. aww they’re all wearing the shirts!

Us queueing up

You don’t want to mess with those cast members, those were real lightsabers they were swinging!

05-11-2006, 09:44 PM
One by one we all enter MGM, I’m near the back of the line. Finally we’re all in and we follow the Lightsaber Ladies down Hollywood Boulevard. I hadn’t been to MGM yet this trip, so I was rubbernecking while walking. I was so excited, the dessert party had finally arrived, and everyone was there! I’m trying to record with my video camera while walking and talking to people. Finally, Sue rips the camera from me again and says she’ll take over and that I should just enjoy myself. God bless her! Still, I continue to snap a few pictures along the way with my camera, but they were almost all blurry.

We’re walking down Hollywood boulevard, and then wetake a left at the end of the street, heading in the direction of star tours. I was a little confused because for some reason I thought the private room was closer to the amphitheatre, but that’s okay. I’m trying to take it all in and I was just too excited!! On the way, I mostly talked to Sue’s lifelong friends Donna & her husband Bob, who I’ve only met once or twice before, and who I hadn’t had the chance of saying hello to yet.

We’re in, we’re in!

Jim rolling the suitcase with the 10 huge dasani bottles in it

Sue recording some video while we walk

We head to a room right across from star tours and, I think, right next to the Drew Carey’s “sounds dangerous”show. I was pretty much the last one in to the room and saw that almost everyone had found a seat. A few people asked me where they should sit and I just kind of said “wherever”. My family occupied the front/first table and left two seats for me and Jim.

Jim talking to Erica. I have no idea where we’re heading, but it looks like we’re getting close!

OO this is it!! We’re going in!!

I look to the right and there’s the dessert table, wow!! It looked beautiful and delicious!!!
I can’t tell you how many times I imagined the dessert party and what it would look like, I couldn’t believe I was there, it was one of those moments where you think you’re going to wake up at any second and you find out you were dreaming, it was all so cool and there was so much to take in. It was already going by so fast!!

I find a table to the side and start frantically preparing a few things before we start the party. I was unpacking my dasani bottles onto a table on the side of a wall. One of the cast members sees me and tells me that they also have water available by the coffee station if we wanted . I told him I had been told there would be no water, he kind of looked like he didn’t think they were supposed to have water but they had it anyways. I think since they had moved the location inside they did it as an added bonus, it was very nice of them! I decide to put 2 bottles at each table, that way people wouldn’t have to keep getting up to refill their cups – so they still worked out great! I got out the mickey and Minnie wedding plush dolls and was looking for a place to put them, the same cast member came and asked if I wanted to put those out and I said yes, so he kindly found a great place to put them on the dessert table, and they just looked too adorable I thought! I was doing all of this as quickly as I possibly could and was getting very sweaty, that with the humidity, I must have stank lol.

That took just a few minutes, and then the Lightsaber Ladies tell me we have about an hour to eat and at ten past we would all walk to the amphitheatre to watch the show. Then a very professional looking man comes introduces himself to me and tells me about the schedule again and so I ask him “so fantasmic is a go?” and he says yes it is a “go”, and this is kind of embarrassing, I was so happy that I actually hugged him – I’m sure he wasn’t very happy about that lol. But who cares, I was happy, they were going to show Fantasmic!!!

Blurry picture of everyone finding a seat

I look around for Jim, I thought I would say a little something and figured Jim should be at my side when I did so. Someone tracks him down for me, so I lead him to the top of the stairs by the entrance and try to get everyone’s attention. Everything that happened here was completely improvised – I had no idea that I was going to say something or what I was going to say, I just went with it. So I get everyone’s attention and made a little ‘speech’.. I said something like “Just wanted to thank everyone for coming! They just told me that Fantasmic will be shown, so the show will go on! It’s about 7:20 now, and we have till 8:10 to eat whatever we want here, or do whatever we want. There’s some water and coffee over there, and some dasani water over there if you like. So thank you all for coming, it really means the world to us that you could make it!” … and here I almost started to cry, but thankfully didn’t! “we hope you have a wonderful time, so enjoy!”… Not too bad for an off-the-cuff speech, I thought!

Jim then added: “I have nothing to add.” I kind of told everyone that the first table (being my table you’ll notice lol) would line up first, then the second table and so on, and added “I’m sure you all can figure it out”. I let my family get in line first and took a few pictures with my camera. Then I got in line and grabbed a plate. I thought I would try a little bit of everything, I wasn’t sure if they replaced the food if it got low or not and I wanted to make sure I at least tried one of each. (Turns out they did replace the food when it got low, many times!). We had chosen to “make your own menu” and chose 4 items – “Fruit, spongecake, and fondue sauces”, “baklava”, “chocolates & Truffles”, and “apple bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream”.

More pictures to come in the next post...

05-11-2006, 09:46 PM
It was a hard room to get a good over-view picture of, so here it is in segments..

To the left of the room, there were about 5 tables

in the back corner

In the opposite corner (look at those big tv’s)

Looking back at the entrance, the lightsaber ladies standing guard

Sue recording some footage of the dessert table

and… the desserts!
An overview of the dessert table.. coffee station to the right. Couches & planted tree next to the big screen tv lounge area..

The fruit table
The big pots had three kinds of fondue sauces in them – chocolate, caramel, and a some white flavor I can’t remember what it was. There was fresh whipped cream next to the slices of spongecake, and two big trays of sliced fruits or berries

Mickey & Minnie at the elbow of the table

The warm apple bread pudding and dozen scoops of cinnamon ice cream, delicious!!!

Chocolates and truffles on the bottom and baklava on the top

the coffee station in the back, with flavored syrups, chocolate and cinnamon sticks, and whipped cream

My family getting in line at the buffet table

05-11-2006, 09:49 PM
I sit down to eat my food.. I am determined that I will actually get to enjoy this food!!! At ohana I was more worried about passing out gifts and making sure everyone else was enjoying themselves that I barely got to eat a bite of anything. I had been looking forward to the fantasmic dessert party for over a year, it was a “light at the end of the tunnel” for all the dieting I had been doing. And the food was delicious!! The apple bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream was by far the best, it was absolutely scrumptious!! The fruit & spongecake with fondue sauces and whipped cream were equally as good. My sister Jenny had made fun of me for picking the fruit option, but I love fruit! And I noticed that almost everyone had some fruit on their plate, so ha! I had a little bit of baklava and some truffles. The baklava was amazing, but I didn’t want to fill up on it because I knew I could bring some of the left overs back to the hotel, but I wouldn’t be able to bring back the bread pudding or fruit and fondue sauces. The truffles were good but not really what I was expecting. They were kind of like the chocolates you get in a box of chocolates – some are good others not so good. But at least it added a bit of variety!

The plate I made for myself with a little bit of everything
Me enjoying my food (picture facing the entrance, with the dessert table to the left)

Our table in the opposite direction

Me and Jim enjoying ourselves

another shot of the lightsaber ladies guarding the door

My dad staring at my food

Sue brought me some flavored chocolate coffee with whipped cream and a chocolate stick to try, it was delicious!

Some more people getting dessert

I hope the kids were able to sleep that night with all that sugar in their system! Their poor parents..

I was so impressed with the MGM catering team. I kept noticeing all these little things they were doing to help out. They went up to the 2 mothers in the group and asked if their kids wanted any apple juice or anything, so thoughtful! They were so good about replacing the food trays when they got low, and they were completely unobtrusive! I gave them the highest marks possible for service!

While I was eating, my coordinator came in to say hello and to make sure we were having a good time. That was really thoughtful of her, I knew she didn’t have to since it was technically an MGM catering event and not a wedding event, but she did it anyway. Very sweet!!

Meanwhile Sue still had the video camera and was interviewing people to “say something to Jim and Mary” – had no idea until we watched it later, it was so sweet. The videographer was going to do too, so I’ll be curious if people said the same things or not when I get back his footage. But Sue got some really good stuff!! I heard someone ask why she was recording with our video camera or something and she said “because if I don’t keep recording, mary will start”…. how true, she knows me so well.

I went to get a few more “seconds” and Aris was in line with me and asked “who thought of this?? Was it Sue or you? It was you wasn’t it!” And I was like “yep, all me, one year of planning!” He seemed to be really enjoying it was impressed, I was so glad people were having a good time!!!

There were a bunch of big screen TV’s in the room and a few couches off to the side. I overheard one of the guests ask a cast member about it, and I think they mentioned that the room used to be owned by Sony for private events or something. It was a nice room! Some of the kids were watching a show on one of the tv’s near the back, I think it was Power Rangers.

This room was adjacent to the coffee station and dessert table

I had thought ahead, because I knew there were going to be a lot of leftovers and the coordinator had told me they weren’t allowed to package any of the food up for us, so I brought a whole bunch of those really good ziplock bags (which are among the best invention on earth – I use those things for everything – especially when I’m packing!). Towards the end of the party when noone was going for seconds anymore, I’d go pick a few up and pretend to secretly put them in my purse. I knew it was obvious – but I knew they wouldn’t say anything to me about it lol. But then one of the lightsaber ladies said “we can give you some to take home”. Wow they were good lol.

Jim’s nephew William wante d to go try out Star Tours, so Una (jim’s half brother’s wife) was going to go take them. Jim told her he didn’t think they were allowed to leave the room (which I don’t think we were), but somehow Una managed to get through and she went and took William on Star Tours. A few minutes after she left, her 3 year old daughter Mia starts screaming on the top of her lungs “I CANT FIND MY MOMMIE!!!!” It was one of those things that was so sad but so adorable!!!! Her dad calmed her down and she was fine, but it really was adorable lol.

05-11-2006, 09:50 PM
With about 20 minutes until time to go I go around and socialize. My mom wanted me to introduced her to jim’s family and friends so I went around to different tables and tried to talk to everyone a little bit. I got to socialize with a few people but not everyone. At one point, Jim’s friend Aris asks him “Do you want to see my bagel?” Jim’s like “what?” and he shows him his bagel…


It was kind of gross but funny. When I saw the picture later I really thought he was holding a bagel, weird!!

When Jim and I were talking to clare and david and asking them about how their recent wedding went, the Lighsaber Ladies come by and start telling people that we’d be leaving in a few minutes and to use the bathroom if they needed to. Wow that went by too quickly!

Some pics of us socializing

I love this picture because it looks like i was going to take a picture of corey and larry and then Jim runs into frame gives the thumbs up and then runs away


There was still a ton of food left and Lisa remarked that it was a shame it would all go to waste. I told her about I had brought some ziplock bags and she could use them if she wants, and she’s like “heck yeah!!” I give Lisa and Janiece the ziplock bags, and they completely clean up shop!!! They put so much food in those bags!! She gives me maybe a third of the food bags and gives the rest to other people – not sure who got some and who didn’t. I quickly pack up our things, including our plush mickey and Minnie, but decide to leave the dasani bottles behind.

Two things I didn’t remember until later – my mother had forgotten to pass out the remaining t-shirts to the few people who didn’t have any, and I had forgotten to put out the copies of the bus schedule I had brought in case anyone had needed them. No big deal though

At about 8:15 we are already to head to the fantasmic amphitheatre. The Lightsaber Ladies have us speedwalking really fast so we can make the show in time. They take us past Mickey Avenue and then into the backstage area. I’m socializing with people as we walk. I didn’t get to see Jim much that entire evening. He would be talking to someone in the front of the line, and I would be in the back of the line. I’d go up to the front of the line to find him, just as he was going to the back of the line to find me. Oh well lol. Lynne comes up and tells me my aunts and a few of the older people are having a hard time keeping up, so I go ask the Lightsaber Ladies to slow down, so they stop and give everyone a chance to catch up and catch their breath. I know we only have a few minutes left until the show starts and we were still pretty far away, but I didn’t want anyone lagging behind!

Walking past the sorcerer mickey hat. I was remarking to Matt how weird it was that they blocked out the fake Chinese theatre. Matt brought up a good point though, about how the Chinese theatre used to be privately owned but was bought by WB and by Paramount, and how he assumed they didn’t want the iconic figure of the Chinese Theatre that they now own to represent the rival company of MGM. That actually made a lot of sense. I never thought about it before.


We all catch up and they resume walking through the backstage areas.. The ladies tell us that we weren’t allowed to take pictures back there, oops. Aris and a few others seem to be really loving the chance to see some behind-the-scenes things.

We get to a set of really high stairs, and they ask those in ECV’s or who couldn’t make it up the stairs to follow them to the elevator. The rest of us climb the stairs, I can hear the crowd cheering on the other side of the wall and I knew the show was going to start in a matter of seconds…

05-11-2006, 09:51 PM
We all get to the balcony and find a seat, and the lights go out and the show is about to start. I was going to put my video camera on the tripod I had brought, but it was really hard to do with the lights out, and the first 2 minutes of the show I am fidgeting with the camera. I couldn’t screw the camera into the tripod, so I finally just carefully place it on the top and hope it doesn’t fall….

Us finding a seat
Me trying to record everything
Right as the show is about to begin
A very flattering picture of me and jim

I am just so excited though!! I hear the music start and I almost want to cry. After all the worrying about the show being cancelled it was finally here! One minute into the show, someone thinks to move the chairs forward so the railing isn’t in the way, and we all rearrange our chairs, and that is MUCH better!

And we watch Fantasmic. I absolutely LOVE this show!!! I knew about half the people in my group had never seen it, I knew they were going to love it too!! In the beginning, Jim kept taking pictures of the show. He’s never seen the show in WDW either, so I tell him he should just enjoy the show and let someone else take the pictures (which everyone else was doing!), so he stops and just watches the show. I can tell he’s loving it too.

I love the part where Pocahontas shows up, with the light shining on her, and that whole scene just gets me. Pocahontas is one of my favorite Disney movies and I had just watched it like five times a few weeks before the wedding.

The part where Ariel & Eric, Beauty & the best, and snow white and her prince come out on the floats and sing a few verses of their respective songs had me choking up too.

About 10 minutes into the show, I accidentally kick my tripod and my camcorder that was balanced on top fell to the concrete floor. Eek! I pick it up, prepare myself not to worry if it’s broken, but I turn it back on and its fine. Phew!! For the rest of the show I just manually hold it and record.

Dig and dig and dig and diggity dig
It’s john smith! (no picture of Pocahontas, darnit)

During one part of the show, Jim tells me to look on one of the chairs where one of the kids, Krysta, was leaning forward. There was a frog just sitting behind her on her chair, it was cool! We tell her to look behind her, and she looks and the frog jumps away. Oh well, back to fantasmic!

05-11-2006, 09:56 PM
I pretty much stayed focused on the show the entire time, but Jim told me a few times he’d look around to see how everyone was reacting and that they almost all just had a look of complete awe on their face, with their mouths wide open. Especially the kids, he said, they were transfixed! I had warned Una ahead of time that some parts might scare her younger children, but I was still a little worried when the dragon and snake were out. Chris was holding 3 year old Mia and says she did get a little scared, but was okay. I was glad the show lasts about 25 minutes or so, it gave me enough time to enjoy the show and to just sit there and think about how cool it was that I was there with everyone watching the show. I was having an amazing time!!

Oh no he’s going to get mickey!
run mickey run!
Ooo scary!
use your sparkler thingie, mickey!
yay happy ending!
In the end, Mickey’s imagination triumphs over evil!



The show ends and we all applaud. A few people in our group were like “wow that was amazing!!” The ligthsaber ladies tell me that our guests can go into the parks if they want, even those without admission tickets, as a special treat from our coordinator. Awww how sweet!!! I announce to our group what they had just told me. That was really cool!!

05-11-2006, 09:58 PM
We head out and walk down the stairs to the backstage, and enter MGM and are right next to Rock n’ Roller coaster. Una and Bo (jim’s half brother) are carrying their 3 year old and 5 year old on their backs and look exhausted. Una spots a 2-seater stroller, the kind you rent from the theme park,and she looks and sees that “there’s no name on it”, and takes it. Me and Jim are cracking up that she just “stole” a stroller. Sue kindly asks if I wanted her to take my suitcase and bag. I thought she was heading back to her hotel right away, so I give them to her and thank her profusely.

Jo & Jim were among the ones that didn’t have admission tickets for that day, so we all decide to take advantage of it and head to Star Tours. On the way out I notice that Rock N’ Roller coaster has a 20 minute wait and tower of terror only has a ten minute wait, but everyone thinks it would be cooler to go to Star Tours, since Star Wars was how most of us had met each other. That was true. I had met Jo on a star wars messageboard back in 2000 and found out she only lived 20 minutes from me back in Michigan, and we had quickly become good friends. I knew Jim on the star wars messageboard from back in 2000 too, but didn’t meet him until December 2001, since he lived in California and I was living in Michigan. He flew in to meet me just as a good friend, but of course we really hit it off. And then Jo had also met her fiancé Jim on the same messageboard, and moved to Arizona to stay with him as I was moving to California to stay with Jim. And then Jo and her fiancé later moved to Georgia, and soon me and Jim will be heading back to Michigan. Crazy where life ends up taking you!! Jim had also met most of the friends that were there with us in in front of the Chinese Theatre in hollywood during the first star wars prequal back in ’99. So anyway, yes, Star Tours did seem the most appropriate place for us to head.

So some of us start heading towards Star Tours, but it was such a disorganized group this time. First we were waiting for his aunt and uncle who wanted to join us, then my sister jenny was going to join us, but everyone seemed to keep getting sidetrack. It was taking forever! I finally just tell everyone to meet us in the gift shop. Jim wants us to wait up for his mother. We wait a few minutes. Where is she? Jim still wants to wait. After another minute, I’m like, Jim just call her and tell her to meet us at the gift shop!! The park was closing in less then an hour, I didn’t want to just stand there for a half an hour! So we continue to head to star tours in a completely disorganized fashion.

We get to Star tours and wait around for a few people to catch up. We go through the queue line and Jeff insists we take this picture of us “going to endor for our honeymoon”. I’m glad he took it – it’s very cute I think!


Jo & Jim about to board Star Tours

Finally we all get on the ride and sit in the front row. Darn, we never do seem to get to Endor. They should really stop erasing that poor droid’s memory after each flight. We all file into the gift shop, and this is where everyone starts really geeking out. I’ve had my fill of star wars merchandise for my life, so I just kind of mosey around and take some pictures. I’m getting exhausted.

I go outside to take some more pictures. It’s about 9:50 and the park will be closed soon. At the ewok village, they have lights flickering so it looks like the ewoks are in their huts sitting around a fire, and they have the “sounds” of the ewok playing. I don’t remember them having that the last time I was at MGM – it was really cute! I guess they’ve kind of fleshed out the area a bit since they started doing the star wars weekends there.

Tatooine traders
Everyone shopping
Jo bought a shirt that says “I love darth vader”
ewok village – yub yub

I meander around the area taking pictures, and the cast member near the entrance asks if I’m going to ride. I was like “just rode it, now I’m exhausted and want to go to sleep, thanks though.” He asks if I’m having a good night, and I end up having a really pleasant conversation with him. I told him I was there with my wedding guests and that I was getting married in 2 days, he shook my hand and congratulated him. I ask if he was a part of the college program, he said he was and had only been working there a few weeks. I asked how he liked it, he was kind of like “ehh”, I could relate. I told him how I was a part of the college program and that I would come home exhausted every day from working and how I really didn’t like my roommates, but how my favorite thing by far was working with the guests at WDW, everyone was always in a cheerful mood because they were on vacation. It didn’t seem like fun at the time, my feet always hurt and my face always hurt from smiling all day, but I look back at it and think about how much fun it was. Weird. Anyway, I tell him to have a goodnight and go back into the gift shop. As I was in the gift shop, I thought about how when I was doing the college program how I was kind of lonely all the time since it was the first time I was away from my family, and I wasn’t friends with my roommates, and thought maybe he might be in the situation. I thought I would go out and talk to him somemore and ask him some more questions, but when I went out there he had left and gone home for the night.

The “geeks” finish buying their merchandising and we all go over to the speeder-bike prop and take pictures of each other on it.

Jeff sitting by a moisture vaperator
me and jo

me about to fall asleep standing up

Everyone slowly starts to mosey towards the exit and head towards the Chinese Theatre, I was thinking they were all heading home, but they actually wanted to look around at the fake Chinese theatre, so finally I plead with jim to take me back to the hotel! I literally felt ready to pass out – I don’t often get that tired. Lack of sleep and lots of adrenaline and excitement the past few days had just worn me out. The next morning we both vowed to sleep in as late as we needed, and to turn off our cell phones! Stevie tells Jim to “take Mary home, go!!” So we head back to the Friendship boat. We are still pretty far away and we see the boat about to depart, so we start running in the hopes that it would wait for us – thankfully and mercifully they did.. thank you!! We get on board and hear our names from the back. Lisa, Lynn, Chris, Una & Bo and their children, and a few others were all on the boat with us. There’s no room to sit so me and jim stand, and lisa comes in to talk to me. We had a long conversation and I can’t for the life of me remember what we talked about, I was pretty much asleep standing up at that point. I do remember having a good time and was glad we got to talk about the night with her a little bit.

05-11-2006, 09:59 PM
We finally get to the hotel and we all head in our separate directions. Jim & I go back to our room and decompress. I know we are going to sleep in as late as we want tomorrow so I relax for a while before going to sleep. I watched a little bit of the video that Sue took while at the dessert party and watched what people had to say as a “message to Jim and mary”. Most of them were really sweet, and some were really funny. Jim’s dad’s message almost had me cry, he was being so sweet. He was like “Mary, I’ve come to know you and love you like a daughter and am so glad you and Jim have chosen to get married.. Now jim.. you’ve been one of my favorite people for the last 26 years and I expect you’ll continue to be one of my favorite people for the next 26 years, if I live that long, I love you both and wish you a great life together”. It was so sweet! I watched it again and this time I notice that Chris is sitting behind Barry making the funniest faces. I can’t listen to what Barry is saying anymore without cracking up at what Chris is doing – he’s completely stealing the scene lol. (I’ll have to find a way to put some video up of that maybe). I liked Larry’s advice, he was like “mary’s going to see this tape right? No.. no advice for them, I have nothing…” and then silently mouths and mimes “Jim call me!” I browse through a few more really sweet messages before getting ready for bed.

Some of the ziplock bags with truffles or baklava – good thing the hotels had refridgerators!
Some Piccadilly Biscuits that Clare & David brought us from the UK
Jim bought me these at the star tours gift shop – thanks jim!

I talk to Jim about the night. It was just one of the most amazing nights I’d had in my life. That made two of the possibly best days thus far in my life that I’d had in the past 3 days. I was so happy and having so much fun, I didn’t even know how to begin processing it. But for now, I needed sleep! We told our family that we were turning our cell phones off, and if they absolutely needed us to call the hotel room, otherwise leave us alone. We turn our cell phones off and get into bed. We would be incommunicado until we woke up, and we had no set plans as to when we would wake up.

The only things we had planned for the next day was Disneyquest around 4 pm - we had told our friends & family that they could join us if they liked, so we knew we had to be there in case anyone showed up (and jim really really wanted to try out disneyquest), and we needed to prepare everything for Monday, when we would be getting married! I couldn’t believe how quickly it was approaching.

05-11-2006, 10:52 PM
Another great installment Mary- I just love reading your tr- I'm hooked.

05-12-2006, 09:12 AM
Well now why did you stop there? You think that you need to stop to actually work?? :scared: :teeth:

Can't wait for more!!! :wave2:

05-12-2006, 01:12 PM
Another great report! All the details are part of what makes it so super. I was wondering what was in the light blue tin on the table at your dessert party.....thanks for including that at the end....I would have kept wondering...LOL....Can't wait for your wedding day!!!!!

05-12-2006, 08:54 PM
Great report! :cool1: Can't wait to hear more! :Pinkbounc

05-12-2006, 09:36 PM
Great report, Mary. Still enjoying it all. Those desserts looked delicious.

05-13-2006, 02:05 PM
Awesome report! Looking forward to the big day!!!

05-13-2006, 04:29 PM
Great report Mary!!!! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wedding and sharing all of the details with us! Great pictures too....BTW what kind of camera do you have? It took some really great pictures at Fantasmic, especially in the dark! Awesome job! My camera produces too much blurr to use at night. YUK
I can't wait to get the next report!huuuuuuurrrryyy! We are waiting patiently.........
Hookedondizney :thumbsup2

05-13-2006, 07:04 PM
Great report Mary!!!! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wedding and sharing all of the details with us! Great pictures too....BTW what kind of camera do you have? It took some really great pictures at Fantasmic, especially in the dark! Awesome job! My camera produces too much blurr to use at night. YUK
I can't wait to get the next report!huuuuuuurrrryyy! We are waiting patiently.........
Hookedondizney :thumbsup2

Thank you hookedondizney!! The pictures from Fantasmic were actually taken by my brother-in-law. I knew he'd be taking pictures so I concentrated on taking video and enjoying the show. I think it's a Nikon digital SLR. I will try to ask him what model it is next time I talk to him. If my camera breaks I think I'll be getting one of those instead, I get way too many blurry photos with my cybershot!

Cinderella Fan
05-14-2006, 06:50 AM
Great report!! :cool1: Glad you were having such a great trip!! Can't wait to read more!!

05-14-2006, 08:57 AM
Sunday, 4-23

I slept in until about noon the next day, which gave me a good 9 or 10 hours of sleep or so. I had woken up a few times earlier and thought about waking up to go swimming or something, but decided the best thing for me would be to sleep since the wedding was bright and early the next morning, and best not to go swimming – I didn’t want to get sunburned before the wedding either! So I kept falling back asleep. Jim woke up around 12:30 and we both just lounged in the hotel room and watched some cartoons on the tv.

Around 1 o’clock the front desk called and said they had a delivery for us, but the don’t disturb sign was up, I told them they could bring it up. I asked Jim if he knew what it was, he said “maybe”. Hmmmm.

**** if you don’t want any surprises ruined for you that Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings may or may not do, skip to the next post***
They quickly bring up the package and it is a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers from our WDW florist, how very thoughtful!! They were beautiful!!!

Here are some links to the pictures:

But since they weren’t from Jim and he had seemed like he knew something was coming, I guess that meant Jim would be sending something to me too at one point. Very interesting…

---- - --

05-14-2006, 08:58 AM
We got dressed and got on the bus for downtown Disney at 2:30. We had told our guests that if they wanted to join us at DisneyQuest we would meet them at the entrance at 4:00 pm. We had asked around after the dessert party though, and most everyone said they would probably skip it. That was fine with us, I wanted to give people the “chance” to hang out with us if they wanted to, but I was perfectly fine with everyone doing their own thing. I just didn’t want people to think we were ignoring them before the wedding or something. I had chosen DisneyQuest as a place to possibly meet up with people because I thought it would be fun as a group to go there, especially since Jim’s friends were into things like video and arcade games. (Jim’s bachelor party was held at an arcade to give you an idea of why I thought that). Most of Jim’s friends decided to head to Universal and go to Islands of Adventure and hang out at “Marvel Super Hero Island” all day though.

Unbeknownst to Jim, I was taking him there on May 1st. Jim thought May 1st was when we were going to the airport and heading back to California, but I had actually arranged to stay an extra night at his favorite hotel (hard rock hotel) at universal. We had gotten 3 day park hopper passes a few years ago, and still had 2 days of use on them. Jim’s best man, Matt, had kept asking Jim and me to come join them at Islands of Adventure , and I kept trying to decline without being obvious as to why. I kept saying “no we want to stay in Disney, we’ll do Universal on another trip”. Jim, being the too generous guy that he is, wanted to give our tickets away to one or two of his friends, since he figured it would be a long time before we would use them. I was like “Umm no!!! They can buy their own tickets it’s not like they’re all poor or something!” He didn’t understand why I was getting upset about it LOL

Anyway, we head to Downtown Disney and our bus driver announced “first stop, Disney’s Marketplace, next stop, Disney’s West side”. The bus stops at the Marketplace and then all of a sudden the bus driver announces “this is the end of the line, please exit and transfer on the next bus that comes”. That was weird, it was like he all of a sudden decided to take his lunch break or something lol. We were hungry anyway so we decide to grab a bite to eat and look around at the shops around the marketplace.

Boarding the bus to Downtown Disney
The entrance to the marketplace

The brooms from Fantasia, with flowers in their buckets

While planning for this trip the last year, I had read up on Goofy’s Candy shop and saw that you could “make your own dessert” and thought it sounded like fun, so we head there. I hand Jim one of the worksheets and asks if he wants to “create a dessert” and show him how to do it. You choose a base – like a rice krispie treat, a pretzel rod, a marshmellow kabob, gingerbread cookies, or a caramel apple – then you choose if you want it dipped in chocolate or caramel or anything, and then pick some candy to stick to it. Jim was taking it very seriously and thinking long and hard about what kind of dessert he wanted , it was cute lol. He picked a rice krispie treat, with the ears dipped in chocolate, packed with oreo crumbs. We hand the worksheet to the lady and she gets to work making Jim’s creation. Jim was watching her put it together and was like “I’m going to need a defibrillator after eating that”.

I’m being a dork and getting everything on video, I’m just weird like that. I was recording the lady when she was packaging up the dessert, and so she asks if I want her to “announce the dessert”. I was like “umm.. sure?” and she talks into her mic and says over the speaker “Jim, you’re rice krispy treat dipped in chocolate and crushed oreos is ready!” so I could get it on tape, I thought it was cute that she did that for us.

Me in front of Goofy’s candy shop

Goofy’s Candy shop
Create your own dessert station
Jim taking the creation of his dessert very seriously
The lady creating someone’s dessert
Jim’s rice krispy treat bathing in oreo crumbs

Both Jim and I were really hungry, it being after 3 o’clock and not having eaten all day, but after the dessert party the night before we wanted some “real food” to eat before delving into the rice krispy oreo goodness. I had read rave reviews about “Earl of Sandwhich” on the DIS dining forum, and really wanted to try it out. Jim didn’t want something with so much bread in it so he wanted to eat somewhere else. Well I was going to get my sandwich, it was on my itinerary, darn-it! We went into Earl of Sandwhich, I was going to get something and Jim could find something somewhere else. The restaurant was a cute little place, nicely designed with a fireplace (I think it’s fake, not sure), and book cases filled with books, and playing classical music, etc.. Nice theme-ing. I order an “all American turkey sandwhich”, which had turkey and cranberries on it. I still wasn’t really used to “bread” either, not having had it for the past year, but wanted to try the sandwhich while I was there since it had gotten such good reviews. Well, maybe I ordered the wrong kind or maybe I just wasn’t that used to bread yet, but it tasted like toast & jam to me. Which is fine if you’re in the mood for toast & jam. Oh well.

Jim waiting for me to get my sandwhich and go
My sandwich
I try a bite of jim’s creation – it is delicious!

05-14-2006, 08:59 AM
We look around the marketplace some more. Looked around at all the lego people or lego animals. Jim was really hungry, but everywhere I recommended going he doesn’t think sounds good, so he decides to wait until he’s in Disneyquest and can grab something to eat at “foodquest”. We walked towards Disney Westside. All those little lizards that abound in Florida kept running out in front of us, I almost stepped on one once or twice! Everytime Jim sees a lizard he has to say “You’re a lizard, harry!” (from harry potter.. well not actually from harry potter, the real line is “you’re a wizard, harry”.. anyway).. I don’t know why but I still find it funny when he does it.

Stitch was spitting water on passerbys!
Lego people – scary!
a lego t-rex

About 3:45 we get to the front of DisneyQuest and stand around waiting to see if anyone was going to show up. Jim’s brother said he was going to come, so about 3:55 Jim calls him and finds out he’s still at epcot with Josh, Janiece, and jim’s nephew William. They had thought it was at 5. Oh well, no big deal, but Jim and I don’t want to wait around another hour obviously, so we buy our tickets (we got 10% off because we had annual passes, just fyi). We wait until 4:05 just to make sure no-one else was coming, and noone did. I was actually kind of glad, I liked the idea of exploring disneyquest for an hour by ourselves.

Jim talking to Chris on his cell phone

I had been to Disneyquest twice before and always get a kick out of the Genie in the elevator, so I was looking forward to seeing Jim’s reaction to it. We get in the elevator, and a group of about 7 other people come in, and the elevator closes and the genie appears. Then we hear BREEEEP “Samantha where you at?!” on one of those Nextel – walkie-talkie things. I hope I don’t offend anyone here, but I can’t stand those things! If you want to talk to someone, call them!!!! So we couldn’t hear a word being said thanks to Samantha and her friend’s loud staticy walkie-talkie conversation!! So courteous of them.

You exit the elevators and it takes you to “Venture Port” - the center of DisneyQuest, with 4 different “portals” that each take you to a different stair-case to a different “zone”, like the replay zone, the explore zone, the create a zone, and the “score zone”. It can be kind of confusing to navigate once you leave this central portal. We take the portal that leads to Foodquest/Score Zone.


They have a few different stations, some with burgers and dogs, others with salads, pasta, pizza, etc, and they have a “Wonderland Cheese-cake factory express” up one level. Jim was so hungry he just ordered at the first station he got to, and ordered nachos with cheese. He skipped out on earl of sandwhich just to get some nacho’s and cheese, very healthy. Oh well. We find a seat in the wonderland factory – they have cutely shaped chairs and some other alice-in-wonderland themed furniture here and there, and you can sit and use the computers that had internet access on them. It’s a cute little place to eat. Jim eats his nacho’s while I used the computer. They had a screen where you can send some silly e-mail postcards to your friends, so I followed the Cheshire Cat’s prompts to “create a post-card”, and sent one to one of jim’s friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding (jim’s best friend and first choice for best man – but he had a presentation to give at his job… stupid job), and one to one of my friends that couldn’t make it. The post-card had a bunch of drop boxes that you could pick choices from to “fill in the blanks” and create a silly email, kind of like the old ad-lib games.

One of them ended up saying:
“here we are taking lots of photos and having the FBI follow us. We spent stacks of Disney Dollars with the family and evading the FBI. Did you know four out of five dentists came from zoos all over the world? We can’t wait till tomorrow to show you all 2000 of our pictures. Wish you were here! Your special friends”

I think the “2000 pictures” part was supposed to be funny because it seems like a ridiculous amount of photos, but I actually did come home with 3,500 digital pictures!

Jim finishes his nacho’s and we both finish off his rice krispy concoction. He then decides to check the internet to see if there’s any news on the new superman movie that he’s currently obsessed with. No news, so he leaves up a picture of the superman symbol on the computer and we look to find our first game to play.

Jim ordering some healthy nacho’s and cheese
our postcard

05-14-2006, 09:00 AM
We leave FoodQuest and are in the “Score Zone”. The first game we see is an air-hockey table so we decide to play that. Yes that’s something we could do in California or anywhere else, and yes there are a bunch of virtual reality games we could be trying instead, but we wanted to play air hockey :) . We were really just taking it easy and not worrying about what we played or didn’t play It was a fun game or air hockey, even though Jim won 7-4.

After air hockey, we went down one more level to the “Replay Zone” and I saw they had Joust there. I loved Joust on the Atari! What could be more fun then running around on an ostrich trying to bop your friend’s ostrich on the head?

Me enjoying my jousting
I told jim “you know... life is a lot like the game of joust.. just flapping your wings trying to head in a direction without getting bopped on the head by all your friends. Or something like that”

We have a version of joust on our xbox, that I always beat Jim at, but this time Jim won again, darnit!! Oh well, maybe it was nerves because the wedding was the next morning, yeah that must be it. Actually I was starting to get nervous. Every time I thought about how late it was getting and that I was getting married in the morning, I would get butterflies in my stomach. I tried not to think about it and just enjoy my time at DisneyQuest with Jim.

We walked around and I wasn’t sure which level we were on, but there was a human-pin-ball-machine game thing that looked kind of interesting, so we decided to try it. It was a good crowd-level that day, we didn’t have to wait long in line for anything while we were there. I had no idea what was going on during the human pinball game. You’re on this thing and you kind of lean it forward or backwards to keep your pinball afloat.

I just looked it up, it is called “the mighty ducks pinball slam – become a lifesized pinball as you bounce off bumpers and flippers to score points to become the mightiest duck of all!” Okay, I still had no idea what was going on and have no idea what I ranked or how badly I did. Jim wasn’t too sure either.


We played a little Mario-Kart. It was cute because they take a picture of your face and add a few embellishments to it and use that as the avatar for your car. So as I was racing Jim, I would see his car with a weird picture of his face above it. I can play this game at home but sometimes certain Arcade games just make my eyes water terribly. My eyes kept watering up so I wasn’t doing too good. Jim won again.

We moved on and found “Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters” – which looked like Bumper Cars with cannonballs attached. I had no idea how much fun this ride would be, we LOVED this ride!! One of my favorite video games I play at home all the time is “Mario Kart – Double Dash”, and this game reminded me of a live-action version of this game. There are 2 people per Bumper Car, one person is the designated driver, the other is the shooter. The driver has to run over some “cannon-balls”, and the cannonball appears underneath your seat. Then the shooter has to pick up the cannonball, load it into the “blaster-cannon”, aim for another cart and shoot!! If you hit the other kart in the right spot, their car would become disabled and spin around in circles for 10 seconds. It was so much fun! Jim was the driver and I was the shooter, we both got really really into it! I loved this game!!


We were going to play it again but decided to try some other stuff first and come back to it. We went down to the first “Explore Level”and saw that there was no line for the Virtual reality jungle cruise, so we board our raft and grab our paddles. This game was a lot of fun too! It actually immerses you into the game so you feel like you’re going down rapids or falling down water-falls as you try to steer your boat in the right direction. Jim sat in the front and I sat in the back, not sure why we didn’t sit together. But since I was in back I got to watch Jim play and he was totally rubbernecking and not paddling. I was like “jim stop looking at the pretty dinosaurs and paddle!!” and then I’d be paddling forward as he was paddling backwards. Well he might be good at air-hockey and Joust, but I won’t be getting into a canoe or other sea-faring vessel with him anytime soon. And he was an eagle scout? I kept teasing him about it after we got out of the raft.


Pretty soon after that Chris calls Jim and tells them they are in DisneyQuest. It was about 5:30 at that point. They come down and meet us at the first level. It was Chris, Josh & Janiece and their baby Gracie, and Jim’s nephew William. William was wearing the “Mary & Jim’s wedding” t-shirt, how cute! Since there was no line, Chris & William play the jungle cruise while Josh & Janiece went to use the restroom. When they came back, me and Jim watched Gracie while they all did the jungle cruise ride again. Josh seemed to be very serious about it and kept giving directions for which direction to paddle. It was funny to watch.

Chris & William about to embark on a dangerous jungle cruise

Jim watching Gracie
Josh captaining the raft

After that, we decided to try out “Pirates of the Caribbean – search for buccaneer gold”. Josh watched Gracie while everyone else got on board (I had never done it before and wanted to try it out). We put on our virtual reality headpiece and the cast member asks which one of us wants to steer the ship while the rest of us shot our cannons. Nobody volunteered so he asks 11 year old William if he wanted to be the captain, and William was like “no I want to fire at people!”, so Jim volunteers to steer. You go in a really small room and are on what’s like a bow of the ship, and there is a big wooden steering wheel and 6 cannons that you can pull the string to shoot. A skeleton-pirate-captain comes and explains the directions, the 3-d effects were pretty cool. Then we’re on the open seas and we have to fire at the dozens of other pirate ships around us while Jim tries to steer us towards ships or places that have gold in them. At one point a giant sea monster appears, and everyone’s like “shoot left shoot to the left!!” and we all switch cannons, then the monster goes to the right of the ship and we all have to switch cannons again. It was a lot of fun and everyone got really into it! When we were done we did a “baby swap”, and Chris watched Gracie while Josh gets to play, so we all get to play again. It was a great game to play for a group our size.

Everyone wanted to try Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters since they hadn’t done it yet so we go back up to the Replay level. Since Jim and I had already played, I told everyone else to go play while we watched Gracie. Gracie was being really cute and kept walking towards the card-board cut-outs of the little green aliens from Toy Story, it was cute. They finished up their game and took Gracie, so then Jim & I played against Chris & William. This time we decided to aim for Chris & William so we didn’t do as well, but still had a great time. We switched positions, this time I was driver and Jim was the shooter. I thought I did a much better job when I was the shooter and Jim was the driver. And being the shooter was much more fun! We got Chris & William at least one time really good and saw them go spinning around, it was so much fun

Gracie wanting to say hello to the aliens

Me and jim at disneyquest

William picking buzz lightyear’s nose

Jim picking buzz lightyear’s nose

After that we all played some more arcade games, like centipede, pacman, and TRON, etc. Then we saw that the Mario-Kart game was free again, so Jim, Chris, Josh, and William all get a seat. For the avatar picture this time, Josh decides to use a picture of Gracie for his cart and it looked a little freaky but was funny! I watched them play for a while, Josh came in first so we got to see Gracie’s avatar pic doing the victory lap. Fun game! It was around 6:30 then, it was getting late and I kept trying not to think about the next day or else I would get butterflies in my stomach.

Everyone playing arcade games

the boys playing Mario-kart
Gracie’s avatar on the top left, jim’s on the bottom left corner
Get ‘em, Jim!
a close-up of Jim’s avatar

05-14-2006, 09:01 AM
They all decided to go find something to eat, so Jim and I go to a virtual reality ride called “Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial alien encounter”. It’s a 360 degree virtual reality game. The graphics pretty much suck though, and I didn’t really understand who we were supposed to be shooting. The constant flickering of the graphics started really hurting my eyes, and all of a sudden my eyes just completely tear up and won’t stop. I don’t know why some virtual reality rides do that to me and others don’t, it was really bad though. We get out and I look like I’ve been bawling, and it took a while for my eyes to stop watering. So much for going on Aladdin’s magic carpet virtual reality ride – I think I’ve had enough virtual reality rides for the day. Jim said he liked the ride though. Don’t know why my eyes are so sensitive, especially since he’s the one who had laser eye surgery!

Jim standing by a model of the ship we were piloting

We head to the “Create Zone” for a change of pace. The first thing we see when we get there is “Sid’s Create-a-Toy”. I tell Jim to do it since that day was more for him then for me, so he gets to work picking a body, 2 legs, 2 arms, and a head from a variety of different toy parts on the computer screen. My contribution was the head though. I said “get the cabbage patch head!” and when he tried to pick another head I was like “I want the cabbage patch head!” So I guess it was a joint effort. I thought his toy was cute, so we decide to go buy our creation.

Jim creating his toy

We tell the lady which toy was ours and she goes to find the parts for it. It was taking a while so I told Jim I would wait and he could go do something else, so he goes to the Animation Academy five feet away and learns how to draw Goofy from the art teacher lady. The cast member found the toy parts and told me to make sure all the parts fit. I had a little bit of trouble putting in the elephant legs so she kindly helped me out. She notices my Magic Wishes button and congratulates me and asks when the wedding was. I told her it was the next morning. Oh my god it was the next morning! There go those butterflies again.
She was like “tomorrow, really?? Are you nervous?” I was like “yeah, every time I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach”. She wished me goodluck and congratulations again. For some reason that was when it started to sink in that I was actually getting married in the morning. Wow everything had gone by so fast, I couldn’t believe it was actually here. For a while I just didn’t think it would EVER get here and now it was coming up so quickly.

I watched Jim try his hand at drawing Goofy. I thought he was doing really good but he didn’t think so. Josh came by and asked if we could watch William for a while. I took William over to the “living easels” and watched him create a pretty macabre scene of skulls and skeleton dogs running around a haunted house. Jim was still doing the animation academy, so I took William over to the create-a-toy and watched him create his own toy, I told him I would buy it for him. Josh had over-heard me and was like “don’t buy it for him.. William do you really want a toy?” and he was like “yes!”. I was like “it’s okay I’ll buy him the toy it’s just ten bucks”. Jim finished up his animation, I asked him how it went and he said he erased it and left before the “class” was done. Darnit Jim I wanted to see your Goofy!!

Our child!
Jim is so proud

Jim trying to draw Goofy

William creating a scary “living easel”

William finishes making his toy and we go get it and put it together. He had chosen the same body-type as Jim’s, so we decided that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were just right for each other! William said to Jim “your toys a girl!” and I chimed in “yeah Jim, yours is a girly toy!”

William’s toy/jim’s toy’s boyfriend

Jim wanted to do Cyberspace Mountain with me, where you design your own rollercoaster and then ride it in a simulator. But since were there by ourselves with William I told him to take William on it, I’ve done it before. So I sat by the giant pinnochio head and waited for them for a while. I did lose a few dollars on the toy-grabber machines that I never win on though, but then gave up and decided to save my money.

Jim and William came out of cyberspace with such incredible looks on their faces, it was so cute!! Jim was like “that was so cool I didn’t know it actually went upside down, we were screaming the whole time!”. I wish we had bought the DVD of them that they record while they were riding the simulator. Ah well.

Where I sat, and to the right, where I wasted money
Where Jim & William were

It was almost 8 o’clock. We had been there 4 hours already, wow! I was getting tired and thought we better head back pretty soon, so we went to find Josh & Janiece so they could watch William and we could go back to the Yacht Club and prepare for the morning.

05-14-2006, 09:03 AM
We had a hard time finding them and we both had shoddy reception, so as we walked around looking for them we played a few games here and there. One game that was a lot of fun and just too cute was this Disney racer game – where you have to spin this wheel as quickly as you can to get your character to ride his bike and race the other characters. I played as Minnie and beat Jim and William, but the “computer” won each time. So I would lose to Goofy and then Goofy would bike around one more time doing his victory lap, wow way to rub it in, Goofy, darn show-off!


I tried playing whack-a –mole (or in this case, whack-an-alien) but it wasn’t working properly. Stupid thing, I wanted to whack a mole! Jim kept looking for Josh & Janiece or Chris but couldn’t find them (it was a confusing place to navigate with many hidden corners to it). William played some ski-ball and some star wars pod-racer, and then Jim finally finds everyone. It was about 8:30 and we say goodbye to everyone and tell them we’d see them in the morning.


Jim and I both agreed that DisneyQuest was just SO MUCH fun, and we both will definitely go back next time we’re at WDW.

We head to the bus stop and wait about 15 minutes for the next bus. While we’re waiting we start talking about the next morning, and Jim says “It’s going to be hard to wait to kiss you until they tell me to”. I was like awwwwww!!!!!! We start joking about it being our “last night of freedom” and all the girls Jim was going to hook up with that night before the wedding. I was telling him about the butterflies in my stomach and he asked what I was nervous about. I wasn’t really nervous about anything, I think it was just that it was finally here, the day that I’ve been thinking about and planning every day for at least the past year. It was so built up in my mind and I just had no idea how it would actually pan out. That and I was still nervous about how I would look. I was wearing a strapless dress (he didn’t know that at the time) – but I was worried about how my arms might look – I never even wore sleeveless shirts out in public and there I was wearing a sleeveless dress. It was the prettiest dress I tried on, I thought, but now I was nervous about it and wished I had picked something with sleeves. That and all the attention that would be focused on me all day,, I told Jim I was okay doing presentations and things, but tomorrow was going to be a prolonged “all eyes on mary” kind of a day. Jim said “it’s not likely that all eyes will be on you for the full 8 hours – sometimes they’ll be looking at their food”. “well there will probably be at least one pair of eyes on me at any given time” I said.

Around 8:45 we get on our bus and get to the hotel around 9. We both were really tired but had a lot to prepare before Jim left. He was going to be going to sleep in his Best Man’s room and my mom was going to come sleep in my room for the night.

We ran into Jenny in the hallway at our hotel and she was wearing the same shirt as Jim – how funny!


We get to our hotel room and while Jim is in the bathroom I pick up the phone to call my mother’s room, but I hear somebody’s voice on the phone, but it sounded kind of distant and staticy. How weird. I hang up and pick it up again and can vaguely hear some guy and he sounds like he’s ordering food. I figure maybe it was the person one room over and maybe the rooms share a split phone line or something, so I forget about it and use my cell phone

I call my mom and tell her Jim & I were going to order and eat room service and I would call her when we were done, and she says no rush just to call her whenever.

Jim gets out and I tell him about the phone thing and he’s like “oh weird”. We order some room service and I start preparing everything for the next morning. Since Jim was sleeping in Matt’s room that night, I was packing an overnight bag for him and trying not to forget anything important like his razor or deoderant or something. I had prepared a bag of things he might need in advance , so I secretly wrote him a little note about how much I loved him and couldn’t wait to be his wife, and put it in with his stuff

I went over a few things with him that were important, like not to forget to bring the marriage license with him, no matter what he did he couldn’t forget that! I gave him some pre-filled tip envelopes for some of the vendors and told him he might want to give them to Corey to take care of.

I was getting pretty tired so I kept running through everything in my head to make sure I didn’t forget anything.

Around 10:30, our room service comes and the lady who delivered it brings it in and makes the table all pretty. She brings in our food, some small chicken quesadillas and a bowl of new England clam chowder.

Our room service

she goes back out and says she had “one more thing”, and comes back in carrying 2 plates of the most delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries I’d seen!

Delicious strawberries!
almost too pretty too eat!

At first I thought it was courtesy of the hotel, but they were from Jim, how sweet! Jim tells me he had ordered them the first day we checked-in, and that they were supposed to be there when we got back to the hotel. Since they weren’t there, he had used the phone in the bathroom to call the front desk and ask where they were. They had completely lost his order so they had to put a rush on them. So that’s who I heard on the phone line! I thought he had sounded familiar lol. And I had wondered earlier why they put a hotel phone in the bathroom right next to the toilet, I guess it is there so husbands can surprise their wives with gifts ;). It was so sweet! He tells me he had something else for me and gives me a box.

It was a beautiful snowglobe of all the Disney princesses dancing with their princes to “So this is Love” – just beautiful! I kept saying “aww!” I couldn’t believe he had gotten me these wedding gifts, they were just perfect!! I was really happy. I loved my gifts!!

Jim’s second gift to me
My beautiful snowglobe!
Me about to eat a strawberry

We decide to take our food out on the balcony and enjoy the view. We had been pretty hungry when we got back to the hotel when we ordered the room service, but now I had a case of major butterflies in my stomach and didn’t have much of an appetite. I had one of the quesadillas and some of the soup. Had I known about the strawberries I wouldn’t have ordered the soup.. But once I ate one strawberry I had to have the rest – they were the freshest and most delicious strawberries I’d ever tasted! We talked a little and had a peaceful meal together on the balcony enjoying our view. I told him that I couldn't give him his wedding gift until sometime later next week. He really really wanted to know, but I told him I wasn't going to tell. I said "you've waited this last year without knowing, you can wait onemore week". I thought our meal on the balcony together was very romantic and was glad to have the time with him alone before we separated for the night. I felt so in love!

Jim eating a strawberry (or is he playing the harmonica in this picture?)
Our view while we ate
I wouldn’t have ordered the clam-chowder if I had known about the strawberries

After we finish eating, he takes his stuff and prepares to head to Matt’s room for the night. We had planned on sleeping separately that night for the last year but all of a sudden I don’t want him to leave. But we say goodbye and he heads to Matt’s room. I wouldn’t see him again until the moment before we said our vows!

I call my mom and she comes over to sleep in my room. I continued to prepare everything for the morning so I wouldn’t feel rushed or stressed in the morning. I put everything out that I would need – my shoes, nylons, corset, garter, etc. I was getting tired and nervous but I needed to finish preparing. My mother put these rubber gel things in my shoes and scuffed up the bottom so I wouldn’t slip. I couldn’t find the pair of white underwear I had bought specifically for the wedding day. Where were they? Weird, I remember unpacking them but couldn’t find them. After looking for them for a while, I decided just to wear a pair of blue underwear I had, nobody would be able to see through the petticoat so it didn’t’ matter what color they were, and at least blue was a little traditional too lol.
It ended up taking me a long time to finish everything I wanted to prepare, I wish we had gotten back a little earlier.

My mom gave me some very pretty nightgowns as a gift. It was midnight, it was my wedding day!! I put up my home-made door hanger on the outside of our room. I tried fixing my manicure, which was a little scuffed up. I was going to wear gloves but thought I would try to fix it anyway. I had bought a “French manicure kit” and tried to use it – but I kept screwing it up, so I decided just to take off all of my nail polish. Oh well, I tried.

Around 12:30 we both get in bed, and I had fun just talking to my mom for about an hour about this or that. There were a few love songs I wanted to listen to before my wedding day so I put on my ipod and let my mom listen to a few of them too. It was late, I didn’t fall asleep right away. Around 1:30 am, I finally fell asleep. We set 2 different alarms for about 4:15 am since the cosmetologist was coming around 5. I knew I was going to be exhausted in the morning and just hoped I had enough adrenaline in my system to get me through the day. I couldn’t believe I’d be getting married in just a few hours!!

one of my tip envelopes

my jewelry and tiara

My wedding day- door hanger!

My mom gives me a beautifully wrapped gift

some pretty night-gowns!

My last night as a “single” person. I put out all my shoes, nylons, and everything I would need in the morning and get ready for bed. I was getting married in the morning, yay!

05-14-2006, 10:14 AM
Mary, I love your trip report! Can't wait to read about the wedding day!

05-14-2006, 02:59 PM
Mary, I cannot wait for your wedding day! The door hanger and envelopes you made are absolutely adorible! Such a nice touch :)

05-14-2006, 06:49 PM
great report

05-14-2006, 08:15 PM
LOVE reading this, it's like I'm there too!

05-14-2006, 10:34 PM
I can't wait to hear about your wedding day!!! :sunny:

Mommy Poppins
05-15-2006, 07:42 AM
Another great installment and wonderful pictures!!! Keep it coming.

05-15-2006, 08:25 AM
Wow...I've just spent all day reading this great report.... :thumbsup2
I can't wait to read all about the wedding day. :wizard:
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05-15-2006, 10:14 AM
What a beautifully written report! I love the detail and descriptions! I feel like I am right there, experiencing every moment!! :) Can't wait to read the rest!!!

05-15-2006, 10:57 AM
All I can say is WOW! I am enjoying your trip report so much, what a magical time! Can't wait to see the wedding day. I am now wishing I could go back and get married Disney Style. Thanks for the details and pic's. LOVE IT!

05-15-2006, 10:30 PM

I noticed that you are a veteran of the Big Red Boat. Have you tried a DCL sailing aboard the Magic or Wonder yet?

05-15-2006, 11:36 PM
You're killing me. I :love: reading your trip report. I stayed up last nite until 1:30 reading. I can't wait to hear about the wedding day. I also think the pictures give the report a wonderful "family" touch. I feel like I was there too.

Keep up the good work...and Congratulations to you and Jim on beginning your lives together. :grouphug:

05-16-2006, 05:00 AM
I am hooked and in envy :rolleyes1 But what a great report, can't wait for the wedding. DH and I almost got married in the world but we decided that due to cost and the fact that we really wanted all the ppl closest to us to come, that we would just have a wedding in Philly and it was beautiful. However, I plan to renew our vows in Disney :goodvibes

05-16-2006, 06:59 AM
Congratulations Mary!!

What a wonderful trip report. Thanks so much for sharing your Magical Wedding!

05-16-2006, 10:52 AM
Another great installment on your tr and pictures! I am dying to read about the wedding day and how fun it was and exciting. More More More! I'm hooked.

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Mary~ Love the recaps -- your a great story teller, can't wait for more!!!! Congrats!!

05-16-2006, 02:24 PM
Thank you all so much, your comments really make my day!! :goodvibes :goodvibes I'm almost done with writing the Wedding Day but there is a lot to write about!

Rocketralph - I have never been on the DCL yet, but am dying to try it!! Hopefully one day soon we will try it!

Thanks again everyone! Hope to be done with the next installment soon!

05-16-2006, 03:57 PM

Your vivid description makes me REALLY anticipate my wedding day (this coming Sunday- 5/21). Though it will not be a DFTW, I'm hoping that it's still as magical as yours!


05-16-2006, 04:10 PM

Your vivid description makes me REALLY anticipate my wedding day (this coming Sunday- 5/21). Though it will not be a DFTW, I'm hoping that it's still as magical as yours!


I'm sure you will have a magical, beautiful wedding!! Wow it is so close, I can imagine how excited you must be!!! many congratulations to you and your soon to be husband!!! :goodvibes

05-16-2006, 04:56 PM
Mary, your trip report had my laughing and with goosebumps all over remembering my Wedding Day last June (4th) and Honeymoon in WDW. We had the ears too and its amazing how many people stop you etc but as it was June with a Hurricane passing round the outside of Florida it was SUPER HOT and Matt got a little hot under his Top Hat, us English, not used to the heat you know!

You give such a detailed trip report that I feel I know you and Jim and it's like we are there with you.

My Husband said when he dropped me off at my Mums te night B4 the wedding he nearly cried when he drove off as he felt like it was the last time he was gonna see me!! Bless him!

Can't wait for the next installment and the PICTURES!!

05-16-2006, 05:37 PM
My new backpack since my old one was falling apart

OMG That is so cute I want one. Where did you get it and how much did it cost?

05-16-2006, 07:07 PM
OMG That is so cute I want one. Where did you get it and how much did it cost?

I loved this bag! I happened to find it in the Yacht Club gift shop for $18.00 but I'm sure it's available other places around WDW.

I had been using a backpack very similar to that for the past few years, but on this trip it finally broke completely (the elastic around the straps came off) - and was really sad that it broke! I went to the store to look for just a regular backpack or something, and found this and it was perfect and cheap!!! I use it all the time, it is a very practical bag and light to carry!

05-16-2006, 07:35 PM
I loved this bag! I happened to find it in the Yacht Club gift shop for $18.00 but I'm sure it's available other places around WDW.

I had been using a backpack very similar to that for the past few years, but on this trip it finally broke completely (the elastic around the straps came off) - and was really sad that it broke! I went to the store to look for just a regular backpack or something, and found this and it was perfect and cheap!!! I use it all the time, it is a very practical bag and light to carry!

HAHA I have a handful of these mini-backpack purse things. All I need is one more. I can here my bf now....... *rolls eyes*

I'm excited to see the wedding and the rest of your trip. Trips like yours always brings tears to my eyes. It makes me so excited for my upcoming trip with my bf. Its not our wedding or anything, but its our first vacation together. I love how your hubby, Jim, takes pics. I hope I can get Eric into it.

05-16-2006, 08:05 PM
Can't wait to hear about the wedding day! :love:

05-16-2006, 08:58 PM
:wizard: This is absolutely hands-down the best trip/wedding/honeymoon report I have ever read!!! I have just spent a loooooonnnnnggg time reading it.

I have having a small wedding with only close family members and then we are off to Disney. You have given me so many great ideas too!

Thanks so much... I can't wait to follow along... :goodvibes

05-16-2006, 11:15 PM
I am loving your trip report so much. I keep getting teary eyed in anticipation of our trip in December. :love: Thank you for taking the time to share so much with us. I can't wait for the next installment! :goodvibes

05-17-2006, 02:06 AM
You all have no idea how glad I am that you are enjoying the trip report!! Thank you all so much for your comments, I sincerely appreciate them!! I'm so glad I can share my memories with everyone, they are so much fun for me to re-live :goodvibes

I'm almost done writing the whole wedding day, but it's going to take me a while to upload more pictures and copy and paste the links into the report, so I thought I would post a little bit here and there instead of all at once. Thank you for taking the time to read my report!



The alarm was set for 4:30, but I woke up before the alarm went off, around 4 or so. That gave me a little over 2 hours of sleep. I knew I needed more sleep but was too excited to fall back asleep again, so I just got up and got an early start on getting ready. I hadn’t bothered to steam my petti-coat since no-one would see it obviously, but thought it might be a good idea if I brought it in the shower with me and let the steam in the bathroom get some of the wrinkles out of it (which it did). I took my shower and put on a silk robe Sue had lent me to get ready. She had thought ahead and said I needed to wear something that I wouldn’t have to pull over my head once the cosmetologist was done with my hair. I put a big safety pin at the top so it wouldn’t keep opening or reveal anything. My mom woke up when the wake-up call went off and made the bed and cleaned up a little bit. I made sure all my stuff was ready and decided to charge my camcorder in case my mother or anyone wanted to use it at all today.

Around 5 am, the cosmetologist, Lisa Pena, came to the room and started setting up her curling irons and things. She asked what kind of hair-style I wanted. I told her I wanted it down and curly and left the rest up to her to decide. She got to work on my hair. She said she would do my hair, then my mother’s hair, and then my make-up and veil in that order. She was very friendly and sweet!

My dress hanging up..

My mom putting her make-up on and my camcorder charging on the corner of the bed

My petti-coat hanging up in the closet

My shoes, nylon, corset, garter, etc

Our view in the morning

Lisa Pena doing my hair - she was so sweet!

Around 5:30, 3 of my bridesmaids – Jenny, Jo, and Lisa came to the room, along with Lisa’s friend Lynn. I had told them all ahead of time that if they wanted to get ready in my room they were welcome to. I was surprised they had all gotten up on time and had decided to come, I was really glad they were there!

One of my favorite things about my wedding day was everyone getting ready in my room. It was so much fun and you could feel the excitement in the air! I was really happy we all got ready together in the same room. I understood Janiece couldn’t come because she had Gracie to take care of, and since Josh was a groomsmen they both needed to get ready until the babysitter they were hiring could come.

While I was still getting my hair done by the cosmetologist, my mom ordered some room-service so everyone could have a little breakfast. I asked for some fruit for myself and some coffee.

Everyone carefully moved my dress over to a different place so they could use the area in front of the sinks to get ready. My mom was so funny, she kept watching over my wedding dress like a hawk. She’d say “don’t get any make-up on the dress!” or “don’t step on the dress!” when ever anyone was near it. We were all joking about how she’d give everyone a dirty look when they got too close to the dress the entire morning.

Lynn smiling brightly

Jo hanging up her dress


Everyone getting ready

Lisa and Jo getting ready

Jo & Lynn getting ready

Jenny getting ready

The cosmetologist finished my hair with the tiara in it and I thought it looked beautiful! Everyone agreed and said they loved it. I’m so glad that I used Lisa Pena for my hair and make-up! She then got to work on my mom’s hair. I heard her ask my mom what kind of style she wanted and my mom said something like “I’m not sure you can decide”.

While my mom was getting her hair done, I really had nothing to do. I couldn’t get dressed until my make-up was done. So I took a few pictures and took some video of everyone.

Lisa Pena doing my mother's hair (the first try)

Lynn was doing my sister Lisa’s hair and I commented on what a great job she was doing. She told me she had been a cosmetologist and loved it but had to stop because her skin was developing allergies to a lot of the chemicals. She showed me her hands and all the damage the chemicals did and it looked pretty bad. Too bad because I could tell she had been a really good cosmetologist!

Lynn doing Lisa's hair

Jo was doing her own hair with her curling iron and it was turning out really good too. Jenny wasn’t getting her hair done but I think she looks beautiful no matter what. Jo finished getting ready and put her dress on, she was the first one dressed. She looked gorgeous, I couldn’t believe it!! She was so pretty!!

Jo putting on her shoe

And Jo is the first one dressed - BEAUTIFUL!!

05-17-2006, 02:13 AM
The breakfast came and I told the guy to put it on the dresser since we were using the table for the hair and make-up. Since Lisa and Lynn were on the floor, I just put the food on the floor next to them so they could eat while getting ready. I kept offering some food to Jo but she wouldn’t take any. I started to eat the fruit. I was just going to have a few bites so I would have some sugar in my system to give me some energy, but I was nervous and pacing around and I ate a lot more of the fruit then I should have without realizing it.

Room service comes

Eating the breakfast on the floor

The bowl of fruit that I ate too much of

Jenny pouring me some coffee

After breakfast, Jenny put her dress on too and she looked amazing too!! My bridesmaids were so beautiful!!

The cosmetologist finished my mother’s hair, I really liked it but I could tell my mom didn’t. She kept asking me “are you sure you like it?” Finally I said “mom if you don’t like it, she can do something else” she kept hem-hawing about it and said it was fine she had just kind of wanted some curls. We were all like “why didn’t you ask her for curls then?” Ahh my mother is too sweet sometimes. Finally I asked the cosmetologist if she could do another style for my mother, and she said it was no problem, so she quickly got started doing a different style with curls.

Second try with my mother's hair

I saw Jenny taking some candid shots and I was like “oh great Jenny is taking candids” – I have seen my sisters pictures of other people and she always manages to get people at their ugliest lol. So I said something like “Jenny takes the worst photos!” Jenny was like “gee thanks mary!” and everyone was laughing, and then I realized that they thought I meant that Jenny looked horrible in photos. I was like “no, I mean she takes horrible photos of other people! I would never say anything so mean, sheesh!”.

That reminded Jenny of something that happened the day before when she was getting her bridesmaid dress out of my mom’s room, which was right next to Lisa’s. Jenny said “which one was mine?” and my mother said “I would think it would be the wider one”. We were all laughing about that.

All of a sudden I hear Jenny say “crap, I forgot to shave my armpits!” I was like “how could you forget to shave your armpits? That’s really gross!” but I go and get her a razor and a cup of water and she starts shaving them in the middle of the room. I was like “now that’s classy!” and took a bunch of pictures so I could embarrass her later.

Jo zipping up Jenny, and me zipping up Jo

the razor jenny used to shave her armpits - that's classy!

Look at the beautiful ladies!

I don’t usually drink coffee, but I was having some that morning. I figured caffeine in my system might be a really good idea. I was trying not to drink too much though, since I didn’t know how often I’d be able to use the bathroom, and I didn’t know how difficult it might be to get out of my dress to use the bathroom.

Around 6:40 Sue came by to see how everything was going. I didn’t have my dress or make-up on, but she nonetheless told me I already looked beautiful. I thought she was the beautiful one! I loved her dress and told her she looked like a goddess, she looked great! She left before I had a chance to ask how Jim was doing. Her, Jim, the groomsmen, and Jim’s father were all leaving in the limo at 7 so she had to get going.

Sue comes to say goodmorning, jenny helps her to pin her shawl together

the sun was coming up - it was getting late!

05-17-2006, 02:15 AM
Around 6:50, Lisa Pena finishes my mom hair and it looks great! I liked the first style but I LOVED the second style, so I was glad she did it twice. I sit down and she starts doing my makeup. I told her I liked light tones and nothing too colorful, but other then that I let her have complete artistic control over my makeup. While she was doing my make-up, one of the girls would come by and be like “ooooo you look beautiful” but I wasn’t allowed to see until she finished. When applying the mascara, she was like “man you got some lashes girl!” . I thanked her and told her my eyes were the only feature on me that I actually liked. She was sweet and told me all my features were beautiful.

Time for my make-up!

While I was in the chair I was facing towards the balcony while she did my make-up. I start hearing a commotion from my sister Lisa, Jenny, and my mother, but I couldn’t see what was going on. I kept asking what was going on, but noone was answering me. Finally I hear Lisa shout, in her Lisa-is-having-yet-another-melodrama-chrisis voice, “My dress doesn’t FIT!”. I couldn’t see anything so I was imagining the worst I hear Jenny say “didn’t you try the dress on after they altered it!?” And lisa was like “no she always does my alterations I just figured she did them right” and Jenny was like “I can’t believe you didn’t try the dress on” and lisa is like “why don’t you shut up, Jenny!!”

I felt bad – that was one of my biggest nightmares for the wedding, my dress not fitting. I asked my mom how bad was it since I couldn’t see anything, and if she could at least pull the dress up, she said yeah she could pull the dress up it just wasn’t zipping. Oh that wasn’t that bad! I kept trying to offer my advice – I had a old-fashioned corset that you tie up that really does its job, I kept telling lisa to put the corset on and I’m sure it would be fine, but nobody was paying attention to me. The cosmetologist was really sweet and told me not to worry about it or stress out, that it would be fine. So I just ignored the commotion and relaxed.

Finally my mom tells me that they got the dress zipped up, but then I hear lisa say “Great, my ****s are sticking out now and I look like a hoochie-mama!!” I was laughing at that. I thought she liked looking like a hoochie. Everyone was assuring her that she looked fine and that everyone would be looking at the bride anyways and not to be so melodramatic about it. I just sat back and didn’t worry about it, I was used to Lisa being like this. Lisa loves drama. The morning of her wedding she got into a huge argument with her fiancé, now ex-husband, about something really really stupid and was fighting with him the whole morning. That’s just who Lisa is, so I just drowned her out and was determined to not let anything ruin my wedding day. I was still having a great time.

I was running a little late though. I asked my mom what time it was and she said 7:20 – crap! I had to be in my wedding dress and in the front lobby by 7:30… The cosmetologist could see that I was worried and she said something like “don’t’ worry sweetie, they’re not going to start the wedding without you!” That made a lot of sense so I relaxed and tried not to worry. She quickly finished my makeup and showed it to me, then quickly attached the veil. I have really thin hair so it didn’t take too many bobby pins to keep it attached. I look in the mirror and she did a great job with the hair and makeup – absolutely perfect!! I really really highly recommend using Lisa Pena for your cosmetology! I didn’t look in the mirror for too long though since it was about 7:23 at this point.

I quickly put on my nylons, corset, shoes, garter, and gloves while my mom and Jenny took down the dress from the hanger. I looked in the mirror before I had my dress on and started to feel bad about how I looked. I tried to tell myself to shut up and that I looked fine (I am an extremely self-conscious person). I got into my petti-coat and the cosmetologist told me that it would be easier if I put the petticoat inside the dress and stepped into both at the same time. That did make a lot of sense! But I already had the petticoat on and had practiced it this way, so I just stepped in to the dress and pushed the petticoat through (I wasn’t worried about the petticoat getting wrinkled obviously). I did this as quickly as I could, it was 7:25 am already. I only had one moment to glance at myself in the mirror, take one picture, and then we headed out the door. For the one second that I had a chance to see myself in the mirror I thought I looked okay. I didn’t feel like a princess like a lot of girls say they feel on their wedding day – I was far too self conscious for that, but I thought I looked okay. I was surprised that I felt as good about myself as I did actually, though it was kind of a conscious effort. Oh well, it was who I was, and Jim always told me he thought I was beautiful, and that’s all that mattered.

I get dressed in like five seconds flat

Time for one really bad picture of me, and then we're off to the limo!
more later :)

05-17-2006, 02:39 AM
We made sure all the curling irons were off, grabbed my wedding-bag that had a white sweater in case I got cold at the reception, my wedding slippers to change into later, my camera just in case, an extra pair of nylons, an extra pair of gloves, my “wedding emergency kit” – with all those things they say to pack – tissues, thread and needle, scissors, safety pins, breathmints, clear nail polish, etc. (I never ended up using any of the things in my emergency kit btw), Oh and some sunglasses for some reason.

Jo held up the back of my dress as we walked down the hallway to the elevator. I think most of the conversation along the way was reassuring Lisa that she looked fine and didn’t look like a hoochie. Though I remember that I kept thinking how beautiful everyone looked. I kept telling everyone how gorgeous they were, I was really blown away, everyone looked stunning, my mom looked gorgeous too!

My shoe buckle started to loosen a little on the way through the lobby so I didn’t look very graceful walking around I’m sure. Jenny’s husband, Kevin, was in the lobby too. I looked around to see if any of the other guests were around but didn’t see anyone.

We went outside the front entrance and saw the limo driver waiting for us. The time, according to the time-stamp on some of my pictures, was 7:29 and thirty seconds. Whoo, I made it on time!

The bell hop outside the Yacht Club saw me and said “Now that is the perfect dress for park hopping!” I laughed and agreed with him. Then someone jumped in front of me and snapped my picture – at first I thought it was a random guest, but when he put the camera down I realized it was Jim’s Uncle James. Darnit someone saw me! Ah well.. He said something but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

The limo driver opened the door for us. Kevin took two pictures of me before I got in, and then I carefully stepped into the limo and sat down. Janiece arrived and saw me and said I looked beautiful – but I doubt seeing me shoved into the back of a limo was very flattering. I told her I looked better when I was standing up. Janiece, Lisa, Jenny, my mother, and my father got in. Then Lynn started to get in and then we all remembered that she was actually a guest and was supposed to go on the bus. Oh, oops! I felt bad, but there was no room in the limo. I don’t know what we would have done if we had had more bridesmaids?

In front of the limo

My dad getting into the limo

I asked Lisa if she could fix my shoe buckle and she tried to tighten it as much as possible. That was better. My mother gave me a handkerchief with a poem “to our daughter, the bride” on it. I read through it and it was very sweet! I put it in my bag and said I would have to read it more carefully later.

My mom pointed out Dad’s tie she had bought for him – it was a blue pattern of very subtle hidden mickeys. It was perfect! She said she found it at DownTown Disney. The colors and the mickeys were perfect, it was like someone made it just for our wedding.

I was so excited, we were on our way!!! I asked Jenny to take some pictures of us while we were in the limo with my camera, and said “after we’re out of the limo and with the photographer, I swear I won’t be asking anyone else to take anymore pictures!”

In the limo with everyone

You can see us pulling away from the yacht club in the background

the poem on my handkerchief my parents gave to me

My beautiful mother!

My beautiful bridesmaid and best friend Jo!

My handsome father!

Even though she looks like a deer caught in headlights there, my beautiful sister lisa, my other beautiful sister Jenny, Jim's beautiful adopted sister Janiece, and my beautiful best friend Jo,, everyone looked so pretty!

A close-up of my dad's tie

I kept thinking how amazing everyone looked, and my dad looked so handsome too! We started to get close to epcot – I could see the back of the American adventure coming up. We were getting close, it was almost here!!

More later :)

05-17-2006, 02:55 AM
Oh, you know how to keep u hanging on for more, I will have to check back later for the next part of the day.

You look beautiful by the way, and not having too long to ponder on your outfit in the mirror is a good thing. I too am self concious and on my wedding day I had 5-10 mins before leaving to eat, drink and get changed! I had no time to panic!

I am loving the report! And your Dads tie!

05-17-2006, 04:23 AM
You looked beautiful, it really started reminding me of my day :love:

05-17-2006, 06:12 AM
Yea!!! Thank you Mary for giving us all more, more, more :) I think you look sooo pretty in your pictures. We are having Lisa Pena and a crew of hers ;) come do our hair and make up--there's going to be like a million people crammed into that room :) I love reading your report, you really put us all in the moment with you--and I love it!! So glad that you are putting this all together (so fast, but so detailed!!!) and sharing it with us :) So can not wait for the rest of your tr--I had to read another tr on another board just to tide me over ;)

05-17-2006, 07:17 AM
Hi Mary - I just LOVE your TR! Everything is so detailed and real! It gives me goosebumps everytime I read it and I can't wait for my DFTW! I have a couple of questions for you...

- Where did you get the Mickey and Minnie tip envelopes? I think they are adorable!

- I saw that you did CP in 1999? When were you there? Where did you work? I did CP in the summer of 1999 and worked at Wide World of Sports. I was just wondering if we were on CP at the same time?

05-17-2006, 07:46 AM
Thank you so much, Emmo, Goobergal, and Mindystar!!! :blush:

honeybun7677 - Thank you :) I put the tip envelopes together myself. I made the graphic using 'adobe photosop' - made it to the same size as the envelope, and just put the enveopes through my printer. I was surprised at how easy it was actually! Sorry I thought I had answered your question about the CP before, I must have forgotten. I worked in the fall of 99 at "Mouse Gears" at epcot - which had just opened up. It was an interesting experience, though I was terribly home-sick at the time I did it! (was the first time I was away from family).

05-17-2006, 07:55 AM
Mary you are such a sweet person.... :sunny: ..I love the way you keep commenting on how pretty everyone else looked. Let me tell you...you looked like an absolute princess! princess:
Your Dh is a very lucky man to have a wife so beautiful on the outside and the inside. :wizard:

05-17-2006, 08:06 AM
Mary, you look gorgeous! Can't wait for the next installment. :thumbsup2

05-17-2006, 08:10 AM
Mary you are such a sweet person.... :sunny: ..I love the way you keep commenting on how pretty everyone else looked. Let me tell you...you looked like an absolute princess! princess:
Your Dh is a very lucky man to have a wife so beautiful on the outside and the inside. :wizard:

That is such a sweet thing to say, thank you so much, I think your post will have me smiling all day! :goodvibes

05-17-2006, 08:23 AM
Mary - You look beautiful! Thank you sooo much for sharing and letting us be a part of your special day. Can't wait for more....... :)

05-17-2006, 08:32 AM
Mary, you look absolutely amazing! You can tell how humble and sweet you are from reading your TR. I only wish I can be as complimentry of my bridesmaids and family right before my wedding. You also seemed so relaxed! I am LOVING reading this report! You have done such a nice job :) I cannot wait to read more!

05-17-2006, 09:10 AM
Thank you all again so much, you are all so sweet and I really do appreciate all of your comments, thank you so much! :goodvibes


As me and my bridal party are about to pull up to the limo, I think I'll cut to Jim's side of the story now before going back to ours.. I asked Jim if he could write a little bit about what was going on with him and the groomsmen up to this point, so the rest of this post was all written by my DH :sunny:


Jim's side of the Story...
It was a dark night, as most nights are because there is no sun at night… Unless of course, you're in Alaska, which is a very nice place to visit. I hear the Northern Lights are pretty but the one chance in my life I've had to see them, someone didn't wake me up. But anyway, now I'm getting off track. At about 11PM I brought my overnight bag, and my tux to my best man's room. He was listening to a very strange selection of music. From South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut and Weird Al, to Rent and Star Wars Techno remixes.
I'm tired, but excited. So sleeping wasn't going to be easy. Matt (my best man) informs me that he has to sleep with cartoons on. Great, I'm an extremely light sleeper due to all my training as an older brother for 23 years, having to be ever vigilant against younger brother attacks in the dead of night. So going to sleep with Disney cartoons in the background is not easy. Especially since I'm already nervous, and I'm full of quesadillas from dinner earlier. I manage to sleep for about an hour. Then I wake up, and watch cartoons 'till about 4:30AM. Our plan was to wake up at 5:00, and at some point I fell asleep. For some reason, our wakeup call didn't go through, and the two alarms Matt set didn't go off. So Matt wakes up at 5:30 yelling "HOLY CRAP WE'RE LATE!" and proceeds to throw on a bunch of wedding songs (Like "Going to the Chapel" and the Johnny Cash version of "Hurt") The last time I remember moving this fast was when I was 13 and the back of a school bus I was in caught fire. So, after waking up at 5:30, I was showered, shaved, combed, and in my tux blowing kisses to the attractive reflection in the mirror by 6:00.

We head down to the lobby and I start calling Groomsmen to make sure everything was okay. Most of them were staying at the Yacht Club, but one was at the Pop Century. He was taking a cab over. When I called he'd just gotten to the lobby and was asking for a cab. Everything is okay so far, except my body was missing one essential element. Caffeine. I didn't want to have a diet coke, because a this point, the quesadillas were performing a hostile takeover of my digestive system. So I called upon the wisdom of my best friend, who couldn't be there for the wedding due to work. He always told me, when things are tough, think to yourself WWPD. What would Picard Do? Simple. Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Thank you Jean Luc. Without you I would be lost. So I get my tea, and start to wake up. At the same time most of the groomsmen, and my mom & dad arrive. We sit there, talking about what to do in case ninjas attack the wedding. Or, being that it's in Italy, what do we do if stereotypical Italian plumbers attempt to jump on our heads or force us to eat spaghetti. Corey (The Pop century groomsman) arrives, and so does the limo. I hand Corey an envelope containing tip money for the DJ and ask him to hand it to the DJ at some point during the wedding.

So, me, all 4 groomsmen, and my mom and dad pile into the limo, and I'm excited so I do what I always do when I'm excited. I started singing "Part of your world" in the lowest voice I possibly could. I get half way through the first verse and all the groomsmen join in. After that we sing the Gummi Bears theme, the Ducktales theme, the GI Joe theme, the Northern Exposure theme, and the Kenny Rogers' The Gambler. By the time we arrive at the Italy section of Epcot, we're half way through the Charles in Charge theme. We finish it off while getting out of the limo, and our coordinator greeted us. It seemed like she might be confused by the TV show themes we're singing, but that didn't stop us from singing the entire theme to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as she pinned flowers onto our tuxedos. My mom and dad were impressed that me, and all the groomsmen knew the song word for word.

I'm sure the coordinator, photographer, and officiant were impressed too, but they were hard to read so early in the morning. I leave the groomsmen, who are still singing, and hand the wedding license to the officiant along with an envelope Mary gave me which contained her money. The photographer pulls me back over to my parents and the groomsmen and we start taking pictures. After a bunch of extremely strange pictures, and some really good ones, our wedding coordinator decided that everyone, except for my parents had to be hidden away in a place where we couldn't be seen by anyone, and we couldn't see anyone. The big problem with this was, my parents were the only things anchoring us to any semblance of sanity. As we were escorted in, our coordinator told me that this morning, when they unpacked the cake topper that Mary and I had bought at Disneyland and sent them a few months ago, it had shattered. The mickey and Minnie inside were fine, and the base was in good shape so they were going to try to make it look pretty, and surround it with some flowers before the reception. They were going to tell Mary after the ceremony 'cause they were afraid it would upset her. I didn't see how it could since everything was already so pretty. At this point, something horrible happened. The second we got in that room I started getting really nervous, that combined with the fact that the hostile takeover in my stomach was complete led to me spending the next 30 minutes or so away from my groomsmen praying that this would pass soon. When I came back to my groomsmen they were all still being crazy, and one of them, Chris (My younger brother) decided to tell me that he had some mean things to say about Mary in his toast. Ordinarily this wouldn't even phase me, but I was nervous already so I got really angry and told him he'd better not say anything. Corey (Pop Century) said that if my brother said anything he'd personally punch him, and Chris finally admitted he was joking. I feel like an idiot now for getting angry because it turned out to be a great toast that almost made me cry.

But anyway, enough about emotions. Men don't actually experience those. Chris got sent away finally to pass out programs. According to witnesses, he was yelling "PAPER'S, GET YOUR PAPERS!" (In an old Newsie accent.) Stan the Videographer (I don't think that's actually his last name) pulled me aside and asked me to give Mary a message. I don't remember what I said, but I remember him saying they'll cut it down in editing. I felt bad for Stan because of the way the groomsmen and I were joking. He didn't seem like he knew what he should film and what he shouldn't. He was a great guy though, I'm glad we chose him as our videographer. After a while, Chris comes back and explains to me that my cousin got there, and he's SOBER! WOOHOO! My cousin is a little crazy, and is rarely sober so this was good news. We didn't know he was coming until about 3 days before we left. Long after the RSVP date. The coordinator comes back in, and says that two people missed the bus to the ceremony, but the bus was going back to get them now. It was some friends of my family. We should've expected it because they've never been on time for anything. So, they get there and sit down, Stan puts a wireless microphone on me, and the coordinator takes me and my groomsmen out of our prison to the bridge in front of the Isola....

(to be continued..)

Chris outside of his room by the Yacht Club Gazebo

Jim drinking tea earl grey, hot.. corey eating a bagel, matt pinching the bridge of his nose?

Still at the Yacht club – Chris being hyper

Careful with that tea, Jim

Chris and Josh

The Groomsmen in the limo – jim looks so happy!

Jim’s parents in the limo

Jim’s appointed spot in the waiting area of Alfredo’s Ristorante

Matt & Josh, who looks about to fall asleep

Chris cleaning the wax out of Jim’s ear? (no idea)

Corey & Jim (who looks so cute!)

aww look how happy he looks!

Brotherly love

Chris annoying the other groomsmen -
Chris & Matt
Chris & Corey
Chris & Josh

no idea

it’s almost time!

05-17-2006, 09:11 AM
Mary, Congratulations to you and Jim on your wedding. I am loving your TR, it all sounds so wonderfull.
Can't wait to read more and see more pics, what a beautiful bride you are.

05-17-2006, 09:54 AM
Oh Mary! You look so beautiful. And everyone else looks great, too. I can't wait to read more! MORE MORE!!

05-17-2006, 10:16 AM
Thanks Mary! The tip envelopes were so adorable! I just LOVED them! I will have to try something like that myself if you don't mind :) Although, I am a little graphic design challenged but I have some friends that could probably help me.

I know what you mean about being home sick! While you were on CP in the Fall of 1999, I was studying abroad in London and I was terribly homesick at that time. Fortunately, it prepared me for CP so I wasn't as home sick that time around. But, I still was a little. I hope you enjoyed your CP experience minus being homesick!

05-17-2006, 10:18 AM
Mary...Tell Jim he has a real talent for writing...I was laughing my head off at that report.. :teeth:
Chris managed to get in a lot of the photos...he must love the camera :wizard:
I have to say this would be my dream wedding...staying at the YC...lots of family and friends...a great atmosphere!! :cheer2:
Can't wait to read more.... :thumbsup2

Mommy Poppins
05-17-2006, 11:00 AM
Mary, I just want to tell you again how wonderful your trip report and pictures have been. I honestly can't wait to read more. Jim's talent for writing is almost as good as yours!!! That is wonderful that he is willing to contribute his side to the story. I hope you are keeping a copy of the report to put in your wedding album. Many years later you will be able to read through it and relive the emotions/feelings/thoughts/sounds of your wedding day!

You are an absolutely gorgeous bride!!! ::yes::You should never be "down" on your looks and should be extremely proud! Even though I am very much like you and critical of my looks/weight, etc, my Jim always tells me that he loves me just the way I am and wouldn't change a thing--I'm positive that your Jim feels the same way!

I wish my vow renewal report was half as interesting to write/read!! :rotfl:

05-17-2006, 11:10 AM
Oh my goodness! Mary, what does Jim do for a living? Well, whatever he does, he needs to quit that and become a writer! He is hysterical :rotfl2: This is coming from someone who is a writer and reads and edits many, many articles (I am a public health grad student and my area is public health communication). He needs to at least have a column in the paper or something.

It looks like you are all having such a great time! Sounds like you have great family and friends and a great DH :thumbsup2

Keep the tr coming!

05-17-2006, 12:19 PM
I just sat down and read all 9 pages of this report..You look beautiful and the pictures are great! cant wait to read more!

05-17-2006, 12:51 PM
O.K., I just heard today that my favorite show, Everwood, is being cancelled -BUT at least I still have Mary (and Jim's) reports to look forward to! They are wonderful. Makes me feel like I was a mouse (maybe Gus) in the corner the whole time.

Can't wait for the wedding ceremony and reception reports. Thanks for sharing, Mary! Best Wishes to you and Jim.

05-17-2006, 01:00 PM
Well done Jim, More Please!

05-17-2006, 01:15 PM
Mary, I have read every last word written on this post and I feel like I am right there with you... I was laughing at Jim's report and thinking about how my DF is going to have some intestine issues the morning of our wedding... whenever he gets nervous, he goes to the bathroom... usually about 5 mins before he has to do that important thing... it should be interesting in our case...

I hope I can be as calm as you... I am usually a HUGE stress ball and I am trying my hardest to remind myself I am surrounded by so many capable, understanding friends and family who love me...

I can't wait to read about your ceremony and reception. Congratulations to you both!!! Mommy Poppins is right - you should print the report out and keep to look back on one day... it's better than pictures or a video... you truly capture the moment in your storytelling. Thank you... keep them coming. :thumbsup2

05-17-2006, 01:41 PM
so exciting to be reading about your big day! :Pinkbounc you are a great writer, i can't believe you remember so many details. and jim's story is hysterical!

05-17-2006, 02:34 PM
Mary~ You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day!! I can't tell you how much I am LOVING this trip report -- oh I don't know if I can wait until the next installment!!!! I love how you tell the story -- you should defintely keep a copy of this for your memory album!!

05-17-2006, 04:25 PM
I am loving this TR! You are so special to be commenting on how everyone is so beautiful (which they are...), but you really seem like a great person to be with. I am sure everyone loved being in your wedding because you thought so much of them, and they were honored to be with you on your extra special day. Congrats, and you are really a princess!

05-17-2006, 04:58 PM
Oh my gosh... Thanks so much for putting up more pictures today!!! It was so great to see after work :thumbsup2

You looked beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

I loved your dad's tie too! That we awesome.

05-17-2006, 05:01 PM
Mary! Mary! Mary!! You look INCREDIBLE!!! It is because of brides just like you that make the "no dress" rule in the parks necessary!! You would have all the little girls fawning over you, and paying no attention to Cinderella!! :goodvibes You look simply perfect! Just the way every bride should look on her wedding day!!!! I love the way you tell your story, and your DH is hysterical! His words remind me of my fiance! :) Such a character!! :banana: I have a few questions for you....I love your girls dresses! Did you get them at Davids Bridal? Is that color called Indigo?? I got my girls dresses at DAvids (diff style) but same color it seems!!!! And i love the way the guys tuxes match sooooo nicely!!!!!!!!! Everyone looks perfect!!!! Who did you go through for tuxs? Did you go through Carolyn Allens??? What style number did you use? What vest color and style is that?? Any info you have would be great!!! I just love the look so much!! (P.S. Those exact dresses you picked out I am wearing for my best friends wedding! They are gorgeous! I cant wait to wear mine!!) lOOKING forward to hearing from you!!! I love this story!!!! Its such a great read!!!! :cool1:

05-17-2006, 06:19 PM
You look great and the trip report is wonderful! I was telling my fiance Ryan about your Jim and he thinks he is awesome! Does Jim like Halo?? We have Halo parties all the time here!

I can't wait to see you at WMU in the fall! It will be so much fun to have someone to discuss a Disney wedding with!

05-17-2006, 09:43 PM
Thank you all again so much!! I'm having a hard time with the next part, because I have it written but I don't what to do for pictures, since I wasn't taking them at the time and I haven't gotten back the professional photos yet. I was hoping that my professional pics would be up this week and then I would have something to add to the story.... ah well I will think of something soon!!

Honeybun7677 - feel free to use the tip envelope idea however you like - I actually got the idea for that and the door hanger on this forum! I'm sure yours will look great :)

Mommy poppins - I think I will print this out when it is done, that is a good idea! Thank you so much for your kind words, Jim does say the exact same thing. I guess guys named Jim are a good catch ;) I am really looking forward to reading your report!!!

JJClemson - I agree with you completely, but of course DH would rather be playing video games then writing ;) After I read the bit that he wrote, I told him he should write the whole trip report! I am glad he wrote the little bit he has though, so I could see what him and the guys were up to before the ceremony!

LUV2DzNee - I'm sorry to hear about "everwood" being cancelled - even though i've never seen it. Glad I could make you feel a little better though!

Beana9802 - thank you so much, you have me blushing! :goodvibes

disneyheaven - You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for the very kind words! :goodvibes I will try to answer some of your questions but I don't know the answers to a lot of them.. Jim picked out the Tuxes at After Hours - he picked out the colors and everything! He doesn't remember the style numbers I'm afraid and I wasn't with him when he picked it out so I know nothing about them! The girls dresses were from David's Bridal and they are a royal blue color. I think they might have a different "official" name, but that's the color that they were :). Sorry I can't be of more help! That's so cool that you'll be wearing the same bridesmaids dress - I'm sure you're going to look fabulous!!

nkkilala - thank you so much and that is so cool that I will "know" someone when we move this summer!! For some reason it makes it seem a little less daunting! That's awesome that you have "halo" parties! Jim plays halo and I think he said that sounds really cool! :) Though his current obsession is currently World of Warcraft, so he'll have to practice "Halo" a little bit before we move! :rotfl: I look forward to seeing you at WMU and hearing about your upcoming Disney Wedding!

Thanks again to everyone who's been reading the report and to those who've posted - I'm really glad you are enjoying the report and really appreciate the compliments! :grouphug:

I will try to post some more before the end of the night :)

05-17-2006, 10:27 PM
Mary...you are an absolutely gorgeous bride! :love: :love: I'm really enjoying your trip report. Jim's report is great too. You seem to have done a great job relaxing yourself with the bumps in the road wedding morning. It's reports like this that make me sad that it'll be 2 whole years til my VR.

:grouphug: Much love and HuGGz

05-18-2006, 02:50 PM
it really DOES read like a fairytale, your narration is beautiful and so full of life. I cannot wait to read the rest! i'm on the edge of my seat! (Like i don't already know you get married! haha) :love:

05-18-2006, 04:07 PM
Tinkerbellz and HeatherLynn - thank you both so much! :)

Okay I FINALLY got my sister to email me some of the pictures my mother took before the ceremony so I could have some photos to fill in the gaps, thanks Jenny!


The limo stopped at a security gate for a second and then proceeded forward into epcot. I thought they were going to drop us off right behind the American adventure, but to my surprise the limo kept driving forward until we were on the promenade around the world showcase. How cool! There was Italy! The limo driver dropped us off right at the front of Italy.


I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked! When we walked around Epcot during a normal theme park day, we knew the place was pretty, but it looked SO much more elegant and beautiful with very few people around. All the flowers were out for the Spring & Garden festival and they really added a lot to the pavilion. It was beautiful! I didn’t have a chance to look around or gawk much, since time was limited and we had a lot of pictures to take! I saw Stan the videographer in the background getting some establishing shots of the pavilion. The coordinator came up to us and said goodmorning and Randy (the photographer) came up and introduced himself. The coordinator handed me my bouquet – my gosh it was beautiful! It wasn’t exactly as I pictured it, but then things seldom are, but it was so pretty! I put the bouquet up to my nose to smell them. Randy asked “Mary did those flowers smell good?” and went to snap a picture. I said “yeah they did” and I heard the coordinator laugh, then Randy asked me to smell them again so he could take a picture… Ahhh that’s what he meant, okay lol. Then I noticed my hidden mickeys inside the bouquet, oh yeah I had forgotten about those, how adorable!! I pointed them out to Randy and he snapped a few pictures of them. I loved the hidden mickeys, there were three of them in my bouquet along a few other blue crystals here and there, added just enough sparkle to the bouquet, it was perfect! Pictures do not do my bouquet justice!

I noticed the morning mist was out and you couldn’t see Spaceship Earth in the background at all. That worried me a little since the ceremony arrangements and alter were centered around spaceship earth being the backdrop. Ah well, I could see the sun shining brightly behind the mist and hoped it would soon burn the morning fog away.

I also noticed that they were playing Disney music in the futureworld part of epcot pretty loudly and was wondering if that was going to interfere with being able to hear the music in our ceremony. I didn’t worry about it though. It was enjoyable music, I love listening to Disney music, so it was nice to have that playing in the background while we took photos.

Randy put me next to one of the columns in the Italy courtyard and just started snapping away. He put us in different combinations of bridesmaids and mothers, mother and father.. mother and father and sisters.. etc.. I kept trying to keep my veil kind of in front of my arms because it made me a little less self-conscious. Randy saw that that’s what I preferred, so he would let me know when to fix it or not, he was great about that!

One of the assistants pinning the boutonierre (or however you spell that) on my father

The lady about to pin the corsage on my mother

me pointing out the hidden mickey on my bouquet to Randy (we didn't get any good close-up shots of my bouquet, but I know the photographer did, so I'll add in some more pics of that when I get the professional photos)

The morning mist hovers over us as me and Jenny take some pre-ceremony photos

A good shot of the train of my dress

Randy getting on top of the bench to take my photo from above

Another one of Randy getting on the bench to take my photo as the bridesmaids gossip

I saw Barry (Jim’s dad) sitting at a table in the courtyard with my father. I didn’t have a chance to go say anything to him, but I think I waved to him. I think I remember him saying “you look beautiful” which was sweet of him.

Sue & Barry sitting around waiting

Sue listening to Barry’s heartbeat?

Since I was pretty much in all of the photos, I really didn’t have a chance to look around much and only caught a glimpse of the ceremony site once. It had looked beautiful, but I kept trying to sneak more peaks at it to see what it looked like again. There were a few poses were Randy would tell me to stand there and look behind me, where I felt like my head was turned 180 degrees lol.

I knew the Groomsmen and Jim were all in the Alfredo’s restaurant in the corner of the pavilion. The coordinator assured me that Jim was not allowed to move from his seat facing the opposite direction. But at one point someone said “there’s Chris, he’s peaking!” I got a little worried that Jim was looking too, but someone assured me it was just Chris.

At one point the officiant came by and introduced herself to me. She was very sweet!


05-18-2006, 04:09 PM
Even though it was still foggy out, Randy took us over to the Isola for a few more pictures.

Walking to the Isola

Jo, lisa, janiece and me with our backs to the isola. You can see the officiant to the right

The bridesmaids and me on the bridge to the isola. You can really see the fog in this picture. I have no idea who those people are to the right


When I was taking some pictures with the bridesmaids on the bridge of the isola, I forget how it got brought up, but I think we were talking about the “something old something new”. I hadn’t worried too much about that whole adage, but I had borrowed my sister’s old garter to wear so I would at least have “the borrowed” covered. I wasn’t going to worry about the “blue” part because blue was everywhere in my wedding – the flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, etc… but I said “I guess it worked out because I couldn’t find the white underwear I was going to wear, so I wore some that are blue” and then I laughed and said “and I guess that could be the old too”, and then I heard Stan say “at least it’s not the something borrowed” which we all thought was pretty funny.

Randy took a few more shots of just me, and I hear all the bridesmaids laughing and being silly. We look over and they were taking some pictures with this fake donkey pulling a cart of flowers by the Italy pavilion, Randy snapped a few candid shots of them being silly. Can’t wait to see them!

Here’s a few my mom took

Towards the end of the picture taking I notice that the sun was shining brightly and all the mist and haze from the morning was gone and it was a beautiful, clear day!

Stan asked me to say a little message to Jim to the camera. I knew he was going to ask me something, but I didn’t have anything prepared and just figured I would say something from the heart when the time came. I don’t remember what I said exactly, I will have to wait to see the video to remember!

Stan records a message from me to jim as I continue to contort my neck

05-18-2006, 04:11 PM
Some more pictures from the morning


The picture taking didn’t seem to last very long – it was already going by so quickly! I have no idea how long we were actually taking photos for. It was such a blur and I don’t remember much of what happened. I’ll have to wait to see the photos to try to piece it together!

Before I knew it, it was time to take our places!! The limo drove back up to the pavilion and the coordinator walked me and my father over to it. On the way to the limo, I saw Chris (jim’s brother) walking towards the ceremony site. Oh yeah, he was going to hand out programs! I waved to him and shouted “how’s jim doing?” He shouted back “Jim’s good! He’s happy and nervous – he keeps smiling a lot!” Awwww how cute, I could just picture it!

The coordinator asked if I was ready and I was like “I guess!” But then I realized my shoe buckle was loose again and asked if she could tighten it for me (since it was very hard for me to reach down to do it). She tightened it as much as she could and then me and my father got back into the limo. I started to get nervous and excited!!

The fog is starting to lift as my mother helps me walk towards the limo. You can see the ugly construction wall in the background

Some basic shots of the Italy pavilion

Spaceship earth through the barber poles by the isola

The unity candle table

One of the programs and a bag of rose petals on a guest chair

A close-up of one of the flower arrangements at our altar, with spaceship earth in the background

05-18-2006, 04:23 PM
Everything looks beautiful, especially YOU! I love your dress and the location and everything! :love: I was so excited to see a new installment of your trip report. :Pinkbounc Can't wait to read more.

I would LOVE to have a wedding in Italy. Wish I could afford a custom, but it's just not in the budget. :rolleyes: So, I'm living vicariously through you right now. :teeth:

05-18-2006, 04:24 PM
Hi Mary! :wave:

I love reading your TR! You were gorgeous and I LOVE the blue of your BM dresses! Can't wait for the next installment... :)


Disney Hot Mama
05-18-2006, 05:35 PM
Can't wait to read more of your wonderful wedding and story.

I have a couple questions for you if you have time....
What time was your wedding ceremony scheduled for?
How did you choose Italy for your pre-ceremony photos?
How did you choose your wedding ceremony location?

I wish you all the happiness with your marriage. I am celebrating 11 + years myself and have been blessed with two children. I wish you the same (if you want kids someday..... : )

05-18-2006, 07:44 PM
Ohhh I love this!!! The pictures are sooo beautiful!!!!!!! :) So nicely told!!!

05-19-2006, 12:17 AM
This is the best story! It's like a fairy tale! The pictures are great, you were a beautiful bride. Let's see the rest of the pictures! Keeping us in suspense, eh? Boy it's tough to be patient. :teeth:

Thanks so much for sharing these. It must have been an incredible trip for you, I'm so happy for you!

05-19-2006, 10:09 AM
Thank you all again for your comments, they are really sweet! :goodvibes

I have a couple questions for you if you have time....
What time was your wedding ceremony scheduled for?
How did you choose Italy for your pre-ceremony photos?
How did you choose your wedding ceremony location?

Thank you, Disney Hot Mama! :) ... Our ceremony was scheduled for 9 am bright and early (which means the guys were there for photos at 7 am, me and the bridesmaids were there at 7:30 am... guests were picked up by chartered bus from 7:45 - 8:15 and were seated at the isola at 8:40 am...) the ceremony lasted until 9:30 am. It was a very early wedding!

We took our pre-ceremony photos in Italy because we were getting married on the little island that juts out from the Italy Pavilion (called the "isola") :)

I chose our ceremony location to be the isola because I thought it was beautiful!! I really wanted to get married IN a theme park, epcot being the only real choice for wedding location in a theme park, I chose epcot.. I love epcot anyway though so it wasn't a hard choice!! I looked over Disney's official wedding website and looked through their (very limited) picture selection. While I thought all the country locations were beautiful, the isola was my favorite. I love that it is overlooking the lagoon and looking out on the world showcase.. seemed less like "italy" and more like "epcot" if that makes any sense! Some of the other location choices seemed a little too confined or shadowy. While they are beautiful, I wanted something bright and sunny (although our location was a little too sunny lol). I loved the bridges that took you over into the isola - of course I didn't know until 4 days before the wedding that one of the bridges was going to be under refurbishment and have a big ugly construction wall around it!!

I hope that helps answer your questions, let me know if you have any more :)

05-19-2006, 10:11 AM
Our guests had boarded the Chartered Disney-cruise-line bus starting around 7:45 to 8:15 (it picked them up from 3 different hotels). The bus dropped them off right behind the American Adventure around 8:30 am right as I was finishing up the pictures and getting into the limo. Around 8:37 they started walking to the isola as the limo with me and my dad were safely behind the scenes. (love those time-stamps on the digital pictures!)

The disney cruise line chartered bus
Everyone aboard
Jim’s nephew, William looks bored
Unloading the bus
Jim’s neice, mia, chillin

Walking to Italy..

05-19-2006, 10:14 AM
In the limo…

From this point on – I have no idea what was happening at the ceremony. The limo drove us to behind the American adventure area again and we waited and waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t see anything that was happening and I couldn’t hear any of the music or anything. You don’t really think about that when you’re planning the wedding! In your minds eye you think you’ll be able to see everything for some reason.

I had no idea if the ceremony had started or what was going on. I started to make sure I didn’t have anything in my teeth or up my nose lol. I noticed there was make-up on the fingertips of my gloves, but didn’t think anyone would notice.

The limo driver didn’t say anything to us the entire time, so I really had no idea what was going on. It seemed like it was taking a LONG time. I had no idea what time it was either. My dad told me a joke to help pass the time. “An atheist is walking through the Himalayas when all of a sudden this giant big foot creature jumps out and is about to devour him.. the man drops to his knees and screams ‘God please help me!!!’… then he hears a booming voice say ‘I thought you didn’t believe in me??’ and the man responds ‘well a second ago I didn’t’ believe in Big Foot either!” I chuckled and then went back to being nervous. Then we see the Disney Cruise line chartered bus pull up in front of us, and see two guests pile out and start running towards the ceremony – I wasn’t sure at the time but I thought it looked like two family friends of Jim – Ali & nene. I guess they had missed the bus, maybe that’s why it was taking so long! – must have been late, guess that was what they were waiting for. Okay, it would probably be any minute now..

During the rehearsal, when the coordinator was practicing with my father about how to “give me away”, after the coordinator asked “who gives this women away” (or however they phrased it) – my dad had responded “her mother and father do” and we had all laughed and said “aren’t you the father?”. So I went over again with my dad what he was supposed to do and say at the ceremony. But mostly I just sat and waited impatiently.. I think that was the hardest part of the entire day - just sitting and waiting and not being able to see what was going on!!


05-19-2006, 10:15 AM
At the ceremony…..
I wished I could have heard some of the music, we had a guitar and flute duo. For the seating of the guests they were playing a medly of Disney love songs such as Bella Notte, Once upon a dream, and a dream is a wish your heart makes.. then the parents would be seated to “Circle of life”.. Jim’s dad first, then my mother and Jim’s mother would walk down the aisle together to light the side tapers of the unity candle…. Then the officiant, Groom, and groomsmen would walk down and take their places to the tune of the love theme from the superman movies (“can you read my mind”)…. Then the bridesmaids would walk down to “When you wish upon a star”.. and then it would be my turn. I still haven’t seen any video footage of any thing that happened before I was there, so I have no details to add there! Here are a few pictures, mostly taken by Kevin (my brother in law)…Still don’t have the professional pictures, so my choice of photographs is limited…

Guests walking towards the isola (I hope the ugly construction wall didn’t stick out too badly!)

Jim’s brother, chris, handing out programs in a newsie accent.. “pay-pahs!!… get your pay-pahs here! hot off the presses”


on the isola…

I don’t know why, but I have NO pictures of the altar arrangement until the middle of the ceremony. I will have to fill in this gap later on when I get more pictures!
edit: here's one.. You can't see the flower arrangements very well in it though, they didn't place them where I had wanted them for some reason.. no big deal

the unity candle arrangement

Guests take their seats and look over the programs…

05-19-2006, 10:21 AM
Here are some pictures of the program we made (i took these pics back at home, except the first one...)


the back

05-19-2006, 10:22 AM
The parents and groomsmen assemble

Barry (jim’s dad) walks over the bridge to be seated as “the circle of life” plays on the guitar and flute

My mother and Jim’s mother walking over the bridge (Sue is obstructed by the light pole)
They light the unity candle side tapers as Randy snaps a shot of them

05-19-2006, 10:30 AM
Here's a link to the music played during this part of the ceremony, my DH transferred it to mp3 for me :)

The music changes to “Can you read my mind” (Superman love theme), as the officiant, Joann, walks over

And there’s Jim! Doesn’t he look so handsome!

The Groomsmen follow after Jim…
The best man, Matt
Chris (jim’s brother)
Jim’s friend, Corey, with the sun in his eyes
Jim’s adopted sister’s husband, Josh

How dapper they all look!

05-19-2006, 10:32 AM
The music changes to “When you Wish upon a star” as the bridesmaids begin their processional
Janiece walks over…
Jo walks over..
(when talking later to Jo and her fiancé (also named Jim), Jim said when he saw Jo walk by he was like “damn my girlfriend’s hot!” lol)
Lisa walking down the aisle
Jenny walks over..
Jenny walking by
Stupid sun was in everyone’s eyes!

05-19-2006, 10:33 AM
Without a word from the limo driver, he starts to pull forward. Ahhh I was on my way!! The wedding was finally, FINALLY here!!

The limo pulled up past the American adventure and headed towards Italy. I could see the Isola out of the limo's windows on the left side... – I didn’t expect to be able to see anything until I got out – I could see guests and everyone standing there, there was Jim!!! He looked so handsome!!!! Seeing him standing there made me so happy. Wow everyone was there and it was really happening!


More later on... I better get back to actually being productive! :rotfl:

05-19-2006, 10:40 AM
Maybe you already said this and I missed it. How many guests did you have? How come no flower girl or ring barer? Do the guests of the wedding need a park ticket to get into Epcot for the wedding?

05-19-2006, 10:42 AM
hi mary, fab report, it is such a good read, congratulations to you and jim, i wish you all the happiness in the world xx

05-19-2006, 10:53 AM
Maybe you already said this and I missed it. How many guests did you have? How come no flower girl or ring barer? Do the guests of the wedding need a park ticket to get into Epcot for the wedding?

We had about 47 guests -but since 8 of them were in the bridal party, there were only about 39 actually sitting down. I was going to have my brother's son (my nephew) be a ring bearer, but then 3 months after I picked the date for our wedding, his wife finds out she's pregnant again, and her due date.... April 24th (same day as my wedding!!!)... More on that a little later in the trip report ;)... I didn't really know anyone the right age for flower girl.. Jim's neice Mia would have been the right age, but I had never met that side of Jim's family before and it would have been weird asking them, and it's not like I absolutely needed to have a flower girl. It didn't really matter to me if I had them or not.

Guests did not need to have admission tickets to get into epcot.. we were there BEFORE the park opened (world showcase opens at 11 am), and had to be out before it opened to the public. The chartered bus drove them in, and it drove them out, so no admission tickets needed :)

05-19-2006, 11:05 AM
Mary I feel like I know you and Jim now. I LOVE reading this report and am not being productive at work today either : ) because I keep checking to see if you have updated it yet. I LOVE the pic's and details, amazing! Can't wait to see you walk down the isle. Bet the reception at Ariel's will be fun too!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

05-19-2006, 11:07 AM
Oh Mary! This is just perfect!!!!!!! My gosh, I just cant believe how similiar our weddings are (well, mine hasnt happened yet but when it does, it will be similiar! :thumbsup2 ) I said before our bridesmaid dresses are sooo similiar with styling and colors....I def want those same tuxs for the boys....and my dress has that gorgeous "apron front" opening too...such an elegent look on you. :sunny: We are each having 4 attendance (so 8 total standing for us) and we are having just about 48 guests...and our wedding reception is at ARiels!! I cant wait to see the Ariel's pictures!!! Oh my gosh I just cant wait!! :banana: You have done such an incredible job with these posts!! I am at work right now. My first graders are at library and the librarian is teaching them about fiction and non fiction. I should be lending her a hand with my muchkins, but nope! Im sitting here reading every word you're writing! I'm hooked!!! :wizard: So what if a lose my job?!? I got to read an awesome disboard trip report! :rotfl2: "Sorry first grade class! Mary edited and updated her post so I will be with you in a minute" :rotfl: Hahah. Alright hun I have to run. One of my muchkins is about to have a tamtrum. I have to interject :) THank you so much for doing this report. I think is speak for everyone when I say, you have given us all something to look forward too!!! :cool1:

wasabi girl
05-19-2006, 12:00 PM
Hey Mary,

Foprget being productive....we're all dying to hear the rest! :surfweb: I have to say, I love your Trip report, your pics, I feel like I was right there. And I never read trip reports...my attention span is waaay too short. :hyper: But you have a knack for putting heart and humor in your writing...I've been married for nearly 25 years and your report almost makes me wish I could start over... :bride:

05-19-2006, 12:08 PM
Mary----I am loving your wedding trip report!!! I can't wait to hear the next installments and see more pics. By the way, you look beautiful and so does the wedding party!!! CONGRATS!!!

05-19-2006, 12:50 PM
As if you have not heard this enough already.... you look absolutely STUNNING! Your pictures, writing, and everything else is AMAZING! I am having so much fun reading this. I feel like I am reading a book (one w/ beautiful pictures ;) ) but I am only allowed to read one chapter of the book at a time! This is so great, Mary! I love the anticipation of what's to come next! :goodvibes

05-19-2006, 03:41 PM
Mary....I had tears in my eyes looking at your wonderful photos. You look so beautiful!!!! I will think of you when we are in Epcot next month! :)

05-19-2006, 09:34 PM
Thank you!!! I just love your trip report - it is so honest and entertaining and I absolutely enjoy all the photos!

You were such a gorgeous bride and you look so happy. Thanks for sharing!

05-19-2006, 10:15 PM

I agree with everyone- your pictures are GORGEOUS! Everything looks (and sounds) so lovely!

I can't wait to read more!

05-19-2006, 10:19 PM
Oooh, just two days away Mrs. C! SO EXCITING! Tell us all about it (Well, right now we're learning about Mary's wedding)....but you'll have to tell us about POR and PI when you get back! YAY! (wedding dance)

05-20-2006, 02:16 AM
disneyheaven - Your wedding sounds beautiful, I'm so excited for you!! I know it will be wonderful! I think it's amazing how so many of us have had similar types of Disney weddings and yet each one is unique and completely unlike every other wedding. That's so funny about your first grade class! :rotfl: I'm really glad you are enjoying the report and thank you so much for your comments!

wasabi girl - thank you so much and congratulations on 25 years - that is amazing!!

FutureMrsC - Thank you!!! :) wow you're wedding is almost here, that is so cool!! I hope you have an absolutely amazing day!!

Thank you again EVERYONE - I really can't thank you all enough for your compliments!! :grouphug:

I was so happy today!!! Although I haven't seen any professional photos or video yet, one of our friends lent us his video tape of the footage he got from the wedding.. It was the FIRST time I FINALLY got to see anything from the ceremony before I walked down the aisle.. Like I mentioned, I couldn't hear or see anything that was going on until it was time for me and my dad to walk down. So watching the amateur footage of the video was bringing tears to my eyes, and I could FINALLY hear what the music sounded like!!! We were watching it with Jim's aunt who couldn't make it to the wedding and she was bawling - it was really sweet too :)

Anyway it just really made me happy to see it.. I'm glad I wrote out the trip report before I watched the footage though, so I could keep seperate the way I remember it from the way it actually happened..

Sorry it is taking a while, uploading the pictures and copying and pasting the links to them is a little time-consuming or I would have them up much quicker! And since my mother in law is throwing an "at-home-reception" for us tomorrow I don't think I'll be able to update until Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and again, THANK YOU!! :goodvibes

05-20-2006, 10:07 AM
Mary...Yay for wedding party #2!!! Fun times roll again! Enjoy!

05-21-2006, 10:11 AM
hope you had a great at home reception, cant wait for more installments!!!

05-22-2006, 03:03 AM
Thanks beana and karentan, the home-reception was a lot of fun!! Maybe if I ever finish this trip report I'll include some pics of it at the end :teeth:

Okay, I have another installment ready. I hope it is okay! I really wish I could include some professional pictures!!!!! Most of the pictures in these next few posts were taken by my sister’s husband, Kevin. He was sitting on the bride’s side therefore they are all of the back of my head!! I grabbed some screen captures of Stan’s five minute DVD he gave us of our ceremony. You’ll be able to tell which ones those are. While the DVD looks GREAT on my tv and was filmed in HDTV (which I highly recommend) – the screen grab program I have makes them very small resolution. Anyway, Hopefully one day I will be able to update these posts with some professional photos! okay, on to the trip report...

Previously...... Jim & the groomsmen waiting patiently for the bride..

The limo with me and my father in it pulled up behind the bridge. The coordinator opened up the door that was facing away from the bridge so nobody could see us clumsily getting out. The coordinator helped my dad get out first and went over with him what he was going to do, and she reminded him “You go on the right side of Mary, the right side...” My dad was going to walk over the bridge by himself and then meet me at the bottom to escort me down the aisle.

The coordinator helped me out of the limo after my dad got out. It wasn’t time for me to walk over the bridge yet though, so I kind of leaned down just a little so noone would see me over the limo. I could see the tops of the guests and groomsmen’s head so I assumed they’d be able to see me a little. I don’t think anyone saw me, but had they seen me I would have looked pretty dumb :rotfl:

edited to add pic: me getting out of limo

I couldn't hear it, but the musicians were playing their rendition of "a whole new world". My dad walked over the bridge and waited for me on the otherside.


I walked past the limo and wasn’t sure if people could see me or not yet. The coordinator then reminded me that my Dad went on the right side, and told me to start walking. I don’t know why, but I asked the coordinator what side of the bridge to walk over, and she told me to walk up the center. I had always pictured it in my head walking on the left side so I could use the railing for support, so I really should have done what I was most comfortable with, but went up the center anyway. It kind of made me feel off balance and I was having a hard time going up the stairs without stepping on the bottom of the front of my dress each time I moved up one step. Stupid stairs! I heard the coordinator asked me if I needed help, but I pulled up my dress a little more so I wouldn’t trip over it and then I was fine. Not off to a very graceful start! Okay I made it to the top of the bridge!

me walking toward bridge:




After that, I decided to heck with it, and went over to the left to use the railing for support. It was more for mental support then anything but it made me feel much better. Walking down the stairs was much easier then walking up the stairs, but I still took my time, determined not to trip. Since I was worried about tripping, I didn’t hear any of the music and I couldn’t look at anyone since I kept my eyes on the stairs. My thought process was “please don’t trip please don’t trip please don’t trip”…


I couldn't see Jim yet since I was staring at my feet (pretty much lol), but I watched his reaction on our five minute video summary and it was precious! Hard to show it in pictures, hopefully one day the video will be online.. Jim’s face when he saw me

Okay I didn't trip, wooo.. thank goodness.. hopefully the hard part was over....

05-22-2006, 03:04 AM
I get to the bottom of the stairs and look up and see everyone recording me, taking pictures of me, or just smiling at me. It was a surreal moment.

Me smiling at my dad

My dad puts out his arm to escort me, but darnit he’s on the left side! I whisper to him “go on my right side, Dad” and he says “are you sure?” I kept smiling and through pursed lips said “yes” and he starts saying “I don’t think so honey- “ I cut him off and just kind of forcibly pushed him to my right side and started walking down the aisle before he can say anything else, smiling the whole time. Why didn’t he just listen to me, LOL. It felt like a long time, but when I saw some of the video you couldn’t notice it at all.

Me and my dad

The way the ceremony was arranged, due to the ugly construction wall being on the left bridge…. The guests and altar was facing the lagoon towards spaceship earth.. the bridge I walked over was kind of adjacent on the right, so my path was kind of an “L shaped”. I walked behind some of my guests before making a sharp right and walking down the real “aisle”. Before I reached the point where I turned right, I remember looking into the audience and just told myself to keep smiling. It was weird having everybody just staring at me. For some reason what stands out in my mind during this part was Jim’s friend Stevie just smiling at me very sweetly, like I could tell she was thinking I was beautiful, at least that’s what it looked like. That made me feel kind of good so I just kept eye contact with her for a while and concentrated on that.

I look like the Joker in a lot of these pictures darnit :rotfl:

05-22-2006, 03:06 AM
We turn right and this is the first time that I actually noticed the music playing. It was “A Whole New World” being played by a guitar and flute duo. It was really good, I started to choke up just a little. Jim and I chose this song because we both love to sing, and every time we’re on our way to Disneyland (we live about an hour away from it here in LA), we put on some Disney music to sing to on the way there. When this song comes on we always sing it as a duo, (Jim sings aladdin’s part and I sing jasmain’s part, obviously lol). It’s incredibly cheesey and dorky but I love it. One of the things that made me fall in love with Jim was the fact that he knew the lyrics to Disney songs! Even really obscure songs like “I am Professor Ludwig Von Drake” etc. He even learned the lyrics to “It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary” (From Mary Poppins) just so he could sing it to me. Like I said, very cheesey, but I love it! Anyway…

I saw Jim and smiled at him. I reall don’t’ remember much of this part it was a blur. When I watched the video I noticed everyone stood up as I walked down the rest of the way towards Jim, I didn’t remember it at the time. I only choked up for a second and then we were pretty much down the aisle before I knew it.

We turn down the aisle and I see jim!


Everyone stood up as I walked down the aisle. You can see Italy in the back


The officiant asks who was giving me away, and my dad said “her mother and I do” – woohoo he got it right! My dad kisses me on the cheek and places my hand in Jim’s.

05-22-2006, 03:09 AM
Here is the ONLY good photo I have so far of the backdrop of our altar. You can really see SpaceShip Earth (the big epcot ball) in the frame of our altar, which is exactly what we were aiming for. Most of the photos I’ve posted here are taken at an angle so you can’t see the center of our backdrop. I really hope the professional photographer got some shots like this one.

Here's another one ..

The officiant whispers for me to give my bouquet to Jenny so I do. Then Jim and I faced the officiant. She whispers to us to face each other. Hey, that wasn’t what the coordinator said at rehearsal, but oh well lol. I’m sure noone noticed that either.


I face Jim and realize the Sun is blaring directly into my eyes. Jim was so sweet , he notices that I’m squinting so he moves forward and positions himself so he’s blocking me from the sun. So glad he noticed and that he’s taller then me!! It was so sweet of him. Jim was just a silhouette to me, but I did my best to pretend to be looking into his eyes.



I heard the officiant talking, but it felt a world away. I knew she was reading "The art of a good marriage" - but I was dazing out and couldnt' follow along at all. So I listened to the music that was coming from Future World, like “beauty and the beast” instead. I remember concentrating on that while I looked into the dark silhouette figure that I knew was Jim. I was thinking how cool it was that I was finally there at epcot marrying my man! I kept thinking about how lucky I was. I wasn’t really paying attention to what the officiant was saying – I was in a complete daze. Luckily one part of my brain was on autopilot and was following along, although it certainly wasn’t conscious. I do remember wishing the sun wasn’t in my eyes so that I could see Jim. I just hoped I wasn’t squinting in all the pictures! I felt bad for the bridesmaids, they were staring in the same direction as me and they didn’t have anyone to stand in front of them and block it, I was hoping it wasn’t too bad for them.

Some of the bridesmaids squinting from the sun
you can kind of see our flower arrangements behind Janiece & Chris

05-22-2006, 03:11 AM
I heard the officiant say something like “Jim and Mary – your love brings us hope!” and me and jim kind of giggled. I remember reading it in the sample ceremony she had sent us and it had sounded a little cheesy but I didn’t really feel like editing much of the wording so I left it in – but hearing it out loud being proclaimed seemed really funny to me.

I saw Jim’s best man Matt wiping his face with his handkerchief. Was he crying or sweating? I couldn’t tell. I later found out from everyone that he had been sweating profusely the whole time and the sweat was getting into his eyes and he said he blacked out at one point during the ceremony, woke up and was worried that he had missed the part with the rings. How awful! Still, thank god he didn’t faint or something!

Then it came time for the vows. Jim started out good “I, Jim, take thee Mary…. As my lawfully wedded wife” and all of a sudden Jim starts saying his vows in this kind of “news broadcaster” voice, or like Troy Mcclure from the simpsons. .. “Knowing in MY heart”… “that YOU will BE… my constant friend.. my faithful partner, and… my ONE true love..”


A part of me wanted to pinch him, but mostly I was laughing at him for being so silly. I could hear some people in the audience laughing too.. I was glad he did it though, it actually relaxed me a LOT. It was kind of like.. oh yeah.. this is who we are – we’re people who don’t take these things too seriously and who like to have fun.. It made me feel a lot less nervous.. I kept laughing but then started to think “okay you can stop now..”


At the end of the line “and my one true love” , the officiant continues forward with “on this special day”… a few seconds went by before Jim realized he was supposed to repeat the line.... he had thought those were the end of the vows lol.

(((((((((((Cut to a conversation we had on the airplane on the way down..
Me: “Hey jim, why don’t you look over the ceremony and the vows, I have them printed out right here”
Jim: “nah that’s okay, I’ll just wing it”
Me: “Are you sure? You don’t have to memorize the vows or anything, but it might help if you know the gist of how they’re going to go…. or kind of know the general length of the ceremony”
Jim: “Nah that’s okay”
Me: “okay if you think so”

HA! Proven right once again! Lol. (it was actually no big deal, I just thought I would tease him about it here))))))

Back to the ceremony..

Jim continues with the vows (there were actually a lot of them – I wanted all of our bases covered lol), and he kept going with the broadcasting voice.. finally I quietly whisper to him to “stop” while I was still smiling, and he continues in his normal voice.
I had had a feeling he was going to do something silly during vows – I knew Jim. He has said many times his main goal in life is to make sure I always stay smiling or laughing (how could I not marry this guy?) so I thought he might try to do something to get me to laugh during the vows.

05-22-2006, 03:13 AM
I saw the videographer, Stan, getting us from behind the best man, he was kind of in a crouched position, pointing the camera at me from below. I was thinking “oh great my worst angle” but I saw some of the video and actually really like how it turned out.

Then it was my turn to say the vows. I was in such a daze and not at all listening to the officiant – I have no idea how I managed to repeat the vows back successfully, but thankfully I did! I continued to pretend to look into Jim’s eyes as I repeated back the same vows. I kind of overemphasized the “on this special day” part to tease him a little (since that is the line he almost skipped).

I was completely on autopilot here. My mouth was speaking the words, but my brain was like “la la la la la la…”. It was like watching someone else’s wedding as it happened – I just didn’t even feel like I was really there.


I do remember for some reason finding the “provide for your needs” line in the vows to be kind of funny, and thought it kind of sounded like an innuendo, so I kind of coyly smiled at Jim as I said “provide for your needs…” , he later said that was one of his favorite moments in the wedding.

I noticed a few times while I was saying my vows that some of our guests were laughing a little or giggling. I had no idea why at the time. I found out later Jim was being silly again while I was saying my vows… Every time I would say something like “honor and respect you” he would nod his head and kind of make a silly face… I couldn’t really see him at the time because of the sun so I had no idea why people were laughing and it threw me off just a little once or twice, wondering if I was doing something wrong.



I was so glad the officiant was speaking loudly and clearly since I didn’t pay for the sound systems and I wanted my guests to be able to hear what was being said. I have been to many weddings where nobody could hear anything going on. I really liked our officiant, she was great!


Jim’s mother looking very proud and happy

05-22-2006, 03:15 AM
I don’t remember anything else until the time to exchange rings. This is where matt said he had blacked out, but I had no idea about it at the time.

Poor Matt was sweating profusely


The officiant asked for the rings, and matt gives them to her. The officiant said a little something about what the rings symbolized. I remember her saying something like “these rings are like circles” and me and jim kind of looked at each other again and silently laughed. The little that Jim did go over the ceremony a few days before the wedding, I remember him pointing that line out and saying “rings are circles? No way…” or something about it being kind of redundant.. I hadn’t thought about it when I chose the wordings for the ceremony. So it was just kind of a momentary inside thing between me and jim during the ceremony.

Ignore the blue bar thing on the bottom of the pic

Jim goes to put the ring on my finger while repeating the “with this ring I thee wed” vows. His hands were a little shaky, he was nervous.. how cute!


05-22-2006, 03:16 AM
Then it’s my turn and I take the ring and all of a sudden I’m thinking “crap! Which hand is the left hand?” (I normally know which hand is the left hand LOL).. Jim sees my momentary hesitation and moves his left hand forward. Woo saved again, thanks Jim!

Me putting the ring on Jim’s finger


05-22-2006, 03:19 AM
The officiant says some more stuff, I don’t remember what, and then we get to the Unity candle lighting ceremony Sue and my mother had walked down the aisle together at the beginning of the ceremony to the song “Circle of Life” and both lit one side of the candle. The officiant tells us that we would now light the unity candle. I heard a few verses of “Can you feel the love tonight”. I lit my side taper, but as I moved it forward the wind blew it out. I tried it once again, and it blew out again. The third time, I lit it, the wind blows it out again and I think “to heck with it” and just move it to jim’s candle and pretend that it’s lit. Jim’s was lit, so we put our tapers together, and his fire lights the unity candle. So technically it wasn’t a unity candle, but no-one noticed and it was just a symbol after all.

When I pretended to light it with Jim's as he lit the unity candle, the fire also lit my candle's wick. So as I took my taper out, I forgot, I wasn't supposed to blow my candle out, I was supposed to give it to Jim to blow out , so it wouldn't set my veil or hair on fire or anything LOL. I blew it out though, but then Jim took it from me and layed them both down together. Luckily nothing caught on fire lol.

Stay lit, darn it, stay lit!!


Jim couldn’t block me from the sun during this part so I was squinting the whole time



During all of this I was able to actually listen to the music being played – they were doing a great rendition of “can you feel the love tonight” . Since it was the only music I remember actually hearing during the ceremony itself, this is the song that makes me cry when I hear it now! I hadn’t realized what a prominent role this song would take or I may have chosen a different song for it, but it is what it is now, and now this song stands out in my memory and reminds me of my wedding more then any of the other songs played.

Our guitar & Flute musicians

05-22-2006, 03:24 AM
We go back to our places in front of the officiant, and she announces us.. “I now have the honor of introducing Mary and Jim as husband and wife!” … I think people started to clap but I could be wrong..


….….and then she says “Jim you may now kiss your bride!” – I kissed Jim for a while, making sure to give the cameras enough time to get the shot – but also I was really enjoying the kiss ;). I think that was actually my favorite part of the ceremony. :cloud9:




We turn to the audience and Joann tells everyone to get their rose petals ready and to toss them at us as we walk back up the aisle. I heard one verse of “main street electrical parade” being played (but not enough to remember what it sounds like). Jenny hands me my bouquet. I noticed people weren’t at all prepared to throw the rose petals, so me and Jim linger a moment at the altar giving people a chance to prepare.

Jenny & lisa fixing the train of my dress


We didn’t want to wait too long though, just standing their and looking stupid, so we slowly started walking up the aisle. Some people got to throw them at us, but most of them missed their chance. When watching the little bit of the video I have, I did notice one thing I thought was funny, we were already a few feet past where Jim’s 9 year old nephew William was, he took out the rose petals and threw them as hard as he possibly could at our backs, trying to get us.. lol he really wanted to throw them!

I look completely retarded in this picture, but you can see the rose petals being tossed in the air

After watching the video, I noticed Jim’s reaction to the rose petal toss, he kept pretending to be offended and confused as to why people were throwing rose petals at him, so he has a look of “what the heck?!” on his face through half of it lol

Edited to add some of the pro pics:


05-22-2006, 03:32 AM
We walk over the bridge and the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and parents follow behind.

Our coordinator’s assistant was there and she escorted me and Jim off to the side by the courtyard. I remember saying “Yay, we’re married!” to Jim.


I couldn’t believe how quickly it had gone by! It was such a complete blur. You spend a year planning it, and all day celebrating it, but the ceremony itself always seems very very short!!! I looked at the time-stamps on our digital photos and I was present at the ceremony for only 14 minutes. I appeared on the bridge at 9:13 and thirty seconds and exited over the bridge with my new husband at 9:27 and thirty-nine seconds. 14 minutes and 9 seconds!! Way too short!! I couldn’t even begin to process it. 14 minutes!! That's shorter then the 15 minute breaks you take at work... and that's all it took to get married and enter into a new phase in your life.. that's way too short! But everything was so beautiful and we had all day to celebrate it...

I was married!! Everything was so beautiful!! I didn't trip!!! There was so much to think and talk about, but first it was time for more pictures!!

The guests headed back to the bus for the pre-reception at Martha’s Vineyard, while the parents and bridal party stayed behind with us for more pictures.

The bridal party and parents assemble for pictures
meanwhile the guests head back to the chartered bus to be taken to Martha’s Vineyard at the Beach Club for the pre-reception
Our friend Clare snapped this picture of us as the guests walked out, I love this shot for some reason it is one of my favorites

We waited for the guests to file out. Jim couldn’t stop smiling. I told Jim how handsome he looked. Then I kind of waited. And waited some more. Said something else, and then waited some more. Finally I said “Jim, do I look pretty?” lol – I know, what a way to fish for a compliment. Jim was like “yes, you look absolutely amazing!!” and said he thought he told me that already since that was all he was thinking about. I was like “nope” but I was just being silly, I knew his mind was a million miles away like mine was, and we really didn’t have any time alone by ourselves until an hour after the ceremony to talk about things.

Coming up... more picture taking.. a happy surprise announcement.. where's my ring?? and more :sunny:

Mommy Poppins
05-22-2006, 06:13 AM
OMG Mary! You guys are absolutely beautiful! What a very nice, elegant wedding! I almost feel like I was part of it just by reading your report and looking at the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

05-22-2006, 06:55 AM
Awe, Mary, your ceremony was beautiful! You two look so wonderful and so happy in love :love:

05-22-2006, 08:58 AM
Wonderful. just wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. Gosh I think we all must feel like we know you now and kind of feels like we were there to share it with you!!!

I gotta tell you, the one picture really baffled me for a minute. It's the 2nd picture of you of post #182, where you are saying your vows. I thought to myself...How pretty! She must have angel wings in back of her gown! They're like...feathery angel wings. ..... Or is it her veil??? Only then do I page down and realize it's your officiants HAIR!!! :rotfl:

I hope you get a chuckle too.

You were one beautiful and happy bride and I wish you and Jim many blessings and many happy years of marriage!

05-22-2006, 12:34 PM
I Love It !!!!!! I Love It!!!!!!

05-22-2006, 02:27 PM
More please!

These are great Mary. You made a beautiful bride.

05-22-2006, 02:49 PM
Absolutely beautiful, Mary! Keep the reports coming. I've never had so much fun attending a wedding!

If you don't mind my asking, were you concerned about Jim being able to fit your wedding ring on over your glove? My DH was barely able to get my ring over my knuckle so I know he wouldn't have gotten it on with a glove! I would be afraid if it fit my finger with a glove on, it would be too big without a glove. Just curious.

05-22-2006, 02:54 PM
Loved it, loved the pictures! can't wait for more! it all looks so beautiful! Everyone keeps telling me the day will be a blur and go by so fast but I want it to go by slow! (wishful thinking! :wizard: )

05-22-2006, 04:22 PM
Thank you everyone! :goodvibes

jesussavedme- that is so funny I can totally see what you're talking about!! I'm so glad you pointed that out to me! When I was five years old I dressed up as an angel for halloween and I have a picture of myself from then that looks very similar to the picture you pointed out. It's just kind of cool I think! Thank you for your kind words as well! :sunny:

LUV2DZNEE - I actually got the ring made one size bigger so it would fit over my glove. I'm not sure how most people do it, but that seemed like the easiest thing for me to do. I think it's easier to make a ring smaller then to make it bigger. :)

Here is a little bit more from after the ceremony...

We took some more pictures in the courtyard with everyone, in different combinations. Quite a few times, the photographer would put us in a position and take our picture, and then Chris or one of the parents would tell us to wait while they snapped a picture with their digital camera. I was like “I’m paying Randy to do that, we don’t have a lot of time to take pictures!”. I didn’t mind if they wanted to take candids from the side, but they kept getting in the photographers way and it was kind of annoying. Chris later half-jokingly complained about the photographer being in all of his pictures.. I was like… “Chris, that was his JOB! I was paying him to take pictures!” What an odd thing to complain about!! I’m glad Chris took pictures but really! Lol. A few times, Jim accidentally kicked my toe and it hurt! His shoes he rented from afterhours were really pointy!

Jim & me getting our picture taken in the italy courtyard

We’re all looking at different cameras in a lot of these

Me, Jim, and my sisters

05-22-2006, 04:25 PM

the bridesmaids

Lisa & her bridesmaid bouquet

Jim’s dad, barry
Chris has a knack for being in pictures on his camera.. I have no pictures of myself onmy own camera, and on Chris’s camera he’s in every shot!

Jim kept putting his arm around me and would put his hand over my veil, and Randy had to keep reminding him to put the hand under the veil.. under the veil.. Towards the end of the photos Jim finally started to get the hang of it! A few times I put my arm around him I would notice that my invisible deoderant would leave some white residue on him. I wiped it off and luckily it came off really easily. So much for it being invisible!!
Later on some of the groomsmen noticed they had white stuff on their jackets too.. Well I didn’t have my arm around them, so maybe it was something else, no idea what. Something from their corsage maybe? It remains a mystery…

The bridal party was being pretty silly while we were taking the pictures.. the groomsmen decided to do their “Groomsmen T-shirt poses” again for one of the digital cameras.. Randy saw them doing it and wanted them to do it again for his camera.


The groomsmen’s t-shirt (being modeled by Jim) that they were mimicking

Janiece being silly again

05-22-2006, 04:27 PM
About ten minutes into the picture taking, when randy was taking pictures of just me and Jim together… my sister Lisa was on her cell phone listening to her voice mail and all of a sudden she screams “NO WAY!!!!!! RACHEL had her baby, IT’S A GIRL!!!!” on the top of her lungs. That was so cool!!!

Rachel is my brother’s wife… I had chosen the date for my wedding around June last year and had asked Rachel to be one of my bridesmaids… In late September, Rachel calls and says “Alex (my nephew) is going to be a brother!” and I was like “that’s so wonderful, congratulations!!”.. and then she says “and guess what the due date is…. April 24th!”.. (April 24th was the day of my wedding)…. I was still happy for them obviously but that meant that her and my brother and their son wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding.. She told me that the likelihood of actually having the baby on the wedding date was really low.. And since she had to have a C-section for medical reasons, they actually had it scheduled for April 26th, when my family would be back in Michigan to be there for them. But of course you can’t always decide what day your baby will be born on, and their baby decided it wanted to come out on my wedding day!! The time of her birth was around 8:45 – she was born right as our guests were being seated for the ceremony.

After Lisa announced that Rachel had her baby, I think we all cheered and my mom just looked so happy!! So that was really cool! I had a niece!! But we still only had a little time at Italy to take pictures, so back to picture taking!!


Janiece being silly as the photographer took more pics of me and jim

Jim’s parents being silly

My friend Jo and sister Lisa – they almost look related in a lot of these photos




05-22-2006, 04:29 PM
We went over to the Isola for more pictures around the altar. It was hard not to squint since the sun was glaring down at us. I would stay in Jim’s shadow until a second before randy snapped the photo, Then I would step just a little forward so I was in the sun, he’d snap the picture, and I’d go back in Jim’s shadow. Hopefully that way I wasn’t squinting and my face wasn’t shadowy!

I like this picture it’s kind of artsy

While on the isola, Stan asked us to stand where our altar had been and very very slowly kiss each other. I saw a little bit of this footage, he started out zoomed in on spaceship earth and slowly zoomed out as Jim and I started to kiss, it is a great shot!!!

The one thing that bothers me about the shot is that the Disney people had already moved one of the flower arrangements so they could take it to the reception…
Until I get the professional photos back, this shot is one of my favorites.. so until I get the pro ones, I photoshopped the flower arrangement back in for now :)

At one point on the Isola I looked down on my glove and noticed my ring was missing! I really wasn’t that concerned. Jim and I know about three different friends who all said they lost their ring during their honeymoon. Jim and I decided to buy cheap rings for the ceremony and save our money. We both decided we could invest in nicer rings later on if we wanted to. And I mostly wear my engagement ring by itself anyway – it’s an antique ring and it looks kind of weird with a wedding band next to it. So we bought our wedding rings on ebay for 20 bucks - yep! So I wasn’t that worried when I lost it, but thought it was funny that I lost it so soon after the ceremony. I said outloud “I lost my ring” kind of matter-of-factly, but it was so funny, all the groomsmen jumped into action and started scouring the isola for it with a look of panic on their faces – just thinking about their reaction cracks me up. I said “it’s okay it was only twenty bucks” but as soon as I said that, Randy found it right by my feet. Thanks, Randy! I was glad he found it though, even if we later buy nicer rings, it’s nice to have the original ones around for sentimental value.

We saw the epcot-segway-tour people going by and they waved to us. Jim and I waved back and they shouted “congratulations!”

At this point, the bridal party and parents were going to head back on the bus and head to the pre-reception while Jim and I stayed behind. The Disney people were taking down the chairs and decorations and moving our flower altar arrangement and unity candles to the reception site. The unity candle table still had one of the hurricane globes in it. We were backing up to take one more picture, and my pregnant sister Jenny bumped into the table and the hurricane globe that was on the edge of table fell and shattered. Jenny felt so bad and apologized to the Disney employee that was moving the items. The guy just kind of huffed and looked like he was really annoyed and didn’t say anything. This made me so mad!! I’ve worked in retail plenty of times and had customer break things and have never reacted like that, I always say “it’s okay” or “don’t worry about it”. I asked Jenny if she was okay and then I said loudly so the guy might hear “You’re the one that’s PREGNANT who cares about the glass, as long as you and your precious cargo are okay”. Stupid jerk! And at our wedding too… just very very rude of him.

The bridal party left and Randy took a few more of me and Jim over the bridge of the isola and some far away shots that I can’t wait to see. We took a few more by the courtyard, and Jim kicked my toe again, It reaaaaaaaly hurt this time!! Randy was taking a picture and then stopped because of the look on my face LOL. Actually it will be pretty funny if he did get that picture.. I don’t know why they make groomsmen shoe’s so pointy! Speaking of feet, my feet were starting to hurt in general anyway. Me and high-heels do not get along!! I couldn’t wait to change into the bridal slippers that were in the bag my mom had taken with her.

Chris & the bridal party leaving on the chartered bus to head to the pre-reception.. Speaking of the chartered bus, someone just mentioned to me the other day that the bus was playing a really strange selection of strange or inappropriate music. One of the songs the Disney BUS played was from the southpark movie , it was the “kyle’s mom’s a b****” song. A few guests mentioned that to me. I was like, are you sure it wasn’t someone’s ipod or something, but they all said it was the bus.. How WEIRD!!!! Maybe the bus driver had a strange sense of humour.

I’m not sure what time it was when we left the isola, but I wanted to take some pictures by the yacht & beach club, around the lighthouse area, and I knew we didn’t have a lot of time to do that before the reception started.

We head to the limo and the coordinator’s assistant asks what we want to drink when we arrived at the beach club. Jim and I both said water was fine. How nice of them!

Jim and I get in the limo and Randy leaves to get in his car to drive to the Beach Club.

05-22-2006, 04:40 PM
I absolutely LOVE all the candid, goofy shots. They add so much personality to your wedding memories that you'll cherish forever.

I'm going to be sad when you actually get done with your report. lol

05-22-2006, 05:15 PM
Absolutely Beautiful Mary!!

05-22-2006, 05:20 PM
I absolutely LOVE all the candid, goofy shots. They add so much personality to your wedding memories that you'll cherish forever.

I'm going to be sad when you actually get done with your report. lol

I think I will be sad too! :rotfl: I was thinking of continuing the trip report to include our disney honeymoon too, not sure if anyone will continue to read it, ... but I've been enjoying writing the trip report and remembering all these things so much that even if noone else reads it I think I'll write it for myself lol! :cool1:


Meanwhile, our guests & bridal party are all at Martha’s Vineyard at the Beach club for the pre-reception. We had a big fruit & fruit dip plate out as appetizers and we were paying for unlimited soda, water, and juices for the guests. Their was a cash bar if anyone really wanted to be drinking at 10 in the morning (which I guess a few people did!). Our guestbook was out for everyone to sign of they wanted, and I had a basket of Hershey bars that had a home-made wrapper around them….

Martha’s Vineyard, right next door to Ariel’s..

The fruit tray with dip… you can see some of our custom-made napkins we brought with us – with mickey and Minnie and “Jim & Mary – April 24th, 2006” written on it…

Jo, her fiancé Jim, and my brother in law Kevin… It was funny how well Kevin and (Jo’s) Jim got along. I had asked Kevin if he could hang out with Jim, since Jo and Jenny were with us most of the day and neither of them really knew any of the other guests. Since they were both dressed similarly I had a hard time telling them apart too!

At first I thought the person in the purple shirt was a wedding crasher, but then I realized it must have been Gracie’s professional babysitter that they hired.


I often wonder what Lisa & Matt found to talk about

The guestbook table.. I have some better shots of this later… Most people read the note and knew to take one of the pages and pen’s back to their table to fill out. Other’s just tried to fill it out as quickly as they could at the table.. nobody reads lol

Sue successfully finishes her guestbook page

Jo & Jim (also working on their guestbook page), and Jenny

A nice shot of Jenny & Kevin – and one of the few pictures that exist of Kevin smiling!
Jim’s niece and nephew being cute
Mia likes to stick her tongue out in pictures

Gracie looks like an Anime character in this picture

Jim’s cousin Alex, who Chris had loudly and happily proclaimed to be sober earlier in the day

William and Sammy working on their guestbook pages

edited to add some professional photos of some of our favors and stuff:

our napkins

our cutting knive/server (you can't see the mickey minnie pattern in the handle)

pens for the guest book

toasting glasses:

the back

05-22-2006, 05:26 PM
I took these back home before we left..
My guestbook cover..

The pens I put out

The frame I put out.. on the left side was my family (top – my parent’s wedding.. middle both of my grandparent’s wedding, the bottom, a family picture of us when we were young)… on the right side was Jim’s family – (top – his parent’s wedding, middle, 2 pictures of his grandparents, they had both eloped so there were no wedding photos,, and the bottom was a family photo of them when Jim was younger)… The middle was a note to the guests saying we hoped they were enjoying the pre-reception,, brunch would be served soon, please take a guestbook page and a pen and help yourself to a candy bar, etc..

The candy bar wrapper I made

At the reception tables were more Hershey bars with custom made CD’s with music to remind them of our wedding, including the Fantasmic theme and the music played during the ceremony and our first dance, etc..

05-22-2006, 05:56 PM
We didn't read these till later, but I was cracking up when I read most of them, and of course some made me cry... Here were a few of our favorite guestbook pages... Btw, I am so glad I got this guestbook!! It was so much fun to read people's responses...

I love the Trogdor the Burninator drawing :rotfl:

From Jim's friend Aris

Here's a link to a higher resolution pic, I love the thing about the cows!

I liked the ewok drawing of us

I saw this one and had to have Jim reassure me that that's not how I looked at the wedding - I look like the incredible hulk here lol

LOVE the drawing in this one!!

Chris's (jim's brother) guestbook page was pretty funny too

My mom's guestbook page - so sweet :)

Jim's mother's guestbook page - very sweet too! :)

Jim's half brother's kids helped to write this one.. I especially love 9 year old William's advice to us lol

Jo & Jim's guestbook page :)

Some of the other ones were personal or not appropriate for this website (my sister lisa's for example ;) )

The general concensus seems to be that our children will be named Luke & leia - although leia will be spelled leah, leya, leila, and a variety of other ways lol

05-22-2006, 06:07 PM
Meanwhile, back in the limo with me and Jim...

Being in the limo with Jim was my first time alone with him since we got married!! There was a million things I wanted to tell and ask him. I asked if he cried when he saw me and he said no… but later that night he admitted that he started to get choked up and had to look away a few times so he wouldn’t.. I don’t know why he denied it at first, weirdo! On the video you can almost see him getting choked up. Darnit though, I wanted some tears, I had a bet going with my sister that he would cry lol. He cries all the time in movies so I thought it was a sure thing ;). I asked how his night without me was, and he said he’s never sleeping in the same room as Matt again. Well let’s hope not, that would be a weird habit to form lol. Jim said “oh the coordinator said the cake topper broke”. I was like “what? When?” and he told me it had broken when they opened the box up this morning… how weird I had packaged it very carefully. Jim told me that the mickey and Minnie were fine and they were trying to do something with that. At first I was picturing them put it on the cake with these shards of glass sticking out lol… but then I was like, this is Disney, I’m sure they’ll do what they need to do to make it look good, so I left my trust in Disney and didn’t worry about it!

The limo ride was short so we didn’t get a chance to talk as much as I wanted to alone with him, but that was okay, I wanted those pictures by the lighthouse!

The limo pulls up to the beach club and the coordinator meets us as we get out. She gives us both our glass of water which I was very thankful for. While drinking some water, the coordinator said “I have some news for you..” I thought she was going to mention the cake topper so I said “oh Jim already told me about the cake topper and that’s fine”, she looked momentarily confused and then said “oh yes, the cake topper did break, but also your brother and his wife had their baby!”. I told her that Lisa had given us the news earlier and how she had shouted it out to everyone after the ceremony, but thought it was very sweet of her to let us know! Then she explained about the cake topper and said they weren’t satisfied with how it looked so they had someone go to the Arribas brothers store in Downtown Disney and bought us a new one. It wasn’t the exact one she said, but it looked better then the broken one. Well that was very sweet!! I was sorry our original one had broken, it really was beautiful – and very expensive! But that was so nice of them to go buy us a whole new cake topper for us! The coordinator got on her walkie talkie and told “elvis” to come to the entrance, which was the codename for her assistant. Jim and I got a kick out of that. The coordinator left us to make sure everything was going okay at the reception, and left us with Elvis.

Pretty soon Randy arrives and we double-time it to take some pictures by the lighthouse. Elvis offered to carry my flowers for me, but I was enjoying carrying them, they were so pretty and I wanted to enjoy them as much as I could before they died. I’ve heard a lot of brides say that the bouquets are heavy and start to weigh you down after a while, but that never once bothered me for even a second. I think I was either having too much fun or was too busy thinking about how much my feet hurt lol.





Right before we got to the lighthouse, Randy told us to walk on the sandy beach so he could take some pictures there. Jim and I went close to the water and Randy snapped away. While taking some pictures, one of the “Friendship” boats came by to dock and hocked their horn at us and got on the blowhorn and said “congratulations!” Jim and I waved back at them! Randy said “wait I want to get that shot, wave to them again.. keep your hands up.. one more second..”, so me and Jim put our hands up pretending to wave again until Randy said it was okay. We kept our arms up for what seemed like quite a while waving to the boat, and I said to jim “the people on that boat are going to think we’re friggin idiots! Like.. okay we see you, you can stop waving now!” Jim said he was thinking the same thing. Ah well, we won’t see those people again but we’ll have the pictures lol.

Edit to include the pic (it didn't turn out very good)



The ten minutes that we were taking pictures by the lighthouse was really the only time Jim and I were in “public” while in our wedding garb, and it was kind of cool to see everyone kind of staring at us! A lot of people said “congratulations” to us while we were taking pictures, it was really nice!




We finished up the pictures and headed back. Jim pointed out how Randy was carrying two huge cameras, not just one, and I asked him about it. He said one was telephoto and that it was a lot easier to carry two cameras instead of having to switch lenses all the time.. ahh that was cool!

We headed back to the Beach Club to attend our reception at Ariel's :sunny:

That's all for today, I need to upload more pics tonight before I can post more.. and hopefully Jim will finish his side of the story for the ceremony so I can post that tomorrow as well :)

**edited 5/7/07 to include some professional photos

05-22-2006, 07:13 PM
Thanks for sharing your special day with us all! It's a delight to read and see all the events as they unfold. Even us old married folk like to see a great love story!

I'm now regretting that I didn't catch a glimpse of your ceremony from across the lagoon - my family and I were in Epcot at opening that morning! Totally clueless about the beautiful ceremony going on in Italy, all our focus was on getting FP for Soarin'.

05-22-2006, 10:00 PM
Thanks for sharing your special day with us all! It's a delight to read and see all the events as they unfold. Even us old married folk like to see a great love story!

I'm now regretting that I didn't catch a glimpse of your ceremony from across the lagoon - my family and I were in Epcot at opening that morning! Totally clueless about the beautiful ceremony going on in Italy, all our focus was on getting FP for Soarin'.

Thank you! :sunny: That's cool that you were in epcot at the same time, getting those fastpasses is important! That would have been cool if someone had snapped a picture of my wedding from futureworld! But then i's pretty hard to see Italy from futureworld without a telephoto lens...


While I was at the Yacht Club I took some pictures of the three weddings we saw at the gazebo just in case one of the brides was a member here, but I don't think any of them post here. Ah well :)

05-22-2006, 10:29 PM
Congratulations! I am enjoying your trip report!

05-22-2006, 10:38 PM
Congratulations! I am enjoying your trip report!

Thank you! :goodvibes

Here is the second installment of Jim's side of the story - for the ceremony, sorry it makes the report a little out of order but ah well :)

Jim's Story Part II

Stan puts a wireless microphone on me, and the coordinator takes me and my groomsmen out of our prison to the bridge in front of the Isola.
From this point on, I don't remember much. I remember my dad walking across the bridge and sitting down, then my mom and Mary's mom walking across, lighting the unity candle, and sitting down, then the love theme from Superman starting, and walking down with the officiant and my groomsmen behind me.
Then, Mary's limo pulled up. Mary is not a tall person so when she got out of the limo I couldn't see her. And it was perfectly placed so I wouldn't be able to see her 'till she walked over the bridge. I kept looking down at my mom who kept saying "Don't look yet!" Finally, Mary starts to walk over the bridge, and I looked. Now, that whole thing about men not experiencing emotions that I said earlier, that didn't hold true.
I have never seen anything as beautiful as Mary walking down those stairs, and down the isle. It took everything inside me not to start crying a little bit. My jaw hit the floor (Stupid leprosy!) So, Mary finally got to the altar (Took her long enough.) And I got to look into her eyes.
Mary's eyes are kinda like the Ark of the Covenant. Once you start staring, you can't look away (And eventually you'll melt and die. But hopefully we'll be really old when that happens) One thing I noticed though was that Mary couldn't look into my eyes. The sun was brutally attacking my future wife. STUPID SUN! So I did what any sun hating man would do. I stood between the sun and her, making sure my shadow was completely covering her face so she could see, at least a little bit.
So, with the sun vanquished it was time for the vows to begin. We didn't have a sound system, and I didn't want my vows to go unheard by the crowd. So, calling upon the acting powers of my mother and father, I made sure to repeat them in a loud newscaster like tone.
Then it was Mary's turn to do her vows. I knew Mary couldn't see me well, so I took this great opportunity to nod quickly at everything she said, just so she wouldn't accidentally say "No," or "I don't." Man, I sure am helpful!
With the vows over, I finally got to kiss Mary. Something I'd wanted to do from the second I saw her.
Something about that must have angered the crowd, because as we started down the isle, ever single person started reaching for things to throw at us. Luckily, all they could find were rose pedals. But I could swear I saw at least one bottled water, a chair, and one baby being thrown in our direction. I guess luck was on our side because we got away with only minor injuries. Our wedding coordinator risked her life by jumping between us and the rioting crowd, forcing them onto a bus that would hopefully play soothing music to calm their angry, rioting nerves.

05-23-2006, 02:24 AM
Great installments!! How sweet Jim's was. You lucky girl, you! ;)

Oh, and I definitely think you should do the whole honeymoon! I know I'd love to read it. :thumbsup2

05-23-2006, 09:22 AM
I am so :love: your report Mary ... and Jim's too :goodvibes

Hope that you do post your Honeymoon Trip Report as well ... maybe not the WHOLE thing as this is a family thread :rotfl2: :blush: :rotfl2:

05-23-2006, 09:46 AM
Once again, I LOVED reading and seeing your beautiful pictures! I definitely think you should post your honeymoon report! I would rather read your wonderful report than these boring scientific journals for work :rotfl:

Where did you get that guest book? It's so cute :)

05-23-2006, 10:34 AM
Incredible! Incredible! Incredible!! :cool1: Both you and your DH's retelling of your magical day is fantastic!!!! I am loving every moment of it!! You know your addicted when my DF says when I am glued to the laptop screen, "Um...Babe? Are you reading Mary's report again?" :rotfl2: Hahah!! When my fiance knows your name and what I am doing just by the concentration on my face, you know its bad!! Our recent conversation at dinner....me - " So hunny....Mary updated her page again! Its great!!! The wedding pictures in Italy are awesome! Kinda makes me wish we did a park wedding! Wedding Pavilion will be great, but her pics are sooo incredible! :cool1: " Mark - "That's great - so how was your day at work?" Me - "And they had great weather, except the sun was shining in her eyes and her husband was so cute! He actually stood a different way as to help block the sun! What a great guy! :sunny: " Mark - "Babe...how was your day" Me - "And then, their bridesmaids dresses are like the same color as mine and they photographed so well! What are the chances! Like the same color! Unbelieveable! THey looked so nice in al the pics! Im excited to see my girls in that color! :banana: " Mark - "So I just saw an elephant go by the window. Great huh? :bounce: " Me - "Yeah that is great. So anyways, they also found out that their neice was born! What a great suprise! (not reliazing when he said this about the elephant he was trying to catch me not listening) Hahaha!! We laughed when I finially realized I spent most of dinner recaping your entire ceremony!! I guess thats the magic and wonder of Disney! We all just get so excited about each others events! :grouphug: Anyway, Im babbling and I should get back to work! Cant wait to read about the reception and ceremony!!!

Marty Moose
05-23-2006, 10:36 AM
Great report!! And please post the rest of the trip!!!! This will be my first time to WDW (been to DL tons)...so I'd love to hear about the parks, etc.

Oh...and Leia is a great name...but I think I prefer Bob, Bob & Bob. :rotfl:

05-23-2006, 11:31 AM
I love this report! It's excellent. And do write about your honeymoon!

Congratulations by the way- my parents anniversary is April 24th and they were in Disney that day celebrating it!

05-23-2006, 06:35 PM
love, love, LOVE your report - thanks for sharing your special day.

and you're probably going to think I'm crazy but I've been in the process of determining what tattoo to get - I knew I wanted Disney, but not sure what other than it had to be a couple so I could put my dh and my name under it. lo and behold, I was reading your report and saw your invitation and LOVED the mickey and minnie holding hands with the heart and I think I'm going to get it as a tattoo! it's between that design and another mickey/minnie design - in fact, I'm going to do a poll on the community board to see which one wins.

thanks again!

05-23-2006, 07:32 PM
OctoberBeauty - thank you so much!! I think I'm pretty lucky myself too :cloud9:

DisneyJen - thank you too!! I think I will do a honeymoon trip report, but of course it will be family friendly :rotfl:

JJClemson - Thank you! :sunny: I ordered the guestbook from http://www.guestbookstore.com/ I found the link on this forum! :)

DisneyHeaven - you are so funny!! And that is so funny about the elephtant outside of your window! :rotfl2: I was doing pretty much the same thing before our wedding too. Jim would look over at me and I'd be crying, and he'd be like "why are you crying"? and I'd be like "this girl's wedding.. it was just so sweet!!" He would be like "Do you know this person??" ... I guess we're just saps that way, but oh well. I'm sooo glad to hear you are enjoying my trip report!!! And tell Mark I said hello! :rotfl:

MartyMoose - How exciting that must be to be going to WDW for your first time, you're going to have a great time!! And I think I will have to name at least one of our kid's Bob in Chris's honor! :rotfl:

Hellokitty - that is so cool that your parents were down there celebrating their anniversary the same day we were getting married! And now it's my neice's birthday, and Chris informed me the other day his dog was born April 24th of last year :rotfl2: So April 24th is a pretty popular day!

Radiofanatic - that is awesome!!! You'll have to link us to that thread!! Guess which design I am going to vote for!! :teeth: I have an R2D2 tattoo on my right ankle.. Jim was thinking about getting C-3PO on his ankle so they can match! :rotfl2: Much more romantic then getting our names tattoo'ed ;). That is so cute though!! Let me konw if you need any high resolution scans of the image or anything. Let us know what you decide!!

Thanks again everyone! I think I will continue it into the honeymoon as well, since there appears to be a target audience for it! princess: I am hoping to post some of the reception later tonite, just working on copying and pasting the links to teh pictures into the trip report right now. :sunny:

05-23-2006, 07:39 PM
thanks Mary- it's over at the CB board and I also told everyone over there that your report is a must read. And my dh is also a HUGE Star Wars Fanatic - he's into "the dark side". Absolutely loves Darth Vader. For Christmas, he got the darth vader bank, darth vader lightsaber, many star wars tshirts, lightsaber tv game, star wars playstation game, etc. for easter, I got him spudtrooper and darth tater potato heads. We recently went to the Boston Science Museum to see the Star Wars exhibit by Lucas Films and he thought he had died and gone to heaven. I'll have to tell him about your tattoo!

If you could get me a high resolution scan, I would totally appreciate it - do you want me to pm you my address?

05-23-2006, 08:07 PM
thanks Mary- it's over at the CB board and I also told everyone over there that your report is a must read. And my dh is also a HUGE Star Wars Fanatic - he's into "the dark side". Absolutely loves Darth Vader. For Christmas, he got the darth vader bank, darth vader lightsaber, many star wars tshirts, lightsaber tv game, star wars playstation game, etc. for easter, I got him spudtrooper and darth tater potato heads. We recently went to the Boston Science Museum to see the Star Wars exhibit by Lucas Films and he thought he had died and gone to heaven. I'll have to tell him about your tattoo!

If you could get me a high resolution scan, I would totally appreciate it - do you want me to pm you my address?

Thanks for plugging my trip report lol! That's cool that your DH is into SW! I love those potato head figures! Since SW was sort of how me and Jim met each other most people were surprised we didn't have more star wars stuff in our wedding. But I am first and foremost a Disney fan!! :earsgirl:

If you PM me your email addy I will send you some of our high-res scans. Though actually me and Jim used photoshop to kind of "clean them up" a bit and increase the contrast, etc. But I will see what I have that I can send you! :Pinkbounc

05-23-2006, 08:55 PM
I can't wait to read more and see more pictures!! I love your guestbooks. What a special keepsake for you to have. And the cd's were such a great keepsake for your guests. When my husband came home from work today, I was sitting with the laptop looking at your pictures. He walked over and asked what I was looking at and I said, "This is my friend Mary and these are her wedding pictures!" He just looked at me and laughed. You've got a lot of households mentioning your name around the dinner hour!!!! I was telling him how beautiful everything was.

05-23-2006, 09:03 PM
Mary, thank you again for all the updates! With our wedding being the day after yours you have helped us remember so much that happened. The bright sunshine in our eyes, the feeling that it was over so fast and most of all the sudden watering in my husbands eyes when he first turned and saw me walking to Sunset Pointe, of course he said it was that darn sun in his eyes! :rotfl2: We both enjoy the pictures so much, but Keith has enjoyed the "girls in blue"! He may be married now but he's still the same!!

05-23-2006, 11:45 PM
Jackdis - thank you so much!! :goodvibes I'm a house-hold name now, woohoo! :rotfl: That's too funny!

Diznycherly - congratulations on your wedding!!! That's so sweet that he's "blaming it on the sun"! Glad you are both enjoying the pictures, even of the "girls in blue" ;) .. I should have made them all wear ugly poofy dresses so they wouldn't upstage me :rotfl2:

I'm ready to post some more of the reception, but my picture choice is VERY limited through most of it until I get the professional pictures back!! I had to depend on some of the disposable camera pictures to fill in the story gaps!! Other places I had no material to work with.. I will make short posts so I can go back later and edit some more photos in!!


We head back into the Beach Club and I could see everyone hanging out at Martha’s Vineyard. Before we said hello to anyone, the coordinator wanted to show us around Ariel’s first before the guests were seated. As we were walking by the pre-reception, she said “just ignore those people over there, pretend they can’t see you” and she took me into Ariel’s.

a sign at the entrance to ariel's

Everything looked so beautiful!! After all the planning and trying to imagine in my head how everything I talked about with the florist would look, I could finally see it!! Everything was just beautiful and so elegant, I couldn’t believe it was MY wedding reception, it was far too pretty! I loved the centerpieces they were beautiful and just right for my wedding.. nothing fancy, very simple and beautiful… small “aquarium bowl/vases” with blue sea glass and floating lilies with more blue seaglass scattered about with a few votive candles. Beautiful! The cake, there was our cake!! It was just like we pictured it, the flowers were beautiful too – matched the ones in my bouquet perfectly just like I had requested!

My bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquet

They put my bouquet on the cake table – you can kind of see some of the hidden mickeys in this picture

The cake and the new cake topper

We had two chair covers with royal blue bows for the head table but none for any of the other chairs. I’m so glad we saved the money in this department, I thought the generic chairs that were in the room matched fine and I knew no-one would really notice the chair covers if we had had them. I liked having them at our table though, since it was the head table it made more sense to have the chair covers.

Our head “sweetheart” table was very pretty too. Though I was actually a tad bit disappointed in it. It wasn’t exactly like I pictured it, I thought the color of the overlay was a little off, and had asked for “scattered rose petals around the table” and thought it looked like they kind of skimped on the rose petals. But maybe they used their best judgement and went with what looked best. It was still pretty though! They had also moved the big flower arrangements over from the altar at our ceremony and put them on each side of our head table. I don’t think anyone ever really noticed the flower arrangements either at the reception or the ceremony, actually. Of course, it might have looked really empty without them, so I’m not sure if they were a good idea or not.

The flowers that were to both sides of our head table

You can see pictures of the head table and centerpieces in pictures coming up, i don't have any "basic shots" of them at the moment....

05-23-2006, 11:47 PM
I was glad we moved our sweetheart table to the location by the dance floor. The original diagram the coordinator sent me had our table off in the corner in the back so we’d have our backs to a big mural painting in the back of the room. I had emailed her and told her I didn’t want to be in the corner and told her where I wanted the head-table. While walking around at Ariel’s, I mentioned to her that it was much better then the corner position, and she laughed and said “nobody puts Mary in the corner!” Jim and I laughed, of course if I hadn’t known it was a line from dirty dancing I would have been kind of confused ;)

The chandeliers in the room

I saw the guestbook table and they set it up just like I asked them too. The coordinator mentioned how much the picture of my mother at her wedding in the frame looked like me at my wedding that morning. I thought that was sweet! Stan the videographer later mentioned the exact same thing actually.

They moved the guestbook table over, put some left over programs on it and I guess the placecards (or just the ones that noone took? Not sure)

The coordinator introduced me to the waitstaff and the bartender and to the DJ, then she took me back to the hallway so we could be “announced” as we walked into the reception..

05-23-2006, 11:48 PM
We waited there with the parents and bridal party while the other guests took their placecards and found their seats. I asked my mom for the wedding slippers to change into… it felt really good to take off my uncomfortable high heels and put on the comfy slppers instead.. though it made me feel a little shorter and made it a little harder to walk around without tripping on the front of my dress, but I didn’t want to put the high heels back on, no way!

The coordinator asked if I wanted to bustle up my dress - oh yeah I forgot about that! My dress didn’t have a bustle but it had a strap with a loop around it to put around my wrist so I could dance without tripping over the train of the dress. The coordinator helped me find my bustle strap and somewhere along the line I gave someone my bouquet so they could put it by the cake table, although I have no memory of this of course.

I also can’t remember anything that was said or talked about while we were in the hallway waiting to be announced. I heard the music start to play that I had requested – the Star Wars Throne Room music (when Luke and han are getting their medals at the end of the original star wars movie.. yes I know we’re dorks lol).. anyway it starts to play and the DJ announces the parents… then the bridesmaids.. then the groomsmen.. then me and Jim..

The parents of the bride…Charles & Sharon Adams..

Parents of the groom…. Susan Berger & Barry Corbin!

Maid of honor, Jenny..


Jo & Janiece

Best man, Matt



Josh & Gracie trying to fly or reach the fish chandeliers

love the chandeliers!

05-23-2006, 11:50 PM
There were three steps that led up to the main dining area of Ariel’s from the entrance. Since I had my slippers on and my dress was a little longer now I was taking those steps very very slowly and carefully!!! Everyone cheered and clapped as we took our seats and we smiled at everyone as we sat down. The DJ announced that brunch would be available and someone would come by to let them know when it was their table’s turn to head to the buffet table.

My enemy of the day… stairs

woo, made it again!

we find our seats


where did my arm go? You can kind of sea our chair covers in this picture

Disney Fairy Tale wedding spoiler, skip to the next post if you don’t want any surprises spoiled for you!



Jim & I were seated at the head of the table and I notice a box from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings for us.. I had seen “spoilers” of this on this messageboard but had forgotten about them, so they were just as much as a surprise for me as they were for jim… We open the box and there are two very lovely watches – one for jim and one for me, with “Disney’s fairy tale weddings” logo inscripted on the back, and a card from our coordinator. I thanked her for them, it was really a lovely gift, I love our watches!


Me showing Jenny our watches

05-23-2006, 11:52 PM
I heard the DJ start playing some Disney love music that I had requested. I asked my sister Jenny if she could give me my wedding purse that had my camera in it. I knew the photographer and videographer were around, but sometimes you just feel better having your own camera on hand just in case!!

us at the headtable, taken with a disposable camera

My family’s table (taken with disposable camera) you can kind of see the centerpieces – the aquarium like vases with three white floating lilies and blue sea glass on the bottom, with votive candles and more sea glass around the base.. and the favors and napkins, etc.

05-23-2006, 11:53 PM
One of the head waiters came to our sweetheart table and asked if we were ready to head to the brunch buffet. One of the waiters escorted me up to the table and another waiter escorted Jim. They held our plate and showed us what was available. I would tell him if I wanted one of the items and he’d put it on the plate for us, it was pretty cool! (They did that for Jim and me but not for the guests fyi). There were so many things to choose from!!! This was an awesome buffet! There were so many choices, I didn’t know what to pick. I wanted to try a little bit of everything just to see what it tasted like, but I didn’t want to look like a pig lol. He pointed out the choices – the breads, the fruit, the veggies, a cobb salad…. There was cobb salad?? That wasn’t even on the menu, how cool!!

A scan of the disposable camera picture of the buffet table.. croissants and danishes, asparagus salad, fruit tray, veggie tray, not sure what the brown souppy thing is maybe grits?, cobb salad.. shrimp tortellini, bacon and sausage..

*edited to add some professional photos of the buffet


The waiter holding my plate and showing me the omelet making station,.. with bowls of mushroom, ham, tomatoes, cheese, etc..


Jim’s waiter picking up a crepe (there were apple crepes and blueberry crepes) and some fresh chantilly whipped cream

I got some fruit, a raspberry Danish, some cheesey hash browns, some shrimp tortellini salad, a tiny amount of asparagus salad, and an apple crepe with whipped cream. He took me to the omelet making station and at first I said I’d pass, but then he said Edmond makes very good omelets, so I was like “okay why not!” and asked for an omelet with cheese and bell peppers and tomatoes. The waiter said he would bring it to me when he was done, then escorted me back to the sweetheart table, put my plate down, and asked what I would like to drink. Jim sat down right after me, and we were both like “fancy buffet!” The waiter brought me back a mini dasani bottle and poured some into my glass for me, and also brought me Edmond’s omelet :)

My meal, complete with omelet

Jim’s meal, very similar to my own

The view from our table

A few minutes later, the waiter came by again and apologized and said he completely forgot to take me to the second table and asked if I wanted anything from that table such as some filet mignon. I was like, sure okay! I planned the brunch and knew what was on the menu but even I was completely blown away by the variety of foods.. we had filet mignon?? I was impressed! And it was cheaper then the regular sit-down meal of your regular chicken-or-salmon that I was originally going to have. I really enjoyed this buffet!!

I just looked at our menu, and this was what was available…

Selection of Juices
Fresh Sliced Fruit Display
Marinated Asparagus Salad
Roasated Vegetable platter with Parmesan & Cracked pepper dressing
Shrimp & Tri-colored tortellini salad
House Smoked salmon with Classic garnitures
Chef prepared omelets & eggs to order (with smoked ham, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and onions)
Bacon & Sausage
Fresh fruit crepes with Chantilly whipped cream
Hash brown potatoes tossed with sundried tomatoes and asiago cheese
CHEF TO CARVE: tenderloid of beef with Pommery mustard Sauce
Breakfast breads to include: Assorted Muffins, buttery Croissants, Raspberry Danish, and cinnamon buns
Assorted Butters, preserves, & marmalade
Coffee and decaffeinated coffee & selection of teas

I guess the filet mignon we had was the tenderloin of beef? Is that the same thing? I don’t know, but it was delicious whatever it was!!! I couldn’t’ have been happier.

*edited to add some professional photos

05-23-2006, 11:55 PM
You can sort of see the meat carving station in the back


I had planned to do some socializing after the meal and during the dancing, just wanted to rest my feet for a while , talk to jim a little, and eat some food, especially since I had socialized with everyone at the dessert party. I sat down and was determined to at least enjoy my food for ten minutes and then I would go socialize or do whatever – but I at least wanted to give myself ten minutes to see what the food tasted like! Oh my god, everything was divine!!! It really was some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted!

It was funny though, everyone kept coming up to me and talking each time I was about to take a bite of food. Which was fine, I’m not complaining, but I thought it was funny, it really is hard to eat at your own wedding! But once all the tables had been called and everyone had a chance to get some food on their plate, we were able to eat.

My mom getting a plate of food

Table #1 getting in line for the buffet

My family’s table again after they went up to eat. A better shot of the centerpieces

Lisa, Lynne, my aunt pat

Jim’s friend Jeff at the buffet table


I tasted some of the shrimp tortellini and it was SO GOOD – I have to find this recipe, the shrimp were huge and fresh and de-veined and no tales, the pasta was delicious and it was just so good! The crepes were divine – I’ve never had crepes before in my life so I don’t know if all crepes are this good or if these were just especially good – but they were GOOD! Everyone raved about the shrimp tortellini salad and the crepes – those were hands down the winners of the meal! If you’re having a brunch buffet menu I highly highly recommend upgrading to include these items!

More pictures from our viewpoint
us eating our food

05-23-2006, 11:56 PM
Around 11:20, our coordinator came up to us and told us she was leaving but that we were in good hands at Ariel’s. She said “I wish I had known you guys were star wars fans – I’ve always wanted to do a wedding or reception at the ewok village at MGM”… the look on Jim’s face when the coordinator said this was priceless (Jim hadn’t known it was an option).. his jaw just kind of dropped and he looked at me like “why was I not informed of this??” It was really funny. The coordinator told us she’d love to help us have a vow renewal there. I was like “sounds good!!” Jim was like “that would have been so cool!” I told him you could only do something there after the park closed and I wanted my ceremony & reception during the day. I didn’t want to keep all of our guests up till 2 am or something. But hey, now we have an idea for our first vow renewal, so in five years who knows!

The coordinator told us to keep in touch and then left the reception. She was probably coordinating 17 other weddings that same day, I think Disney really keeps their coordinators busy!! I later realized I had forgotten to give her the thank you card and gift we had for her. I had meant to mail it to her, then decided to write out a new thank you card to thank her for specific things she did for us at our wedding. I was a bad person and didn’t mail it out till a week ago. Ah well better late then never, I hope!

Jim and I would talk a little bit to people as they passed by us and walked towards the buffet table. We saw Jim’s mom, Sue get in line. She asked how the food was and Jim and I both said “Delicious!! Try the crepes – whatever you do you must try the crepes!!”
Sue went to the fruit tray, picked up a GRAPE and put it in her mouth “mmm that is good!” She said….. Jim and I couldn’t stop laughing, and I noticed one of the waiters at the buffet table was trying really hard not to laugh too.. I explained what I had meant but that I understood how they sound exactly alike, and she said she would try one. It’s totally something I would do too, but I just thought it was really funny.

I didn’t have a chance to go back up to the buffet table, but the waiter did come by and asked Jim and I if we wanted any seconds of anything. I decided to have a second Crepe and some more shrimp tortellini. There was so much I hadn’t tried but those two items were so good!! I could really feel my corset doing it’s job towards the end of my meal.

Once everyone had a chance to put some food on their plate, Jim and I got to enjoy our food and actually taste it. Though the sound “clang clang clang” of fork against glass started ringing in the air prompting Jim and I to kiss. Then we would hear the clanging sound again, and again, and it seemed to happen every time either one of us took a bite of our food… we looked over at the “nerd table” and noticed they were watching us and strategically waiting for us to take a bite before clanging the glass. Darn you, nerd table! ;)


I was really enjoying listening to the music while we sat and ate. I was actually singing along to most of the music (I love Disney music), I didn’t care if anyone could hear me or not. Then the song “When somebody loved me” from Toy Story II came on. Jim can NEVER hear this song and NOT cry, so he looked at me and was like “great!” and started going “ lalallalaa..” to block out the music.. of course I didn’t help matters as I started to sing it to him. Jim tried covering his ears and la la la’ing but he started to tear up, so then he put a napkin over his face so I wouldn’t see him to tease him about it. Then I jokingly said “oh you’ll cry for this song but not at your own wedding?” I’m so nice to him ;)

Jim hiding his face under a napkin

The waiters were fantastic and never let my water or jim’s soda run low.

The dj also played some of the non-disney music I had requested like “for the longest time” and “just the way you are”, and some queen music like “Don’t stop me now”.. we looked over at the nerd table again when this song was playing and saw them re-creating the scene from “Shawn of the Dead” that used this song as the members were killing off zombies in their tavern (I’m guessing not many people here have heard of that movie, but it’s actually a really funny parody of zombie movies.. anyway..)

I remember things from the reception in bits and pieces but I can’t always remember the order that things happened. I remember Jim’s 3 year old niece Mia coming up to us early in the reception and asking if she could keep one of the blue marbles on the table – I said sure why not. She later came up and asked if she could have a white marble from our table and we told her okay. She kept smiling at us and just standing there – she was so cute! Unfortunately I don’t speak child-ese, and couldn’t understand a lot of the things she said to us.

Darn blurry picture.. but you can get a good overview of Ariel’s

I remember Jim’s friend Larry and his 13 year old son Dallas came by to talk to us and Dallas thanked us for the CD’s we made and said they were really cool. That was so nice to hear, I wasn’t sure if people would actually like them or not. And I was so impressed with Larry’s kids – they were so nice and well behaved, they were more mature and classy then most adults I know even, I just thought they were all really cool.

Jeff came up and took this picture with us, I thought it was scary but funny

05-23-2006, 11:58 PM
The flat marble/sea glass on the tables seemed to be a real hit!! Everyone was using them and re-arranging them to make shapes or write messages out. It was kind of fun to go around and see what everyone had done. I loved the superman one that the “nerd table” had done.. Jim made a heart out of our white marbles.. I later re-arranged them to shape mickey mouse.


the nerd table’s design

Jim and I got up towards the end of the meal to socialize a bit. I can’t remember for the life of me who all we got to speak with and what was said. Hopefully I did an okay job of socializing. Since I don’t’ remember most of it I was worried I might have accidentally ignored some of my guests.

Me talking to somebody. You can see the DJ in the back, and our flower arrangement to the side of our table

I don’t remember when exactly – but at one point I was over at one of the tables to say hello to Jim’s cousin Alex, who was the only guest that couldn’t make it to the dessert party but made it to the wedding – so I wanted to make sure I said hello to him. He was also at the table with Donna, Bob, and Erica, so I talked to them for a minute. Erica said something like “so is it winter weight?” which is an expression I’ve NEVER heard of, so I was really confused. I asked her “what?” thinking I heard her wrong, she repeated it. I knew there was something I wasn’t understanding – winter weight? What was she talking about? I asked her “what?” one more time (must have looked retarded again lol), and finally Jim sees that I’m confused so he says to me “the dress, Mary!” and explained that she was asking if the dress was really heavy to wear. And I’m like “Oooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and I start laughing. I said “I was like, what is she saying? I tried my best to lose weight!” but was laughing about it. Erica was like “oh no! you look great! What an awful thing that would have been to say – and on your wedding day!” I knew she would never say something about my weight (especially on my wedding day) - it was just the only thing my mind could come up with as an explanation for what she had meant – which is why I kept asking “what”.

Me laughing about the winter weight thing

wow two angles of the same shot lol

a third shot of the same thing

You can see our headtable pretty well in this shot, along with the chair covers and two flower arrangements to the sides… meanwhile Mia eats her Hershey bar as William attacks his father

One of Jim’s nephews running around the chairs

maybe you can see the centerpiece in this one better

05-24-2006, 12:01 AM
Somewhere along the line, towards the end of I think, the DJ came by and let us know they would be announcing the speeches. I think it was around 12:00 at this point. We sat down and made sure to have something in our toasting flutes (water in mine, soda in jim’s).

Our toasting flutes

The DJ announced that Matt and Lisa would be giving their speeches. The coordinator had asked me who would be giving speeches, that’s a hard one to answer… you don’t want to just assume that certain people have nice things to say about you, and you don’t want to say “hey Matt, give us a speech!” But I figured.. okay Matt’s the best man he should give a speech…” I knew my maid of honor (my sister Jenny) wasn’t about to get up in front of everyone and give a speech though, so I had to guess that my other sister Lisa might (she’s the sister that isn’t embarrassed by anything).. and hey I had given a speech at her wedding so it was a fair assumption.. So anyway…

Jim’s bestman Matt gets up.. I notice he doesn’t have any notes or anything, so I was worried that it might have been a surprise to him that his name would be called. I asked jim later about it and he said he had told Matt that they would call his name during speech time.. so I guess he was trying to wing it.. matt started talking about how he met Jim when he was 3 years old.. and then kind of ran through a few anecdotes about their friendship together..


My sister Lisa came up and did her speech – she had it written down, whooh good, she was prepared lol. She started out mentioning something about how glad I was that the wedding had gotten here so she could go off atkins.. I didn’t want people to think now that the wedding was over I was going to just completely “let myself go” or anything though, so I remember saying “I’m going to go back on after the honeymoon!” or something…Her speech was sweet, she was comparing relationships to a day at a theme park.. I’ll have to wait to the video to remember the exact analogies, but I think it was like.. some times it’s full of excitement and fun like a ride on space mountain, other times it can test your patience and make you want to go home, etc.. I can’t remember exactly but it was cute.


Jim’s brother Chris completely surprised us as he got up and announced “I have a few things to say about Jim!”.. It was funny everyone in the room was jokingly pretending to be worried like “uhoh… no, please, really!” But he got up with his notes and made the sweetest, most heart warming speech I’d heard. It was such a surprise! I knew Chris was a sweet guy but I had no idea he was going to say anything or how good of a speech he was going to give. Chris talked about what a good brother Jim was and about how he only wished he would find someone that made him as happy as I made jim.. the whole thing was really sweet. A little while after the speech we looked over at Jim’s family’s table and saw Jim’s dad crying, like really crying.. I never thought Jim’s dad to be the type of guy to cry, I was so touched by it! I knew how Jim must have felt to see his dad crying, so I was really glad to see it, it was very sweet.

Jim looks like “I am pleased with what you are saying!”

05-24-2006, 12:05 AM
Before I knew it the dj came over and told us he would be calling us up for our first dance song in a few minutes Wow that was quick, everything was going by so fast. I was nervous about our first dance and wasn’t looking forward to having to dance in front of everyone…

I decided now would be a good time to use the bathroom before we got on the dance floor. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work with my wedding dress on. My mother and sister Jenny went with me, and I had my mom wait outside the bathroom door making so no-one else came in, and I completely stepped out of my wedding dress and petticoat. Then I got back into it and Jenny helped zip me up. Okay that wasn’t too hard. I was wondering how that was going to work!

When I was leaving the bathroom, a little girl of about five walking with her family pointed and said “LOOK DADDY! It’s a lady in a wedding dress!!” And her dad was like “Yeah she must be getting married today” or something. I smiled at them and the little girl kind of stared at me as they walked past us – it was really cute!

We go back in the room and sit down. Around 12:15, the DJ calls the guests up to watch us dance – I was pretty nervous about it, and was like “this should be interesting to watch”

Coming up another day.... the dance.. a suprise visit by some mice.. and more :) And the next installment will actually have GOOD quality photos in it, I promise!

05-24-2006, 06:30 AM
First of all...Dang! You must have been exhausted with all of the wedding planning! You thought of EVERYthing and it was all perfect! Ariel's was so pretty, your cake was beautiful, loved the guestbook, the centerpieces, the champagne flutes, all of it.

Gracie as anime...very funny!

Jim on page 13, 1st picture...he looks like Bruce Springsteen!

What is YOUR prediction on your first child? Seems like everyone thinks you'll start your family right away. That's exciting!

YES you better post pictures of the honeymoon! And then we want baby shower, etc...!
It's like Mary & Jim's reality board, he he!

Thanks for taking the time to post all these. Do you work during the day? I'm guessing this gets time consuming for you, but we just love it! So don't stop! :teeth:

Have a great day!

05-24-2006, 06:31 AM
Page 15...Is Corey crying? He looks like he is sad or going to be sick! :rotfl:

Mommy Poppins
05-24-2006, 07:06 AM
Again Mary, your trip report is awesome! Everything--especially the bride!--is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing your fairy tale wedding day with us!

05-24-2006, 09:08 AM
wow this is so addicting, after an hour and a half im back to reality again. i am getting so excited for my own wedding in less than a month now. i am feeling a lot more relaxed about disney doing the wedding now (they were so nice coming to the rescue with your cake topper breaking), i keep worrying that maybe i am missing some details to tell my coordinator, but im sure no matter what everything will turn out beautiful just as yours did. and thanks for making me feel more at ease :goodvibes
congratulations mary!!

05-24-2006, 09:09 AM
Okay I've been lurking around a bit but finally decided to comment. I LOVE your report. I'm not sure how or why I decided to read it but it's great. You were such a beautiful bride.

I love that I'm not the only one who knows what Shaun of the Dead is. Such a funny movie.

I have a question, not to take away from your wedding but Jim's father. It just hit me.... is that Barry Corbin as in the actor who is never without a cowboy hat?

05-24-2006, 10:17 AM
i am in love! great report!!!!

05-24-2006, 11:26 AM
I have a question, not to take away from your wedding but Jim's father. It just hit me.... is that Barry Corbin as in the actor who is never without a cowboy hat?

I thought he looked familiar!! Found his webpage and he talks about his son Jim. Awww. :goodvibes:

05-24-2006, 04:56 PM
I thought he looked familiar!! Found his webpage and he talks about his son Jim. Awww. :goodvibes:

Wait...Mary...your Father in Law is Maurice Minnifield? That is so cool!

By the way, absolutely beautiful idea for having a brunch. Is that what most dis weddings are? This was a great great great idea! Beauti-ous!

05-24-2006, 05:10 PM
Jesussavedme - Thank you again :sunny: I don't know when we'll start planning for kids, I'm thinking maybe five years or so.. I'm entering a ph.d program this fall and it will probably take at least five years to complete, so right now I'm focusing on that! Since I'm about to enter school I'm not working at the moment. Jim and I are preparing to move back to michigan in a month (it is where I will be going to school), so I am trying to prepare for that, although I must admit I have been very lazy lately! I won't be able to be lazy for much longer though, so I am just going to enjoy the moment while I can :thumbsup2

I don't think Corey was crying in that pic, I think he was just being silly.. i have a few pretty silly pics of him later on too.. A friend of ours had sent us a slideshow of his photos and me and jim were watching them.. we were like "aww there's the bouquet toss... there's us dancing... there's the cake..." and then randomly out of nowhere we see this picture...


and we couldnt' stop laughing for like ten minutes :lmao:

Mommy poppins - thank you again so much!! YOU are the beautiful one from what i've seen of your pictures - they are gorgeous!! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!! :sunny:

2BWEDDNDISNEY - I'm glad I could help put you at ease, yep Disney is REALLY good at what they do!! There were a lot of little behind-the-scenes things that I didn't even find out about until later.. Like my dad had forgotten to take a tag off of his suit, and the coordinator noticed it, radio'ed for a pair of scissors, and cut it off for him.. My mom just told me the other day that her corsage wouldn't stay on her outfit because it was made of silk, so they radio'ed for someone to come and turn it into a wristband for her to wear around her wrist. I'm sure there were a lot more stories like this that I haven't heard about yet! :)

Poppinspal - I'm glad you like the trip report and I'm so glad someone else has seen that movie! When they were playing the "dont' stop me now" song and everyone was acting out the scene from the movie, Jim shouted to his friend "jeff, kill the queen!" It was a lot of fun :sunny: Yep, that's his father.. it's funny usually people don't recognize him because he always plays MEAN characters but in real life he's such a sweet guy :rotfl:

05-24-2006, 05:14 PM
Wait...Mary...your Father in Law is Maurice Minnifield? That is so cool!

By the way, absolutely beautiful idea for having a brunch. Is that what most dis weddings are? This was a great great great idea! Beauti-ous!

Yep, he was Maruice. It was kind of embarrasing, the morning of the wedding my sister Lisa was talking to him trying to get John Corbett's (the guy who played the DJ) phone number. She has no shame! :rotfl:

I'm not sure what kind of meal most brides have, I think it varies greatly. I actually didnt know there was a brunch menu available until I read about it on the DIS boards!!

05-24-2006, 05:21 PM
Jim and I got up to go to the dance floor and Jim leads me down the wrong set of stairs, to the stairs by the entrance to ariel’s and behind the aquarium, thinking there was an entrance there… It wasn’t really an entrance, Jim could squeeze through if he had wanted but in my wedding dress I couldn’t, so we went back up the stairs and over to the other set of stairs that led to the dance floor. Very graceful start again! I thought it was funny and was like “good job, jim!”

The guests arranged themselves in a circle around the dance floor while some people stayed on the top tier looking down. The DJ started playing the song I had requested “You’re my best friend” by Queen, and Jim and I started to dance…

At home a week before the wedding we had been trying to learn how to dance with one of those “learn how to dance for your wedding at home DVD’s”, we had been practicing a few different dances like the fox-trot and a few others, but nothing seemed to fit the beat of the song, and we felt ridiculous the entire time we were practicing, so we both just forgot about it and said we’d figure it out when we got there. I am not a dancer – it is just something I am not at all good at!! We were having Mickey & Minnie at our reception,, so we decided to arrange it so that they would cut in about a minute into the song sparing us any prolonged embarrassment on the dance floor.

I was actually surprised though by how at ease I was when dancing with jim – I was just having a good time with him and smiling at him and kind of singing along to the song – I was just in a really good mood and didn’t care that I wasn’t a good dancer, staring into Jim’s eyes just put me at ease and I wasn’t embarrassed or anything. Maybe I should have been, who knows, but I wasn’t. When I watched a little bit of our video, I was indeed a horrible, horrible dancer.. but at the time I didn’t care!





This is taking forever…

I was thinking it was taking a long time for Mickey & Minnie to show up. For some reason in my head, I thought they would stop playing our song and interrupt it with the mickey mouse song when the mice came in, so I was listening for a change of music, I don’t know why I thought that since I hadn’t arranged it that way. After a while I thought “they must have got it wrong and are waiting until the end of the song before they come in, oh well” and kind of half-forgot about them..

Right as I forgot about them, I hear this audible gasp from the audience – seriously it was a gasp! I was confused and looked around to see what was wrong, did somebody fall or something? But then everyone started to clap and cheer and take out their digital cameras.. it was Mickey & Minnie!!

05-24-2006, 05:23 PM
What had felt like an eternity turned out to be 50 seconds from the start of our song to the time Mickey & Minnie came out on the dance floor (according to the time stamps on our pictures). Wow, it had seemed a lot longer then 50 seconds!

The best thing about that moment I remember was our audience’s reaction. Only a few people had known about them coming, I wanted it to be a surprise for as many people as I could (I think my mom, Jim’s mom, my sisters knew, and maybe Jo, I can’t remember). EVERYONE had their digital cameras out at this point and was taking photos of the mice, they really seemed to love it! Totally worth the money just for their reaction!

We see Mickey & Minnie

Minnie goes to jim and hugs him and mickey hugs me, then Minnie hugs me and mickey shakes jim’s hand. Then mickey goes back to me and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next – so I hugged him again, but then realize I’m suppose to dance with him – oh yeah! Oops. Oh well.

Okay, having the characters there makes for great photo opportunities, but I don’t think there is anything stranger or more ackward then dancing with a guy (or girl) in a mouse suit for three minutes. You know they can’t talk, so you don’t know what to say, you can’t really make eye contact, and it just feels really really strange!!!! I couldn’t’ wait for the song to end at that point. I really wanted to go back to dancing with Jim actually. In reality we only danced for them for about two minutes, but at the time it felt like ten!

I was surprised at how short Mickey & Minnie were. I kept wondering what the person in the suit was thinking about everything when I danced with him. I talked to Jim about it later and he said he was doing the same thing when he was dancing with Minnie. I remember Mickey spinning me as we danced. The whole thing felt so strange lol. But I do love the pictures! Minnie mimed to Jim to kiss her on the nose, so jim does.. then Mickey looks over and shakes his fist at Jim and everyone laughed.. it was cute!



05-24-2006, 05:24 PM
Our song finally ends..

Our song mercifully ended and the DJ started to play a medley of “mouse music”. He started with “Oh Mickey you’re so fine” and went onto “Disney’s mambo #5” and mickey mouse march,, etc… and the mice started to dance with the children in the group…

It was really cute to watch them with the kids. They tried to get all of the children included in the dancing. Minnie went and got 3 year old Mia and Mickey picked out 11 year old Krysta and 9 year old William. One of the children (5 year old Sammy) was terrified and no amount of prodding by his mother would make him go out there with the two mice.

Minnie & Mickey start dancing with the kids

05-24-2006, 05:24 PM
They ended the song with bringing Jim and me back out to dance by them again. This time Jim decided to do a weird little hobo jig that he sometimes does (very hard to describe lol), which prompted mickey to pretend to laugh. The DJ played more “Mice music” like “Disney’s Mambo #5” and the mickey mouse club march.

Jim looks CRAZY in this picture

Oh mickey you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey mickey!

Jim starts boogeying down, and Minnie cheers

05-24-2006, 05:25 PM
After that, the DJ said he was going to play my favorite song – said I really really loved this song – I was so confused and was racking my brain trying to remember if I had requested a song to be played – it turned out to be the Hokie-Pokie

So we all did the hokie-pokie. When the DJ contacted us a month prior to the wedding he had an online worksheet that me and Jim filled out about what kind of songs to play and what kind of personality we wanted the DJ to be – low-key, normal, or whacky. We chose normal, as in, the DJ could just be himself. There was a part about what kind of songs we thought the audience would dance to. I knew not a lot of people in our audience were really into dancing so I just chose the options for “fun party dances” – like the hokie pokie and the chicken dance. I didn’t know he’d play it while Mickey and Minnie were out, and being there on the dance floor having to do the hokie-pokie with Mickey & Minnie felt REALLY silly.



Mickey putting his “left foot in” as Jim’s dad slowly and casually meanders to the exit lol

Me putting my right arm in and really wanting the song to be over

At least Jim and Chris were getting into it


and we shake it all about … is the song over yet??

I have no idea what Jim is doing in this picture!!

But he looks like he’s having a good time!

And this picture of jim and chris is the highlight of the day!

05-24-2006, 05:27 PM
After that, the DJ announced that it was now “Mouse’s Choice” – where Mickey and Minnie would choose their dance partner… If there is such a thing as a slow mad-rush for the exit, that is what happened. Almost ALL of the adults on the floor left as quickly as they possibly could without running.. just like “ho hum.. I think I’ll go get a sip of water at the table..” .. it was funny.. I was like “Where did everyone go??” It appeared that none of the adults wanted to dance with Mickey & Minnie! Well at least some of the children helped them out :)

Mia dances with Minnie

Mickey dances with Ariel

This picture is priceless!

Stevie came over and was telling me how funny it was to watch the look on my face as the DJ announced that the hokie-pokie was indeed my favorite song ever.

I can’t remember the rest of the songs we danced to, but at least some of our audience was back on the floor dancing. I remember dancing to “I can’t help falling in love with you”. I was dancing with Jim, who kept kind of not paying attention to the dancing, and kept looking away or just stopped moving lol. He was like “I don’t know how to dance”, I was like “neither do I, but I’m still doing it”, so we keep up pretending to dance for a little while just because we thought that’s what we were supposed to be dancing even though neither of us felt comfortable on the dance floor at all. We kind of talked to a few of our guests as we moved around the dance floor. I really don’t know who I got a chance to talk with at the reception and who I might have missed. I hope nobody thought I was rude if I didn’t come up to them – I just kind of kept getting pushed in different directions and it was such a blur I wasn’t really focused. I noticed that Jim’s dad was dancing with Minnie – that was too cute!

Me and Jim pretending to dance

Minnie dancing with Jim’s dad!

Mickey dancing with Jim’s aunt

My sisters dancing with each other

At one point during the dancing, the strap that held my bustle up that was around my wrist broke and so I couldn’t dance anymore without tripping. I was actually kind of thankful, so took the opportunity to step off the dance floor for a while to try to fix it. I went back to the head-table to get a drink of water. The day was kind of reaching a lull – all the exciting things that were going to happen had already taken place and as I stopped to take a break I started to feel the effects of having had only 2 hours of sleep the night before. My advice to anyone and everyone – Try to get a good night sleep before the wedding!!! I felt like a Zombie Bride most of the day, not sure how much of the “being in a daze” feeling was due to the excitement and how much was due to being tired – but I think I would have been able to “enjoy the moment” a lot more had I had enough sleep.

I saw Randy and asked him a few questions about when to expect the pictures back, etc. I think I told him I felt ready to crash and he seemed surprised. I guess most brides don’t feel the exhaustion until after the wedding. I started to kind of look forward to the reception coming to an end. I was kind of mad for feeling that way about it, I had planned for the day for so long, and it was going by so quickly, and there I was looking at my watch.. , but like I said, all the exciting things had happened and I was running out of adrenaline.

My sister Lisa came by and I mentioned that my bustle strap had broken so I couldn’t dance, and she was like “why don’t you just tie it in a knot around your wrist?” Oh yeah. That does make a lot of sense!! How stupid of me. So she ties it around my wrist and it works fine, and I head back to the dance floor with Jim.

05-24-2006, 05:29 PM
Jim and me starting to wane a bit

I finally convince Jim to take his jacket off!

At one point, and I’m really not sure when, because Mickey & Minnie weren’t there in the pictures, but we were back on the dance floor and the DJ played the Chicken Dance.It was another one of those moments where it seemed like everyone had cleared the dance floor when he announced it. But a few of us stayed on, me, jim, matt, jenny, lisa, chris, some of the kids, and a few other guests. I remember not wanting to flap my arms around because I was being self-conscious about my arms lol. So I did a really reserved rendition of the chicken dance. I wasn’t really into it and I didn’t remember anyone else being into it either, but when I was some of the video from it it actually looked like everyone was having a great time. Especially Jim’s brother, Chris!!!! He was REALLY in to it! He later told me that he had been looking forward to the chicken dance the entire time, and had gone on the internet before the wedding to actually RESEARCH how to dance the chicken dance!! Apparently he had never done the chicken dance before and really wanted to! He had been sitting down when the DJ announced the chicken dance and he RAN to the dance floor trying to get a few people to come with him. How funny! So on the video, Chris is strutting around the whole dance floor while doing the chicken dance. It cracks me up watching it.. I also noticed that Jim’s nephew William was smiling broadly and having a great time with the chicken dance too. So even though I remembered it being kind of ackward at the time, in retrospect it was kind of fun!

When arranging the tentative schedule for the reception I was trying to keep dancing to a minimum and leave it for the end – so I was confused about why we were dancing for so long – or did it just feel that way because I’m such an ackward dancer? I was trying to time it so that we would be done by 1 pm, and then we would do the cake cutting and bouquet toss quickly after that. And then after that it would just be socializing and if anyone wanted to dance the dance floor would be open. I did that for two reasons, both related to me trying to keep costs down to a minimum. The first was the fact that I was only paying the videographer until 1o’clock, so I was getting worried I might not get some important stuff on video, or I might have to pay for an extra hour. Second reason, I wasn’t paying for drinks for the last hour of the reception (not even water or soda – it was all on a cash basis from 2-3, I’m glad I did it, it worked out perfectly), but I wanted guests to be able to drink with their cake.

At one point Stan took me over to the side of the room to where he had set up his laptop and told me to put on a set of headphones and then pressed play. It was our Wedding ceremony from earlier in the morning!! His wife had been working hard on editing it and making a five minute summary of the morning.. it included establishing shots of the Italy pavilion and our altar and unity candle arrangement.. then it showed me walking down the steps and my dad giving me away, and then Jim and me exchanging our vows and rings.. and ending in the kiss in front of our altar. It was beautiful!! He said he had it on a loop and the guests were coming by and watching it while we danced. How amazing! I couldn’t believe how quickly they had put it together and yet it was still so well done!! That was just really really cool! I gave him and his wife mad props for doing that. Stan said he’d try to burn us a copy and deliver it to our hotel in the next couple of days. Awesome we would have something to take home with us and to play at our at-home-reception!!

Jenny watching the edited ceremony footage that Stan did for us and put out on his laptop

Around 12:55 they took us over to the second part of Ariel’s – a part with no tables or anything, and we took pictures there with Mickey & Minnie. We did a few different combinations and did some of the classic poses with the mice… Jim on one knee kissing Minnie’s hand.. Me kissing Mickey’s nose, etc. It was cute. Minnie tried “miming” a few things to me that I took to mean she liked my dress and thought I looked pretty. Funny how you can kind of pick up on how they communicate.

05-24-2006, 05:31 PM
Chris took these pictures, I’m sure the professional ones will look much nicer

The character escort/wrangler person was really nice and asked if we wanted pictures with anyone else before Mickey & Minnie “had to go back to the magic kingdom”..
I went and found josh and janiece and asked if they wanted pics with gracie, janiece seemed really happy about that idea, even though gracie was sleeping in stroller she said she’d still like the picture.

So Janiece brings over the stroller where Gracie is soundly sleeping and Mickey and Minnie crouch down so they were at the same level, and were looking into the stroller for the pictures. 10 month old Gracie was sound asleep and me and jim were like “if she wakes up and sees two giant mice staring at her while she’s sleeping she is going to be traumatized for life!” We kept watching and were like “please don’t wake up please don’t wake up”, while Randy continued his photos. All of a sudden we see her start to stir and her eyes start to blink open. Everyone was like “oh no”. It was like a train-wreck we all just kept watching wondering what her reaction was going to be.

It was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Her eyes got wider and wider and then wider. She just stares at Mickey with her eyes and mouth as wide open as could be. She then looks around at everyone and is like “what the heck is going on!!!”. She looked like she wanted to cry but was too confused too cry. She looks around for her mommy, sees her, gets out of her stroller and goes straight for Janiece. She didn’t cry though, we were all relieved! It was really cute though, I just hope she doesn’t grow up with a fear of mice or Mickey Mouse or something!

Mickey & Minnie staring at the sleeping Gracie

uhoh she’s starting to wake up…

Imagine being 10 months old, being sound asleep, and waking up to something like this…

We can trace Gracie's future irrational fear of mice and rodents back to this specific second

Get me the heck out of here!


Gracie recovered fine and was out on the dance floor a few minutes later

During our photos with Mickey & Minnie our friend Stevie came by to say goodbye, she had to head straight to the airport from the reception and her flight was pretty early. I felt bad making Mickey & Minnie wait for a minute while we said goodbye, but what can ya do.
Then at about 12:51, Mickey & Minnie waved goodbye to everyone as they walked out of Ariel’s and headed back to the Magic Kingdom. Somewhere along the lines they signed the guestbook, not sure when!

Mickey & Minnie wave goodbye

We didn’t see this until later in the day when we were reading through our guestbook

Coming up; the cake, the bouquet toss, the monster mash, :rolleyes1 and more

05-24-2006, 07:00 PM
oh my gosh too funny! i read the part about little Gracie and mickey and minnie to my fiance and we were DYING laughing, that is too cute, you are right, she just may be traumatized now! I would die if I had to do the chicken dance! you handled it better than I would have! love it! :goodvibes