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05-24-2006, 08:24 PM
Again Mary, thank you so much for letting us all enjoy your wedding day with you! You look so beautiful in that gown and I love your head piece. It would be so cool invite Mickey and Minnie to your wedding :) The centerpieces are gorgeous--did you bring them with you or did your florist do them? Glad you had fun, sorry you were so tired :(

05-24-2006, 08:49 PM
Again Mary, thank you so much for letting us all enjoy your wedding day with you! You look so beautiful in that gown and I love your head piece. It would be so cool invite Mickey and Minnie to your wedding :) The centerpieces are gorgeous--did you bring them with you or did your florist do them? Glad you had fun, sorry you were so tired :(

Thank you! :goodvibes It wasn't too bad, I think it was just all the excitement from the day... it's okay as long as you keep going, but once you sit down for a second you start to feel it, ya know? But it was fine :)

The florist did the centerpieces - they were VERY reasonably priced and were just perfect for my wedding, since I didn't want to spend money on a huge floral centerpiece and nobody really cared what we had on our table anyway. I wasn't having an "under the sea" theme, but since our reception was at ARIEL's, I thought they tied in nicely :)

05-24-2006, 09:21 PM
What?? You guys don't like the chicken dance?? Quack, quack, waddle, waddle.... :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: We love the chicken dance at our house. :teeth:

05-24-2006, 09:39 PM
What?? You guys don't like the chicken dance?? Quack, quack, waddle, waddle.... :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: We love the chicken dance at our house. :teeth:

I like the chicken dance, I just felt weird flapping my arm around in my wedding dress :rotfl2: and seeing about 2/3rds of our guests leave the dance floor when the song came on was a little disheartening too ;)

On to the cake cutting! :banana:

Stan came by and asked if he wanted us to stay a little while longer (he had mentioned beforehand he would ask us if he wanted him to stay, ,and would charge us later for the extra hours). I asked if he could just stay until the cake cutting or bouquet toss that we were going to do right then, and he was nice enough to do so.

I started to get pulled in different directions so the guests could take our pictures – and I felt really bad, but I needed to do the cake cutting and bouquet toss before the videographer left. I hope I wasn’t unintentionally impolite to anyone as I tried to accomplish this goal.

I told the DJ and Randy that we were going to the cake cutting, and one of the waiters hands me a cake-cutter, I asked if it was okay if we used the ones we brought which were right there, which I guess he didn’t see lol. He was like “oh yeah, sorry”. I think the DJ played the song I requested – but can’t remember for sure – which was “Head over Feet” by Alanis Morissette.

I noticed that Jim’s 5 year old nephew, Sammy, was laying on the floor “playing dead”. I had noticed he was doing that a lot the past half hour and asked someone if he was okay, and they were like “yeah he just likes to do that for attention”. It was funny but very strange! So when we went up to the table, there was Sammy playing dead on the floor in front of the cake table. His mom came and got him so the photographer didn’t have to step over him LOL.

Sammy laying in front of the cake table for ten minutes with a piece of blue seaglass on his chest

The waiter “talked us through” how to cut the cake – which is good because I probably looked very confused about the whole thing! We cut a small slice and I further cut it into two really small pieces so we wouldn’t make a mess or have a huge mouth full of cake in our mouths that made us look like chipmunks or something. And then we cleanly feed each other a small piece of cake. I had made jim pinky-swear long before our wedding that he would NOT shove it onto my face – I had paid good money for a cosmetologist and didn’t want my make-up smeared in my pics. So I was very thankful that he kept his promise to me and didn’t get any anywhere except my mouth. The little bit of cake that I tasted was pretty good!

Me looking quite confused about the whole thing


Me thinking “don’t even think about it”

me like cake, cake good

05-24-2006, 09:48 PM
Why do the numbers 82 33 keep getting bleeped out? It keeps messing with some of my pictures darnit! How strange..... anyway..

Right after that the DJ announces that the available girls could head to the dance floor for a chance to catch the bouquet. Someone handed me the toss-bouquet (a smaller and lighter version of the bouquet that I wouldn’t mind parting with). Someone was telling me, maybe it was the DJ – I really can’t remember, to be careful throwing it, and that he’s seen bouquets end up in the chandeliers before. Anyway, I toss the bouquet… My sister’s friend Lynn had it in her hands for a second but it slips out, and the bouquet is on the floor. Nobody moves for a second, not really sure if I’m supposed to toss it again or what.. finally and mercifully 9 year old Crysta picks it up and everyone cheers. She looked really cute when she picked it up – very happy! I was glad she got it :) .

The girls assemble for the bouquet toss

The DJ explains what to do

a dark picture of me throwing the bouquet

Lynn catches it and then drops it.. whoops.. what do we do?

Krysta picks up the bouquet, yay!

05-24-2006, 09:49 PM
I kept getting called in different directions, so I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to Stan before he left. Jim told me Stan came up to him and thanked him and said goodbye. (I didn’t find that out until just now lol)

It was about 1:10 at that point

We both sat back down at the head table and were served a piece of red velvet and cream cheese filling cake. I knew the top layer was the yellow cake, with Bavarian cream cheese and strawberries so I was glad to have the chance to taste the red velvet. It was pretty good, but wasn’t WOW’ed by it like I thought I would be. Maybe I was too full from the buffet.

Our red velvet and cream cheese cake.. Some people LOVED the flavor, I thought it was good but nothing special.

The head waiter came by and asked if we wanted to try the other flavor. Yeah! So he brings two slices over for me and Jim. I looked at Jim’s slice and thought to myself “oh they must have forgotten to add the fresh strawberries”, but then notice a tiny tiny sliver in my piece. I laughed and me and Jim were like “wow they really skimped on the strawberries”. I finished my slice of yellow with Bavarian cream and the tiny little piece of strawberry, and Jenny comes over and said how delicious the strawberry flavored cake was. I said “I can’t believe how few strawberries were in it”. She says “what are you talking about there were a bunch in mine and in everyone else’s! In fact there’s a whole plate full of more slices filled with strawberries”. I showed her the picture I took of mine and she laughs at the measly little strawberry that they had given me. She went off and got me a plate with another slice – this one indeed had a ton of strawberries in it. How funny!! Of all the pieces with strawberry, and not to be like “I’m the bride” about it, but I was the bride! And they gave me the wimpiest slice of cake ever, and Jim’s didn’t even have any lol!I thought it was so funny. The cake tasted much better with actual strawberries in it!

Jim’s slice of yellow cake and Bavarian cream.. with fresh strawberries???

My slice… ooh okay… I sort of see a strawberry…

The slice that everyone else received!

05-24-2006, 09:51 PM
I don’t remember when exactly, but I was back out on the dance floor with Jim and the DJ announced that Jim had specially requested this song to dance to at our wedding and he starts playing “the monster mash”.. yep, the monster mash! I look at jim and was like “you are crazy”. Jim and I had always jokingly talked about dancing to this song at our wedding for the past 4 years, it’s a really complicated and long story as to why, but we always joked about it being our first dance. And there we were dancing to the monster mash at our wedding. What a strange day. First we do the hokie-pokie with two giant mice, then the chicken dance.. and now a slow dance to the monster mash. It was very strange, the day just kept getting weirder!! Luckly most people were eating their cake at this point so we didn’t have a crowd around us as we danced to the monster mash or I would have been really embarrassed probably.. But we finished up slowly dancing to the monster mash just like it was a slow love song.



Jim and I walked around the reception some more. We noticed people were taking turns walking around carrying Sammy upside down and tickling him. Very strange kid lol.

I was getting tired again and decided to take a break and sit down at my family’s table. I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to them since the reception began. Jim was at his family’s table talking to them. I don’t remember what we were talking about. Things were really starting to die down.

Around 1:45, I had gotten up for something and my mom came by and hugged me. She started to talk but then started to cry and told me how proud she was of me and how beautiful I looked. I hadn’t cried all day but there’s something about seeing your mother cry that will always get you going, so of course I started to cry too and thanked her for everything and then we both started laughing and just kind of tried to stop crying and we were like “so umm.. yeah how about that stuff!” I thought it was a really sweet moment between me and my mom.


The reception was supposed to go on till 3 but all the guests and everyone looked really tired and ready to head out a little before 2. I thought I would start socializing and saying goodbye to people – but lisa pulls me on dance floor to do “material girl” – I really didn’t want to, I really didn’t want to dance anymore, but she was really excited about it so I did it,. Thankfully lynn and jenny and my mom went out there too, so it was kind of fun. Lisa was really strutting her stuff lol. A little into the song, jim came by and said a few people were leaving and they wanted to say goodbye. But I had told lisa I would dance with her to the song so I told Jim I would say goodbye after we were done. If I was being rude I didn’t care, I told Lisa I would dance to the song with her and I was going to.

Lisa strutting her stuff


I think Randy left around this point – I’m not sure. Jim said he came up to him and thanked him and said goodbye. I’m glad Jim was around to cover for me while I was doing other things. Actually Jim was great about socializing and spreading himself out and covering the things that needed to be done while I was busy with something else. I was very surprised at how much Jim helped out with everything!

The song finished and I started to say goodbye to everyone. I was a little disappointed that everyone was leaving so soon, but I understood everyone was really tired and had been up really early for our wedding. I kind of expected it, but at the same time, it felt kind of abrupt and even though I was exhausted, I wasn’t ready to have the day be over yet..

When I went back to the table, Jim’s mother had re-arranged the stones on our table to leave us a message

05-24-2006, 09:52 PM
I said goodbye to Jim’s uncle james and aunt james I think, his half brother’s family, and a few other people that were still around... I thanked them all for coming and all that stuff. The DJ came by and asked if we wanted to dance to our last song now since people were leaving. I’d had enough dancing I thought, so I told him just to play the song but we wouldn’t dance to it. It was a song by Blink182 called “first date”. One of the first “dates” I went on with Jim was to a holiday concert with a bunch of bands, one of them being Blink182. They had played this song and me and Jim had been singing the chorus to each other, the part where they say “forever.. and ever.. let’s make this night last forever..”. We thought it would be the perfect song to end the night.

But since everyone was leaving, it kind of got completely ignored. I tried to sing a few of the lines of the chorus to Jim but then Donna, Bob, and Erica came up to say goodbye to us. Ah well lol. I’m still glad we played it at one point during the wedding day though. It was just kind of cool to hear the song that we had heard on one of our first dates on the day we were getting married. It was just weird how Jim and I had always kind of known we’d marry each other, even when we were just friends. We didn’t talk about it at the time, but later in our relationship we found out we had both felt the same way. We just kind of knew.

Anyway, I don’t think I got to say goodbye to everyone but oh well, not my fault if they were leaving early. I’m sure they didn’t think badly of me about it or anything, but of course I still feel guilty about it. I remember saying goodbye to Autumn and Sarah – Sarah had complimented our choice of music for the day. I don’t remember saying goodbye to Jeff, Alex, Aris,.

I’m looking at the wrong camera, or everyone else is looking at the wrong camera (everyone’s lost but me)

Clare & David came to say goodbye. I told them how cool it was of them to come all the way from England. I had family members in Michigan who didn’t want to come to the wedding because it was “all the way down in florida” so for them to come all the way from England was really cool. Clare said it was the least she could do for all the times Jim had helped her out and she almost started to cry, it was really sweet.

Everyone's lost but me, again

Pretty much everyone was gone, I don’t remember when Jim’s family left, I don’t remember if I said goodbye to them or if we just said we would see them later. I know Chris had left a little early with Josh and Janiece to head to Typhoon Lagoon together.

The DJ asked if I wanted him to stay any longer, and I told him no we would be leaving soon and he could go. He thanked me for the tip that Corey had handed to him earlier and left.

My family and Jo and her Jim were the only ones still at Ariel’s, everyone else had left at that point. It was about 2:15 pm or so. I gave myself a mental pat on the back for the foresight not to pay for the last hour of drinks – that would have been a complete waste. We had the room until 3 so we took our time gathering our stuff. Jenny & Kevin were collecting all of our things that we were taking back to our room, like the guestbook, anniversary tier of cake, cake topper, etc.


We made sure we had everything and slowly walked out of Ariel’s. We thanked the wait staff on the way out. I looked at our big flower arrangements that were next to our tables and was like “four hundred dollars and they’re just going to get thrown away – how sad”. At least we’ll have our pictures. At 2:30 pm we were out the door. I looked back at the room one last time and couldn’t believe the day was over. I was already getting a little depressed about it. I tried not to think about it.

05-24-2006, 09:56 PM
I felt kind of silly walking past stormalong bay and Beaches n’ cream with my wedding dress on. But since I was walking with Jenny, Kevin, Jo, and the two Jim’s, I’m sure it was obvious we had just been in a wedding.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the day flew by! At the same time, it seemed like it had been a year ago that I was walking through the Yacht Club Lobby on my way to get married. It was too much to think about just then so I thought I would ask my brother-in-law Kevin to take a few more pictures of us in the lobby of the Yacht Club. He took a few but they turned out a little blurry.

I wish the train of my dress had been arranged in this one

Jo & Jim were going to head back to their hotel. We said our goodbyes and promised to see each other at least once more before they drove back to Georgia on Wednesday morning.

We went back to our room and before entering, I turned over our door hanger sign to the side that said “Just Married” :)


MORE LATER - Mary makes with the crying again and tries to deal with post-wedding-syndrome, more favorite lisa quotes, the nelson twins and china..

05-24-2006, 10:32 PM
Mary: thank you so much for sharing this with us. I keep logging back on to see if you have added more, and I am never disappointed!

Your wedding was just beautiful, and your descriptions...I feel like I know your family, like I know you and Jim. Much congratulations, best wishes for a lifetime of love, and chicken dances! :banana:

You are a beautiful bride. Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks so much for sharing...and I will keep reading!


05-24-2006, 10:52 PM
Each new post to your report is better than the last! Your wedding was wonderful! Happy 1 month anniversary!
I was married in Hawaii...I'm not complaining...lol...but I've already started to plant the seed in my daughter's head that a Disney wedding would be awesome! (She's in 2nd grade...lol...I showed her Minnie and Mickey at your wedding. That might have sealed the deal for her! LOL) :) :)

05-24-2006, 11:31 PM
That cake looks sooo yummy! :teeth: Glad you got some strawberries. I would have been "bridal" about it too. ;)

Can't wait to read the next installment! :Pinkbounc

05-25-2006, 02:54 AM
Mary, what a wonderful wedding trip report!! You look so beautiful and like you and Jim were having an amazing time!!

My fiance and I are thinking of perhaps doing our wedding at MGM Studios so I've been reading the wedding forum to see what's up with getting married at Walt Disney World.

Funny enough, while I'm reading your entertaining report, I scream to my fiance, "LARRY!" And then suddenly I say, "Corey! Jeff! Matt! Aris! Autumn! Clare!" How bizarre to be reading the DIS and then seeing pictures of all my friends! I don't post very much, but I felt I had to reply 'cause it seems like such a small world (no pun intended ;) ). I've actually heard them talk of you and Jim and here you are! And you may notice one of my few posts on here was about the Episode III line.

I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip, keep it coming!

Mommy Poppins
05-25-2006, 08:06 AM
Mary, once again great installments. You, Jim and your entire party seemed to have a wonderful time at your reception. I have to agree that having Mickey and Minnie was probably some of the best $$ I spent. They just scream "Disney Wedding" to me! Poor Gracie, tho, I hope she recovers!

I know what you mean about feeling weird walking around in your dress after the wedding. When we got back to the Beach Club after our renewal, dinner, etc., I felt weird walking through the lobby with my high heels in my hand, my dress trailing behind me. We went up to our room and then decided we wanted to see Illuminations, so I got out of my dress quick, but kept my tiara in and we went down to watch the fireworks--of course we were too late. The next morning was our MK shoot, so we were waltzing through the lobby at 4:45 in wedding clothing again, back by 6:15, packed up our room--still in wedding clothing--and went over to check into the Contemporary--still in my wedding dress. The looks on the faces of the valets at the Contemporary was priceless as Jim pulled up in an SUV in his dress blues and out I crawled in a wedding dress, tiara and bare feet!! However, the check-in CM at the Contemporary never commented and didn't seem to notice. Funny huh?

Okay now, on to the honeymoon!!!!!

05-25-2006, 09:46 AM
Poppinspal - I'm glad you like the trip report and I'm so glad someone else has seen that movie! When they were playing the "dont' stop me now" song and everyone was acting out the scene from the movie, Jim shouted to his friend "jeff, kill the queen!" It was a lot of fun :sunny: Yep, that's his father.. it's funny usually people don't recognize him because he always plays MEAN characters but in real life he's such a sweet guy :rotfl:

I'm totally hooked on your report. Whenever I have down time at work I read your latest adventures. I swear I'm living through you. Your wedding was so perfect. Funny enough my bf and I love this movie and we have a bar very much like the Winchester. So I always say when the world is ending we'll go to our own Winchester. I'm a geek I know. :blush: Funny I once read an article on him and he seemed like such a nice guy and I remember thinking he must be a great actor to have played some of the characters he has.

I was laughing when I read about you and Jim dancing. (No, I wasn't laughing at you. More myself.) I consider myself to be a pretty good dancer. (I should thank my mom for forcing me to take dance.) But my bf is a....well he's a typical white guy. So when we dance it's such an obvious mismatch that I end up laughing the whole time. Although we haven't slow danced yet so maybe that'll go better. :)

05-25-2006, 10:56 AM
Mary, "head over feet" by alanis morrisette is my dh and my song - it was our first dance - we love that song.

And it's so funny - I watch "One tree hill" and didn't even recognize your FIL until someone said something! And to see him dancing with Minnie!

05-25-2006, 05:30 PM
a*lil*bit*goofy - Thank you so so much for your compliments! :goodvibes Many chicken dances to you too! :rotfl:

jackdis - Thank you!! and goodluck with your daughters wedding,, maybe in 15 years I will be reading her trip report about her disney wedding! :sunny: A wedding in hawaii sounds wonderful too - I bet that was just gorgeous!! We thought about doing that too, but Disney kept calling my name :)

octoberbeauty - The cake was much better with strawberries in it! I just thought it was so funny that they gave the bride and groom such sad little pieces :lmao:

Jaykeff - how weird!! It really is a small world! Let us know if you go forward with the wedding in MGM - that would be so cool, how exciting!! I'm telling you.. in five years me and Jim totally want to renew our vows in the ewok village, :ewok: :ewok: I'm glad you are enjoying the trip report :)

Mommy poppins - thank you again :goodvibes !! That story is so funny, I wish I could have seen the look on the bellhop's face! :rotfl:

poppinspal - you'd be laughing at my dancing if you saw it :rotfl2: .. our videographer just sent us an internet proof of our wedding and I saw us "dancing" and we were really really awful! :sad2: weird though, because I really didn't care at the time! I guess the important thing is that we were having fun :)

radiofanatic - good choice in music! ;) I love the picture of Jim's dad with Minnie, I don't know how she got him to dance with her, but I wish i could thank her for it, that picture is priceless!

05-25-2006, 05:32 PM
Jenny and Kevin went back to the room with us (if anyone else came with us, I seriously have no memory of it!) and dropped off our stuff. Kevin took a few more pictures of us on the balcony in our room – turned out to be one of our favorite amateur pictures of the day.

The last picture of me in my wedding dress :(

I got out of my dress and changed out of the corset and into some comfortable clothes. I’m usually very modest but I was changing in front of Jenny & Kevin and didn’t care less at that moment in time. I asked Jenny for help taking the tiara and veil out of my hair – it wasn’t too bad, I have very thin hair so she didn’t need to use a lot of bobby pins. The wedding dress that we were so careful with before the wedding was now in a pile on the floor. Lisa and Lynn came up and visited for a few minutes.

I put on the t-shirt my mother had gave to me at my bridal shower, that had Mickey & Minnie in their wedding gear and said “Mary & Jim – April 24, 2006”. Yay I was finally able to wear it!!!

Me and my crazy post-tiara hair

Around 3:30 there was another small surprise for me. There was a knock on the door and a cast member hands me this..

Link to another surprise by Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings:
How very sweet!!

Jim and I were beyond exhausted and thought we were going to take a nap before doing anything else. Jenny & Kevin said they were going to go hang out with mom, dad, lisa and lynne around stormalong bay. I was sad to see Jenny & Kevin leave though. For some reason in my mind, that signaled the end of the wedding day. That was it. Wedding was over. It was the honeymoon sure, but the wedding was over. I started to get kind of depressed.

We looked through the guestbook and were reading some of the responses. I was so glad I got a “fun” guestbook and not just a blank one to sign your name in. Some of the responses had me laughing so hard!

At about 4 pm, we decided we should try to take a nap. Jim changed into comfy clothes and got into bed and looked ready to fall asleep right away. I laid down and started to think about the wonderful day I had just had. I started to think about how lucky I was – I had just had my dream wedding and married the most wonderful man I had ever met. I was there with most of our friends and family and everything was just so incredibly beautiful.

I can’t explain all the conflicted emotions I was feeling at that moment – I was incredibly happy, everything had been just so wonderful.. I was really sad that everything was over.. what would I obsess about now?.. I was thankful it was over – the pressure was over, no more mentally torturing myself to lose weight as fast as possible for the wedding… I was so happy to be Jim’s wife… but I really wanted to be around my family all of a sudden.. I was exhausted but there was no way I was going to be able to fall asleep then..

It was like when you’re a kid and all December you’re looking forward to Christmas, and it comes and you have a magical day and you have so many new toys you get to play with – but at the end of the day you get really depressed because it’s over. I don’t know, it was a weird feeling and completely unexpected!!

I was so emotional I kind of started to cry and woke up Jim because I didn’t want to be alone. I was being a complete dork and just had so much unwinding I needed to do before I could fall asleep.

I think that going from all the excitement and the beauty of the day to just being by ourselves, closing the curtains, and trying to take a nap was an extremely bad idea. In retrospect, I should have planned something with my family or with jim’s family or something really low-key. Something to talk about the events of the day and to unwind. I really wish we had done that.

The next 45 minutes I stayed kind of emotional. I couldn’t bare to look at any of my wedding things! There was my unity candle… it was so pretty!!! My bouquet – just beautiful!! Awww it was going to die soon, that was so sad! There was my wedding dress that I would never wear again.. stupid wedding dress! My wedding planning binder.. I wouldn’t be needing that again, everything had been planned and done!! I kept crying – it was a happy cry, I was just happy and emotional, but I still felt really stupid about it and didn’t know what the heck was wrong with me, I am definitely not usually like that!! I’m not usually the crying type. At the same time I was laughing at myself for being so dumb and the absurdity of some of the things I was saying.

And I was married!! I never thought it would feel any different. I had been living with Jim for almost 4 years, I figured it would be a lovely day but our relationship would feel the same. But already I felt like things were completely different! It was weird.. I was married.. what a grown-up thing to do..How could I be married I still felt like I was five years old most of the time!!! It was a good feeling, just a “this is so weird” feeling.

Jim kept doing things to try to make me laugh to snap me out of it (like pretending to put on my corset and veil, for starters, which had me laughing so hard I was dying..) .. but finally I realized I needed to get out of the hotel room and be around family.

I called my mom and told her I needed some company. She said she was eating at Beaches n’ Cream with Dad, Jenny & Kevin, and Lisa and Lynn. She puts Jenny on the phone and Jenny said she’d be up in a few minutes.

Ten minutes later, Jenny and Lisa knock on my door. I open it and Jenny says “you look awful!” I said “yeah I know, I always look awful after I’ve been crying”. My sister Lisa says “why have you been crying?” I tell her “I was just really really happy”.

And then my sister Lisa says – and this is a direct quote “Do you want somethign to be depressed about? I can give you something to be depressed about....” and continues to tell me how the happiness doesn’t last and how her and Lynn has just been fighting and now she wasn’t talking to her and --

I cut her off and was like “no, Lisa, I DON’T want something to be depressed about” She kept going on and then I said “bye, Lisa” and kicked her out. I hear her say “fine – EVERYONE HATES LISA!” (that’s another exact quote)..

(that might have sounded like I was being callous if you don’t understand that Lisa is like that ALL the time and everything always has to be about Lisa). Me and Jim kind of laughed about it. Jenny said her and Kevin were going to go eat at the China pavilion at epcot and asked if we wanted to come. It sounded great. My original plan for the day was to eat at Yachtsman Steakhouse that night with Jim, but I wasn’t in the mood for steak or for being by ourselves, so I got dressed and tried to do something about how awful I looked.

05-25-2006, 05:37 PM
We took our time getting dressed and unwinding. Kevin brought up his laptop and cables so he could transfer all the pictures he had taken on the trip and wedding over to us.

I briefly looked through his photos of the wedding day. I hadn’t really seen myself all day, just short glimpses in the mirror once or twice and that was it, so I was really curious to see how I looked. I saw some pictures of myself and said “ugh, my arms look huge, I look like Popeye”.. Jenny started to laugh but Kevin and Jim told me I was crazy and looked great. But I kept making fun of myself and saying “looks like someone’s been eating their spinach.. I yam what I yam!” Jim started to laugh at me, and I was like “see you’re laughing so it must be true!” But he was like “I’m laughing at how ridiculous you’re being, but I still think you’re crazy..”

I made this photoshop later for him and will post it just cuz he told me not to ;)


We got dressed and ready to head to Epcot. While walking past Stormalong bay heading to epcot, we saw Lisa’s friend, Lynn in line at Hurricane Hannah’s and said hi and told her we were headed to epcot. She said “oh we’ll come along, let me go get dressed”. I wasn’t sure how long it would take her and lisa to get dressed so we told them to give us a call when they were in epcot and we’d meet up. I felt kind of bad about it though.

We got into epcot, and I realize I had forgotten both my camera and camcorder at the hotel!! I remember very clearly making sure I had them when I was in the hotel room. Darnit! I hate being without my cameras! I asked Jenny if I could use hers to take pictures, since she takes like maybe three pictures over the course of a day. She lent it to me but said the battery would be dying soon. And her camera really really really sucks, but it was better then nothing.

We walked slower then a snail’s pace at epcot. Jim and I both felt like zombies. I mean, first we had both had less then 2 hours of sleep that night, then it was our wedding and reception and all the excitement and fun that that was, and then there was my little emotional breakdown that left me feeling drained. But I was glad to be out and in epcot with Jenny and Kevin, I just felt kind of dead while we walked.

We got to the American adventure part of the world showcase and we saw that the nelson twins were performing. Hey cool! We didn’t think we’d be able to catch a performance since it was their last day at epcot. We found a seat and watched the last 15 minutes of the show. They were playing oldies songs. I guess that’s why their concert was called “Flower Power”. I think a lot of the songs they were playing were their father’s songs. Darnit, we wanted to hear After the Rain! Oh well,, at least we got to see them for a little bit.


We were walking towards Italy and an older couple came up to us and congratulated us. They asked when we got married and we told them that morning. They were really excited for us and were telling us how wonderful marriage was and how they had been together for over 30 years or something. It was really nice of them, but they kept wanting to talk to us, and after a while me and Jim finally had to excuse ourselves and go find Jenny and Kevin.

We caught up with them and we walked towards Italy. Jim and I wanted to see the isola again and reminisce about that morning, but darnit it was blocked off for a dessert party!!
Oh well, it probably would have set me off crying again lol.

We got to that international border area between Germany and China and we ran into a group of our guests that were out having fun in epcot, Aris and his girlfriend, Corey, Larry and his son Dallas, and Autumn. We talked for a little bit and they asked how we were. I mentioned that I cried for an hour. They looked really worried and I guess they thought something was wrong, so I explained “I was just really happy! Everything was so beautiful and I was just really happy..” I guess I should have mentioned that first lol.
Jenny and Kevin said they were going to go put their names down at the restaurant, we said we would meet up with them. Jim talked to his friends for a while, neither of us can remember for the life of us what we talked about with them.. then we said goodbye and went to catch up with Jenny & Kevin.

05-25-2006, 05:39 PM
They said the wait would be about 20 minutes, so Jim and I went and looked around the China pavilion’s shops and looked at the topiaries they had of a dragon and some pandas, they were too cool! Jim seemed really impressed with the pavilion and wanted a chance to come back later and explore, and I said we had epcot planning for tomorrow. Though unfortunately we never made it back to China!

That dragon topiary was really cool

We went back inside and we were seated pretty quickly. There was a beautiful sunset outside casting a lovely glow on the restaurant. I tried taking some pictures of it, but Jenny’s camera truly truly sucks and they were all very blurry.


Jenny & me in the 9 dragons restaurant

Jim ordered some fried rice and I ordered some honey glazed chicken things, don’t know the name. Jenny had ordered something with bbq chicken. I liked hers better and she liked mine better so we switched. I was in a daze through most of the meal. I remember asking them what their favorite part of the ceremony was, and Jenny said she thought it was really sweet when we kissed for the first time, and Kevin was like “darnit I was just about to say the same thing!”. That was sweet that that part was their favorite. I asked Kevin, since he was a guest and not in the bridal party, if the Spaceship Earth was in the backdrop of our altar.. if it was noticeable, like.. wow there’s spaceship earth! He said he didn’t think so, but looking at his pictures I think he had a really bad angle. Some of the pictures came out great with spaceship earth in the middle.

We finished our meal (jenny and Kevin paid for our meal, awww). It was around 8:40 when we left so we decided to wait for illuminations. We found a seat next to the panda topiaries not realizing that the tree would be blocking our view, again. I never seem to get an unobstructed view of the show. I sat down by Jenny and Jim went off to look around the china gift shops some more.

Where we sat (pictures taken on a different day)

Jim came up behind me and started using this wooden back massager thing on me that he got in the china pavilion. That was really sweet that he got the massager to use on my back, but it didn’t feel very pleasant lol. I thanked him and told him how sweet he was.

Illuminations started and we stood up to watch the show. I didn’t bother with taking pictures of it since I had seen it the other day and I just wanted to enjoy the show with my new husband. It was making me mad that I can never see the images on the globe, so Kevin and Jim were both describing to me what the images were since my vision sucks. Even with their descriptions, I still didn’t understand the globe thing. Oh well, the fireworks are good. As the show came to its conclusion I started to cry again, but didn’t tell anyone that I was crying. It was dark and noone needed to know. I was just still very emotional. I kept thinking how cool it was that I was married and had a husband. It was just the coolest feeling, I had no idea I would feel that way.

We walked back around to the international gateway, taking our time as we exited the park. I was so glad we had gone out again that night, watching illuminations with Jim was a much better way to end the night then just staying in the hotel and relaxing.

We got back to our hotel and Jim saw his dad having a drink in the lounge in the yacht club lobby and went over to say hi. I had told my mom I would come to her room to talk and pick up the anniversary tier of the cake.

I went to my mom’s room and laid on her bed and we talked about the day a little. I asked how my brother and his wife were doing. She said they were good and asked if I wanted to hear the voicemail my brother had left that morning for her, so she played it back.. he started out “hey you guys are probably at the wedding right now, I just thought I’d leave you a message and let you know Rachel had her baby and it’s a girl and….” Here he paused for a few seconds and got really choked up and started to cry and said “and everyone’s healthy.. I miss you guys and can’t wait till you’re home”.. For my brother to show that kind of emotion is something! It was so sweet, I got really choked up just listening to it.

I said goodnight to my parents and took our anniversary tier back to the room with us. I had no intention of trying to save it for next year so thought I’d cut off a few pieces to give to my mom and Jenny the next morning. I only had the cake cutter and server from the wedding though, so it was a little difficult to chop it up into pieces, but I managed. I put the slices into those nifty ziplock bags that come in handy for so many things, and the rest of the cake fit into the fridge.

Jim and I took a small slice of cake for ourselves to try before going to sleep. I had a bite, and was like “Yuck!!”, and then realized I hadn’t taken the fondant layer off. I only had one bite of it and it was so sugary that it gave me a bit of a stomach ache. It was really easy to peel off though.


I was feeling much better this time, I just really had needed to unwind after the wedding. Jim and I decided to sleep in to our heart’s content in the morning. This time I quickly fell asleep, content to be married and sleeping next to my new husband :)

05-25-2006, 08:35 PM
wow, it looks like you guys had an awesome time! congratulations. everything looks so beautiful!

that guest book was awesome. i loved the replies. especially trogdor!

05-25-2006, 08:37 PM
Thank you so much Mary! Your wedding day sounds absolutely lovely! You are so beautiful... I do not know how you can compare yourself to Popeye! You're right, you do not have very good vision! :lmao:

Thank you for all the details. Like others have said, I feel like I know you and Jim and your families. You both seem so personable and fun! I am sorry you felt so emotional after your wedding. I keep thinking about how I am going to feel after THE day is over :sad2: Being so happy to be married, but having your Disney wedding over, must feel so conflicting. I am sure your lack of sleep did not help your emotions too! Just start planning your vow renewal now! :rotfl:

Congratulations to you and Jim! You look so happy and make such a great couple :love: I cannot wait to hear about the honeymoon!

05-25-2006, 09:43 PM
Congrats, Mary and Jim! Mary, you looked so pretty, even with your post-tiara hairdo!!! It's understandable that you were emotional afterwards. Somehow, I have the feeling that the next days will be wonderful for you and Jim, and what wonderful memories the two of you will have of your spectacular wedding. Can't wait to hear about the honeymoon part of the trip report! Yes, Hawaii was beautiful. We probably would have had it in Disney if it wasn't in Hawaii. Maybe someday we can have a Disney vow renewal! :)

05-25-2006, 09:46 PM
Wow, Mary and Jim! Such an awesome trip report. Such a great day. I totally understand what you are talking about Mary. When my cousin got married in Sept, she wed on a friday, and then didn't leave for Ireland until late Saturday evening. We all crashed Fri night, but she didn't want us to leave. We all slept over her house on her wedding night, how funny is that?! Davey didn't mind because he felt like he had a harem! HA!
Congrats again!

05-25-2006, 10:55 PM
I sa



Mary, THANK you for sharing your wedding with us!

And you look like a beautiful, radiant angel ! Like you should be in an oil painting in a museum!


05-25-2006, 10:57 PM
was your (future) :) husband able to hear the music while people were being seated?

it's important to me for my DF to hear the music! I'm planning it all as a suprise for him -- and like you, one of my music selections is from Superman!!! Except it's the flying theme :)

05-26-2006, 12:41 AM
iggbees - thank you! :goodvibes

JJclemson - thank you so much you are so sweet!! :goodvibes :goodvibes I'm sure the lack of sleep was a great contributor to how I was feeling - I swear I'm not usually like that!! In the back of my mind I already am planning my vow renewal, and I've only been married a month, how silly is that! :rotfl: Thank you for all your kind words! :sunny:

jackdis - thank you so much, too! :goodvibes I was glad that I had the Minnie-ears to wear after our wedding, they did a good job of hiding my messy hair-do! How does your husband feel about the idea of a disney vow renewal? I think you should totally go for it!!

Beana - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's felt that way!! Like I said, I think I just planned it wrong, I should have given myself more time to unwind and decompress after such a beautiful day. My mom had offered to take a few of us out on the Breathless to watch illuminations or to take us out to dinner or something, but while planning I had thought I'd want to be alone with Jim. Instead I wanted to be around as many people as possible.. I guess you can never really plan how you're going to feel!

Pintradingwedding - thank you thank you thank you! :goodvibes That is such a sweet compliment!! I asked my DH and he said he couldn't hear the music while the guests were being seated, but it really depends on your ceremony location site. They had him hiding in the Alfredo's restaurant in the back of the italy pavilion. That is so cool you are using the superman music!! I think the flying theme is pretty similar to the love theme.. my DH made an mp3 file of that song from the ceremony if you want to listen, it's not the best quality but it gives you an idea.. Have fun planning your wedding, the planning is half the fun! :sunny: ..


I will try to post more trip report tomorrow. Thank you all for reading! :grouphug:

05-26-2006, 01:14 AM
iggbees - Have fun planning your wedding, the planning is half the fun!

I TOTALLY AGREE. ESPECIALLY with a DISNEY wedding!! LIke whenever I am just going to disney on vacation I spent the six months before daydreaming about it, meal planning, anticipating! it's like having a 6 month and 1 week vacation instead of just a 1 week vacation.

same thing with all these disney weddings. it's taking our One Day and stretching it out to a whole year and beyond. FUN!!!

PS. I only said what is true, so no need to thank me! :) Truly a radiant, ethereal, heaven-lit botticelli angel !


05-26-2006, 01:23 AM
Reading about you getting all choked up got me all choked up! I remember those feelings. Just wait till after you have a baby. It's even worse!! lol I know how you feel though. You're the bride. You're supposed to be having fun with your loved ones and suddenly you're all alone and they're all out there having fun with each other! You feel left out and like you're missing out on something. So, I'm glad you went out with and had fun with your family.

You looked sooo cute in your Minnie ears! :goodvibes I don't think my honey will wear the hat, but darn it, I'm getting me some bridal ears!! I'll get him a cap that says "Groom" or something. ;)

I have been craving Chinese food all day. I did NOT need to see that. :lmao: :lmao: I don't even have Chinese on our list for December. What was I thinking!! My whole family loves it, so I better add it. Was it good Chinese food?

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your honeymoon. :thumbsup2

05-26-2006, 04:09 AM
pintradingwedding - you are too sweet!! :goodvibes I do the same thing with planning trips!! I always need SOMETHING to be in the works just so I can have something to plan!!

OctoberBeauty - Yes, you described my feelings exactly!!! Thank you! :goodvibes .The "Groom cap" that jim wore on our trip worked just as well as the groom hat when he didn't feel like wearing it (they make those hats very tight!) The chinese food was pretty good, nothing spectacular, but it was good food and I enjoyed it :)

I got an internet proof back of the short-edit for our wedding from Stan at STVS... I asked him to make a few changes (like changing the song at the end, and adding a few scenes back in, etc), so it's not complete, but it's up if anyone wants to see it :)

A few things that I didn't remember until seeing the video.. the part about saying "I do" - completely forgot about that!! My message to jim.. I completely forgot that we were dancing with Mickey and Minnie to "i can't help falling in love with you" and then Jim cuts in with me and mickey so he could dance with me :love:

things that I thought wwere funny or cool...
everyone cheering when mickey and minnie came out
the LOOK on Jim's face when he eats the cake!! :rotfl2:
Minnie spinning little mia - too precious!

I'm very happy with the edit!! I watched it this morning by myself and at first I was being critical of how I looked of course.. but later when Jim was watching it he started to cry and was like "you were just so beautiful", what a sweetheart :cloud9: anyway, Stan did a great job! But I'm so happy that we're getting the raw footage back too, there were so many funny candid moments that I know he got.. can't wait to see those too!


05-26-2006, 08:12 AM
What a wonderful day for you Mary and Jim!

I just watched the video and it is incredible!! I got teary-eyed watching it ... happy cry that is.

I need to show this to DH as I would love to do something like this for our 25th wedding anniversay ... we will celebrate our 22nd anniversary at the Chef's Table at Victoria and Alberts in two weeks :goodvibes

05-26-2006, 08:14 AM
Oh...my goodness!!! It must be true what they say about crying at weddings...I am sitting here with the sniffles...!! That last song is beautiful. The part about Cinderella really got my eyes watering...

You do look like so very beautiful and I love your report. Your DH sounds like such a fun and warm person who so obviously loves you very much.


05-26-2006, 08:33 AM
Hi Mary--

I've been reading your wedding trip report for the past few days...I keep signing on to see if you have added more! What a wonderful report you have so far! Your wedding was just gorgeous, you were a beautiful bride. Congratulations to you and Jim! Thanks for sharing your trip with everyone! I dream of having a Disney wedding one day, but since I don't think that will ever happen, I love reading about everyone elses!

05-26-2006, 01:44 PM
I just spent hours reading this thread from start to finish and I have to say, Mary, you were a BEAUTIFUL bride! You should not be afraid to look in the mirror--you are a beautiful person and if you ever need a reminder of that, just read all of the replies in this thread :goodvibes Also, your trip report is WONDERFUL!! Finally, I just love all of the choices you made for your wedding (location, food, floral, etc.)--isn't it wonderul how many different choices Disney gives us for our weddings!?!

05-26-2006, 02:29 PM
Mary! I just watched the video and omg I just loved it! What a beautiful wedding you had! It's so magical to be in the park when no one else is...I loved everything about your wedding. I really love your cake topper! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful trip report and video! :) It makes me want us to get up off our butts and put together our video. LOL I just love the epcot location...makes me want to have another wedding! :)

crystal :goodvibes

05-26-2006, 03:13 PM
Dh would definitely consider a Disney vow renewal. He loves loves loves our Dinsey vacations. I am trying to view your video. Can't wait to see it, but for some reason, I am unable to. I'm going to try one more thing...I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

05-26-2006, 04:09 PM
aw crud. i sholdn't have watched the video. i am all teary and my son keeps saying 'mommy whats wrong are u ok? OH HEY THERE"S MICKEY MOUSE!" LOL

the timing of the song towards the end, with the lyrics, and then you smiling coming out of the limo....just melts my heart! and i feel like i was watching a video from a wedding that I was just at!

And your family was right....the sweetest moment was the kiss...it was too perfect. Congratulations, and happy belated 1 month anniversary. :love:

05-26-2006, 04:49 PM
Mary the video is amazing!!! You guys both looked so good. I hope that I look half as good as you on my wedding day. You were so radiant. And you could dance with me any time! :cool1:

05-26-2006, 05:12 PM
What an awesome wedding video and report-- I can't wait for more.

You made a beautiful bride!!! The last song of the wedding video was pure MAGIC. AWESOME.

I want my two DDs to get married at Disney too. GREAT JOB!!


05-26-2006, 05:12 PM
I got to see the video! Wow! Wow! Wow! It is fantastic. You look sooooo beautiful. You and Jim are like an advertisement couple for Disney weddings! I had tears in my eyes as soon as it started (as soon as your invitation was scrolling on the screen) and throughout the entire video, especially at the end with "and they lived happily ever after." How wonderful a day you had. We already knew that from the wonderful photos you've shared with us, and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, this video is so special, too. I am soooooo happy for you and Jim. You can see the deep and special love the two of you share, along with such a wonderful friendship! :)

05-26-2006, 05:35 PM

I just have to say that I just watched your video and it was so beautiful!! I've always wanted a Disney wedding for as long as I can remember but it didn't work out. Do you know if they go all out for vow renewals?? I always wanted the dress, the professional pictures etc. Your dress is just so beautiful! I saw all the pics you've posted so far, but I didn't see the train detail in the pics as well and it was gorgeous and you looked gorgeous too!!! Congratulations on your wedding again. That video really was fantastic and a great thing to show your kids!!!

05-26-2006, 07:22 PM
All I can say is WOW! Your video was beautiful. I loved the end w/ the song and recap of the whole day. Congratulations and Best Wishes for a wonderful life together. And many more Disney memories!!!!! :)

05-26-2006, 07:39 PM
just watched the video.... WOW!!!!
your video made me remember my wedding last year, got all teary eyed watching your ceremony! please post the final edit, we'd all love to see it!

05-26-2006, 09:27 PM
that was a beautiful video! thank you so much for sharing it!

05-27-2006, 12:44 AM
You couldn't have had a more perfect wedding .
The video was awesome! I'm bawling after watching it, but it's a happy cry! Beautiful!!!!!!!!

Princess O
05-27-2006, 02:35 AM
I love your recaps Congrats!!!!!

05-27-2006, 06:38 AM
I got into this forum by mistake, but once I started reading your report, I couldn't stop! Now I'm going to have to convince DH to have a vow renewal at Disney! Thanks for all of the wonderful details and congratulations!

05-27-2006, 08:53 AM
Lovely video! Viewing it after reading your trip report was great because I knew who everyone was. It was like being a guest and seeing the video later. Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful wedding story! :sunny:

05-27-2006, 09:32 AM
I too have been following along each day as you update your tremendous trip report. It is amazing and I totally understand your feelings through and through. I too felt an incredible emptiness and need to be with family the day after (we had a night wedding). It was funny because my friends and I joke about how they all went off and did things alone to let the "newlyweds" have their time alone--and yet all we all wanted was to be together!!! So strange how you never would have predicted or expected that:) I think too though, dh and I are such family/friends people, and it sounds like you and Jim are also--that you WANT to be a part of what they are doing too!

I have been watching your video and JUST love it! Makes me wish again that I had had Stan do mine!! I love the picture of you getting out of the limo. I also liked how your moms walked down together instead of with the dads. Who suggested that or how did you determine that?

05-27-2006, 11:32 AM
wow, you all are so amazingly sweet , I can't thank you all enough for your kindness, each and every comment made is sincerely appreciated!! :goodvibes I'm just so glad to be able to share my day with everyone!! A few days before I left for my trip I started to get worried that it wouldn't live up to the expectations I had built up the last year, but it met them and surprassed them! I'm just so glad I can share that day with everyone! :grouphug:

hellokitty - Yep they go all out for vow renewals too, you can have it be as extravagant as you desire! Many of the brides here have done vow renewals, so if you have any questions feel free to post a thread asking for help, I'm sure someone can fill you in on the details! :)

Codie - Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, I'm really glad I'm not the only one who felt that way!! Like I said, it came as a total shock to me!! I loved reading about your wedding on your trip report too, and you looked amazing and I just loved your dress!! I'm not sure who's idea or suggestion it was for the two mom's to walk down together, I think it just made sense and then we talked about it at the rehearsal. Since my dad would be in the limo with me, I didn't want to have my mom walk by herself and either I or the coordinator asked them if they wanted to walk down together, and they both really liked the idea :)

Thank you all again so much for your comments!! :goodvibes

I just finished up another part of the trip report and will be posting that shortly :)

05-27-2006, 11:34 AM
Tuesday,, April 25th 2006 (Day 6)

Jim and I slept in pretty late the next morning. Our original plan was to eat at the restaurant inside the mexico pavilion for lunch, we had our reservations for noon. I woke up once or twice and thought about getting up to go, but decided I’d rather sleep, so I went back to bed. We would have kept sleeping, actually, but my sister Jenny woke us up around noon and was like “wake up! You said you’d eat the Kitchen Sink with us today!” Jenny and I had been talking about eating the Kitchen Sink at Beaches n’ Cream for the last YEAR and had been really looking forward to it. Since I had just woken up and had not had any REAL food, icecream didn’t exactly sound appetizing though. But I knew if we didn’t order it we’d regret it later, so Jim and I slowly got ready. I wasn’t sure what to wear, it was pretty hot outside. I had a few nice sleeveless shirts and decided what the heck, if I can go sleeveless for my wedding I can go sleeveless in a theme park! I made sure to slather on the sun-screen everywhere. I had gotten a little burned at my wedding the day before and my face was a little red. I burn so easily!

I was kind of groggy but looking forward to our first day of actual park exploring since the animal kingdom. It was our sixth day at WDW and we had only done the animal kingdom, I was getting anxious to get into the park and go on some rides!!

We went down to Beaches n’ Cream around 1:30 and saw Jenny & Kevin waiting with a pager outside the soda shop. Jim and Kevin decided to go play some arcade games while we waited at the arcade next door while Jenny & I talked.

The cute little tables that we sat in


Kevin & Jim in the arcade


Our pager went off and I went and got the guys. We all sat down and everyone looked at the menu. I was like “aren’t we getting the kitchen sink?”, and Jenny was like “well I want some real food to eat too”. I knew what she meant, I wanted some real food too, but mostly I wanted to save room for the kitchen sink! Now that I was there I was really looking forward to it.


Jim ordered a hot dog with no bun and fruit.. I thought it was pretty funny that he was half trying to be healthy but at the same time was about to eat a huge bowl of ice cream.

The waitress got our kitchen sink and announces at the top of her lungs to the whole restaurant “EVERY FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM AND EVERY TOPPING IN THE HOUSE ALONG WITH THE WHOLE KITCHEN SINK – these four piggies here think they can finish it, give them a big round of applause!” or something like that. I’m glad I hadn’t ordered it by myself lol!

The guy at the table next to us offered to take our picture for us – thank you random stranger!

05-27-2006, 11:37 AM
They gave us bowls to divvy up some of the ice cream into. It took a while before we actually got to the icecream. I took out the brownies and angel cake as I didn’t really want to waste my appetite on them, I mostly wanted the icecream. Every time I’d put a spoonful into my bowl it would kind of melt. It was more of an icecream soup. Kevin had a good idea, he said they should freeze the kitchen sinks so it was like a frosty mug when they brought it to you and the ice cream wouldn’t melt as quickly.

We took out the brownies and angel cake stuff

Half way through the kitchen sink, they brought out the “real food” (if hot dogs, French fries, and sauerkraut can be considered real food?). By the time the food came out none of them really wanted it, and I kind of laughed at them. Except Jenny, she managed to eat most of her meal, but then she’s eating for 2!

While we were still eating the icecream, I asked jim when his dad was leaving, since he was leaving that day I wanted to make sure we said goodbye. Jim didn’t know so he called up his cell phone and his dad says he was at the bus stop waiting for the Magic Express. Crap! Kitchen sink or saying goodbye to Jim’s dad… tough choice! :rotfl:

Jenny said “you can go say goodbye, we’ll stay here and watch your icecream for you” , so me and Jim double-timed it over to the bus stop in front of the yacht club. I asked jim on the way why his dad hadn’t called us to say he was leaving, and he said his dad didn’t want to bother us on our honeymoon. That was a sweet sentiment but of course it wasn’t a bother!


We got to the bus stop and talked to his dad for a while, thanked him for everything, and said goodbye. Two minutes later his bus pulled up and he left for the airport. Talk about goodtiming!

We ran back to Beaches n’ Cream, there was still some ice-cream left but most of it had melted. No biggy, I got to say I ate the kitchen sink like I had been planning to for a year! Not sure if I can consider it “finishing” the kitchen sink though since about half of it was still present but in liquid form.


me and jim, full from the kitchen sink

05-27-2006, 11:40 AM
Then it was off to epcot, we could finally do some park hopping, woohoo!! We said goodbye to Jenny & Kevin who were going somewhere else, and walked over to the international gateway on a full stomach. We put in our tickets and did the biometric thing again that never worked a single time I was there, and we were in epcot, yay!!!

We were going to head straight to futureworld, but we stopped to take a few pictures along the way by the topiaries again, just because they’re so cute.


By Canada, Jim started to cough and kind of got one of those tickle in your throat things, so we stopped for a water. There was no line, but the lady was doing dishes or something as jim continued to cough. Finally I was like “can we get some water please?” as jim’s face turned a slight pink.

We sat down on the benches in Canada and he drank some water as I watched the duckies and looked out over the lagoon. We weren’t too far from where we were the first time we had come to epcot, listened to Off-kilter, and where I had been crying back on Thursday, that seemed so long ago all of a sudden.



Jim recovered fine and we walked towards futureworld, I asked Jim if there was anything specific he wanted to do and ran through a list of rides and attractions.

I didn’t think about it till after the honeymoon, but the funny thing is I didn’t once look at a park map or guide the single time I was there. I had everything in my head! I think I took it for granted that since I knew the layout of the land so well, everyone else probably did too. I think Jim had a hard time keeping up with me.. I would be like “well we could walk over to test track and then do mission space since they are right next to each other, but if you want to do soarin’, we can get fastpasses there and then go do the imagination pavilion there since there aren’t any waits and then hop over to living seas.. Jim would be like “what about Ellen’s energy adventure”? me: “well that’s a fun ride but it’s 45 minutes long and it’s kind of out of the way, why don’t we just do the imagination pavilion first since it’s on the way” .. jim: “why did you bother to ask what I want to do?” :rotfl:

So we walk towards the imagination pavilion. I had never done the figment ride. A lot of people had told me not to bother, but hey I hadn’t done it before and I was anxious to get on a ride, any ride!



I knew the ride would be more for kids but I thought they might do some cool visual illusion stuff to show you how your sights can deceive you or something. I liked walking through the insitute leading up to the ride – seeing the doors leading to the offices of different “professors”, some of those gags were pretty cute.


We get on the ride and the cast member tells Jim he should take off his sunglasses off his head. I thought he was joking, like it was a roller coaster or something. Figment takes us through a ride of the 5 different senses.. and I guess imagination is a sixth sense? I’m not really sure what the whole point of this ride was. It started off kind of cute. The song figment was singing was pretty awful, and it got into my head for the rest of the day. Half way through the ride I could see it wasn’t going anywhere, and was just waiting for it to go somewhere. When going through the “sense of smell” area, I think, there was a big puff of air for some reason, and my Minnie ears went flying back. Oh okay, I guess the guy wasn’t joking! I grabbed onto the veil part of the ears before they flew away. That was such a pointless ride.

I have no idea what was going on

And this song stayed in my head for the rest of the day…

imaaaaaaaaaaginaaaaaaaaation… imaaaaaaaaaaginatioooooooooon…

05-27-2006, 11:45 AM
We exited the ride and walked around the “what if” labs. There was something where if you swung your arms around you could compose music. We tried that but I didn’t really get it, so we moved on.


We saw a presentation being given where they chose a little girl from the audience and were showing all the cool things you could do with digital cameras, it was sponsored by Kodak how surprising.. The little girl did not look at all amused by anything going on, it was pretty funny. As we looked around somemore we could tell the whole area was pretty much a Kodak commercial. We went over to the kiosks where you can take a picture of yourself and make it look silly and then send it off for free to some friends. I love doing those and sending them to people, so we did that and created a lovely portrait of ourselves.



We walked outside and played around the fountain areas a little bit. I love the jumping water, they are so cute! I love watching kids play with the water, they are always so enthralled by it.



We walked back to the center of futureworld and I saw the new ClubCool place. I was so disappointed that they got rid of the old igloo with snow in it. It was such a great place to go cool down!! And then they just replace it with a big coca cola store. Oh well.


They have free samples of the most popular coke products from different country. It’s been a while since I last tried them but I remember them being awful. And I knew from the DIS forum that the Beverly is rancid and tastes worse then cough syrup.. so of course I tell jim “Jim, try the Beverly, I hear it’s really good!” I’m recording him as he tries it, thinking he’s going to spit it out and have a look of disgust on his face.. he takes a few sips, thinks about it, then drinks the WHOLE FRIGGIN CUP of Beverly!! He says “eh it’s okay”.. I was like “what?? Wait let me try…” so I fill up the cup, take a few sips, and am like “BLEEEH!!!” and have a look of disgust on my face..


Me getting a picture of jim thinking he’s going to spit the drink out any second..

So yes.. I tried to trick Jim and it COMPLETELY backfired on me.. Jim couldn’t’ stop laughing.. it was pretty funny. Darn him!

Right as we’re leaving Club Cool, the fountain show started up so I sat down to watch it while Jim went to find a restroom. They changed the music from the last time I was there. When I used to work at MouseGears I’d often be the greeter right by the exit that faced the fountain and I loved listening to the music and catching glimpses of the fountain show occasionally while I worked there. I miss the old music, but I guess it probably changes quite often.


05-27-2006, 11:48 AM
Jim came back and we walked over to Space Ship Earth and walked right on. It was the first ride that I’d seen the wait time for listed as “0 minutes”. Usually they’ll say 5 minutes even if you walk right on it.


I’ve always liked this ride. I love how in a few of the scenes have a certain smell to them. When we passed by one of the scenes that had a newsie kid trying to sell newspapers, Jim and I both said at the exact same time “papers, get your papers!” (like chris was saying at our wedding). When we got to the top of the sphere, our vehicle stopped and we heard a voice say “Please stay seated your vehicle is preparing for your return to earth”. And then again “please stay seated your vehicle is preparing for your return to earth”. And then again and again for the next five minutes. That’s always fun!

Ascending into the sphere

Jim is excited about communication

While we were stuck there, Jim was asking me when the last time the ride was updated. I thought it had never been updated since it originally came out. Jim thought that was impressive if that was true, since there seemed to be so many things predicting the internet in the ride. I hadn’t thought about that, so as we left the ride we asked one of the cast members who worked there. The guy was very knowledgeable about the ride, I was surprised, I figured he’d have no idea.. but he told us how it had been updated a few times, how the voice used to be walter Cronkite and then it was someone else (can’t remember), and then Jeremy Irons.. and he said since Siemens’ was sponsoring it now it was scheduled for another update/renovation sometime in the next year. Ooo very cool!

As we left Jim and I were talking about how the ride was kind of cool because it dealt with the evolution of different forms of communication, and if you thought about it, since we met through the internet, we wouldn’t have been there getting married if it wasn’t for things like that. I was like “yeah I guess it would have been kind of hard to meet through a telegram service or morse code or something… a/s/l stop!” (that’s probably a very obscure joke, but anyway)..

We went into the electric umbrella to use the restroom. While I was waiting for Jim, I threw something away in a garbage can and the garbage can said to me “mmm French Fries my favorite!” I had heard about the talking garbage can many times but I had never been able to locate it before.. I found the talking garbage can! I couldn’t wait to show Jim!

As I waited for Jim, a couple came up to me and the girl asked if I was on my honeymoon. I told her yep I had just gotten married yesterday. She congratulated me and told me that her and her husband honeymooned in WDW a few years ago and now they were there with their child for the first time. That seemed so sweet to me. She told me “if you go to pleasure island, tell them it’s your honeymoon, and they might let you be the ones to set off the fireworks for the night.. we did that for our honeymoon and they gave us free tshirts to mark the occasion and everything – it was really cool!”. I thought that sounded pretty cool. Even though Jim and I had no plans to go to pleasure island I thought maybe Jim would like to do that. I thanked them for the tip and went back to waiting for jim so I could show him the talking garbage can.

Jim comes out of the restroom and I give him something to throw away. He throws it away and the garbage can is like “dude, watch the shades!”. We open and close the lid a few more times to hear the other sayings and were pretty amused by it. Other people started coming around to listen to it too. Hey we drew a crowd! We let other people take over and Jim and I moved on.

05-27-2006, 11:50 AM
We decided to head to Mission Space.. Neither Jim or I had ever been on it and we both were really excited about it. When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaught so badly, I studied anything I could get my hands on related to space travel and aeronautics. Well, I may not have gotten into NASA, but I could ride Mission Space and darnit that was close enough!

There was only a five minute wait for the ride. Well that’s one good thing about false alarms of people dying after going on the ride – short lines!

Or everyone was on Soarin’. Since Jim and I have done that ride so many times in Disney’s California Adventure, and the wait time for Soarin’ was always over 70 minutes, we never felt compelled to ride it. I was disappointed when I heard they were building Soarin’ but it would be the exact same ride. I was like, why don’t they change it for Florida, or put it by the American adventure and show scenes from around America – like the statue of liberty, the grand canyon, mt. Rushmore, or something like that! Or do one for the world showcase with scenes from around the globe. What another wasted opportunity. Ah well.. anyway back to mission space!


We queue up and Gary Sinise tells us about our mission and the various tasks that it was our responsibility to undertake as commander, pilot, engineer, or navigator (I think). I thought it was funny when Gary Sinise says “you’re all probably a little nervous…” because I could tell everyone in line really was nervous! Jim was a little bit too, and since he’s a little prone to motion sickness sometimes, I told him a tip I had heard on the Dis boards.. I said “if you think you’re feeling sick,, don’t’ pay attention to the tasks they have you do, just sit back and stare into the screen.. the ride’s the same no matter if you push the buttons or not”.. as I was saying this, I could tell everyone in line was listening intently to what I was saying and paying heed to my advice…

The doors open up and we take our positions in front of the doors to the ride. Gary Sinise tells us we would be entering hypersleep so our journey to mars would feel like only a few seconds. He then tells us what our individual roles are. I was engineer – woohoo! Very appropriate since I’m a science nerd, and Jim was commander.. I kept calling him “Commander Jim” before and after the ride.. As we got in our seats I said “goodluck, commander jim!” I noticed they had barf bags in front of the seats. I hoped we wouldn’t be needing those!!

The countdown begins and we are staring up at the launch pad tower, the ride starts up and we start ascending into space. I could feel the G-forces pressing against us and my cheeks were being pushed back like on the gravitron at the fair, it felt soooo real… WOW!!!! That’s all I had to say, I kept giggling, I was giddy! It really felt like we were taking off into space!! I loved it!!!! I had no idea how they were pulling it off at the time, it just felt real!! Gary Sinise tells us when to perform our tasks, and both Jim and I did our part to make the mission a success. We land on Mars, but the doors open up and we’re still on earth. Darn! Oh well.. “good job, commander Jim!” I tell my DH.

We walk out into the gift shop “fancy that, we’re in a giftshop” I say to Jim (see Day 2).

Commander Jim

Jim thought the ride was really cool too, but he did have a slight headache. I felt just a tad bit disoriented, but I’ve felt that way after getting off big roller-coasters before so I wasn’t worried. Five minutes later we were both fine.

We were right next door to Test Track. Jim had never been on that either (there’s a lot Jim has never done in WDW – the last time he was there was in 1992). I said “why don’t we go get fast passes for later” since Jim didn’t feel like doing it right after Mission Space, and there was a 50 minute wait. Jim didn’t really want to, but I was like “come on, we don’t have to use them, but if we want them and don’t have them it will suck”. We go there, and the fast passes they are giving out say to come back about 3 hours later, so right as I was thinking that we’d just forget about it, someone comes up to me and asks if we want his fast passes that were for one hour later, since him and his wife were leaving. I was like “Sure!” and thanked him.. how nice!! Cool!!

One hour, that would be perfect timing if we could do Ellen’s Energy adventure and then get out and use the fast passes before moving onto world showcase! We walk to the restrooms located right between Test Track and Mission Space and jim was like “I feel bad for the janitors assigned to these bathrooms – what a bad location”.

We headed to Ellen’s Energy Adventure and took a few pictures while waiting in line.

Jim getting eaten by a stegosaurus – I thought those were herbivores?
me waiting in line

Jim asked me if the hypersleep on the way to Mars helped me to catch up on my sleep. I wish! We waited in line for five minutes before the doors open up, and we find a seat on the benches in the big room inside and wait for the preshow to begin.

Pretty soon Ellen appears on the three huge screens in the room and explains how she was watching Jeopardy when she sees “stupid Judy”, someone she used to hate from high school, as a contestant answering each question correctly, including the questions about energy. Bill Nye the science guy comes in as Ellen makes a remark about how energy wasn’t really that important anyway. We board the cars that carry us through the ride as Ellen falls asleep and dreams she’s on the show with Judy and Albert Einstein and each question is about energy. She’s losing big time, but half way through the show,, Bill Nye comes in to teach her about energy by taking her back to the Big Bang and up through the dinosaur age to now.. It takes us through the animatronic dinosaur part and then we see an animatronic ellen. Ellen goes back on the show and gets every answer right. The last question being “This is the one energy source will never run out”.. which I won’t divulge the “answer” to. Cute ride, so much better then what was there before!! I told jim how the old show was just a really really boring documentary about energy, and then it was three minute of dinosaurs, and how when we were kids we just wanted to see the dinosaurs!!!

When we were done we headed to Testtrack to use our fastpasses. Jim still wasn’t sure if he wanted to go on it since he’s not a huge fan of roller coasters, but I was like “jim, it’s like being in your car, it doesn’t go faster then 65, if that, trust me”. I remember when I worked at epcot sometimes guests would ask me how fast the ride went, and I’d say “about 65 mph and that’s just for a few seconds” and people would be like “oh that’s way too fast for me, I’m not going on it!” and me and my friends would be thinking “you go faster then that in your car, Lady!!!”


We used our fastpasses and were in the car in less then 10 minutes. The ride, in my opinion, is a good attraction, but not a very good thrill ride. It has a few twists & turns that are fun, but really it’s a show. Jim agreed with me and said it was no big deal. We exited the ride and talked about where to go next.

05-27-2006, 11:56 AM
It was about 6:30 pm when we got out of test track, and future world was closing at 7, so we decided to head into the worldshowcase and leave the rest of futureworld for another day. The sun was starting to set casting a pretty glow on epcot again.


We stopped and took some pictures of where we got married at from across the lagoon

The only thing I had eaten all day was the Kitchen Sink, and I was craving “real food” again. Before the trip, I had made at least 2 or 3 Advanced Dining Reservations per day so that I would have a few choices each day without worrying about the lines. We had a reservation at Italy for around 8 pm for 9 people. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it or not, but it was there if we wanted it.

First we thought we’d give the Mexico restaurant a try. We slowly meandered into the mexico pavilion. It was pretty crowded in there and I couldn’t really move around. I was like “there’s no way we’re going to get a walk up for the restaurant”, but we decided to try anyway. The wait time was 80 minutes, which would be around the same time as our reservation in Italy. I thought Italy would be more fun since we had just gotten married the day before, and we could invite some of our family to join us, so we opted for that. However I was kind of hungry and wanted something to tide me over until dinner.


I asked Jim if he wanted to ride “el rio del tiemp” but he didn’t feel like it, so we skipped it. I thought we’d be exploring the world showcase more another day so I was fine with that, but darnit I never did get to ride it!

We went outside and I called around to see if anyone wanted to join us. Jim’s family was having dinner somewhere else already so they said they would skip it.. so I called Jo & Jim, Jenny & Kevin, and my mom and dad and they all said they were up for it. Lisa and Lynne were doing something else. I asked Jim if Matt wanted to join us too, so he called him and he did. 9 people exactly, how funny! That was the exact number that I had made the reservation for 3 months prior.

So we had about an hour to explore some of the countries before heading to Italy. We went to Norway, the maelstrom ride had a 45 minute wait on it.. there was no way I was going to wait 45 minutes for that ride so we skipped it. I was hungry and really wanted to check out the “kringla bakeri og kafe” in Norway.. a few of the items there were really hyped up on the DIS restaurant forum, so even though I was not in the mood for sweets, I didn’t want to pass the opportunity to try anything I had been daydreaming about for the last year..

An old stave church replica


We get in line behind a kid of about 12 years old. This poor kid, I noticed he kept trying to get someone’s attention behind the counter to order something, and the cast member kept ignoring him and asking another adult what they wanted. I felt bad for him but was kind of amused by it too, he was getting so frustrated! Finally a castmember asks me and jim what we want, and I’m like “I think he was first” and the kid seemed so grateful lol! He ordered a piece of cheesecake and the cast member went to get another piece. I told him that the cheesecake looked good, and the kid was like “yeah I saw it earlier and came all the way back here from the japan pavilion to get it.” .. I thought that was funny and told him the story about how when I was 12, we had gotten something called a “chocolate ball” in that exact same Norway Bakery, and it was so good that the next day we came back all the way from another theme park mostly to get another chocolate ball (this is a true story btw!)… (unfortunately they no longer sell said chocolate ball)…


I told Jim that the DIS boards recommended the rice cream and the school bread. He decides to get the rice cream, so I figured I would try the school bread. Like I said, I just wanted to try them, one bite would suffice. We got our food and went outside to find a seat. Jim really liked his rice cream.. I had a few bites and while it was good, it just tasted like rice pudding with strawberries on it. I didn’t really see what the big deal about it was unless you had never had rice pudding before. Jim had never had rice pudding, so it tasted unique and good to him. I tried my school bread – again it was pretty disappointing. It tasted like a coconut donut with custard filling. I had a few bites and got a box to take the rest back to the hotel with me. I didn’t think I’d eat it but thought maybe I’d give it to someone in my family or something.

Jim’s rice cream

school bread

The sun was close to being set and I was getting cold. I called around and asked my mom or jenny if they could bring me a sweater from the hotel room, but they all said they had already left. Darnit I was getting cold!

We took some more pictures along the way..


05-27-2006, 12:00 PM
We slowly walked towards the Italy pavilion,, taking pictures along the way. The whole day that me and Jim were in epcot, we would occasionally say to one another “hi husband…” “hi wife”… “hey we’re married, how about that?” and cheesey stuff like that. We were totally in the “newlywed” phase.

We wanted to walk on the isola again so we tried to hurry before they set it up for another dessert party… We got there and they were just closing it off to decorate it.. darnit!!



pretty sunset

I looked around the shops in italy and germany for a sweater. All they had were hundred dollar sweaters that said “italy” or “germany” on them. I didn’t really feel like wasting my money on those so decided to just be cold.

We found some seats in Italy and waited for people to come. Jo & Jim arrived first, woohoo! The had been trying to fit in as many theme parks as they could into the one and a half days they had to explore, so they had gotten up really early that morning for the magic kingdom. They said they did splash mountain as one of the first rides and then were walking around the MK with went pants.. that totally sucks!


Matt and Jenny & Kevin all came soon after. Jenny gave me a bag with a new WDW 2006 sweater in it for me. At first I thought she was lending me hers but it still had the tag on it.. Awww she bought it for me so I wouldn’t be cold, thank you Jenny!! My mom and dad called and said they were running a little late but that she had brought a sweater for me. D’oh! Oh well, I like my new sweater, I wear it all the time now!

I went and checked in for our reservations and they said it would be about 15 minutes. While we were waiting, I had jim show me where his “appointed seat” was the morning of the wedding, and he showed me where he sat and where Stan took him to say his message for me and all that. I asked him if it was bringing back memories for him and he was like “not really” and I laughed and was like “it was so long ago you don’t remember it anymore?”



We were seated soon after that. I ordered a Caesar salad as an appetizer for myself. My mom called and said they were in so I went out to get them to show them where we were seated. Since they came late, they sat at the end of the table and I didn’t really get to talk to them at all during the meal.

this Caesar salad rocked – and I know my Caesar salads!

While we were eating someone walked by the table with his son to use the bathroom and when he left Jo’s Jim said “that was Scotty pippin!” he said something about wanting to get a picture of him but didn’t want to be obvious about it.. I was like “I’ll get him with my camcorder as he’s walking by, I’ll pretend to be recording you guys talking or something..” so Scotty pippin walks by again, I have my camcorder out recording and am like “so jenny what was your favorite ride today”.. and as I’m recording it, everyone at the table stopped talking and just completely clammed up and looked really nervous. It was so funny. I was like “way to be subtle guys”.. then I said “why did you all stop talking” and Matt said, kind of loudly, “because we were too busy looking at scotty pippin!”.. argh.. goodjob…

When we were eating the bread they put out on the table, I was just eating the inside of the bread and not the crust. I always do that, but Jenny saw it and was making fun of me for it..

I ordered the fettucine alfredo, thought it was a little too bland for my palette but it tasted better after adding some more parmesan cheese. For dessert I had tiramisu and jim had a canolli, I thought both were kind of bland too. But the Caesar salad I had as an appetizer was delicious!!

The fettucine alfredo most of us ordered
jim’s canolli

Towards the end of the meal I saw what looked like a big ball of flame to the right of my field of vision. It scared me for a second until I realized illuminations had started. I didn’t know we’d be able to see any of it from inside the restaurant, that was kind of cool! It wasn’t exactly the best seat for the fireworks, but since I had already seen them twice it was a cool addition to the meal.

At the end of the meal, I was trying to count everyone’s money and our money and make sure we had the right amount. I was trying to figure out the tip and Matt said “just double the tax”, which usually works in California because the tax here is 8.25 percent, but that didn’t’ seem right in my head. I counted it twice and had jim count it to make sure it was okay and then we left.

As we were walking past the international gateway leaving epcot I suddenly get really paranoid that I undertipped them. Did I double the tax? If I doubled the tax then I would have shortchanged them like 20 bucks. I couldn’t remember if I left 20 or 40 for the tip and was feeling guilty about it. I asked jim and he said I left 40, since he counted the tip, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember. Well, I hope I left the right amount or I’ll feel bad, but I knew there was no way I would be able to tell for sure since we paid in cash.



05-27-2006, 12:04 PM
Jo had left her curling iron in my hotel room from the wedding day so they needed to come back to the hotel to get it. I asked if they wanted to go swimming, I wasn’t sure what hours the pool was open to though. We went to the front desk and asked, and I cant’ remember but I think he said “11 to 9”.. darnit it was closed! That sucks, I think they should keep it open a little later so people can use the pool after the parks close, but oh well. I thought maybe Jim and I could use it in the morning before we checked out and switched to the port Orleans French quarter.

Jo & Jim came back and got their curling iron, and we said goodbye to them. I hope it won’t be another four years until the next time I see them again!
A little later we had a delivery to our room, it was a bag of goodies from Ali & Nene, (the two family friends that were late for the bus the morning of the wedding), along with a card.. Awww the gifts were so cute!! I can’t wait till we move into our new home and I can put them in our kitchen!

Minnie glovemit, mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers, punch bowl set

It was getting pretty late. Everyone in my family was leaving early the next morning. I’m glad they had at least stayed through Tuesday or I would have been depressed. Jim & I went to “make our rounds” to say goodbye to everyone.

We went to Jenny & Kevin’s room first. She wanted to show me her ultrasound pictures and kept forgetting to bring them, so when I got to her room she got out the photos. I couldn’t’ really figure out what end was what and it kind of looked like the predator to me. She pointed out the head and how it was sucking its thumb. She said “it makes more sense if you see it moving first”. I was excited for her and glad to see her so happy.

Her and Kevin had gotten us matching necklaces, they are “dog tags” with Mickey’s head and “Mary and Jim 4-24-2006” engraved on the back. How cute! I asked if they were supposed to be for dogs but she said humans could wear them too. Maybe it is for dogs, but I wear mine all the time and I don’t care!

Kevin was packing while we talked and showed jim his flashing glowcube from the sci-fi dine in theatre.. Jim really wanted one! They had the tv on to the WDW-info channel and we talked about how annoying the girl was that hosted it. We always look forward to watching that channel when we get into a Disney hotel and they totally ruined it! They spend the whole time focused on the girls face and barely show any of WDW.. and she says things like “I’m about to get my RIDE ON!” or “italy.. morocco, france.. yummy.. yummy.. yummy” .. I shudder just thinking about it.. We both said we put it on the Spanish version of that channel because the Spanish version actually shows the park and the girl is less annoying. I spent an hour talking to Jenny & Kevin but we needed to go say goodbye to other people too, so we hugged them and said goodbye. Aww I didn’t want them to leave!

Kevin’s glowcube that Jim decided he must get

We went to Jim’s mother’s room next. I didn’t realize she wasn’t checking out until 3 pm the next morning. She said she requested a late-check out, I didn’t know you could do that! She said to call house-keeping to ask if we could have late check out.. Since jim and I were switching resorts that would be perfect… I called house-keeping but they were closed and it said to call back in the morning. Sue showed us the photos she took and we talked about what we had been up to the past day since the wedding. Sue hadn’t packed a lot and she asked if I wanted her to take one of our suitcases home with her.. Heck yeah!! Oh my god what a lifesaver that turned out to be!!

We would see her in the morning before she left, so we said goodnight and went to my mom and dad’s room. I don’t remember what we talked about or said, but we spent about an hour talking and saying goodnight. I was going to miss them too! At least this time I would be seeing them in one month and then I was moving back to Michigan. It’s hard being in California and being 2,000 miles away from my family, I’m really looking forward to moving closer to them this summer. We said goodnight and I said I would try to wake up to say goodbye in the morning before they left.

I went back to the room and started to pack – I had a LOT of packing to do before we switched resorts. I couldn’t depend on late-checkout so I needed everything to be manageable. It was a little better since we were switching resorts and not heading to the airport, I didn’t have to worry about what went in what suitcase and the weight and size limits of my bags.. I just shoved everything in to any bag I could find..

Since Sue said she would take a bag home with her, I got out our biggest suitcase and put as many wedding-related items in it that I could fit, including my wedding dress. I felt bad doing it, but I folded up my wedding dress and shoved it in the bag so I wouldn’t have to deal with looking at it or trying to take it home with me. I carefully carefully packed our cake-topper and unity candle, and as many wedding related things as I could fit in. I didn’t want to look at them until I got home in case I got depressed again! I did a good job of fitting everything into the bag and picked it up to gauge if it was under 50 pounds or not – I was pretty sure it was. I was so relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal with all that stuff!!

It took me over 2.5 hours to pack everything up. I was tired but knew I needed to do it. I do better packing by myself, though occasionally I would ask jim to help me fold clothes or to zip up a suitcase. I told Jim I wouldn’t be mad if he used the internet while I packed, so he got on the laptop and uploaded some of our wedding pictures that Kevin took onto our website and emailed a bunch of people the link. He also checked out the latest news about the new superman movie – he really really wanted to see the new trailer for the movie that was supposed to be coming out some time that week.

I left out our swimsuits and beach towels and a change of clothes for the morning. If we could do late check out I wanted to go swimming!! I hadn’t had a chance to try out Stormalong Bay and that was one of the reasons I wanted to stay at the yacht club!

After all the packing, it was pretty late and I was pretty exhausted by the time I got into bed. I set the wakeup call and fell asleep as quickly as my head hit the pillow.

05-27-2006, 12:57 PM
I am still definitely enjoying your report - one piece of advice about your new Mickey bowls and glasses...when they say "not dishwasher safe"...they mean it. :blush: Trust me, I know... :teeth:

05-27-2006, 08:29 PM
The trip report is wonderful!
When I saw the picture you posted of Jim with tigger it reminded me of this one I took of Ryan (left) and our friend and best man Noah (right)

05-27-2006, 09:08 PM
The trip report is wonderful!
When I saw the picture you posted of Jim with tigger it reminded me of this one I took of Ryan (left) and our friend and best man Noah (right)

That picture is too funny, I love it!! :cool1:

slk537 - Thank you for the tip, I love my punch bowl set and definitely don't want them ruined!

05-28-2006, 08:44 AM
They had the tv on to the WDW-info channel and we talked about how annoying the girl was that hosted it. We always look forward to watching that channel when we get into a Disney hotel and they totally ruined it! They spend the whole time focused on the girls face and barely show any of WDW.. and she says things like “I’m about to get my RIDE ON!” or “italy.. morocco, france.. yummy.. yummy.. yummy” .. I shudder just thinking about it.. We both said we put it on the Spanish version of that channel because the Spanish version actually shows the park and the girl is less annoying.

Mary, DF and I were cracking up when I saw this! :rotfl: We put the WDW-info channel on the Spanish version too b/c she is so annoying! At least we cannot understand what she is saying then. Disney definitely needs to get a better host for that channel!

I am still loving your TR :thumbsup2

05-28-2006, 12:25 PM
Mary- Pic of you two on post 257 (3rd one i think) you look stunning! You really have fantastic eyes and you truly were a beautiful bride. How cool to dance with Mickey and Minnie on your wedding day, despite the other dances! Great report, I will have nothing to do when it ends. maybe you could do a life report and keep us all up to date!!

05-28-2006, 01:00 PM
[QUOTE=Mary626]Jim came back and we walked over to Space Ship Earth and walked right on. It was the first ride that I’d seen the wait time for listed as “0 minutes”. Usually they’ll say 5 minutes even if you walk right on it.


I’ve always liked this ride. I love how in a few of the scenes have a certain smell to them. When we passed by one of the scenes that had a newsie kid trying to sell newspapers, Jim and I both said at the exact same time “papers, get your papers!” (like chris was saying at our wedding). When we got to the top of the sphere, our vehicle stopped and we heard a voice say “Please stay seated your vehicle is preparing for your return to earth”. And then again “please stay seated your vehicle is preparing for your return to earth”. And then again and again for the next five minutes. That’s always fun!

I KNEW I liked you!!! That is one of my favorite rides and when I took a group on it during our last trip I pronounced the same. When we came out they all decided that if that was my idea of a great ride, they weren't listening to my suggestions anymore :guilty: I think it is one of the few original rides that still give the feeling of what EPCOT used to be all about. I agree to with your assessment of Club Cool--it was much "cooler" before!

05-28-2006, 02:07 PM
[QUOTE=Mary626]Jim came back and we walked over to Space Ship Earth and walked right on. It was the first ride that I’d seen the wait time for listed as “0 minutes”. Usually they’ll say 5 minutes even if you walk right on it.


I’ve always liked this ride. I love how in a few of the scenes have a certain smell to them. When we passed by one of the scenes that had a newsie kid trying to sell newspapers, Jim and I both said at the exact same time “papers, get your papers!” (like chris was saying at our wedding). When we got to the top of the sphere, our vehicle stopped and we heard a voice say “Please stay seated your vehicle is preparing for your return to earth”. And then again “please stay seated your vehicle is preparing for your return to earth”. And then again and again for the next five minutes. That’s always fun!

I KNEW I liked you!!! That is one of my favorite rides and when I took a group on it during our last trip I pronounced the same. When we came out they all decided that if that was my idea of a great ride, they weren't listening to my suggestions anymore :guilty: I think it is one of the few original rides that still give the feeling of what EPCOT used to be all about. I agree to with your assessment of Club Cool--it was much "cooler" before!
Codie...that happened to me too! My friend, Catherine, basically reinforced my nickname of nerd after that ride. Sheesh! They simply do not understand!!
Mary...loving this TR....

05-28-2006, 02:15 PM
Okay, I'm only on page 2 so far, but I just have to say that is awesome that you saw the Nelsons! (See my sig.) I am a huge fan and have always wanted to see them at Epcot, but the timing has never been right.

Great report, I am enjoying reading it, and loving all of the pictures!

Congratulations on your marriage too!

05-28-2006, 07:14 PM
JJClemson - that is hilarious that you watched the spanish version of the channel too! I guess there is probably a lot of us that feel the same way, we should send some complaint letters or something :rotfl:

Emmo - thank you so much!! :goodvibes :goodvibes That's funny, I can just picture writing a life report " day 232.. I get out of bed.. studied for my exam until my eyes popped out, and then went to school, took the final exam..., called Jim and told him how much i hated the teacher and how unfair his tests are and how I was going to form a cabal to get the teacher fired.., and then went home, studied some more and fell asleep... next day, I find out I aced the exam and tell Jim how good the teacher is and how fair his tests are and how the other kids should stop complaining..." etc.. :rotfl:

Codie - :goodvibes I know exactly how you feel!! I've taken a few friends with me to WDW once or twice, so excited to share my enthusiasm for the place with them, and they've always seemed completely unimpressed by everything. :confused3 I always thought maybe I hyped things up for people too much, so since this was Jim's first trip to WDW since he was 12, I tried my best not to mention that anything was my favorite and to see his reaction. I would go on a ride, ask if he liked it, and if he said he did i would say "great, that's one of my favorite rides!!" and would start geeking out about it! :rotfl2: I love spaceship earth, and agree with you about how it feels like what epcot was supposed to be! I love all the details in the ride, like when they show all the roads leading to rome and you can see a few of the chariots galloping down the roads.. or the monks that fall asleep while transcribing a book.. I just think it's a great ride! :lovestruc

Beana - thank you again! :goodvibes

mantysk8coach - thank you and I love the pic in your signature!! My sisters and I used to love the nelsons back in the early 90's, we were totally into glam.. i used to love skid-row and the nelson twins and all those bands! :cheer2:

I finished up the next day's trip report..... have a good memorial day weekend everyone! :)


Wednesday, april 26th – day 7

I woke up around 7:30 Wednesday morning but let Jim sleep in more while I packed a little more. I called my parents to see if they were still at the hotel, and they were but were leaving in about ten minutes. I ran over there to hug and them and say goodbye. I gave them some of the cake I had cut into pieces. I Can't remember if I had a chance to say goodbye to Jenny and kevin again or not...

I went back to the room and Jim was still sleeping.I went out on our balcony and enjoyed our view, it was very peaceful in the morning. I saw some jack-rabbits by the gazebo and some ducks by the roses, how cute! I was going to miss our view when we switched hotels. At 8 I called house-keeping and asked if I could get late-checkout and they said it would be fine.. woohoo! With no rush to leave, I could go swimming and take our time.

You can see the jack-rabbit by the roses

For some reason in my head I thought the guy at the front desk said the pool opened at 9. Thinking about it later I’m sure he said something like 10-9 and I got it backwards, but of course I didn’t realize it at the time. It was around 8:30 and I really wanted Jim to get up so we could go swimming. I tried waking him up a few times, he’d sit up in bed, say he was up, and then fall back asleep. I decided to let him sleep a little longer but at 9 o’clock I really wanted to get going! Finally he woke up and said he had a big headache. I knew he didn’t want to go swimming, but darnit I did! I gave him some advil and said maybe some food would help it go away, so he ate the rest of our leftovers from the Chinese restaurant,, I know great breakfast. He was tired and had a headache. I said I wanted to go swimming but if he just wanted to stay somewhere in the shade I was fine with that, I just didn’t want to go alone.

We both put on our swimsuits and slathered on the sunscreen and left for the pool around 9:30, I was thinking it was already going to be crowded a little bit. We go down there and I’m stupidly like “hey look no-one’s out swimming yet, cool we have the pool to ourselves!” We go to the gate and one of the life-guards tells me it’s not open till 10.. darnit!! I felt so bad, I dragged Jim out of bed with his headache just to come down there half an hour earlier. We were kind of confused by what the life-guard had said and thought they’d open it up in about 15 minutes so we waited around. He gave us our wristbands so we wouldn’t have to bother with that later. Oh well it was a nice sunny morning and I was glad to be out. I just felt bad for Jim, though he said his headache was getting slightly better.

Us waiting for the pool to open because I stupidly thought it opened at 9
the lifeguards preparing for duty

Around 9:50 the lifeguards let us in to find a seat and get ready. I saw them take off the railings around the pool that said “closed”… silly me, I figured since it no longer said “closed” that must mean it’s open, so Jim and I got into the pool. Then we hear this young lifeguard girl say “get out of the pool, it’s CLOSED!!!” Ugh, what a snot! Now I remember why I hate swimming in public pools.. thanks lady, I’m not five years old you could have been nicer about it and just said you weren’t open yet!!

Between having to wait a half an hour for the pool to open up when I thought it opened at 9 and being yelled at by a girl like 10 years younger then me I was starting to get in a bad mood. Jim asked if I wanted to go back to the room and I kind of did, but I had been through so much just to use the pool I would have felt stupid if we didn’t even end up going swimming lol. Darnit I wanted to enjoy our last day at the yacht club and go swimming!

Finally they start letting people go in the pool, and me and Jim went in. I had never gone swimming there, I knew there were quite a few different areas of the pool, but I didn’t know which was which. So we got in and it was the lazy river area that had a strong current that was pushing us around.

The “lazy river” isn’t so lazy when you don’t have an innertube!

I’m not the worlds strongest swimmer so we left that area once we got to a different area and went by the waterfall. It was kind of pretty and Jim was having a good time putting his head under the waterfall. When you have to worry about your contacts getting washed out, you can’t really do things like that so I skipped it and took some pics while Jim enjoyed the waterfall.


05-28-2006, 07:19 PM
We went to a more relaxed pool and had fun just bopping around. I’m pretty short (5 foot 2) so I could only occasionally feel the sand on the bottom of the pool, but it was nice and squishy when I could reach it. Then we went further down the pool and there was an area that had a whirlpool current in it that pushed you around in circles, it was fun!




the whirlpool

the whirlpool to the left and the exit to the water slide on the right

We went over to the end of the pool where you come out when you’re on the water slide. Jim was thinking about doing the water slide, and I said “do you want me to hold your sunglasses for you?” the lifeguard on duty over heard and said “oh you can wear your sunglasses on the water slide, I wear mine down all the time”. Jim asked if I wanted to go too. I haven’t gone on a big water slide since I was like 12, and the last time I was on one I remember it being kind of scary and hating it and vowing never to go on one again. Well, this was 14 years later, maybe I could handle it now? And if I was allowed to wear my sunglasses on it probably wasn’t that bad, I reasoned, so I decided to give it a try.

We walked over to the entrance and climbed up the spiral stairs that take you to the entrance to the water slide. Jim went first. I was scared. I told myself not to be stupid and that people go on waterslides all the time and are fine. When the lifeguard told me I could go, I get in and give myself a push downwards.

The entrance to the water slide
where you exit the water slide

Now the outwards appearance of the waterslide makes it look like it’s just a straight-down plume, like maybe it would last 30 seconds or so at most. I figured I could handle that.

I start going down the water slide and at first I’m thinking “okay this is kind of fun, what was I afraid of?” but then it keeps going and going and going, and I’m building up speed and it’s going around in spirals and I started to kind of freak out a little. I closed my eyes because I was worried about getting water in my contacts, and then towards the end of the slide water was splashing in my face so much that I held my breath for a while so I wouldn’t swallow any water, so I had my eyes closed, was holding my breath, and had no idea how much longer this tortuous waterslide would continue for. It was really freaking me out.

All of a sudden it dumps me out and I’m at the bottom of the pool. I was scared and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull myself up. I was probably down there for a few seconds but I kept telling myself to pull myself up because I didn’t want the embarrassment of the life-guard jumping in after me! So I reach the surface but I keep my eyes closed because I didn’t want my contacts to fall out. Thank god that was over! I hear the life-guard ask me if I was okay, and I nodded my head yes. Jim was there and asked if I was alright, I said I was fine I just needed a towel. I blinked a few times though and luckily my contacts stayed in, so I told him nevermind, but I realize my sunglasses were missing. The lifeguard lends Jim his water goggles and Jim swims around to look for them. I was thinking “great there goes another pair of 150 dollar sunglasses”.. since that was the THIRD pair I had bought in the past few months because my stupid dog kept eating my other pairs, no matter how high up I put them. And I really need a good pair of sunglasses because my eyes are so sensitive all the time, I didn’t want to go without them while in Florida..

Anyway, luckily Jim finds them, wooh! I say to jim outloud “now I remember why I hate water slides!” and told him how I kind of freaked out. The lifeguard over there was really nice and said “you should try it again, I promise if you freak out again I’ll go in after you”. I thanked him and said it was okay.. I figure.. I’m not afraid of heights or rollercoasters or any type of bugs, and have no irrational fears that I know of.. I was perfectly fine with being afraid of waterslides!

I didn’t want to admit it to jim, but it was kind of a jarring experience. I told Jim I was going to get out for a few minutes and go take some pictures with my camera, but he should stay in a little while longer since he was having fun, so that’s what I did.

05-28-2006, 07:20 PM
Jim got out a little later and we went back to where our beach towels and things were. When we’re over there we see Janiece, josh, and gracie swimming in the sandy bottom shallow pool. Gracie was too adorable in her little outfit kicking around in the water! Jim and I got back in the kiddie pool – the kiddie pool I could handle and I liked the sandy bottom part! We talked with them about the past few days, we hadn’t really had a chance to talk to them much. I guess since they had never been there before they were doing everything commando-disney style and trying to fit in everything they possibly could. I thought that was cool that they wanted to see everything!

This was my favorite part of stormalong bay!

jim drying off

Gracie was too adorable!


Jim’s mom came by and said her and Chris were going to go eat at Cape May Café for breakfast. Jim and I got out a little while after that and went back to the hotel room to shower and change. It was almost 11, we had been swimming for almost an hour and the sun had zapped up a lot of my energy.

We were in our hotel room getting ready to go, and Jim gets a call from his brother Chris. Chris was calling to ask jim how the heck Goofy knew Jim and knew that it was our honeymoon. Jim was like what??

When Chris and Sue went to the character breakfast at Cape may Café, Goofy wrote out a note saying “How’s Jim?” Chris looked confused and said “jim’s good…” and then Goofy wrote out “honeymoon?” which completely baffled Chris. Jim related the story to me and I was like “they must have had it written on their reservations”, but Jim said they had walked up to the podium, they didn’t have reservations… how weird.. then I said “well did they give them their name while they waited?” but the funny thing about that was, Chris told us later, he had said “corbin” but she saw the lady write down “torbin” or something completely wrong, and so they knew they didn’t look it up on the computer or anything.. how weird!!

Wait, I said “maybe it was the guy in the mickey suit from our wedding, that must be it”. But then we were like “wait, Mickey and Minnie were really short and goofy is a tall character, what the heck!!”

The only explanation we could think of for it was that it was the character escort that was taking care of Mickey and Minnie? I know sometimes they take turns being the escort and being the characters. Honestly though, it remains a mystery to me!! If anyone here has any idea how Goofy knew enough to recognize Chris & Sue, remember Jim’s name and the fact that he was on his honeymoon, I would love to hear your ideas!!

Chris & Sue came up after their meal was done and showed us Goofy’s note. What the heck! We all joked about Goofy stalking Jim.

Goofy’s note to Chris

I gave the suitcase I packed for Sue so she could take it with her, godbless her, and we said goodbye to Chris & Sue. Since we’d be seeing them in less then a week I wasn’t as sad about them leaving as when my own family left.

We called for a bellhop to help us with the luggage and got everything ready. I still had my flowers from the florist out,, I wasn’t ready to part with them yet. Obviously I couldn’t think of a good way to pack them so I decided to carry them with me. I did pack my bouquet in one of the suitcases, I was thinking about trying to press some of the petals or dry them out for keepsakes. We wore our mickey and Minnie wedding ears because it was easier to wear them then to pack them.

The bellhop came and we put our suitcases on them and Jim walked with him down to the front of the lobby. I told jim to wait there with the bags as I double checked the room and took care of one or two more things.

I made sure I had everything, took my vase of flowers, and said “goodbye room, it’s been fun”, which is a weird ritual of mine that I always do before leaving a Disney hotel room.

05-28-2006, 07:21 PM
I went down to the entrance to the lobby where Jim was waiting. Jim says to me “mary, the bellhop says they can take our luggage for free and transfer them to the hotel for us!” I told Jim I knew that, but that I didn’t want to wait a few hours for our luggage and the taxi was only ten dollars, I’d rather just do the no-hassle thing.. Jim says “I think we should just put it on the buss”… I was like “Jim, don’t mess with the girl with the color-coded, laminated 10-day itinerary that she has been fine-tuning for the last 12 months!! Occasionally I do happen to know what I’m talking about!!”

I asked jim to hold my vase of flowers for me while I went back to the gift shop to return the metal broach that I had worn to the dessert party after the metal clasp on my sweater broke. It would have been good to keep it for the memory, but it was 30 bucks! I also had a pair of kissing mickey and Minnie magnet figurines that I had gotten two sets of, I didn’t have a receipt for that, but I told the cast member I was fine with store credit. The guy said it would be no problem, but tried ten different things and none of them worked. Finally she had her manager come over and help her. It ended up taking about 20 minutes. I didn’t complain, I was glad to have the extra Disney money, but I was worried about jim waiting there with 10 bags of luggage.

Finally they finish, give me a merchandise card for about 65 bucks, and I go back to Jim. Jim said “your vase of flowers spilled on me, are you sure you want to take it with you?” and I jokingly made fun of him and told him I managed to walk down the elevator and hallway and not spill any, and he was sitting there and it spilled on him? Hey I wanted to keep my flowers for as long as I could! :)

The bellhop called a taxi for us and we loaded our ton of luggage in and told him to take us to the Port Orleans French Quarter. I don’t like using taxi’s while on WDW property, but I knew that would require the least amount of hassle, and for 10 bucks it was worth it. But okay, after this trip I will NEVER be taking any taxi services in WDW ever again! I won’t go into why as of yet, the first part of that story begins a little later, but I will say that I noticed that the taxi driver kept taking “a wrong turn” to extend what should have been a 7 dollar fare into an 11 dollar fare. Hey if that’s how he wants to do it then I wasn’t going to tip him… but Jim felt bad and left him a few dollars, darn it! Oh well..


Anyway, we get to the Port Orleans French Quarter. Yay! I was excited! I LOVE entering a new Disney hotel for the first time! A bellhop opens our door and welcomes us to the port Orleans, and they take our bags and give us a claim ticket and me and Jim go line up for check in.

The fountain in the lobby

Me with my vase of flowers I wasn’t ready to part with yet

While in line, Jim and I discussed how to pay for the hotel, we had saved up a ton of money for the trip so I wasn’t worried, we just weren’t sure what the best method would be. He had forgotten to move the money from his savings over to his checking but said he could go on the internet and switch it real quick. I said “no, it’s my honeymoon and I don’t want to have to worry about money or going on the internet, I especially don’t want to have to go on the internet, just use the credit card..” So we get to the check out counter and, it’s very obvious that we’re on our honeymoon, so the lady congratulates us and asks about the wedding. Jim and I are very chipper as we tell her about how beautiful everything was and how wonderful everything had been. She says our room is all ready and how would we want to pay for that. Jim gives her his debit card to his account, and I say “are you sure, wont’ they charge an overdraft fee on your bank, why don’t we use the credit card?” and jim says “eh it’s fine, I’ll use the internet when we get in the room and move the money over”.

Now I was pretty tired still, and was drained from swimming in the sun all day, and I got kind of upset at jim here since I had just told him I didn’t want him on the internet yet, I wanted to go to the magic kingdom right away and not deal with financial things on my honeymoon. I didn’t mean to snap at him, but it came out before I could stop myself and I was like “I just said I didn’t want you using the internet today!!” and right as the words come out of my mouth I immediately get really embarrassed and feel awful. The lady behind the counter had a look of “wow that honeymoon is over….” On her face.. ugh I was so embarrassed and felt so awful. We finished up and went outside. I apologized profusely to jim, but I could tell he was pretty upset that I had yelled at him in public. Ugh. I wanted to be happy, I LOVE being in new hotels for the first time and wanted to concentrate on that. Instead I felt like a horrible human being. I didn’t want to enter our new hotel room on such a sour note so I sat down on a bench by the lobby. Jim sat down next to me. I was mad at myself for being such a b-! And that girl must have thought I was such a witch, ugh I was embarrassed. I was just exhausted or I never would have yelled in public like that. So me and jim talked it through and settled things a little bit, but really I felt guilty about it all day.

05-28-2006, 07:23 PM
The resort was really quaint and adorable! Our rooms were pretty close to the lobby so we didn’t’ get to see much of the resort grounds but I wanted to go explore it later when we got back.

The back entrance to the lobby and food court and gift shop

To the pool area right across from the lobby and food court


someone on a carriage ride

Building 2



We got to our room and opened the door and I see 2 mardi-gras bead necklace on the table. I thought ‘how cute I have ones at home like that”.. but then I look closer and see they have little figures of a bride and groom and I was like “oooh how cute, I guess I don’t have ones at home like that!” and then I notice the poster taped to the wall that says “Congratulations, mary and jim!” awwwwwwwwwww that was so sweet!!! I was so happy! And there was a towel animal!!! I didn’t even get any towel animals or ANYTHING at the yacht club and I was there on my wedding day and it was very obvious btw.. anyway I was really liking the port Orleans French quarter!!!!

The table with our wedding mardi-gras beads and happy honeymoon poster on the wall
our beads

our beds

my first towel-animal at Disney ever!


Jim in the room with is mardi gras bead necklace on


the bathroom

Jim pointed out the key card the lady had given me.. it said Mary Corbin!! Awwww!!! All before the wedding I was planning on hyphenating my name or maybe even keeping my name, but all of a sudden I really wanted to be Mrs. Corbin.. how weird! I told jim “maybe I will change my name to corbin!” and jim was like “really??” (he really wants me to).. but then I said “well, let’s wait and see how I feel when the honeymoon is officially over”. I pulled out my key card from the yacht club and placed them side by side. One said “mary adams” and one said “mary corbin” I was very tickled by that.


I called the bellhop for our luggage and he came right away. Much better then the hour I had to wait at the yacht club! I didn’t have any real cash on me, so I asked if I could give him a tip in Disney dollars, and he said “sure thing, disney dollars are like real dollars to us!” So I gave him a ten with a stitch on it, since that’s all I had,, and he seemed very happy about it!

We freshened up a little but left quickly and headed to the bus stop for the Magic Kingdom. There it was, day 7, and we had yet to see the castle from main street or do anything in the magic kingdom. I was really antsy to go!

05-28-2006, 07:28 PM
Us walking back to the bus stop area

We left Port Orleans around 2 and we had reservations at Tony’s Town Square on main street at 3. We hadn’t eaten a thing all day so we were both starving and still exhausted and worn out from swimming in the sun all morning, but we both wanted to see the magic kingdom really badly. We got on the bus and I was like “Jim there’s space mountain!! There’s the contemporary!! There’s the castle!!” I was so excited to finally be heading into the Magic Kingdom!!

By the time we got there, got through security, put in our tickets and did the biometric thing that didn’t work a single time I was there, it was 10 minutes until our reservation time. Jim wanted to head straight to tony’s, but I said “I at least have to SEE the castle from main street, I just have to see it, take one picture, and then I’ll be happy!”. We walked to the center of main street and there it was!! I haven’t been in the magic kingdom since 1999 and so I just so elated to finally be there with my new husband,, on main street, looking at the castle. It’s one of those things that feels like a dream and like you’re going to wake up any time now. I was happy!!

Yay the castle!!

We went and checked in at Tony’s and watched a little bit of the “Lady & the Tramp” movie that was playing in the waiting area. I was like “wow that is one clean movie!” since Jim was one of the digital restoration artists for this and a few other Disney movies, he is very proud of his work.


The greeter calls our name and takes us to our seats.. Originally I had made the reservations for 4 thinking Jenny and Kevin would come with us, back before they changed their departure date so they would be returning one day earlier,but I never bothered to change the reservation to 2. The greeter took us to our table and I saw the confetti on the table and was like “aww that is so sweet!” But then all of a sudden the greeter gets nervous and is like “wait.. were there four of you? You are the adams table right? Did I bring you to the wrong table? I better go check…” I kept trying to explain that I made the reservation for four, but she was a little strange about it. Obviously we’re wearing wedding ears, lady, this is the right table, it’s not that complicated… She left before her head explodes and me and jim were like “that was weird” and go back to being happy about the confetti.

mickey confetti!

We had a nice view of main street and I knew the 3 o’clock parade was going to be coming by pretty soon (it started in the opposite direction in frontierland). The place was bright and airy and Jim and I were both really happy. Jim kept throwing confetti at me occasionally during the meal and trying to get it down my shirt, oye.. At one point, not sure when, he puts one piece of confetti on my forehead and I didn’t notice it the entire time it was there! And so there I am, with a piece of mickey confetti on my forehead in all of my pictures for this meal. I don’t know if I looked dumb or what.

05-28-2006, 07:28 PM
We both order the spaghetti and thought it was pretty good. I ordered the smoothie because I wanted the souvenir mug to take home. We tried to get a picture of ourselves similar to the famous scene in lady & the tramp but it didn’t work out so well..


the back of the mug


the breadsticks we ordered as an appetizer

our spaghetti

me with a piece of mickey confetti on my forehead I didn’t know about until later


well, we tried

we could see some of the parade, it was cute! Jim said it was like an elaborate commercial for snowglobes, but I love Disney snowglobes so I didn’t care! I saw Mickey in his snowglobe and I was like "there's Mickey, hey we know him, he came to our wedding!"

The waiter was really nice and friendly and we really enjoyed our meal! At the end of our meal, 3 of the waiters come out and ask us our names.. I say “mary” and jim accidentally says “mary.. I mean jim” ha, too funny!

The head waiter who had a heavy Italian accent says loudly to the restaurant “everyone, this couple here is on their honeymoon, so on the count of three I want everyone to say “Happy honeymoon, mary and jim.. that’s amore.. and then give a little kiss like this.. mchwaaa!!” (I can’t think of how to spell the sound of a kiss!)

So he counts to three and the waiters and a few of the people in the restaurant say “happy honeymoon Jim and mary, that’s amore… mshwaaa!!!” It was really adorable, it just made me really happy!!! They also brought out a free dessert for us – it was delicious!!


I was so happy about our meal and was just raving about Tony’s townsquare.. I asked the waiter if I took the smoothie mug with me or if he gives me a new one, he says I take the receipt to the cashier and they’ll give me a new one. Okay cool!


We go to the cashier and I ask for the mug and show her the receipt. The cashier was the lady who had taken us to our table and acted really confused about it. She looks confused and says “it doesn’t look like you paid for the mug”. And I looked at it and he had charged me for the smoothie but not for the mug. I wanted my mug though, so I told her “well the only reason I got the smoothie was so I could get the mug, so can I buy the mug?” She looked really stressed about the whole thing and was like “ooh I don’t know I think I’ll have to call the manager”… I could tell she just wanted me to say “forget about it”, but I really really wanted my mug! So I said “that’s okay, I will wait..” she looked like she wanted to cry… really.. oye… Jim and I kind of look around the gift shop while her manager comes down, which took about ten minutes.. the manager looks at the receipt, takes it off somewhere, comes back ten minutes later and says “ahh he didn’t charge you for the mug just the smoothie”.. I was like “I know, I had asked for the mug though, can I please get the mug?” and she askd for the three dollars difference.. I gave her my key card and she went off to charge it.. now I had worked in the Disney college program before and they always talked about “guest recovery” and how to win back guests satisfaction in a situation such as this. I had just waited twenty minutes for my three dollar mug when none of it was my fault.. if I had been the manager working I personally would have just given the mug to me so I could be on my way and apologize for the wait, but it ended up taking another 10 minutes for her to go charge my card and bring me back a mug… well I have my mug now., and a story! But I could have done without the half an hour of wasted time.

05-28-2006, 07:31 PM
Jim and I were feeling pretty tired from our meal and the day in general, but we were in the magic kingdom, we couldn’t wuss out now!! We decided to head to Tomorrowland and try the new Stitch ride that neither of us had done and since we are both big stitch fans, we wanted to try it.


Now I have been on this ride when it was “an extraTERRORestrial encounter!” and always thought that was the coolest ride ever!! I have heard so many bad things about the new stitch ride so I knew I needed to lower my expectations really low, but I thought “how bad could it be really? Its probably cute, people are probably just mad they replaced the old ride”

I really really really wanted to like this ride! We get out of the ride and I tried to convince myself it was good. But I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know what went wrong, it should have at least been cute. Jim said he thought it was okay so maybe I was just comparing it to the old one too much in the back of my mind. But then, I just really didn’t like what they did with Stitch’s character, it was like they made him really stupid. He’d go up to people and say “are you my friend?” and was just being stupid. Maybe he really does need Lilo to balance him out! It took me a while to go back to loving stitch again after going on this ride. Jim said the part when he burped up his chili dog right into our faces almost made him throw up. I would have laughed so hard if Jim threw up on the stitch ride and not on mission space or something!

I understood why they replaced the old ride – it was much too scary for young children and every time I went on it all the children would be crying and screaming during the show.. In my opinion, I think the original ride would have fared much better at MGM studios or somewhere else, I don’t think parents expected a ride to really be that scary to their children at the magic kingdom. So while the original may have been too much for adults, I think the new ride is way too much for children. I think it has potential, they just need to change the writing, dialogue, and some of the gags, and then both children and adults may actually enjoy the ride.

Jim and I were both feeling really tired. Darnit, I wanted to explore the magic kingdom but felt exhausted! Usually on trips to WDW I always take mid-day breaks and go back to the hotel to take a nap. We wake up early and get to the park at opening, take a break, and go back to the parks later on.. this way the crowd levels are always manageable and we’re rested up.. But since we switched resorts and hadn’t been to the parks at all that day our schedule was off. So while I felt like we should really go back and take a break, we had just gotten there and there was so much I wanted to do at the MK!

We decide to try to fight it off and we get on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. This ride used to be one of my family’s favorite. It is so relaxing and it takes you around tomorrowland and it is just a cute cheesey little ride! There’s never a wait and it lasts a good ten minutes or so, so it’s a good place to get off your feet and just enjoy the atmosphere of tomorrowland. I’ve never been on this ride with anyone but my family though, so it made me miss them.



I was exhausted and actually fell asleep through about three minutes of the ride.. okay we needed to go back to the hotel. I was so mad for being so tired, our vacation was going by so quickly and I’d barely begun to explore the parks.. but then again, it was our honeymoon and if we were exhausted we should really just go relax and give ourselves time to take it easy too. So we both decided we’d have more fun just relaxing, explore the hotel grounds maybe,, and maybe take a carriage ride or something later.

Me falling asleep on the TTA

Taking some pictures as we leave tomorrowland

While walking out of the MK, we did catch a little of “Cinderellabration” and stopped to watch a little of that. It was cute but nothing I would go out of my way to watch.

Cinderellabration,.. incidentally you can see the lighting tresses for Grad Night that was one of the reasons I cancelled the MK photo shoot for the wedding..


Right before the train station we saw Chip & Dale taking pictures, and I figured we should at least get one picture with some characters before heading back, so we got in line. I got up to Chip and said “hi dale!”, normally I know which are which, but I was tired and got it wrong, he shook his head “no” at me and pointed at his nose, and I said “oh yeah, chip because you have a chocolate chip nose, sorry!”.. I didn’t mention to him the other mnemonic I have for remembering their names, that “Dale looks Drunk” (the red nose and goofy expression on his face).


We took our picture with them and got on the hotel bus. I kind of nodded off on the bus once or twice.

05-28-2006, 07:35 PM
We went back to our hotel room and I unpacked some of our bags and got situated. I called my family to see how everyone was. They had gone straight from the airport to the hospital to see my brother and his wife and new baby. Jenny picked up the phone and said mom was holding the new baby, Kayla, and that she was really cute. Noone seemed too interested in talking to me, I was old news at that point ;), so I congratulated my brother and asked how Rachel was feeling, and told them to call me later.

Jim and I got comfortable and tried to take a nap. I think I fell asleep for about twenty minutes and then was woken up by someone in the hotel that was talking really really loudly. It sounded like he was right outside of our hotel room. Well we were close to the pool, maybe he was watching his children play. I looked outside our window and noone was there. Weird, well maybe they were in the room above us or something. I don’t know where he was, but he was LOUD. I kept trying to drown him out but I couldn’t fall back asleep. Finally me and Jim just decide to get up. We kind of just relaxed and were being lazy for a little while.

Jim said he wanted some of our wedding cake but we didn’t have any forks or anything and he didn’t feel like going to the food court. I was like “just use your hands – we’re on vacation and noone can see us.. I won’t tell anyone”. But Jim felt that was too silly and didn’t want to do it.

Jim seemed kind of like he might be a little depressed or something so I thought I would try to cheer him up.. so I took out one of the pieces of cake out of the ziplock bag, and was like “I’ll do it then..” and took a bite out of it. Jim was like “that’s classy” and took a picture of me.

I was like “come on have a bite of cake jim” and took the piece over to him,, I was going to smash it into his face but he knew me well enough that he wouldn’t let me get too close. I kept telling him I was just going to give him a bite and that I wouldn’t smash it into his face, but he didn’t’ believe me.. I waited about two minutes when he wasn’t expecting it, and pretended I had forgotten about the cake, and then went up to him and smashed some of the frosting on his face. I was laughing so hard. I know I was being stupid but I didn’t care. Jim was laughing too but was like “thanks!” I was like “okay, that was mean, you can do it to me too if you want”, so he takes a little bit of cake to smash in my face but ends up getting it all over my hair and in my eyes. I was like “hey I just got a little around your face, not in your hair, yuck!!” But I was laughing about it. Okay, cake fight over, we cleaned up the floor and our faces, and I rinsed my hair. It got us both into better moods though and we decided to get dressed and go somewhere.

Real classy

we kind of made a mess (but we cleaned it up)

We had had reservations at Artist’s point at the Wilderness Lodge around 8 and were thinking about going with Matt. Earlier in the day I told Jim I wasn’t in the mood for an expensive meal later in the day and that I was fine with eating at the POFQ food court. But now I kind of wanted to get out of the hotel and go somewhere else. I had stayed at the wilderness lodge back in 1998 and LOVED the hotel, and I wanted Jim to see the lobby.

So we called Matt to see if he still wanted to go, and he did, so we quickly got dressed. Our reservation was for 8, and it was about 7:15, so we knew we had to hurry. I would have been fine with taking the buses over to the MK and then taking the ferry to the wilderness lodge but I didn’t think we had enough time to do that and make it to our reservation, so we opted to take a taxi.

So this begins the first of a two part series of “Why I hate cab driver #353”. We get in the taxi and he takes us to the wilderness lodge. Our fare is about ten dollars, so jim gives him his credit card to pay. Cab driver 353 looks at is and is like “aww man, you don’t have any cash??” and Jim was like “sorry, just Disney dollars and credit cards”.. the guy says “do you think you can get some cash out.. it’s just that they charge us way too much for credit cards…” in a completely whiney voice.. Jim looks at me and asks if I want to go exchange some Disney dollars at the Wilderness lodge lobby or something. I look at him and was like “umm no!” I tell the cab driver, I said “sorry, you didn’t mention that you don’t take credit cards at the beginning of the trip, and it says right on the window of your cab that you accept credit cards”… the guy says “oh I can take credit cards, it’s just that they charge like 20% and I’d really appreciate it if you had cash”… but I’m like “sorry, we want to pay with credit card..”

So Cab driver 353 pulls over to the side so he can ring up the credit card machine, jim goes by his window to wait for him. Jim told me he’d give him a tip since he felt bad about not having any cash,, I was like ugh, whatever… I’m sitting on the bench close to the lobby doors and am waiting. And waiting. And waiting. The whole point in taking a taxi was to save time, and I look at my clock and I had been waiting ten minutes, what the heck! So I go over to Jim, at the very least I was going to tell him not to tip this guy.. Jim says the guy’s credit card machine froze up and he kept trying to ring it up and it wasn’t working.. so I’m getting annoyed and was like “fine I’ll go get some cash”.. so I take the atm card, go into the lobby and ask where an atm machine is.. go get some cash out, pay the 2 dollar atm transaction fee, and go back out. I didn’t give the money to jim because I didn’t want to tip this guy, so I hand the guy ten dollars, thinking the total was 10.. but the guy says “actually the total was 10.25..”… I was like “whatever..” hand him another dollar just so I could get the heck out of there and leave.. I look over and see jim hand him another 2 dollars.. grrr!!!! That guy did not deserve a tip! He was whining, took forever, probably lied about the computer being down so I would go to the atm, and was just a jerk.. and it really made me mad…

But whatever, we were at the wilderness lodge and so I decided to forget about it and just enjoy the time I was with Jim. But it did make me mad, so I told jim to check with his credit card company later and make sure he didn’t charge him on the credit card too. I didn’t trust that guy. Jim and I made sure to memorize his cab number just in case. It turned out to be a good idea. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of cab driver #353.

05-28-2006, 07:37 PM
So I forget about the annoying cab driver and take Jim into the Wilderness Lobby. I was really looking forward to seeing Jim’s reaction to the lobby. This is such a beautiful resort! Jim enters the hotel and looks around and I was not disappointed by his reaction, his jaw practically dropped. He says to me “why aren’t we staying here?” and I laughed. I get into my “tour guide mary” mode and show him around. I love this hotel! I had put it on my Hotel room block so guests could stay there at a discount if they wanted to, but everyone chose to stay closer to epcot for obvious reasons, so the discount on the hotel went to waste.

Pictures don’t really show off the charm of this hotel

I showed jim the fireplace and told him how it accurately represented the strata of the Grand canyon. Jim and I had just visited the grand canyon about a month before hand so that was actually more impressive to us then it otherwise would have been. I pointed out the totem poles and the tipi chandeliers. Then I showed him the babbling brook that starts in the lobby and continues all the way out into the lake.. I was like “it’s really cool, watch where it begins..” and then I took him outside, showed him how it fed into the waterfall.. the waterfall appears to feed into the pool (it doesn’t really but they make it look like it does)… then on the other side of the pool the brook continues forward, until it appears to feed into the lake.. I just think that is so cool!! We looked around the outside a little and then went back inside and explored the lobby some more. I asked Jim to call Matt, and then I look around and Matt is right there.

Jim and I in front of the huge fireplace


me in front of the waterfall

matt arrives, he had been having a drink in the lounge

We took some more pics and then I go check in for our advanced dining reservations. We were seated close to the windows so I enjoyed watching a little bit of the sun set.


cute little napkins

05-28-2006, 07:39 PM
Jim and Matt both ordered the porkchop with mac & cheese.. I was planning on ordering that too but since they were both getting it I opted for the salmon instead. They brought the salmon out while it was still sizzling on a wooden platter thing, and put it on my plate. It was very nice presentation. Jim and Matt both said that was the best pork chop they ever tasted. I’ve read rave reviews about the salmon here, but while it was good I actually make better salmon at home and have salmon here in California all the time that tastes much better and is much cheaper. Maybe it’s because we live on the west coast and our salmon arrives much fresher then it would in florida? Maybe it’s good salmon for florida, but I thought it was okay. I was a little disappointed about paying thirty dollars for something that I make better at home for a third of the price. I ate about a third of it and took the rest of it back to the hotel.

But Jim & Matt both really liked their meal, and we decided to split the berry cobbler. The berry cobbler was absolutely delicious! It wasn’t too tart, but was nice and fresh. It was really good! We had a nice meal together,, though I don’t remember anything we talked about. I used my Disney Dining Experience card again and saved 20%. I loved that card, it saved me SO MUCH money the whole trip, and used it pretty much at every restaurant we ate, except counter service.

My salmon with little potato things? I wasn’t sure what those things were even while I was eating them
jim and matt’s pork chop and mac and cheese meal

delicious berry cobbler!

We left around 8:55 and I was like “if we make it in time we can see the geyser!!” and matt and jim both looked confused. When I had stayed at the wilderness lodge 8 years prior, the geyser had been under refurbishment and I had never gotten to see it erupt. It was pretty disappointing at the time, and darnit, I wanted to see the geyser. So I double-timed it Mary-disney-commando style to the geyser as jim and matt trailed behind trying to keep up with me. We got to the geyser at about 9 exactly, but noone was around. I thought maybe we missed it since there was noone there waiting to see it or anything, but decided to wait a few minutes anyway. At about 9:02 the geyser went off. It shot maybe 10 feet into the air. For some reason when I was younger I had pictured it shooting up like 50 feet or something, so I was like “that’s it?” and laughed at myself for running out to see the show. It was still cute, I just thought it was funny how what I pictured compared to what it actually was. It was still cute though, and I was happy I got to see it erupt!

The geyser shooting water up about 10 feet in the air

I asked Jim if he wanted to wait around for the electrical water pageant. Matt asked what that was. Matt didn’t know what it was? Woohoo! That made me feel good knowing something about WDW that matt didn’t know, since he’s been to WDW a lot more times then I’ve been. I said “it’s a cheesy little light show on these small little sail barges that go around the lake to the different hotels.. it’s not worth going out of your way for, but if you’re here it’s kind of cute and cheesy”.. We decided not to bother to wait for it though, since it was a half an hour away. So we went to the dock and waited for a ferry that would take us to the magic kingdom. Since we were heading to the MK to get on the buses that would take us to the POFQ, jim said he was going to use the bathroom at the wilderness lodge instead of waiting an hour until we were back in the hotel. The ferry driver said they only had one more boat after that coming, so I was worried Jim might miss the boat. When he came back, the Wishes fireworks had started and we got to enjoy watching them from the dock by the lake.. I still wanted to actually go into the park and watch them, but it was a nice end to the night.


Jim and me in front of the fireworks

We got on the ferry boat and as it’s heading to the MK, I see some of the barges from the electrical water pageant, and I get all excited. “look jim, it’s the electrical water pageant!!” I say in my mary-sounds-like-she’s-three-years-old voice.

We only got to see a few of the barges, the ones with the American flag and stars on them, but I was still glad to see some of it so Jim and Matt knew I wasn’t crazy or something!

I didn’t take any pictures of it at the time, so I borrowed this picture from another site, it’s pretty much exactly what we saw and how we saw it

We boat dropped us off in front of the Magic Kingdom, and we went over to the bus stop. We said goodbye to Matt and got on the bus and headed back to POFQ.

At some point in all of this, Jim had called his credit card company and asked if there were any charges from the cab company that day for $10.25. Not only did Cab driver #353 charge our credit card, it turns out he charged it three times!!!!! Ugh what an awful awful cab driver! Not only did he charge his credit card, but he also took the cash, which meant we just paid 45 dollars for a five minute taxi ride!!! We get back to POFQ and go to the bellhop lady and explain the situation. One of the things she tells us is that the Mears cab driver people were REQUIRED to accept credit cards, that was part of the deal they had with WDW, she put us on the phone with the cab company so Jim could explain what happened.

I’m not a big fan of confrontations or complaining, it always stresses me out, so I went in the lobby and waited for Jim while he dealt with it. While waiting in the lobby, they had a musician playing in the Scat Cat lounge nearby. I sat on a bench and was really enjoying his music. He was playing a few different songs, mostly jazz, but then he starts playing that song, I don’t know what the name of the song is.. but it’s a medly of “Somewhere over the rainbow” and “What a wonderful world”, that was originally sung by a famous hawaiin singer, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (I had to look that up)... but it’s a really good song but sort of depressing too. I remember Jim telling me the hawaii’n guy had sung the song when he knew he was dying soon, something like that. That made it even more depressing of course.

Here’s a link to a 15 second sample of the song…

But I was listening to the musician sing the song, he was really good. Even on a normal day, I can’t listen to this song without wanting to tear up a bit. There’s just something about it. So I sat there listening to it, and I started to think about how happy I was to be married to Jim. It was almost like I could see the rest of my life flashing before my eyes and I could see myself with Jim, getting old, having children, and just living our lives together.. . I know that sounds really weird, maybe I was just really tired and still emotional at the time, but I just felt really happy and content in a weird way. Jim came into the lobby, having finished up complaining about the cab driver, and before he said anything, I hugged him and started to cry and told him how much I loved him and how happy I was to be his wife…. Then I made fun of myself about the whole thing and we walked back to the room together. Here’s another confession, I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it lol.

Jim said he got a hold of someone at the company and they looked up the charges and saw that the guy had charged Jim three times in a row, and said they would refund the money. Jim had also mentioned how the guy had whined about even taking the credit card to begin with, so we weren’t sure if he was trying to scam us or what, they said they would make a note of it and send it to his supervisor. This still isn't the end of the story of cab driver 353.

The rest of the night we just relaxed and watched some tv. Jim got on the internet to see if they had any new superman news up yet. I checked my email and saw pictures of my new neice, awwww!

It had been a full day and we were exhausted, but really we had only done two rides. Sure we went swimming, switched resorts, and ate at two full service restaurants, but I felt like we hadn’t done anything at the parks yet.. I asked Jim if we could wake up early the next morning so we could actually do some park exploring, and he said sure… woohoo! So I set our wake up call and we fell asleep.

05-28-2006, 09:00 PM
I've been following along and just wanted to say thank you for sharing! you both seem VERY happy and very much in love ... and btw, you are/were a BEAUTIFUL bride! :-)

05-28-2006, 09:32 PM
Okay, I finally got through the whole thing. I think this should win "Trip Report of the Year Award" or something! I don't think I'd have the stamina to write that much. Great report! :thumbsup2

I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter in the "driver 353" saga! How awful!

05-28-2006, 10:24 PM
Sounds like you are continuing to have a great trip. It's definitely continuing to be a great trip report!!! We stayed at the POFQ a few years ago. Your pictures reminded me so much of our trip. Ugghhhh to the horrible cab driver!!! :)

05-28-2006, 11:05 PM
Wow Mary!! This is the bestest ever trip report! I've cried atleast 3 times myself! I so understand that feeling of "omgosh is it over already"? I remember at my wedding (18 yrs ago lol) my Grandma yelled at all the guests to run outside to throw birdseed NOW NOW NOW since my photographer (my brother...we were on a budget lmao) had to leave. :rolleyes: I had only been at the reception for an hour. Everyone LEFT! I was so upset! I too got married out of town and most of my guests were out of town also...they all left. Funny now, but then not so much.

Cab driver 353...cant wait to here whatelse is up with him! I would have been all over that confrontation. I love that kind of stuff. He would have been cleaning the poop up from the horse carriage rides instead of driving a taxi if i had had my way. What a wiener he was! :sad2:

I'm getting that bummed out feeling you were describing since I know i've just read the last page so far and have to wait for more.

BTW I feel like I was at your wedding, thanks for inviting me!!! You were so beautiful, and your hubby had that *blank* eating grin on his face the whole day...love love love it!!! :love: :love:

05-29-2006, 12:06 AM
Ah Mary, you had me laughing and tearing up--great elements used by a wonderful story teller! I want more, more, and more, but at the same time I DO NOT want your trip report to be over :( Yet we all know there's an ending cause you're back writing it :)
I can't believe that will be my sister in three weeks! I was looking at your pictures taken in the parks and it made the soon-to-be trip more real :)
Thank you Mary so much for taking the time to post!

05-29-2006, 04:35 AM
Wow Mary your wedding report is great! i just spent my entire morning catching up with it! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and you looked fabulous!

05-29-2006, 03:51 PM
just caught up, once again, absolutely love it! i don't know what I am going to do when you are done! :confused3

I hate cab drivers too. I am from New Orleans and they are so terrible and try to scam you there, too, reading about your experience made my skin crawl!

05-30-2006, 12:56 PM
I can't wait to hear about the end with that cabbie. Thanks for sharing all your joyful moments

05-30-2006, 01:36 PM
C'mon Mary! Tell us more about the cab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-30-2006, 07:30 PM
Mary- I just finished catching up on your trip report, took me almost two days, can wait to read more and you were a very beatiful bride. hope all is well

J and R's mom
05-30-2006, 11:36 PM
What a fun trip report. Great pictures. And a very cute couple!


05-31-2006, 01:31 AM
Nurseypoo - how awful that everyone left so early, that's so depressing! I wish you had been there with us to deal with the cab driver. Like I said, I'm not very good at confrontations! :rotfl:

Thank you all so much for your comments!! :goodvibes I hope I haven't hyped up the saga of cab driver 353 too much or anything, lol! I will give away one spoiler and say the next part occurred on Sunday, April 30th.. I am about to post Thursday, April 27th, so I still hhave two more days to write about until I get there. I will be visiting my familly in michigan for a week to see my new neice and all that stuff, so I'm not sure if i'll be able to finish any more segments until I get back. Who knows though, i might get really bored, so we'll see. Thank you all again!!! :grouphug:

Thursday, April 27th (Day 8)

At 7:30 am the next morning, Stitch and Mickey woke me up. The Magic Kingdom didn’t open until 9 am so we took our time getting ready. Jim said something about it being too early, and I remarked to Jim that today was the day we had had the Magic Kingdom Photo Session scheduled for, and that if we had decided to keep it, we would have been up at 3 am that morning.. it made him feel a little better lol.. We were both pretty glad we had cancelled it at that particular moment..We got to the bus stop at 8:55 and I realized I had forgotten my Minnie ears. Jim asked if I wanted him to go get them, but I decided to take a break from wearing them for the day.


Jim looking very majestic while waiting for the bus

me looking like a dork on the bus to the MK

We got to the magic kingom and were on Main street at 9:30, a half an hour past opening time, so the crowd level was still pretty low.

Woohoo we were in the magic kingdom again! It felt like it was the first time I had been to the Magic Kingdom since I had been so tired the day before it barely felt like I was there at all. And we were there early enough where we could go on the rides without waiting in line for an hour. As we were walking down Main street, a singing/dancing troup came out and were dancing to “Clang clang clang goes the trolley!”. This is one of Jim’s mother’s favorite songs, apparently, so Jim called her cell phone (she was back in California by this time), and he put the cell phone up in the air so she could hear the song.


clang clang clang goes the trolley

We didn’t want to linger too long, as we could see the crowd level building up, so we decided to head to Fantasyland. I hadn’t yet had a chance to see “Philharmagic” and my family had all told us it was a must see. We were going to walk through the castle to get to Fantasyland, but they had that entrance blocked for Cinderellabration, so we had to make a left towards frontierland/liberty square and go around the back way.


ooo pretty castle

05-31-2006, 01:32 AM
Yay we were in fantasyland! Philharmagic was pretty much right there as soon as we entered fantasyland, and the wait time was listed as “five minutes”, so we grabbed our 3-d “Opera glasses” and took a seat in the theatre.

Jim in the queue area for Mickey’s Philharmagic



Jim was going to see if his polarized sunglasses worked just as well as the 3-d glasses Disney provided… it didn’t work

The show was pretty cute, I enjoyed listening to the music in the show… I’ve heard other people ask, and I agree.. why don’t they call it “Donald’s Philharmagic” since he’s the bigger star of the show? Poor Donald… I thought the part with Ariel was a little frightening! She looked like she was in Shrek and her face was kind of scary. I liked the parts where they pumped in the smell of blueberry muffin mix or something in the “be our guest!”” part. Jim loved the show! I thought it was good but nothing too new or exciting. We looked around in the gift shop for a while but didn’t buy anything. We really didn’t buy much the entire trip, actually. Every time I thought about buying something I thought “do I really want that?” and would decide against it, I was surprised. I had saved up a lot of money for merchandising, but was doing great so far. Though I knew there would be a few photo frames I might buy later.

Disney & Mickey

it’s on backwards, Jim

now it’s sideways

now you got it!

Me saying “Where’s my camera??” as Jim takes a picture of me with my camera

We left the giftshop and saw that Peter Pan already had a 20 minute wait. If it was already up to 20 minutes that early in the morning, I knew we better jump in line quickly. Jim has been looking forward to this ride for a long time. It’s the movie he’s currently working on restoring at his work, so he has to watch scenes of it every day with no sound for the past month. He told me every time he works on that movie he would picture himself going on the ride at WDW and he couldn’t wait. The one in Disneyland is in terrible need of refurbishment, it is kind of dirty and falling apart. I was taking his picture in front of the ride, and the cast member apologized for getting in our picture. Jim was like “don’t be sorry, in fact let me get a picture of you” or something.



We waited in line for about 20 minutes and then we were on our way through Neverland! Jim asked me how long the mermaid had been changed to look like Ariel. I had never noticed that before! I wasn’t sure if it was something done on purpose or if that’s how she always looked. This ride is a classic must-do-while-in-wdw for me.

Me trying to get jim while flying in our pirate ships

a blurry picture of the ariel look a like

It was about 10:30 when Jim and I got done with Peter Pan. Jim was starving, we had skipped breakfast that morning. I was pretty hungry too but wanted to keep doing rides while the lines were short. I knew that by 11:30 the lines would get pretty bad. But jim was starving, so we went and looked for a place to eat. I mentioned Pinocchio Village Haus as being one of the places I had never been to, but was a DIS favorite. They had an item called “Figaro Fries” that I was curious to try since seeing the picture of it on the DIS restaurant thread filled with pictures of Disney food (affectionately known as “the food porn” thread).

We walked over but saw that it wasn’t open till 11 am. Forgot about that! I knew if they were closed, then most of the other restaurants wouldn’t be open yet either, so are only choice would be from a food stand somewhere or at the main street bakery.

05-31-2006, 01:33 AM
I wanted to show Jim the murals in the foyer of the castle so we headed that way. I got into my “Disney Tour Guide Mary” mode and showed jim the murals and told him how they were made with hundreds of thousands of pieces of Italian glass and portrayed the story of Cinderella. When Cinderella is trying on the glass slipper, one of the step sisters face is ‘red with anger’ and the other is ‘green with envy’…

The ballroom scene




I then took him over to Cinderella’s fountain and showed him how at the right angle it looks like Cinderella is wearing her crown, although for some reason, I didn’t get a picture of it??


She’s kind of wearing her crown in this photo

We walked over to the main street bakery to grab something. The Dis boards had recommended the French toast loaf at the bakery, so at least I would get to try that. We went into the bakery and saw that the line was really long. I looked at the clock and it was about 10 till. We’d probably be waiting in line for at least 20 minutes, so I asked jim what he was more in the mood for, bakery items or cheap theme park chicken tenders or pizza, he said he was more in the mood for the chicken tenders so we headed back over to the pinnochio village haus.

Main street bakery

me in front of the crystal palace

another view of the castle, and the stupid grad night lighting tresses that interfered with my MK photo shoot

05-31-2006, 01:34 AM
We went back over there and they still hadn’t opened their doors yet. About five minutes later they let everyone in, so I looked around while Jim waited in line. I thought it would be nice to sit at the tables that overlook the beginning of the “it’s a small world ride” so I stayed there to save the seats. The inside of the restaurant is really cute and well-themed, especially for a counter service place.




stupid blurry photo of Pinocchio






you can see the beginning of “it’s a small world” from here

It took the restaurant a while before it started to serve food, and then a long line had formed so even though we were there since opening, jim was kind of in the back of the line. So it wasn’t until about 11:15 before we got our food. So we wasted 45 minutes of prime park exploring time, when all the lines are still short.. oh well, even when you’re not on a ride, it’s still fun being at the magic kingdom!

While I was sitting waiting for Jim, there was a 2 year old boy screaming at the top of his lungs in the back of the restaurant. I looked back and saw where the kid was and he was pretty far away from us but it was still pretty loud and the sound echoed really loudly in the cavernous restaurant. Jim brought the food to where I was sitting. We ate for a few minutes but the kid was still screaming. Like I said, it was really echo-y in there, so I thought the family was still far away, so I said to jim “That screaming is kind of getting on my nerves, do you want to move somewhere else?”… or something like that.. and as I’m getting up I look behind me and see the mother and the screaming baby RIGHT THERE….. ugh I felt SO AWFUL!! I didn’t know what to say,, so me and jim just quickly hurried away. I would never have said something like that within earshot…. that lady has every right to think I’m the world’s biggest witch!!

With my face red and me full of guilt, we moved over into another section of the restaurant, the Figaro Room, and continued to eat. Well, it WAS much quieter in there at least! Jim had ordered the pizza and I ordered some chicken tenders and fries,, and we ordered some “Figaro Fries” to try and share. I hadn’t had French fries in over a year – seriously not one.. so I started with the plain French fries first. I was surprised at how much I didn’t enjoy them… before changing my eating lifestyle a year before, I ate French fries ALL the time!! I was so addicted to them. I was worried about eating them again on the trip thinking I might have a really hard time giving them up again after the trip. I was really glad when they tasted way too greasy and kind of soggy. I didn’t even want to finish them. I tried the Figaro fries, these I had really been looking forward to. They were kind of like a plate of nacho’s,, but with fries instead of nachos.. they had cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and I think some mayonnaise sauce or something? I’m not sure but the DIS board always raved about them. Maybe I still wasn’t into fries, but I thought they tasted kind of gross. Maybe I’ve had the aussie cheese fries at Outback Steakhouse too many times, because I compared the Figaro fries to them, and I much prefer the aussie cheese fries. Anyway, the whole meal was way too greasy and gross so we decided to throw most of it away and left.. Me and Jim both decided that we could actually live without fries. It was a good feeling!!

Jim’s pepperoni pizza

My chicken tenders and fries, and our shared order of “Figaro Fries”

The eponym for the fries (I just wanted an excuse to use that word)

We left the Pinnochio Village Haus with a little bit of a stomach ache. I looked around at the wait-times around Fantasy-land and they all had ridiculously long lines. Our window for short rides was now closed. We decided to leave Fantasyland and head to Frontierland/Liberty Square.

05-31-2006, 01:35 AM
While leaving Fantasyland, jim pointed out the old entrance to the SkyWay they used to have over the magic kingdom.. I don’t remember the name, I asked Jim what they were called and he says he used to call them “sky buckets”.. not very helpful!

The crowd level was much better over here!We walked by the Haunted Mansion and saw they only had a ten minute wait so we got in line.



We were reading the graveyards in the queue area, and jim pointed out Madam Leota’s grave marker and that it said “in regions beyond now,, but having a ball”… and I was like “that’s funny, like what she says… send me a message from REGIONS BEYOND!!” and Jim was like “doesn’t she say SOMEWHERE BEYOND?” And I was like “no, she says regions beyond, I’m positive she says regions beyond!”… He disagreed with me so we decided to wait and see during the ride..


Madam Leota’s Gravemarker


We went into the stretching-room and I asked jim to guess if the ceiling went up or if the floor went down. I told him it was one way in California and a different way in Florida. He guessed that the floor went down… Nope, ceiling goes up I told him. I think they changed it because Florida has such a high water table. I told him how they built the utilidors and tunnels first and then built the magic kingdom on top of it. I then asked him if I was being an annoying know-it-all and if all my pointless trivia was getting on his nerves. He said no, so I continued :) .

Our “ghost host” talked to us as we looked at the photos of the people in their corruptible, mortal state.. I actually got to enjoy the spiel this time… In Disneyland, every single time I go on the ride, everyone in the room says the speech along with the ghost host.. since pretty much every single resident of the state of California has annual passes, most of the visitors to DisneyLand are local residents, and they can get a little annoying some times.. anyway I got to hear the spiel so I was happy! I noticed the guy next to me was confused about why some people screamed at the end of the stretching-room part and his wife was like “you didn’t see the guy hanging from the ceiling?”

We get in our Doom Buggy which takes us on a tour of the mansion that happened to be haunted.. we go through the attic and I see the wedding dress with the beating heart.. I’ve been joking for the past year about getting my wedding dress preserved, finding a red beating heart in a Halloween store somewhere, and putting it in our future attic just the way it’s displayed on the ride. If I ever have a house with an attic, I’m totally going to do that!

Our tour continued forward, as Madam Leoto tries to conjure up lost spirits, she said aloud “Send us a message from SOMEWHERE BEYOND!” .. darnit Jim was right.. He looked very smug about it, darn him.

We sat back and enjoyed the ride. I’ve been on this ride a million times and always seem to notice something new each time I ride it, it never ceases to amaze me.

We survive our jaunt through the haunted mansion. I wonder if they will ever find their 1,000th happy haunt.

05-31-2006, 01:36 AM
We leave the haunted mansion and Jim’s cell phone rings. It was matt, even though he was leaving for California later that day, he decided to spend the morning at the Magic kingdom. We decide to meet him by the Pirates ride. Since Matt was still in Tomorrowland and we were in Liberty Square, I figured it would take him longer to get there then for us, so me and jim meandered a round a bit before going to pirates. I took some pictures around Liberty Square. I asked jim if he wanted our picture taken in the “stocks”, and he said “maybe later”. I said “every time someone says ‘maybe later’ that always turns into ‘never’”. And sure enough we never went back to get our picture taken there, no big deal though.

The liberty Tree, with 13 lanterns, one for each of the original colonies (I think that’s what it is)


We went over to adventureland and Jim wanted to stop at aloha isle for a pineapple dole whip float.. Oh yeah we hadn’t gotten one of those yet!! I always loved these things and for the last year each time we went to Disneyland I would walk past Aloha Isle and say “one day, pineapple dole whip, you will be mine!” or something like that… I can’t believe we had been in WDW for over a week and had yet to have a pineapple dole whip float!!

We called Matt, who was actually at the Pirates of the Caribbean by that time, and he said he’d come meet us by the dole whip stand and asked us to order him a soft service pineapple dole whip, not the float. Egads, how could he not want the float! He said the pineapple juice took away from the icecream…. I could see his point, but I dunno, I love me a pineapple dole whip float! Matt came over and we found some seats and Jim brought us over our pineapple dole whip goodies, and we sat and blissfully enjoyed our pineapple dole whip floats.

Jim ordering our pineapple goodies
Matt’s soft serve pineapple dole whip

our pineapple dole whip floats (ice cream and pineapple juice)



It was about 12:15 at this time. Done with the pineapple goodness, we walked over to Pirates. I was speed walking without realizing it until Jim asked me to slow down. I apologized and Matt was like “we haven’t been training for Walt Disney World like you have!” .. Which is true lol.. I have been on the treadmill at least 5 times a week for the past year trying to build up my stamina. I was up to five miles a day before we left, I was very proud of myself! We got to the pirates and saw that the line was about 25 minutes long. We got in line and Jim and Matt talked to each other about different video games and nerdy things that I didn’t know about.

Stupid blurry photos, I need a new camera!

Both Matt and Jim kind of have a beef with the Pirates ride at WDW. They both say they cut out way too much, such as the treasure room, and there is only one drop instead of two drops compared to the one in Disneyland. I always say “cry me a friggin river… WDW has 3 other major theme parks, who cares about the shortened version of pirates”.. it is an ongoing point of conflict for me and jim ;).

Nonetheless we all enjoyed our travels through the carribean sea-side town that happens to be being plundered by some pirates who look like they’re having a jolly ol’ time as the buildings burn and they chase around the women. I always think, this ride would NEVER be made nowadays, but it’s such a loved classic, I think it’s so funny how politically incorrect it is. I’m a little sad that they’re changing the ride to include Captain Jack Sparrow and changing the voice of the captain to that of Geoffrey Rush, but not the worst thing in the world… we noticed they already changed the color of the dog to match the one in the movie.. was that really necessary?

Jim told me that someone we both used to know, someone who takes these things VERY seriously, went to Disneyland with some of his friends, all dressed in black, and gave “a funeral” for Pirates of the Caribbean on the day before it was scheduled to be closed for refurbishment. Now THAT in my mind is taking things way too seriously..

So while I don’t like the changes all that much, I decided not to be that upset about it! Our children will be used to the new ride, and in their mind, that will be the pirates ride that THEY grow to love..

We got out of the ride and looked around the gift shop somemore, but didn’t buy anything. Jim was thinking about buying this light up toy thing. Since we hadn’t bought any merchandise, I didn’t care if he wanted it, but I did ask “are you sure you really want that and not a t-shirt?” he thought about it and decided not to get it. I felt kind of bad, I didn’t mean to talk him out of getting it, if he wanted it he should buy it, but he said no it was okay.. well I took a picture of it so he could at least remember it!

Ooo shiny lights

Matt said he had to go back to the hotel and check out and head to the airport, so we said our goodbyes to Matt, thanked him for coming and for being a part of the wedding, and Jim and I talked about what to do next.

Saying goodbye to matt

The magic kingdom was getting pretty crowded, it was around one pm, so it was a bad time to be there. We had accomplished a lot that morning, I thought, at the MK,, so Jim and I decided to head to the animal kingdom. Ooo we could take the monorail to the TTC to transfer to a bus, I hadn’t been on the monorail in years, I was excited!

05-31-2006, 01:38 AM
We walked towards the exit slowly, us both still in the “honeymoon phase” , just holding hands and swinging our arms around as we left, and me saying “hi husband” repeatedly.


We left the magic kingdom and walked to the monorail ramp. I was confused about which way to go, but Jim pointed out the correct ramp and we headed up to the monorail. I was going to ask to sit in the front. I had heard you can only ask to sit in the front when starting out from a resort, but I figured I would give it a try anyways. But as the monorail came into the station, I noticed a family of five were already being escorted into the front of the monorail. Oh well, maybe next time, though I was kind of disappointed because I thought Jim would think it was really cool.

We got into the monorail and jim and I both said the spiel the same time the Voice said it “please stay clear of the doors..”


The monorail took us into the contemporary. It was the first time I’d seen the contemporary in 14 years, my family and I had stayed there when I was 12. It brought back a lot of memories! Jim asked me how many stops until we got to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC), I said “I’m not sure.. I think we might stop at the grand Floridian and the Polynesian first and then the TTC, but I don’t remember”. Jim got out the video camera, turned it on,, and said “wait a second.. say that again mary..” I was like , say what again? “the part where you said you didn’t know!” .. I was like “oh geez Jim.. I never said I knew EVERYTHING about walt disney world, I just said I know a heck of a lot about disney world!” Jim continued to tease me about it so I stuck my tongue out at him.

It turned out I was wrong anyways, the monorail stopped first at the contemporary and then at the TTC. Before we got there, we could see the Wedding Pavillion from far away. I can’t remember if I’d seen it before or not, but it was beautiful. I can see why so many brides choose to get married there, pictures don’t do the place justice, even from far away. I imagine the inside of it is just as beautiful. If I hadn’t always dreamed of having an outside wedding, I could have seen myself getting married there.

I think the entire ride on the monorail lasted maybe 8 minutes. We exited the monorail at the TTC, and followed the signs towards the buses and then went to the bus stop for the Animal Kingdom.


the bus area at the ttc

waiting for the bus at the ttc.. you can see me in jim’s sunglasses

our bus arrives to take us to the animal kingdom

We got on the bus and twenty minutes later we were at the Animal Kingdom again yay!

We walked towards the entrance and saw Friar Tuck out signing autographs. Jim said he wanted my picture with him, I was like “I don’t really like friar tuck he was mean to me once”. I told him the story of how when I was like 14 my sister lisa told me to go get my picture with friar tuck, and she kept telling me, mary just go next to him and take your picture with him!” and so I asked friar tuck if he could take his picture with me, but then another little girl ran up to him the same time I had gone up to him.., so friar tuck said to me, even though they’re not even supposed to talk, he was like “just a second!!” to me and went to the little girl. So I just forgot about Friar Tuck and walked away without my picture...

The story kind of made Jim mad, and he almost didn’t’ want his picture with him anymore.. But me being almost 26 years old and, for the most part, a rational adult, I knew it wasn’t the same person in the costume and that was just a one-time thing, so I told Jim I wanted his picture with the Friar..

Jim goes up to the Friar and gets his picture with him. Then the Friar sees Jim’s “magical wishes” button and points to it and mimes a “congratulations” to us, Jim thanked him.. but the Friar wouldn’t let him leave, and went over to me, took me by the arm and insisted we all take a picture together, and congratulated us again.. it was very sweet!

So as we walked away, Jim and I both agreed that this Friar made up for the previous Friar’s rudeness. Yay friar tuck!



welcome … to the animal kingdom

Jim and I head towards the tip board. The Kilimanjaro Safari is high on Jim’s priority list, while I really want to go on Dinosaur. I also really wanted to see the Festival of the Lion King. It was about 2 pm at that point, and the Animal Kingdom only stayed open until 5 that day. 3 hours wasn’t much time! We got to the tip board and the wait time for the safari ride was close to an hour, eek! The dinosaur ride was about a half an hour. I quickly “strategerized” in my head and calculated that it would be most prudent to get the fastpass for the safari ride and then run over to the dinosaur ride and wait in line for that. I asked the cast member at the tip board if they were still giving out fast passes for the safari, and he said they were, but I better hurry because they were going to be gone soon... I thanked him and went over to where Jim was, and the cast member said to me “the safari ride is in the direction” and pointed towards Africa.. I thanked him but said I was going to get my fiancé.. In my head I laughed at myself for the mistake.. husband, mary.. he’s your husband now!! That was going to take some getting used to..

I also laughed in my head about the cast member telling me which way africa was.. like I didn’t have the layout of the theme park completely memorized.... foolish cast member you do not know who you are dealing with here!! Muahahaha. Anyway… I went over to Jim and got his annual pass from him and told him to wait there,I was going to go get fast passes for us! This is what I’ve been in training for for the past year, time for all that time on the treadmill to pay off! I sped walked as fast as I could to the safari ride and went to the fast pass kiosks.. I put both our tickets in and got 2 fast passes with return times of about “between 4 and 5”.. this really was their last batch of fast passes of the day, phew, got there just in time!

An African drum troup playing nearby the tusker house as I walked back to Jim

I walked back to where I told Jim to wait for me and gave him back his ticket. I saw he had gotten a rice krispy treat and a souvenir mug with a gorilla top on it filled with diet soda, and a water for me. Always so thoughtful, thanks jim :) I helped myself to the last few bites of his rice krispy treat.. mmmm it was nice and fresh and almost tasted home made, delicious! He finished up his drink and I asked him if he wanted me to put it in my bag, and he was like “naah that’s okay..”.. I was like “you just spent 9 dollars on a soda and you’re going to throw the mug away now?” and laughed.. he was like “it said it was a refillable mug, but I didn’t think about the fact that we would only be here for a few hours”.. I was like “well I’ll at least take the gorilla part home” and put it in my purse.. incidentally, on the last day of packing up before heading home, I didn’t have any room to fit the gorillas and they had to be thrown away :(, which means that really was a nine dollar soda! Oh well, we were on our honeymoon, no big deal, I just think it is pretty funny

The almost completely eaten delicious rice krispy treat

Jim’s nine dollar soda

We walked towards the Dinosaur ride and stopped to use the bathroom on the way. Jim came out and said he noticed he spilled some diet coke on his shirt, so he tried to get the stain out but made it look worse. For some reason he was embarrassed about it and thought it looked stupid, but I was like “who cares?” and before he could stop me I poured some of my water on his shirt.. and smiled and said “there, your wife just spilled water on your shirt, oh well!”… and then I was like “hey it kind of looks like a hidden mickey!” I don’t remember if Jim was amused or not, but I was, and isn’t that the important thing :) .



05-31-2006, 01:40 AM
We head towards the dinosaur ride (is it still called Countdown to Extinction or is it called Dinosaur now?)


We got in line for Dinosaur, and I noticed the wait was up to about 40 minutes by then. Oh well I really really wanted to go on this ride, I love it and wanted Jim to experience it! We got in line and I enjoyed reading the tidbits of information about the animals of the cretaceous period as we wended our way around the queue. We got into the room with the skeleton of the big dinosaur – was it a t. rex or an albertosaurus or something? I can’t remember.. Anyway, we hear Bill Nye’s voice come on and he asks us some various dinosaur trivia.. the group of teenagers behind us keep announcing the answers before we had a chance to think about it,.. okay obviously they’ve been on the ride a billion times, thanks for ruining it.. oh well..




looking at the fossils

We watch the pre-show movie and Mrs. Cosby explains what we’re about to do, and then that guy hacks the signal and tells us our REAL mission.. me and Jim both wonder why we should help this guy out.. I mean we’re risking our lives for him and he never gives us a good explanation as to why we should help him.. I hope Mrs. Cosby fires him after the ride!

We get to the loading area for the ride, and right before we’re about to board, a cast member sees our pins and tells us congratulations. We thank her, and she asks when we got married, I told her on Monday in epcot. This really surprised her and she thought it sounded like the coolest thing ever and was asking us more about it. The car comes and we get in as she continues to talk to us. It was kind of funny,, it was like “I’d love to keep talking about my wedding but I really need to buckle up..” she continued to talk to us while the car was in motion lol.

Our “CTX Time Rover” moves forward and we are transported back into time.. I haven’t been on this ride in about 5 years,, the past few years I’ve been going to Disneyland in California, and there’s a ride called the “Indiana Jones Adventure” there which I also love… I never thought about or noticed until someone pointed it out to me on the DIS boards that the track is EXACTLY the same on both rides.. same vehicle and same track, just the decorations and audio track that are different. I still love the ride but it was kind of interesting to see that it was true, the track is exactly the same.. at the end of the Indiana jones ride the giant rolling ball is coming towards you and looks like it will hit you.. in “dinosaur” it’s a giant carnatosaurus coming towards us. Even knowing they are exactly the same, I still love both of the rides. I always feel like I have to hang on for dear life, this ride is very bumpy and wild!

Our Time Rover returns from its trip into the last few seconds of the cretaceous period, and pulls forward to de-board. The same cast member that was asking us about our wedding was there and before anyone could get out she says “everyone say congratulations to the couple in the back here, they just got married in epcot on Monday!” and a few people said congratulations to us, it was very sweet again. I thanked them and thanked the cast member and we headed out.

Jim asked if we actually rescued the hadrasaur at the end, and I pointed to the tv’s in the hallway with the “security feed” showing the black and white video of a bunch of people chasing after the hadrasaur that was loose in the hallway of the museum. Jim said he hopes that guy gets fired, endangering our lives like that.

We go over to look at our picture. I always want to buy the picture but I always think it’s overpriced so I never do. What I do instead though, is record the picture on my camcorder. Sometimes it comes out and sometimes it doesn’t. But at least that way, if I ever think “hey I really want to see how Jim and I looked when the giant carnatasaurus was chasing us” I can pull out the video tape and watch it.

I noticed I was almost out of tape on my camcorder, so I bought some more blank DV tapes in the giftshop. It was about 3:10 now, we still had 50 minutes until we could use our safari fast passes. I was happy we had some extra time, I thought we could explore some of the hidden trails filled with plants and animals that abound in the animal kingdom. I knew there was a “Cretaceous Trail” in dinoland USA, but I thought I wasn’t sure what animals or plants were in it, I thought it might be just some lizards here and there.. I told Jim that the trail around the Tree of Life had lemurs and some kangaroos so we decided to head over there.

Exiting dinoland usa

On the way out of Dinoland, USA, I sat down on a bench to open the new DV tape and put it in my camcorder. I’m sitting there for a few minutes and then look over to the side a little, and right there in the water is a HUGE crocodile! They really make it look like you could just put your hand right in and pet the thing, although I wonder who would be crazy enough to do that? Although I’m sure there are at least some people crazy enough to do that, anyway.. this thing was scary!! I was like “these things look like they should have been extinct millions of years ago, they just don’t look like they belong in this day and age!” We just sat there watching this crocodile, this guy was huge and mean looking.. I said “he must be from like Africa or the amazon or something” but we looked at the information sign about the crocodile and it said he was present in the lower parts of florida as well as some central American countries. Egads, I would never go swimming in the lakes around florida knowing that one of those things could be in it!


He looked much bigger in person!


It’s funny how a crowd draws a crowd. Nobody had even noticed the crocodile/alligator (I can never remember the difference) before we were there.. but of course you see somebody staring at something and then someone else comes along to see.. and then you see a few people staring at something so even more people come to see, and so on lol. We left so people would have more room to look.

05-31-2006, 01:41 AM
We walked towards the tree of life so we could explore the trail. On the way there, I was telling Jim how cool the queue area for the “It’s Tough to be a Bug” attraction was. We didn’t think we’d do the show, since they have it here in California now and we’ve seen it many times here, but I was telling Jim that I love how they put it beneath the Tree of Life and how as you walk around,, the tree roots get bigger and bigger so you feel like you’re being shrunk down to the size of a bug… As I’m talking I realize that I really want to see the show and I want Jim to see what I’m talking about, so we decide to just do the ride. There was no wait listed so we go to enter the queue area and the cast member says “happy birthday guys!” .. I figured he saw our buttons and thought we were wearing the “congratulations it’s your birthday” buttons that they also have available at guest relations, so I say “oh it’s our honeymoon, thank you though” and he says “happy birthday!” oh okay he was joking lol.. he says “hang on a second” and makes us stop as a few people came up behind us to get into the line, and he says to everyone behind us “everyone say CONGRATULATIONS to this couple here who are here on their honeymoon!”, so everyone tells me and jim congratulations, and we thank them,, and thank the cast member. It always made me so happy when someone would go out of their way for us like that. As we walked away I was saying to Jim “I’m so glad we came to Disney world for our honeymoon.. I mean where else will they do things like that?”.. he agreed.

We walked slowly around the queue area looking at the different carved animals in the roots of the tree, letting everyone behind us get ahead of us.. I really like the queue area for this ride, it is so full of detail. By the time we got to the inside, we were sufficiently shrunk down to the size of a bug, so we grabbed our “bug eyes” and looked around at the different posters and the giant ball of dung.

I love looking at all the animals carved into the tree

I look crazy again in this picture


it’s tough to be a bug!

Jim about to eat a piece of the dung ball

hello, dung lovers!

Jim listening to the rendition of “beauty and the bees”

that’s a good look for me

jim gets transformed into the HIDEOUS BUG BOY

One thing that bothers me about queuing up for a show is that the people who get their first always have to slide ALL THE WAY DOWN to the end, which means your seats really suck. I know there’s no good way to go around that without it being really disorganized, but it always annoys me anyways. They open the doors and sure enough we have to slide all the way down to the very very end, where the effects are never as good. I kind of complained about that to jim, and then the lady next to me says that there are empty seats in the row behind us in the middle if I wanted to move. I thanked her but said it was okay, I just liked to complain. I was kind of embarrassed that someone overheard me complaining, I must have sounded like I was just a crank or something.

Even though I’ve seen this show quite a few times, it’s still really cute and fun to me. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must-do! I won’t divulge anything that happens as it’s much more fun to be surprised, but I will say that at one point the lady in the seat next to me actually literally JUMPED out of her chair and looked behind her LMAO. You know it’s a good ride based on the volume of noise in the room towards the end – half the people are screaming and half are laughing, with the occasional child screaming bloody murder. It’s a great show!

By the time we got out of the show, it was about 3:50 and our fastpasses for the safari ride were in ten minutes, so we walked over to Africa and got in the fastpass line and got right on.

I knew the last show for the festival of the lion king was at 4:30. I wasn’t sure how long we would be on the safari ride for, but I hoped we’d be able to make it to the show.

We get in our safari cars and the guide was actually really good this time. I always feel bad for the cast members on this ride, they have to drive the vehicle, spot the animals, and say their spiel. And I’m sure they have to memorize a lot of facts about the animals in case anyone has questions,, all this for something close to minimum wage I bet. But then again, they might enjoy it, who knows.

Since Jim sat on the right side of the vehicle he really wanted to be seated on the left side of the vehicle this time. Luck was on our side and we didn’t even have to ask, Jim got the left window seat :) . This was the first time while on this ride that I caught on to the fact that “Nelson” and “Mrs. Thompson” were actually in a helicopter above the wildlife preserve. I always wondered why they weren’t out there trying to save big and little red from the poachers! This time we saw a few giraffes, but there still weren’t as many as there used to be a few years back. There were a bunch of vultures with their wings wide open just staring at us, it was a little scary.. Everyone saw the cheetah but me again, darnit! We got a good view of the lions and some of the rhino’s and the momma and baby elephant were still out, awww.


hippo’s looking like a jar of pickled eggs again. I don’t think hippo’s lead very active lives


nile crocodiles.. scary!!

“Ms. Thompson.. Noone around here calls them tompson gazelle’s.. they are tommy’s.. TOMMY’S!”

those sure are some reticulated giraffes

the momma and her baby

I think the island that the flamingoes are on is a hidden mickey, if I remember correctly

cute white rhinos

lions, oh my


I had never timed the ride before so I never realized that it actually lasts 20 minutes before. We were off the ride a little past 4:20, cool that gave us ten minutes to get to the Festival of the Lion King show! As we were getting out of the car though, Jim’s eye started to bother him and he needed to put in his refresh tears. That’s one thing about having gotten the laser eye surgery a few weeks before, he needed to put in the artificial tears in his eyes a few times a day so they wouldn’t dry out. Sometimes they would dry out all of a sudden and he would need to put them in right away. His eyes were always fine afterwards though, as long as we remembered to bring the tear drops with us. So we sat on a bench and I waited for his eyes to get better and tried not to worry about the festival of the lion king. We could come back, I told myself.

05-31-2006, 01:42 AM
Jim announced he was fine so we double-timed it over to Camp Minnie-Mickey. We got there at about 4:28 and went to the back of the line, and we were seated right as the show began. Not bad timing!

We got pretty good seats, especially considering that we arrived their 2 minutes prior. This was the first time I’ve seen the show since they put it in an air-conditioned building. The air-conditioning was nice but for some reason I think the show was just a little bit more festive when it was open-aired but shaded. I might be being stupid there though, who knows!

This show, in my opinion, is worth the price of the animal kingdom admission ticket just by itself! There is so much going on in this one half hour show, it is amazing! I LOVE the music and as it’s sung by live performers and they have a great sound system, you really FEEL the music and the energy of the show. The costumes are amazing, and like I said, there is just so much going on.. gymnasts, guys on stilts, dancers, singers, acrobatics, fire-breathers, and Disney characters! It is so vibrant filled with energy, you can’t help but sing along and get really in to the show. This show is another must-see for me! They started singing the “Can you feel the love tonight” song and I got really choked up again, darn that song! We sat in the giraffe section and made the giraffe noise when prompted. I love the sing-along at the end to the “the lion sleeps tonight” song… our section did the “ooh-weem-bo-way” part of the song.. though I would have preffered singing the high-pitched part of the song ;)


timon is getting annoyed by the tumbler monkeys

b e prepaaaaaaared

can you feel the love tonite…



it’s the circle of life and it moves us allll

The show ended and Jim agreed that it was a really good show. The Animal Kingdom was now officially closed and we had to leave, darn. There was still so much left to do in the Animal Kingdom! We didn’t get to go over to Rafiki’s Planet watch (aka conservation station), and didn’t get to see anything in Camp Minnie Mickey, the chester & hester dino-rama area, and many of the trails went unexplored. I hoped we’d have an opportunity to return once in the next few days, but we didn’t have the opportunity to return. Oh well, hopefully there will be a next time!

As we walked out over the bridge from camp Minnie mickey, I pointed out the cave by the river when you’re facing towards Africa. I told him there used to be a fire-breathing dragon in there, you could hear it roar and see a ton of fire come out of the cave. I think it was a part of the old river cruise they used to have, I never had a chance to do the river cruise but I always thought the dragon was really cool. Not sure why they got rid of the cruise or the dragon. Though I’d imagine cost of use might be one factor for getting rid of the fire-breathing dragon.. but still I missed it.

We stopped to watch a Caribbean band play near the oasis as we exited.

Jim went to use the bathroom and I told him I would meet him at the giftshop near the bus stops. I wanted to buy him a t-shirt without him knowing. I went to the gift shop, they didn’t have the greatest selection but I found one I thought was cute. Although it didn’t say “Animal Kingdom” on it like I wanted it to, but nonetheless it was cute. Jim met up with me and I gave him his t-shirt and he said he loved it and would wear it the next day.

I had reservations for BOMA at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for 6 pm that day. It was 5:15 then, so that was perfect timing to get on the bus to take us to the animal kingdom lodge, look around the lobby and savannah, and then go eat. I was excited for Jim to see the hotel, I had stayed there with my friend Jo, on my last trip to WDW when my sister jenny was getting married, and had had an amazing time.

05-31-2006, 01:43 AM
We got on the bus for “Animal Kingdom Lodge” and took a seat near the front. It was a really short distance from the park to the hotel. This little girl in front of us, probably about 7 years old, asked if we were on our honeymoon. I smiled and told her yes. She was like “I thought so because you’re wearing those pins!.. Mom, Dad, they’re on their honeymoon!” She was really excited for us, it was so cute! The bus stopped at the hotel and the door opened.. the little girl said “everyone wait, let them go first their on their honeymoon!” and made sure everyone stayed seated while Jim and I got out first. It was really cute, kind of embarrassing that she made everyone wait for us, but it was funny and sweet. What a cute little girl!

We got out of the bus and walked to the front entrance and went into the lobby. I recorded Jim’s expression while we walked in, and once again he was like “wow…. Why aren’t we staying here??” I laughed, he had said that about every hotel we had visited, it was funny.




We had about twenty minutes before I had to go check in for our reservation at Boma. I took Jim outside to go look at the animals on the Savannah view. He was really impressed with the hotel. He was like “so every room has a view of the animals?” Well almost, but no.. I told him when I stayed there with Jo we had a pool-view, because we were poor! But my family had all stayed in a savannah room and they loved waking up to the animals every morning. Jim decided he’d really like to stay at this hotel the next time we came, if we could afford it.

We took some time to watch the animals around the savannah area and listen to the cast member on duty answering other people’s questions about the animals. I was having fun watching the giraffes.. they’re like furry dinosaurs or something, they’re just so weird looking!



jim taking a picture of the animals

We then walked back towards the lobby.


As we passed the big fireplace, we saw two older people sound asleep on the rocking chairs. I thought it was pretty funny. I told jim I thought they did “storyteller” sessions by the fireplace each night, though I never had the chance to attend one.


We went over to Boma and the line to check in for reservations was really long.. We waited at least ten minutes before getting to the podium. I think most of the people in line were “walk-ups” and most of them were turned away. I was glad I had my ADR’s planned three months before hand! I told the cast member our name and the reservation time. She couldn’t find it.. I told her I had the confirmation number if she needed it (yep, I had all my confirmation numbers on my color coded itinerary that I always had in my purse)… but she found it and didn’t need the number, she said the ADR time was actually for 6:15, not 6.. I didn’t argue with her, but I knew I was right and that they must have made a mistake when I made the reservation.. I was very meticulous and careful about details like that. I was glad the mistake wasn’t bigger, like for an hour later or something. I was really hungry at that point! She gave us a pager and said it would be about a half an hour, and Jim and I went and sat by the cocktail lounge as we waited.


Boma was one of the restaurants I was really looking forward to the most. I ate there once before, back when I was there with Jo for Jenny’s wedding. It was November 2001, and we were sitting in the lounge on the tier above the restaurant. I was there with Jo, my parents, Jenny & Kevin, my brother and his wife, and lisa and her now ex-husband… At this time me and Jim had been friends for a year but had just recently begun talking to each other a lot over the phone. It was obvious to both of us that we really liked each other, but since we had yet to actually meet in person, we kept it at a ‘just friends’ level and it was an unspoken agreement that we would wait and see what happened when we met in person. Anyway, I had kind of mentioned Jim to my mother a few times in the previous weeks, but had pretended that Jim was someone I worked with in the lab I worked in at my university. Even though I was over 21 years old I knew my mom would be really upset if I was “talking to some guy over the internet that lived in California”, but both of my sisters knew about it. So anyway, there we were back in 2001 at the same cocktail lounge above Boma Jim and I were at now. I don’t remember how it played out, I might have been jokingly teasing Lisa about something, or my mom asked me something about Jim… either way, the end result was that loud mouth lisa said something like “well at least I didn’t meet my husband over the internet”, and my mom was like “what?” and lisa said “oh you didn’t know that? Mary met Jim over the internet and he lives in California….” My mom looked crestfallen, like she was about to cry…. She just looked do crushed… If looks could kill, the one I was giving lisa at that particular time would have done the job… My mom starts trying to convince me that since he lives in california I should just forget about him, there are plenty of guys right there in michigan I could meet.. she asked me if I had even met him in “real life” and I lied and said I had, which prompted more arguments since that was stupid and unsafe and blah blah blah… It was a complete waste of a 26 dollar buffet meal back then, because I was silently seething the entire time and didn’t eat a thing. I could have killed my sister..

But anyway, fast forward to a few years later, and there I was MARRIED to Jim and sitting in the same lounge that that conversation had taken place…. we had made it work despite the distance and despite everything, and it was a very validating moment for me.


my makeup was a little messed up

Our pager went off and we went to the counter to check in. Our host takes us to our table and tells us a little bit about the restaurant and recommends a few things, such as the “zebra domes”… here was another cast member who had no idea who she was dealing with, I have been looking forward to the zebra domes for over a year and couldn’t wait to try them! Our waitress comes by and takes our drink orders.. as I’ve done at every meal, I let her know a head of time that I have the Disney Dining Experience discount card, and she says that’s no problem. Then she tells us to enjoy the buffet and to help ourselves.

05-31-2006, 01:47 AM
Walking to our table



This meal was EVERYTHING it was hyped up to be!!! Oh my god, there was so much to choose from and everything was to die for!! I made sure to get a zebradome on my first trip, who says you can’t have dessert first while on vacation??

The zebradome was one of the few things that lived up to its hype on the DIS restaurant forum. It was half the texture and the size, and half the taste.. but I could have just popped those things in my mouth one after another like popcorn! They were scrumptious!! I tried to have at least one with every plate of food I got up for, those were the kind of things I knew I’d be craving back at home but would never be able to find a good subsitute for.. only genuine walt disney world zebra domes will do the trick! I wasn’t shy about trying a little bit of everything.. that’s the good thing about buffets, you can try a bunch of new stuff you would never try, and if you didn’t like it, you could just push aside your plate and go get something else.

I tried pretty much everything. About half of the things were delicious, some things were kind of gross, and some things were just okay.

They had a delicious cut of prime rib with three different dipping sauces and some spicy salmon. That kind of made me mad lol. I had paid 30 dollars for some salmon at the Artist’s Point the day before, and I actually liked Boma’s salmon better.. and the cost of the buffet was 26 dollars, cheaper then the salmon at artist point! Anyway, everything was delicious. When I felt myself start go get full I was like “noooo! Still so much to try!!” . This was the first time at Walt Disney World that I ate so much I felt like I couldn’t breath at the end of the meal lol. If you’ve eaten there, you’d understand though! It is worth the price of the buffet for even their desserts alone… This was, hands down, me and Jim’s favorite meal during the trip, and we will definitely be returning.

Took Jim a little while to get adventurous - so he starts with mac & cheese and chicken strips! :rotfl2: at least he tried a zebra dome and an "expedition everest" dessert

I believe this was the watermelon Rind salad - but could very easily be mistaken. With a few pieces of "african bread" thrown on the side

I believe this was the "ham, cucumber, and grand salad" but might have gotten those mixed up, I can't remember! The orange stuff behind it was a little bit of a "sweet salad" that had some raisins in it, that was good, wish I could remember the names! Also the zebra-domes, an expedition everest dessert (it was okay, but I saved room for more zebra-domes!), and a DELICIOUS thing in the middle that was like a mix between a cannoli and cheese-cake, no idea what the name was

Some spicy chicken, some "Fries with afritude" (a little too spicy for me), and pot roast with three different kinds of sauces - one that was like horseradish, one that was like bbq sauce, and one that was like honey mustard. The pot roast was really really good!

We get down to business on the dessert now!
Banana bread pudding with vanilla sauce - DELICIOUS! More zebra-domes, love the texture and the taste of those, I could have eaten them one after another like popcorn!, and a kiwi-fruit tart - good but only had one

in the "12 o'clock position" - moroccan cous-cous (was pretty good). The "3 o'clock position" - a falafel - was okay. The "6 o'clock position" - Peanut Rice - was good but kind of tasted like "peanut butter captain crunch" cereal!... in the "9 o'clock position" - Pap, it was okay but all the other foods were much better I thought

Seafood gumbo - not very good, i've had better soup out of the can

The white stuff I think was coconut pudding, more zebra domes, a kiwi tart (for jim), more banana bread pudding

African flatbread with three different types of hummus to try (white bean hummus, plain hummus, and sundried tomato hummus), 2 chocolate chip cookies that we saved for later, and one big cannoli thing we saved for later ;) In the bowl - more african breads

Okay.. room for one more plate of desserts to share.. a few more zebra domes and some more banana bread pudding

before the meal…

after the meal

We were quite content, happy, and tired by the time we were done with the meal. I gave the waitress my DDE discount card and she said, politely, “just to give you a tip the next time you’re at a restaurant, if you let the waitress know ahead of time you have the discount card, she’ll be able to process the card, but don’t worry it’s not a problem or anything” (she actually said it politely even though it might sound like it was a bit terse when reading it..).. but I said “I did tell you ahead of time…” and she was like “oh yeah you did! Nevermind, my mistake, sorry!” and rushed off to get the bill. It was about 8 o’clock. We were so full and tired that we decided to just take a taxi home despite yesterday’s ordeal, and luckily had no problems with this driver. He took no wrong turns and didn’t have a problem with credit cards and was actually kind of nice. For some reason Jim decided to sit up front so I was by myself in the back lol.

a cool tower of terror sign while heading back to the hotel

We got back to the hotel and went to the giftshop to buy some bottled water for the room and some deoderant for Jim since he was running low. While in line I was kind of vegging and was poking jim in the arm, which I do sometimes when I’m bored. The lady behind me starts laughing and said “it’s like… I’m not touching you!” and pokes jim in the arm too.. poor jim :rotfl:

We got to the room and get in our pajamas, but then we realized we had forgotten to check at the front desk if Stan had dropped off the DVD of the ceremony like he said he would do that day. Jim calls the front desk and they tell him they have a package for us. Woohoo! I put on my red sweat pants outfit and my sandals, with my glasses on, yeah I was looking great, and went to the front desk and asked for the package. The lady went back and found it and wished me congratulations. I thanked her and went back to the room.. Woohoo we were going to watch a little bit of our ceremony! I hadn’t really had the chance to watch it while at the reception. The only thing I had available to look at were the photos Kevin took at our wedding. I was so anxious to see some video footage!!!

I put it in our laptop (so glad we had our laptop on the trip!) and pressed play. It was only five minutes long but it was so beautiful! I was so happy! That was just a few days ago, wow. The quality of the video was sooo crisp and clear, I was amazed!! So glad we upgraded to HD!! The video was pretty basic, some establishing shots, us saying our vows, putting the rings on our finger, the rose petal toss, and the shot of us kissing with the epcot ball behind us… It was beautifully edited. I thought if that’s just a five minute edit I can’t wait to see what the longer edit looks like!! I watched it a few times over and over again.. I made fun of jim for “broadcasting” his vows, and I made fun of myself for almost tripping over the bridge.. It was so nice of Stan to do that for us and to drop it off. I made sure to email him and thanked him for the dvd.

We stayed in the room the rest of the night, I watched some tv while Jim looked around on the internet.. they had posted some new stills from the new superman movie and he was really excited about them and kept text messaging his friends talking to them about it. Occasionally Captain Loudy Pants, the really loud guy that was somewhere in our building, would be shouting something to someone and it was really getting on our nerves. Towards the end of the night Jim said something about being nervous about the hot-air balloon ride we had scheduled for the following Saturday over Napa Valley in California. I had been really really looking forward to the hot air balloon ride for the past few months.. but I told jim I was just so happy to be married and be there in Disney world with him, that if he wanted to cancel the hot air balloon ride I wouldn’t be mad or anything. He said he didn’t want to dissapoint me, but I told him I already felt like the luckiest woman in the world, that there was no way a silly hot air balloon ride would make me feel disappointed or anything. I told him to remind me in the morning and we would cancel our reservation so they wouldn’t charge us, and he seemed really grateful about it.

The plans for the next morning were to head to MGM and maybe Epcot again, and then see what we wanted to do from there. It was going to be Grad night on Friday and Saturday, and all the guide book tips I had read had told me to stay out of the Magic Kingdom on grad night, so I thought MGM would be a good alternative. I hoped it wouldn’t be too crowded filled with graduating teenagers. I set the wake up call and fell asleep.

05-31-2006, 07:12 AM
Oh no, you've posted more and I leave for work in five mins :( Oh well, that's what I get for jumping on here real quick before I left. But it gives me something to look forward to when I get home :)
Thanks again Mary for what I'm sure is another awesome installment!

05-31-2006, 07:49 AM
cant wait for more!!!!
did your sister get married at disney too?

wasabi girl
05-31-2006, 09:31 AM
Thanks for the further installments! I've just gotta know...how did you "meet" Jim online?

05-31-2006, 10:40 AM
Mary you should totally compile everything into a fully illustrated book and sell it. You would make MILLIONS I tell you! :teeth:

05-31-2006, 10:54 AM
Thanks again for sharing, Mary. Is that a Mickey necklace? Cute! Even after a long day at the park, you still look so nice! I'm wishing I was at a Disney buffet right now! :)

05-31-2006, 03:24 PM
Hi Mary - I LOVE your trip report! I've gotten so many great ideas and tips from it for my upcoming DFTW trip that I can't wait to use! I had a question about your video...what is the song at the end of your video and who sings it? I LOVE that song and want to incorporate it into my wedding.

05-31-2006, 03:27 PM
Mary it sounds like your honeymoon was lots of fun! I hope you have a good trip to MI (where does your family live again?) Maybe if you have a bit of free time we could meet up!
Ok so comments about your animal kingdom day

It is called Dinasour (I prefer count down to extenxion thoug)
I think the dino is still in the river they just don't use him. The Boat trip was ok. I went on it when they were doing guest previews for Disney Hotel guests. It was basically kinda of like the jungle cruise as it was partially scripted but it was also a bit lame.... You went around in a cricle and got a good overview of the park however it lacked a bit of a wow factor.... Some people might disagree with me but I was younger when I went on it and that is what I remember.

I am also always the one who misses the Cheeta..everyone else sees it and I have just started pretending that I see it. The first time I went on it with Ryan he was so fustrated that I couldn't see it no matter how hard her tried to point it out.....now I just pretend!

Hope your having a great time!

05-31-2006, 04:54 PM
mindystar - sorry about the bad timing, hope you enjoy the installment when you get home!

Karentan - my sister Jenny got married at the Swan & Dolphin (specifically, the "swan") :) It was such a beautiful wedding!! I had always wanted a disney wedding, but for a few years I thought I would get married somewhere else because Jenny had gotten married by WDW, and I didn't want to take away from her wedding memories at all. But she told me that that was stupid and if I wanted a disney wedding I should go for it, so I finally decided she was right :teeth: I should upload some of her wedding photos, they really were beautiful!!

wasabigirl - Thank you! If you want to read more about how i met Jim, I put up a "pre-trip report" before I left with some pictures and introductions...

but basically we knew each other through a star wars messageboard that we both used to post at, and we had known each other online for over a year, the summer of 2001 we started talking on the phone a lot and "net-meeting" and all of that stuff, and then we decided to meet on a "just friends" basis December 12, 2001 (which we consider to be our other anniversary).. obviously we hit it off! In the following summer, in between semesters, I moved to california for a few months to give the relationship a try, and at the end of the summer he proposed to me :love:

Beckwhy - that is too funny, if only that were true!! :rotfl:

jackdis - Thank you!! :goodvibes I should have mentioned in the trip report, the mickey necklace was the one that Jenny & Kevin had gotten for me and Jim. It was actually a "dog tag" that they got in downtown disney at the "pet store", and on the back they engraved "Mary & Jim 4-24-06".. they gave one to jim too but he never wore his!

honeybun - I'm glad you are enjoying the trip report and I'm glad I could give you some ideas! You'll have to tell me what ideas you're thinking of though, I'm really curious!! :) I think it is so funny that everyone seems to like that song.. I have to admit when I first heard it I thought it was way too cheesy and actually asked Stan to change it, but now that I've listened to it a few times I'm starting to like it! :rotfl: I had never heard it before, but I googled the lyrics and you'll never guess who sings it..... Wayne Brady!!! :lmao: It is called "Beautiful" and is written by Jim Brickman.. I know it's available on the itunes music store if you want to take a look.

Nikki - I just PM'ed you, I hope we can meet up while I'm in town! :teeth: My family's from harrison township, right next to mt. clemens, both of which I'm sure you've never heard of! :rotfl: ... too bad they axed the boat ride instead of changing it to make it better!! That is too funny that you pretend to see the cheetah! I used to do that all the time for those "magic eyes" things - I could never see them and people would be like "it's an airplane.. why can't you see it??" and finallly I was like "oh yeah.. I see it" .. :lmao:

05-31-2006, 04:59 PM
before the meal…

after the meal

Wow those people in the background sure must walk slow and in reverse motion as well, talk about super powers LOL.

Love reading your trip report Mary!!!

05-31-2006, 06:54 PM
Wow those people in the background sure must walk slow and in reverse motion as well, talk about super powers LOL.

Love reading your trip report Mary!!!

Hey it was metaphorical, not necessarily literal or accurate ;) :blush:

05-31-2006, 09:31 PM
i would like to see some of your sister's wedding pictures, too. We stayed at the Swan and Dolphin a few years ago.
Hey, wait....I wish I lived in Michigan so I could meet up with you guys too! lol.... :) I feel left out....lol..... :)

05-31-2006, 11:52 PM

I am loving your trip report! You are a very entertaining writer! I was just a bridesmaid in a wedding and one of my fellow bridesmaids was just like your sister...we even shut her out of the hotel room once! :rotfl2:

And about the alligator/crocodile...I go to FSU in Tallahassee, and we have a lake where it's free for students to go kayaking/canoeing etc....so I went about two days ago, and what did we see...but a small alligator! Of course, when you're in a kayak in the water next to it, it doesn't matter how big it is...and I'm sure his mom was around there somewhere!

Sorry for the tangent....your pictures from Animal Kingdom reminded me! Looking forward to reading so much more!

06-01-2006, 04:38 AM
jackdis - I will try to upload some before I leave in the morning.. Hopefully Jeny won't mind me showing them, I guess I should ask her first :rolleyes1 Wish you could meet up with us too, that would be cool! :goodvibes

FSUDisneygirl - egads!!! I would have been out of that water so fast!!!! There aren't many things that I'm afraid of in this world, but I think I would rate swimming with crocodiles/alligators pretty high on that list!! Thank you for the compliment and I'm glad you are enjoying the trip report! That is funny about the other bridesmaid, I guess there is always one.. but they keep things interesting! :rotfl: But I love lisa dearly and she is really sweet when she's not being melodramatic about something! She called me a few days after the wedding and apologized and told me how beautiful everything was and was really sweet, so it's all good. :)

06-01-2006, 09:34 AM
Hey mary! I read your trip report last night from like 11- 3 am!!!! I was soo interested and hooked on your story! Your wedding was lovely and I really feel like I know you and your new hubby after spending so much time reading and looking at your wonderful trip. I hope that I can be a beautiful bride like you were on your wedding day. I am june 10th with my honeymoon at the polynesian resort. I saw that you ate there one night. How was the food?? If you mentioned it in the story, it must of slipped my mind, LOL. Thanks for posting, it really made me look forward to my big day. Congrats again!

06-01-2006, 11:13 AM
just found your at home reception photos (via your pre trip report thread, not a stalker honest!! :rolleyes1 ) looks like you had a great time, hope you have a great life together *** the start of it looks pretty great!

ps: your dog is too cute!

pps: just noticed the photo in your signature looks like you've got a really elaborate tiara!!! that epcot ball on your head must have been heavy to carry round all day!!! :teeth:

06-02-2006, 12:55 AM
pps: just noticed the photo in your signature looks like you've got a really elaborate tiara!!! that epcot ball on your head must have been heavy to carry round all day!!! :teeth:

:lmao: :rotfl: :rotfl2:

06-02-2006, 10:30 AM
Hi Mary! I just had such a hectic few days at work and school and did not have any time until this morning to read your TR! I was sooo upset all week, but I finally got to read it. It was so good as usual! Love the pics, your writing, everything! I know we will definitely eat at Boma next time we go!

A funny thing about It's Tough to be Bug... last year DF and I saw it for the first time. Let me tell you, I am terrified of bugs. I swallowed a centipede when I was 7 and ever since then I get anxiety whenever I see a bug (not to good to be living in the South!). For some odd reason, "A Bug's Life" is one of my favorite movies. So, I decided to be brave and see It's Tough to be a Bug. Well I was sitting properly in my seat and DF was all the way forward. I felt all the special effects and screamed and jumped onto DF's lap and he looked at me like I was crazy. He had no idea what was going on b/c of how he was seated :rotfl: I ran out of the theater b/c I was humiliated! I want DF to see It's Tough to be a Bug again b/c he doesn't believe me that anything "happened" during the show. He still says it was in my head! He said he will only go if I go with him, and I am not sure I can do it!

06-02-2006, 09:27 PM
[QUOTE=Mary626]mindystar - sorry about the bad timing, hope you enjoy the installment when you get home!

honeybun - I'm glad you are enjoying the trip report and I'm glad I could give you some ideas! You'll have to tell me what ideas you're thinking of though, I'm really curious!! :) I think it is so funny that everyone seems to like that song.. I have to admit when I first heard it I thought it was way too cheesy and actually asked Stan to change it, but now that I've listened to it a few times I'm starting to like it! :rotfl: I had never heard it before, but I googled the lyrics and you'll never guess who sings it..... Wayne Brady!!! :lmao: It is called "Beautiful" and is written by Jim Brickman.. I know it's available on the itunes music store if you want to take a look.

Mary - Oh gosh...there are so many of your ideas that I like. They are not all wedding related but also on trip planning in general...like I will be eating at some of the restuarants you talked about...Boma and Artist's Point for sure. I will also be making several reservations a day so they are booked in case we want them. I can't tell you how many times I've been to Disney and wanted to go to a restaurant or character meal and couldn't b/c we didn't plan ahead and make a reservation. I go to Disney a few times a year to see friends that I made while on CP and I just never think about making dining reservations until I am there but I will NOT be doing that for my wedding trip. As for some of the wedding related stuff I like...I LOVE your tip envelopes (which I think I told you before), I also like your invitation wording, the frame with the family pics and the note down the middle, the guest book among other things. On another note, I can't believe that song is sung by Wayne Brady!! I can believe that it is written by Jim Brickman but not that it is Wayne Brady singing. Thanks for telling me and letting me know where to find it. I am just loving your TR...keep up the good work!

06-03-2006, 07:32 AM
LOVE the Preggers Jenny doll!!!! You are so creative!!!


06-03-2006, 11:58 PM
MinnieMouse29 - Thank you so much for all your kind words!! Wow june 10th is so close - congratulations!!! I'm sure you and your day are going to be absolutely beautiful!!! You will love the polynesian it is such a romantic place to be :cloud9: and the food at 'ohana is SO GOOD! One of my favorite restaurants in Disney, though I have a lot of favorite restaurants in disney :rotfl:

karentan - Thank you so much and that is too funny about the tiara :rotfl2: My dog thanks you too! :teeth:

JJClemson - thank you again!!! :goodvibes Ugh that centipede thing sounds so AWFUL!! I don't blame you for not liking the show!! You should point out this part of the TR to your DH so he knows you're not crazy!! That centipede thing is grossing me out just thinking about it :crazy2:

honeybun - I hope you are not dissapointed in any of the places I mentioned, I hope I didn't hype any of them up too much!! I'm sure you'll have a great time though no matter where you go!! Like I mentioned before, the tip envelopes and door hangers idea I got from this forum (not sure from who exactly), but I'm glad you liked the idea, I thought they were so much fun to put together and use!! Thanks again :goodvibes

DawnaJean - thank you so much :goodvibes I don't think I'm that creative actually! Occasionally an idea pops into my head but very very rarely! I appreciate the compliment though! :grouphug:

On a sadder note, I can't believe the news about OctoberBeauty. I was looking through this thread and re-reading some of her posts and just can't believe that something so awful happened to such a sweet caring person :( :( I read the news the other night and it really upset me. If you haven't seen the thread about it, here's a link http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1127125
I wish her a quick recovery from her burns and her and her family are in my thoughts, I can't imagine what they must be going through right now.

06-04-2006, 12:09 AM
Oh, I forgot to post the link to my sister Jenny's wedding at the Swan (the Swan & Dolphin) from November 11, 2001.

They are out of order and I haven't had time to caption them, but here they are.

I will also be done with the next part of my trip report soon, just copying and pasting the photo links right now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


06-04-2006, 01:23 AM
Friday was probably my least favorite day on the trip. It was one of those days where you wake up kind of groggy and cranky, it’s really hot and unbearably sunny outside, and the crowd levels jump to ten times what they where the day before because of Grad Nights. It wasn’t a bad day, just the least productive and my crankiest :)

I woke up before the alarm went off and decided to stay up.. We thought we would start the day out by heading to MGM and maybe hopping over to epcot later in the day. When planning I had made my ADR’s (advanced dining reservations) based on which park I thought we’d like to visit that day or which park was projected to be the least crowded.

It was Friday, and Friday and Saturday were grad nights in Walt Disney World. My tour guide books that I had read pretty much said to stay out of the magic kingdom on these days, so I was following their advice. I don’t remember what my source was but for some reason I thought MGM and epcot would be the least crowded for grad nights.

As we were getting dressed, Jim was testing his camera settings and just taking random pictures in the room as he tried out the different settings. He was about to take one, and I ran and jumped into the frame of the camera just to be silly. I didn’t think it would actually turn out, since if it were my camera it would have blurred for sure, but it actually came out and I thought it was pretty funny!

Ugly picture of me, but I crack up every time I see it

I kind of felt like taking a break from wearing the Minnie wedding ears today, but Jim was disappointed that I wasn’t going to wear them. He said he thought I looked cute in the ears! I decided to bring them with me in case I wanted to wear them later on.

MGM didn’t open until 9 that morning, so we took our time, but we ended up taking our time a little too much and didn’t head out of the hotel room until around 9:15 am. Since we were running behind schedule, we opted to skip breakfast again. That was a really bad habit that we shouldn’t have done. We wanted to save our appetite for lunch at the Sci-Fi dine in theatre, but we really should have had a bite to eat in the morning to keep us going, which was probably another contributor to me being crabby that day..

We headed to the bus stop and it took the bus a while to get there. We were waiting for a while and the epcot bus came by. Jim asked if we should get on the epcot bus since it was right there and just do epcot. I kind of liked the idea! Right as we were about to board though, the MGM bus came by and so we decided to stick with our original plan. I kind of wish we had gone to epcot, I think it would have probably been less crowded then MGM was.. oh well though..

The bus came and a short while later we were at MGM.

Here begins my three paragraph rant about the security check-points in front of the theme park. I'm sure there are a variety of opinions on the subject, so I hope noone takes offense to my personal opinion of the matter. Feel free to fast forward to the next post to avoid my whining!

We saw the line for the security checkpoint and it was REALLY long, and if you had no bags you could walk right through. I thought “that’s ridiculous, all I have is my dinky little bag with my ears in it…” Before going near the security people I got an idea.. I had nothing in my purse except for my cameras and ears and wallet.. I put my wallet around my neck (it was one of those travel wallets), and put my ears on, and shove my tiny little piece of fabric that was my purse into my pocket. I held my cameras in my hand and was feeling kind of clever!

We walked past the security line and a security guard stops me and tells me to get into the security line. At first I thought maybe he had seen me putting my purse in my pocket and so I could very easily understand why he wanted me to go through security…. but then he points to my wallet around my neck and says they have to check it… I was like “but it’s just a wallet, are you sure?” and he said “doesn’t matter, get in line”… I’m sorry but this REALLY aggravated me.. If I had put the wallet in my pocket it would be okay? WHAT were they checking for? What could I possibly fit into this tiny little wallet? Forget about the AK-47 that jim may or may not have in his pocket.. if you’re wearing a wallet around your neck you’re clearly a threat to society!

If I could JUST understand WHAT they were trying to accomplish or WHAT they were looking for, I really wouldn’t have cared. I don’t complain about the security at the airport or anything like that.. but this is ridiculous, it is so obviously just for show and is completely ineffective!. I don’t want to go on a tangent or vent about this, but suffice it to say it really made me mad. I don’t even think THEY know what they’re looking for in the security line. If they really wanted to make it safe, they’d have to treat it like the airport and check EVERYTHING. If it was a practical, effective security measure I wouldn’t care. All it does is treat mothers with diaper bags like criminals, while guys who carry nothing but their wallet and cameras can walk right through…

Okay, rant over, I promise!

So I go through the security line, they look at my wallet and deem that I wasn’t hiding an atomic bomb or any sticks of dynamite behind my drivers license or credit cards, … while not noticing or worrying about the big bulging purse that I had shoved into my pocket…. And while skipping over Jim’s wallet that was much bigger and bulkier then mine but since it was in his pocket it wasn’t a danger…. , and we went in.

Okay so the rant was almost over, but now it is, for real this time!

06-04-2006, 01:26 AM
I was a little cranky from the security thing, but was trying really hard to tell myself to drop it. I was in MGM, I hadn’t been in there since the dessert party, I tried to think about that and get out of my funk, though I complained a little more to Jim. Jim was smart enough to just agree with everything I said and nod his head while I was in my cantankerous state, smart man!

While I knew that everyone in MGM had the same idea – go to Rock n’ roller coaster and Tower of Terror, I thought since it was only about an hour past opening it might not be that bad… There wasn’t really much else I wanted to do at MGM, and as long as we got those two things done I knew it wouldn’t matter to me if we came back to MGM or not. I just wanted to check those two things off the list and then anything else we did while at MGM would just be bonus! We already did Star Tours after the dessert party, and I watch “muppet vision 3-d” all the time at the Disney’s California Adventure park here… While the stunt shows are good, and I was hoping to catch at least one, I knew I wouldn’t care if we missed them..

So anyway, as long as we did the two big rides, I would be happy!


We head down Hollywood Boulevard and stop to look at the tip board. It said both rides had really low waiting times, I was happy, woohoo! We went down Sunset boulevard and walked towards Rock n’ Roller coaster. The line there said the wait was 65 minutes and fast passes weren’t returning until around 2 pm. Okay, forget that! Now this was stupid of me, I should always ALWAYS just get a fast pass for the rides I want to do even if I don’t think I’ll be in the park when I can use them! We decided to check out the wait time for tower of terror to compare, and it said the wait was a half hour. Ahh okay, cool! I told jim “let’s just wait in line for tower of terror and then we’ll see what the wait time for rock n’ rollercoaster is when we get out”. So stupid of me, why didn’t we just get fast passes for one or the other!!

Ever since the first time me and my sisters first went on the Tower of Terror, we notice everyone says the name of the ride quickly as possible, making a five syllable phrase into a two syllable phrase – Tar Ter, so that is what we all affectionately call this ride

We walk through the queue and a cast member asks me if I wouldn’t mind wearing a red tag, timing thing (can’t think of a good title for these things…) The cast member scanned it before giving it to me, and told me to give it to the cast member at the end of the line, who would also scan it. That way they can more accurately project the correct waiting times for the ride. Ooo I felt honored, I had a mission!


We got in line around 10:07 am or so.

It became quickly apparent while we were in line that it was grad night at walt Disney world, and that it was in full force. We looked around at all the various groups of teenagers with their matching t-shirts. The noise and obnoxiousness level of the line was higher then usual too. I was also still slightly cranky from lack of sleep and me being mad about the security line, which was stupid I know, but when you’re in a funk mood it is sometimes hard to get yourself out! And waiting in the heat in a long line with large groups of teenagers never helps either.

And then of course there was the fact that the ride BROKE while we were in line and we ended up waiting more then an hour and a half for the ride!! If we had known that we would be waiting that line, we would have gotten out of course.. but we had been waiting about 30 minutes and were pretty close to the entrance when a voice came over the speaker and said “the tower of terror is currently experiencing technical difficulties which may make your wait time longer then originally projected”. Jim said we should just get out of line and come back later. I should have listened to my husband again, but I was being stupid! I said “maybe it will thin out the herd a little bit”, as some people were leaving after the announcement was made. Of course most people who left were behind us so that didn’t really help us out much.

Jim wearing the t-shirt I had gotten for him at the animal kingdom the day before


When a ride breaks down it is frustrating, because you don’t know if it will be up in a matter of minutes or if it will take an hour. Each time we got really close to leaving, the line would start to move just enough to make us think we would be there in a matter of minutes! Not helping matters was that every time the ride was back up, they would let the fast pass people go ahead of the regular line. I can’t believe we waited an hour and a half for this ride, maybe even longer.

If we had just gotten fast passes for the tower of terror and gone back and went on rock n’ roller coaster, we could have done both rides without all the frustration! Bad planning, mary, bad!

I talked to Jenny on my cell phone for a little while while waiting. She was stuck back in reality and was working and was back to feeling naseous and throwing up. I complained to her about the security thing and she completely commiserated with me, it actually makes jenny more mad then it makes me, and she was like “yep, get used to it, Mary, we’re criminals now until proven innocent!” But at the same time she was like “well at least you’re still in Disney and not stuck at your stupid job like I am.” She had a good point.

Jim and I started taking random pictures of each other to help pass the time and alleviate the boredom.

Jim’s nose

jim’s ear

his eye

jim’s wedding ring

magical wishes

Our sci-fi dine in theatre reservation was for about 11:30, and at 11 we were still stuck in line and hadn’t moved for twenty minutes. Even if the line started to move at a normal speed just then, I wasn’t sure if we could go on the ride and then make it to the reservation. Jim said he would rather do lunch, but I felt like.. we had waited SO long, if we get out of line now, that last hour would have been a complete waste! This logic was what had made me stay in line for as long as I did and looking back it was stupid, but anyways..

But we both really wanted to eat the sci-fi, so I said “let me call and see if I can change our reservation time for later..”, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed the number. Jim started to laugh at me, I was like what?, and he says “you have the number to Disney dining memorized?”. Well of course! Anyway it was easy to remember – 407 wdw dine.. not that hard! That made him feel a little better about the sanity level of his wife.. I didn’t bother to tell him that if the number hadn’t been so easy to remember I would have programmed it into my cell phone.

Here’s another tip I will impart that was a lifesaver while on our wedding and honeymoon: program EVERY phone number you think you might need into your cell phone..I had programmed and saved Randy chapman’s number, stan’s number, three of our coordinator’s number, our officiant’s number, the cosmetologists number, EVERYONE in my bridal party and as many guests numbers that I had, and more into my cell phone. I had also printed the list of all of these and kept it in my purse and had given copies to my mom and a few other people. So even if the number to Disney dining hadn’t been a mnemonic, I would have had it in my cell phone!

Anyway, so I call Disney dining and ask about the sci-fi. They said they only had one opening left that day for around 4 o’clock. Jim and I were starving since we skipped breakfast, so I said no thank you and we figured we would see what happened.

Jim wanted to get out of line and just go eat lunch, he was starving and excited about the restaurant. I said I would wait five more minutes and if the line hadn’t moved at all we could get out. Besides I was on a mission – I had to return the red time tester thing to the cast member, I couldn’t fail! Right around then the line started moving quickly, hoorah!! Finally!!

06-04-2006, 01:27 AM
Me about to go crazy if the line didn’t start to move



Jim looking tall against some fluffy clouds

me in the lobby, finally!

making ugly faces to pass the time

entering the library

It was 11:25 or so and finally, FINALLY we enter the Hollywood Tower Hotel lobby and wait to enter the library where Rod Sterling would tell us about the twilight zone.. The first time I rode on this ride, back in 1995 I think it was, I had stupidly thought that it was the library that fell 10 stories while we were standing up!! All the commercials for the Tower of Terror at the time would show a group of people enter a room, and then the room would fall while they were standing up. Seriously that is what they showed on the commercials so that is what I expected! I was so relieved when I found out that it wasn’t till we got to the elevators that the floor dropped from beneath us.. and that there were seatbelts involved!!! (or lap bars actually at the time)

We go through the boiler room in the basement, I give my red time tester necklace to the cast member (mission accomplished!), and we get in our elevators. The cast member tells us goodluck and to enjoy our stay at the Hollywood tower hotel and the door closes.

Jim has never been on this ride in walt Disney world. He’s been on the version they built in Disney’s California Adventure, which was a pale comparison I am sorry to say. The one in California takes you up, the door opens and you see the ghostly figures, and then it drops. Missing from it is the part where the elevator comes forward and you step into the twilight zone. I’m not sure if there were any other differences, but I remember being very disappointed in it and I wanted Jim to experience it at MGM.

Jim knew that the elevator dropped you in random sequences. His brother Chris had gone on it the week before and was telling us that on their ride… it took them up, dropped them a few times and then took them to the end of the ride where the doors opened as if they were about to leave.. Then before the seat belts controls were released, the door closed, the ride went in reverse and they shot back up to the top again!!! That must have been so cool and completely unexpected!

Jim didn’t know that the elevator went forward the way it does. For some reason that made him more nervous then when he went on the California one. He says it seems like it would be much more secure just going straight up and straight down. Since it moved forward I think he thought it had a better chance of coming off the track or something! Anyway, I love this ride. Of course I don’t know anyone who’s been on it who doesn’t love this ride! The ride took us to the top where we could see out over MGM and it gives you that moment of tranquility lulling you into a false sense of security, before plummeting you to the ground faster then the speed of gravity, and then shooting you back up, dropping you, shooting you back up and dropping you again. So much fun! I discovered half way through that if I didn’t hold onto the safety bars, if I just let the seatbelt do the work while I held on to nothing, it was so much more fun because it felt like I was in free fall, so cool!! There’s nothing like falling 10 stories faster then the speed of gravity repeatedly to get you in a good mood again!

06-04-2006, 01:29 AM
We got out of the ride at exactly 11:30. We really wanted to make it to our lunch reservations, we were starving and tired from waiting in line for so long. But I don’t think we could have been at any further point away from the Sci Fi restaurant in MGM. We were as far away from it as we could be while still being in the park.

We decided to try to make it, maybe they would take us even if we were a few minutes late. I started speed walking as fast I could, occasionally breaking into a jog or a slow run, and we double-timed it towards the sci-fi. Jim was lagging behind a little, but I kept walking as quickly as possible. I shouted back to him “I’ll go sign in, just meet me there” and started jogging towards the restaurant, but Jim was like “wait, Mary, I don’t know where this place is!” so I slowed down a little, but not a lot. I reached the check-in counter at the sci-fi around 11:41 or so and told them we were a little late for our reservations but they said they could accommodate us, woohoo! Jim came in shortly after I got there and we both sat down for a minute to catch our breath. I took a few photos while waiting. It didn’t take them long to call our name, and we were escorted towards the back of the drive-in and took our seat in the back of a car.



Jim in the waiting area

us in our car

We shared the car with another family who were in the front seat, but there was plenty of room between us so it didn’t feel like we were dining with complete strangers. I love love love the atmosphere of this restaurant! I know it gets bad reviews for the food , but the atmosphere is worth it, even if you just go and get a milkshake. It is a nice, fun, cool place to go rest your feet while at MGM. The brown derby has better food, but the sci-fi dine in theatre is one of a kind!

Cute coffee stirrer thingies

cute napkins




Jim ordered an oreo milkshake, sans alcohol but with a glowing ice cube, and we order an appetizer – spinach & artichoke dip with chips. We sit back and enjoy the clips of different sci-fi B movies or old Disney shorts about what aliens on other planets might look like. I think most of them are so funny. I love the 50’s version of the future.
Maybe it’s because we’re sci-fi dorks, but I love this restaurant. I think we have eaten here on every trip since 1992.

I had a few sips of the oreo milkshake, and it was really good! Our appetizer came out quickly, and it was so good I could have ordered just that and would have been happy. The dip was so good I could have eaten it with a spoon.

Jim’s oreo milkshake with glow cube turned off

spinach and artichoke dip with chips – delicious!

We had two waiters, one guy and one girl who was in training so was following the waiter around or doing drink refill runs. For the meal, Jim ordered some ribs that the menu said had been cooked in coca cola, that sounded interesting. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I wanted something kind of light and sort of healthy-ish, so I thought I would get the turkey sandwhich. . I didn’t like it at all. I thought the bread was gross. Jim told me to eat it without the bread, so I did and actually enjoyed it much more that way. The watermelon salad that came on the side was kind of interesting.

Jim’s ribs

my sandwhich – bleh

We ordered an apple crisp for a dessert to share. It was pretty good but we’ve both had better.


The waiter came by with our souvenir refillable plastic cup thing, and he said something like “you can give it to your baby when it arrives, and congratulations again”… I was confused,, I wasn’t sure if he thought I was pregnant or if he was joking around since we were on our honeymoon, we would be having a baby soon? Jim thought he was probably joking around. I thought it was funny either way, really.

He then came by and gave the bill to Jim and said “here’s your ticket for back seat driving and putting cheap moves on your girl”.




We used our 20% discount card and left the theatre. We both had a great time and will definitely return!

06-04-2006, 01:30 AM
We left the sci-fi dine in theatre and since we were right there, we decided to go into the star wars gift shop again. Jim had been wanting to buy a hat the entire trip. I kept telling him he should get a hat to block the sun, but he kept saying “I want to wait and buy one at the star wars gift shop”, consequently he went a whole 8 days without wearing a hat, darn him! He saw a few hats he liked, I told him which one I liked the best, so he got that. They had a bunch of cute stuff I wouldn’t have minded buying actually if we had had a lot more money and the will to deal with the hassle of taking it home with us. Oh well, next time maybe. Jim was looking at t-shirts to buy, and I saw one that I liked, it was very plain and just said “star wars”, simple is good. I told jim if he got that one I would borrow it occasionally, so he bought it for me and we left.

Jim running away from the AT-AT (Imperial walker – the big white robot thing)



some star wars merchandise that we took pictures of instead of buying (much more economical)





We were walking past the Indiana Jones Stunt show to see what time the next show started. The next one wasn’t for another 2 hours or something, so we just went straight to the gift shop without seeing the show. (we both saw it like 14 years before and really once is enough unless you happen to be walking by when they are letting people in..) The Indiana Jones movie are like Jim’s favorite ever. I think he may even like them more then Star Wars actually (but not more the superman!). They had a t-shirt with the poster for “the last crusade”, but they only had them in smalls or extra extra larges. We asked the girl if they had any in large, and she said they had been out of larges for a while. We looked around some more towards the back, and lo and behold there is the t-shirt in a large right there! How strange, but cool. I also noticed that they sold the plastic “ball and chains” that Kevin had got for Jim before the dessert party.

Jim trying on hats in the Indiana jones gift shop

It was about an hour or so after we had eaten at the sci fi, so we thought maybe we would split an ice-cream cone (hey walking around the parks all day makes you hungry!). We were right by Dinosaur Gertie’s and went to check it out. To our dissapointment, they only sold Vanilla, Chocolate, or the swirl of both of them. Pretty lame selection for such a cutely designed ice-cream stand, so we decided against it.

Me in front of Dinosaur Gertie’s (when leaving mgm but I thought I would put it here)




We walked past the fake Chinese theatre and saw the characters for the movie “Cars” out with their engines revving and people were going up and taking their pictures with them. The cars had voices, I don’t know if the actors were inside the car or off somewhere doing it by radio-control, but they were interacting with the guests. That was pretty cute!



The guy behind jim looks like he’s about to kick him and run

We went to the tip board and saw that all the lines for all the rides were extremely long. Well, it was about 1:30, right around the time that the parks are at their most crowded, especially with the grad night crowd around, it really made a difference in crowd levels. MGM was really crowded on grad night, which surprised me because all of the tour guide books I had read said to head to MGM or epcot on grad night days. I think the tour guide book was wrong in this case. Come to think of it, it seems intuitive that the grad night teenagers would head to MGM, since it has the tower of terror and the roller coaster attraction.

Jim and I talked about what to do next, we could either take a mid-day break and go back out again later, or go to another park. We both kind of thought that Epcot might be the least crowded since it didn’t seem like the kind of place teenagers would go, as long as we didn’t try to do Soarin’, Mission Space, or Test Track… There I was being stupid again, I should really start following my own advice and just take mid-day breaks and come back later.. But I really wanted to explore the parks more and didn’t feel like heading back to the hotel yet, so we decided to hop on the bus to take us to epcot…

As we were walking out, we stopped to watch some “streetmosphere” – the actors they have that go around in character amusing the guests.. We saw one streetmosphere actor pretending to “hustle” some guests into playing cards with him, and Jim was like “hey it’s chris!” It did remind me of his brother, Chris!


We left MGM and I hoped that the next time we came it wouldn’t be as crowded. I was really worried that the crowd levels might stay like that all weekend. At that rate we were never going to get to go on any of the rides..

06-04-2006, 01:32 AM
By the bus stop

We walk towards the bus outside of MGM that would take us to epcot. We get on the bus, and at first we were standing in the aisle, and then this girl behind us starts pushing everyone and is like “everyone move forward there are more seats in the back”, .. thank you bossy teenager :rollseyes: We find the last two seats on the bus, across from each other, so that me and jim are facing each other across the aisle... Then a few more people come aboard and it seems like the bus is at its fullest capacity.. But then all of a sudden out of nowhere comes this HUGE group of teenagers all wearing bright neon green t-shirts telling the bus driver to wait. I was thinking “there’s no way those teenagers are going to fit aboard (and thank goodness)…”.. but somehow, don’t ask me how, the bus driver lets them on board, and everyone pushes into the back as much as they possibley can and the bus had more people on it then I would have ever thought possible. It was jam packed. All I could see in front of me were some limbs and the neon green color of their t-shirts. I thought this bus HAS got to be over capacity! If it was that bad while we were standing still, how was it going to be when we were in motion? I couldn’t see Jim at all or hear him to talk to him, it was funny> I was wondering what he was thinking about all of this. The bus started moving and every time there was a turn, it seemed like a dozen teenagers would be pressed up against me. The lady a few seats over from me was talking to one of the teenagers asking where they were from. They were from New Orleans and were telling her about how “most all of us here were watered”. This confused the lady greatly until someone explained that “watered” meant that they had water damage to their house or something (I didn’t know that either).

My view

jim’s view (I think it’s funny we both took pictures even though we couldn’t see or hear each other to communicate)

20 minutes later we all get off the bus and finally I could breath again. Jim tells me that he was pressed up against some guy, we were both very grateful to be off the bus. But then, we were worried that epcot would be just as crowded since it seems like half of the people at MGM were now at epcot. We went through a long security line, and then stood in a REALLY long entrance line to get into epcot . Right as we got into epcot, I was a little crabby and Jim asks me if I wanted to go back to the hotel and take a break. Why didn’t he ask me that BEFORE standing in the 2 longest lines of the day??

I kind of did want to head back, it was unbearly hot and sunny and really crowded, but ugh, we had gone through all of that just to turn back around? And I felt like we were never going to get anything done at the parks!! I was getting crabby again when I had just been in a pretty good mood after the sci-fi meal. I asked jim if he wanted to head to the yacht club and maybe rent some water sprites at the marina, maybe walk around the boardwalk or something, or maybe get some ice cream at beaches n’ cream again. Jim didn’t like any of those ideas, which made me mad, because I thought they were good ideas and thought they sounded like a lot of fun!!! So I was like “well what do you want to do then??” really snotty and jim was like “mary, stop, I didn’t do or say anything wrong so don’t get angry with me..” He knows me too well. I sat down on a bench and gave myself a “time out” as I tried to relax and think of what we wanted to do. It was obvious that epcot was going to be just as crowded as mgm and all the lines were already really long. I just wasn’t in the mood to wait in a long line for anything. I didn’ t know what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to head back to the hotel yet either. Jim suggested we do the world showcase, he didn’t think the teenagers would want to see a bunch of boring countries.. I agreed that that sounded like an okay plan so we thought we would head there.


Here’s another time when I really did bad strategizing. I really should have just gone back to the hotel, taken a nap, ,and then gone back out to the parks in the evening when the crowds had thinned out. But like I said, I felt like since it was already Friday I was never going to get anything done that way so I wanted to stay in the parks. A midday break would have been much more prudent.

The sun was out and in full force and was beating down on us. I could feel myself getting sunburned even though I applied lots of sunscreen in the morning.

I didn’t really want to walk around the world showcase in this heat.

Jim and I talked about the “leave a legacy” at the entrance to epcot. I had told jim I thought it would be cute to get one, since we had gotten married there and all, but I had thought the prices were like 125 or something, like the bricks at Disneyland… Jim saw a sign and said “how much did you say the leave a legacy was because that sign says it’s only 25 dollars..” I was like , you’re kidding! There has to be a fine text there somewhere.. is it more to have your picture or something? But sure enough it said it was only 25 dollars… We decided it would be fun to “leave our legacy” on othe trip that we got married in the park, so we went into the store to ask a cast member where to go.

While in the store, jim pointed out a hat that had Tinkerbelle on it and that said “Mood subject to change without notice” and said he should get that for me. I thought it was funny, it was the exact sentiment of that day.. I kept going from really happy to crabby and back and forth again all morning.


We find out where we need to go, and go over to the ‘leave a legacy” area. Someone gives us a info sheet to fill out with our names and address on it, and we fill it out. Then they put us into position to take our picture. They told us we needed to get as close to each other as possible. They took the picture and showed us what it would look like engraved, and ugh it was awful.. they took a second one that was just slightly better.. I didn’t want to stand there all day getting our picture perfect,.. I knew noone would know it was there really but us anyway, who cares what it looked like… so we said it was okay, and they gave us an information card and told us it would be up in maybe 6 months. That seemed like a long time but we probably won’t be back until after that anyway.

Jim talking to the cast member about how to leave a legacy

these arrived in the mail a few days ago

wow these things are not flattering!

Cool, we left our legacy in epcot!!

**edit, I completely forgot to add in the part about japan, not a big deal but still.. a whole country got edited!

We headed in the direction of the world showcase. The sun was really bearing down on us now. We walked towards the world showcase and took some pictures along the way…




aaah! Matching t-shirts everywhere! I wonder where the guy in the flannel shirt with the keg of beer is headed

The last few times we had been in the world showcase we had done at least a little bit in each country except for Japan and the American adventure, so we head to Japan and enter the Mitsukoshi department store. I have a fondness for Japan, I studied the language for about two years (sad to say I’ve forgotten most of it though!) and visited the country for about a month staying with a Japanese friend of mine at the time, one of the highlights of my boring life. We looked through the stores and they really did have a great selection of items that I haven’t seen since actually being in the country. I saw a lot of items that brought back memories of my visit, and was pointing things out to Jim and telling them my stories about them. Jim wanted me to talk to someone in Japanese, but it has been too long since I actually spoke it to anyone, I was far too embarrassed and didn’t feel like making a fool out of myself, so I passed.



the toy museum display

We looked around the pavilion and was telling jim what each building in the pavilion was built to look like, and Jim was asking which ones I had visited or not. The five story pagoda looked like the Horyuji temple in Nara, the building in the back (that was actually being refurbished while we were there and had a big tent over it) was modeled after the castle in Osaka, I believe. And the red torii gate in the water was based on the red torii gate in MiyaJima island, close to Hiroshima. It was fun to reminisce about my trip with Jim and tell him about it. I always love being able to reminisce about that trip, I had had so much fun. He’s never had the chance to go there, hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to visit together.



06-04-2006, 01:35 AM
There was a bunch of cute stuff in the Japan gift shops but I really didn’t feel like spending any money on anything that I didn’t really need. I’m actually not big on shopping but I enjoyed looking around. Jim wanted some sushi, so we went over to the yakitori counter service restaurant and ordered a Tokyo Roll, which is basically a California Roll, but I’m guessing they felt silly selling something called a “California roll” in the japan pavilion. Anyway, not the most authentic japan meal, or the freshest, but it was good and we enjoyed sitting in the outside eating area and listening to the water flowing over the bamboo garden.







We split the sushi, it was good but it tasted like the sushi that we sometimes buy in our local grocery store, like it had been made in the morning and had been sitting there for a while. But since it was the first sushi Jim and I had had in over a year, we both really enjoyed it.

We finished up and walked over to the American Adventure. We saw a team of fife players walking around playing “yankee doodle” on their fifes. Jim remarked at how incredibly authentic that was to modern American culture, and I agreed and said “I know I see fife players walking down the street all the time in the streets of LA”. Jim didn’t feel like watching the half hour show inside of the American pavilion, and other then the show there really isn’t anything to do in the pavilion that I know of, so we walked past it and headed to the Italy Isola.



We got there and it was the first time that we actually got to be ON the isola since our wedding, since the last few times it had been closed off for parties. We sat in some of the chairs they had by the ugly construction wall and we reminisced about our wedding day. I asked him more about what went on before I got to the ceremony, and about how he felt on the day, and pestered him with a billion other questions about the morning of the wedding. We were in the shade so it was fun just sitting there and thinking about how we had just gotten married there and what a beautiful ceremony it had been.

It’s a rare thing in life, I think, to have a day filled with nothing but beauty and love, and that’s what our wedding day had been.







While we were there we saw one of the bridges over between china and Germany go up as one of the sail barges came out, setting up for Illuminations I guess. It was cool to watch the bridge go up and down, I didn’t know it did that.



It was a little after four at that point. We had eaten at the sci-fi around noon so we were getting a little hungry even with the small pieces of sushi we had just had. Jim decided to get another cinnamon pretzel at the American pavilion, but I wanted to save room for some food from the bakery in the France pavilion.


jim experiencing déjà vu

For some reason, with all my visits to epcot and walt Disney world, I have never done the France pavilion. We either explore the world showcase clockwise from mexico and are too tired by the time we get there, or something always seems to be off in our timing. The bakery was one of those things that I had read a lot about on the DIS restaurant forum and was really looking forward to trying. Neither Jim or I were particularly in the mood for sweets, but I thought we could take a few things back to the hotel to try over the course of the next few days. Like before, I just wanted to try things, one bite would suffice, as long as I got to taste some new items that I don’t normally get to try in daily life.



We head in the bakery and everything looks really good! I have no idea what most of the items are, like pithiviers? I wanted something a little substantial to eat, so I ordered a quiche and Jim ordered a ham and cheese croissant. We ordered 2 crème brulee’s for later, and I wanted to try a strawberry tart. It really wasn’t a lot of food, actually.

The bakery




I don’t like writing about this part actually. There are 2 things that happened on our honeymoon that if I could go back and undo, I would, and this was one of them.

We get to the register and there are two young French girls there as part of disney’s exchange internship program. One girl telling the other girl what to ring up, and the cashier. The one girl tells the other girl our order, and then she says something in a whispered tone, in French, to the cashier girl.. the cashier girl looks at me, kind of gives me a once-over, and giggled a little bit. Now this could have been nothing at all completely, but what a thing to do to make a guest feel completely uncomfortable and paranoid. I kind of made eye-contact with one of the girls and she looked embarrassed and looked away.. Ookay..

Now you might all be thinking that I’m just being really paranoid here since I’m so insecure anyways, but I have traveled pretty extensively in this country and many others, and I’m not at all uncomfortable around people who speak different languages. We have had two foreign exchange students living with us, (Yugoslavian and Japanese), and I have studied a few different languages actually, so that I could actually try to speak some while in other countries (spanish, Japanese, and a little bit of thai). So I’m not exactly a xenophobe or something.. But you just get a feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think someone’s been talking about you, and I had that feeling then. Jim and I paid for our meal and went outside. Jim remarked, before I even told him what I was feeling “that was pretty rude”, so it wasn’t just me, he had noticed it to.

I sat on a bench, I was getting angry. I hated the thought that those two brats had said something about me right in front of me and were being smug about it. They might have just as well been just talking to each other about absolutely nothing related to me, but you know… this was walt Disney world, it wasn’t actually france, and Disney world has standards in how their employees behave. I know if I had done something like that during the college program I would have gotten in trouble for it.

I gave some thought to how I would feel if I said something versus if I said nothing. I HATE confrontations and would have felt much better at the time if I had just walked away and tried to forget about it, but I KNEW that it would always bother me if I just walked away. I was on my honeymoon in Walt Disney World, I shouldn’t have to be paranoid about something like this!

I didn’t know what I was going to do but I decided to do something. I asked Jim for the receipt and told him to wait there and I went back inside. I asked someone if they had a manager on duty and if I could speak with them. The girl looked surprised and said she would go find him. Ugh I hate confrontations, my heart was racing and felt like it was in the back of my throat and I started getting kind of shakey.

A young man came out and asked what was wrong. I had the receipt in my hand so that I had the name of the cashier, and I politely explained the situation. I emphasized that for all I knew they could have been saying nothing, but that it made me feel pretty uneasy about it. The guy had a hard time understanding my English, and he asked in a thick accent “what was wrong with the items you purchased?” I tried explaining it again, and he said “I’m sorry, let me get the manager, I’m just the assistant manager, she’ll be able to help you” (I don’t think he understood what I said, but that was fine).. The bakery was really small and I could tell people were listening to my conversation and probably thinking I was just being a paranoid you-know-what, but I didn’t care.

A few minutes went by and he came back with the manager. She saw my magical wishes button and said “oh congratulations!” I thanked her and then repeated my story to her. She was really nice and listened to me and asked a few questions here or there. She seemed to understand what I was upset about. She said “I think I know the exact two girls you are talking about, do you happen to have their names?” I showed her my receipt that had one of the girl’s name, and said it was her and her friend. I said “I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, I really don’t want any trouble for them, I just think you should know that this happened so you can mention it to them to avoid this again in the future, so other guests don’t have to feel paranoid about what they may or may not be saying.”

The manager was really really nice about it and didn’t make me feel stupid or like I was being paranoid at all. She said “I know exactly the two girls you are talking about, I promise you they weren’t saying anything bad about you, they are young girls and are always talking to each other and I always have to tell them to stop.. I know how you feel exactly, when I first came to this country I always felt like that, like you don’t know what people are saying about you.” I explained that I have visited foreign countries before and didn’t have a problem with people speaking other languages in front of me, it’s just that sometimes you just get a feeling in your stomach, sometimes you just KNOW when people are saying something about you, and that was one of those times.. She apologized and tried to reassure me again, and said she would definitely speak to them. I mentioned again I wasn’t trying to get them in trouble, I just wanted her to know about it so they could avoid making another guest feel the same way in the future, and she agreed. She then asked me if she could get me some items from the bakery to apologize for the mishap. Well that certainly wasn’t why I complained, but I figured what the heck. It HAD bothered and I WAS upset, so I said that that would be nice. She went in the back and picked out four different items, apologized again, congratulated me again, and I left.

I hated having to be confrontational about anything, it always produces such a physical response from me and I feel like crap afterwards for an hour, but I did feel slightly better and was glad I had said something. I really don’t think I should have been sitting there wondering if they had said something about me or not. The manager had been really nice and I really felt like my concerns were listened to and I had a strong feeling that she would say something.

I went over to Jim and explained what happened and showed him the treats she had given us – a napolean, a peach tart, another crème brulee, and another strawberry tart. He asked if I was okay, and I said “yeah I’m fine but now I really feel like going back to the hotel and not doing anything the rest of the day.”

It was almost five at that point. We had been out from 9 am to five pm, we figured that was a pretty long day. Not to mention how sunny it was and how sunburnt we felt. And then that whole thing bothered me. It was time for a nap.

We walked back to the front of futureworld and got to the bus stop, and I just couldn’t get there fast enough.

06-04-2006, 01:37 AM
As we were walking, Jim told me that earlier in the day the taxi company had called about cab driver 353, and said they refunded Jim his money and they fired the guy. I was really surprised! We certainly hadn’t been trying to get him fired – we just wanted the forty dollars he stole from us back, but I certainly wasn’t sad about it. He did steal our money after all! I was surprised that they actually fired him though, and thought it was really cool that they called us to let us know about it. I felt a little bad about it on one hand, but was pretty glad about it on the other. Well I shouldn’t have been either, because it turned out NOT to be true, but I didn’t find that out until Sunday..

We got back to our hotel around 5:30 and changed into our comfy clothes. A nap sounded great. When Jim was changing out of his t-shirt I noticed his sun tan line, it was bad! He had gotten so sunburnt. Jim doesn’t put sunscreen on, it always makes me so mad, he always says “I don’t burn”.. well that doesn’t mean you won’t get skin cancer! Well he had burnt that day, I don’t know why today felt so much sunnier then other days. It was probably that epcot just doesn’t have as much shade as the other parks, and we were there right as the sun was at it’s highest.

My small quiche and jim’s ham and cheese croissant

The two crème brulee’s and strawberry tart

the “free food” she gave me

I ate my quiche (I love me a good quiche), but was pretty disappointed in it. Jim ate his cheese and ham croissant and thought it was okay. I tried a bite of the crème brulee and thought it was actually pretty bland. I guess I only like flavored crème brulee. It sucked because we had three of the crème brulee’s and didn’t eat any of them, just the bite. I took a bite of the strawberry tart, and that was really good. I put the rest in the fridge to try later.

We both got into bed and closed our eyes. We slept for about 2 hours, punctuated occasionally by waking up to the loudest person on Earth that was somewhere in our hotel building, Captain Loudy Pants. Ugh, he always seemed to be at the hotel when we were trying to take a nap. He was really really annoying! I could not figure out what room he was coming from or I would have called and politely explained that I could hear every word he was saying. After a while we just decided to give up. We didn’t want to sleep too much anyway, or our schedules would be off.

Around 8:30 pm, we got dressed and decided to explore the hotel grounds a bit. It was dark outside but it was quiet and they were playing light jazz music in the hotel sound system throughout. We walked by the river, Jim didn’t even realize there was a river on property! We strolled around the pool area and looked at the cute little water slide.



jim being eaten by the water slide


We went and looked around at the different fountains and street signs. It was a cute, quaint little resort with a lot of atmosphere and charm. I went to the second story of one of the buildings so jim could take a picture of me. I was like “stella! Stella!” which greatly confused Jim. I was like “haven’t you ever seen ‘A streetcar named desire?’... marlon brando, vivien leigh…. no, nothing?…..”




the pictures don’t come out very good at night


We watched a horse carriage go by. I had planned to go on a horse carriage ride that day (it was in my color coded itinerary that I had), but neither of us felt it was worth the money at that particular time, or we thought we might do it another day. We never did get a chance to do it, kind of a shame.

06-04-2006, 01:38 AM
We weren’t really that hungry, but thought we would check out the Sassagoula Floatworks factory (food court) anyways, since we hadn’t been in there yet.


designed after a mardi gras float factory


We went in and looked at the menus. There were like four different counters with different types of food. One was mostly desserts, one was pizza and burger type food, one had salads and Mexican foods, something like that. We thought it looked good so we decided to get something. I almost got the chicken Caesar salad, but that’s what I get pretty much everywhere I go in life, so decided to try the taco salad instead for something different. Jim got quesadillas again.

Jim likes bright digital displays




My salad was okay, but I only had a few bites and didn’t want anymore, so it was kind of a waste of money, but that’s okay we were on vacation and our honeymoon. Jim liked his quesadillas. He also got a refillable soda mug. We only refilled the mug one other time while on the trip, but it does make a good souvenir and I drink out of it all the time at home so it’s all good. While we ate our food we could hear the musician playing in the scat cat club again. I was like “he better not play that darned song again or I’m gonna run out of here”.. I did not want another crying episode!


the taco salad

about all I ate of it before throwing it away


the jester said something very rude to jim!


me covering my sunburnt face

jim’s refillable mug that he only refilled one other time :)

I threw away the rest of my food and felt guilty about the starving children in china, but what can you do, and we walked back to the room. Jim and I chilled in the room for a while just relaxing. I had my bouquet in one of the vanity sinks, upside down, trying to drain it. I had poured some silica gel beads I had had on them in the hopes of drying some of the flowers out, and put a sign on the flowers asking the housekeeping to please not disturb.

I set the alarm for early the next morning, around 6 am. I fell asleep while Jim was using the computer and watching the TV. Lisa called me while I was falling asleep and I picked up. She said she wanted to apologize for her behavior the day of the wedding and told me how beautiful I was and what a beautiful wedding it was and everything. I was trying my hardest to listen and talk but I fell asleep through half the conversation and barely remembered it in the morning. I told her not to worry about it, I had had such a great time with anyone I didn’t care, I was just glad she was a part of the day. We said goodnight and I practically fell asleep before I hung up the phone.

We hadn’t really done a lot that day, really all we went on was the Tower of Terror. That’s what happens when I don’t plan right. We should have woken up really early, been there when they opened, and took a long mid-day break and we would have been re-energized for later in the evening. That way we wouldn’t have gotten so sun burned and so tired, and it would have been much more productive. I was determined to wake up early the next day and do things right. Still, it had been a fun day and we got to leave a legacy and just walk around some of the parks. My favorite part of the day, I think, was strolling around the Port Orleans French Quarter at night with the jazz music playing and just being silly together while walking around.

We had reservations at the Crystal Palace character breakfast at the magic kingdom for 8:05 am, and both me and Jim were pretty excited about it. We were going to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!

06-04-2006, 01:27 PM
Wow Mary I can't wait for more-it only took me a coupe of hours to catch up from where I last read your report. I am so glad that things worked out and that you had a fabulous wedding and so far a great honeymoon. It's ok to be grouchy every once in a while. Disney can sometimes be overwhelming.

Now get busy on the next installment- I can't wait to read more your TR is so addicting. :thumbsup2

06-04-2006, 03:38 PM
Your Port Orleans pictures totally reminded me of our trip there. DH totally "got" your Stella reference....as for me, I was also in the dark about it with Jim...lol....I'll have to take our album out. We stayed on the 2nd floor - can't remember the room/bldg. - but have a picture of DH and DD standing there like you were. That's cool that you were "Timekeeper Mary" on TOT. SciFi looks really cool. I'm thinking I might have to try it on our next trip! Looking forward to hearing more...... :)

06-04-2006, 08:26 PM
Mary!!! Your helping me sooo much.... I saw the sci fi dinner theatre, i never knew that existed... so me and my future hubby will be making reservations there.... My one question is, do you have to make reservations to eat there? Second, how did you like it? And my last question (promise) is, what movies do they play and how do you find out what movie is playing on a particular night?

06-04-2006, 11:07 PM
<<<I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I wanted something kind of light and sort of healthy-ish, so I thought I would get the turkey sandwhich. .>>>

MARY--I've had this exact same idea so often when I am in Disney and so often I am disappointed. There is very little "healthy" stuff at the majority of the restaurants:) They ARe getting better, but it is always hard!!!

Also--your story about the french girls is SO something I would have done. I never worked at Disney, but I was in retail for 8 years and I hold everyone to the Disney standard. My poor dh always gets SO embarassed. But I get that same physical response that you described when something is just so obviously wrong!

06-05-2006, 05:01 AM
Congrats to u & Jim you both make a wonderful couple :)

Im loving the trip report! Ive never been to disney b4 (i know a crime lol) but ur report has really helped me get a feel for the place, as well as providing some important info to. We have now decided we want to do a fantasmic for our rehearsal dinner too.

Just wanted to say thank you sooo much!! :)

Mommy Poppins
06-05-2006, 07:57 AM
Another great installment, Mary! I have to tell you that when I started to read your last report, I was thinking OMG! we were at Sci-Fi at the same time--our ADR was for 11. Then I read about the park not opening till 9 and I'm thinking, that's wrong it was EE that day. Duh......we were there on Saturday, not Friday. Made me feel like an idiot....but glad that I wasn't sitting at the restaurant at the same time as you and Jim and not realized it. LOL! I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's just me!

This was our first time at Sci-Fi. I would definitely go back again. We thought the food was pretty good--although, we were on the dining plan and had waaaaayyyyyy too much food. We did get the milkshakes and they were excellent!!!

Can't wait to read more!

06-05-2006, 08:34 AM
I am still loving your report Mary! I am getting a little upset b/c I know it's almost over, then what will I do? :sad2: I know what you mean about those French girls. I often feel the same way, were they talking about me? Were they just talking about something else completely different? Am I completely paranoid? I am glad you told the manager though, nothing should upset you at Disney and especially not on your honeymoon!

By the way, how did you and Jim like POFQ compared to other resorts? DF and I were thinking about staying there during our planning session, but we're really not sure. Thanks for your help :)

06-06-2006, 09:33 AM

honeybun - I hope you are not dissapointed in any of the places I mentioned, I hope I didn't hype any of them up too much!! I'm sure you'll have a great time though no matter where you go!! Like I mentioned before, the tip envelopes and door hangers idea I got from this forum (not sure from who exactly), but I'm glad you liked the idea, I thought they were so much fun to put together and use!! Thanks again :goodvibes

Mary - I don't think I'll be dissapointed! I am still loving your TR. I love how honest you are no matter what you're feeling. I can't wait to read more!

06-06-2006, 09:49 AM
Mary I also remember being afraid of tower of terror the first time too. I thought you had to stand too, seeing those commercials!! I was wondering the whole time waiting in line, who the heck is this going to work with all of us just standing in a room and dropping?? How Funny :goodvibes ! Loving your report!!

06-07-2006, 04:18 AM
Finally caught up on the TR after being away for our 1st wedding anniversary, and ready your trip report makes me wanna plan to have a vow renewal in WDW for 10th ann. (lottery win permitting, lol!) I have really enjoyed reading your report and only wished I had found out about the magical wishes pin before our WDW honeymoon last June. Still I think we had enough attention with our Bride and Groom ears!

I really feel like I know you and Jim from reading this and can't wait to read the next installment!

Also I will follow your example and really plan our trip to DL in November as we have limited time and I don't wanna miss anything, I must get a book, perhaps this passporter thing I read so much about!

Again, great report!

06-07-2006, 09:33 AM
While we were there we saw one of the bridges over between china and Germany go up as one of the sail barges came out, setting up for Illuminations I guess. It was cool to watch the bridge go up and down, I didn’t know it did that.


Hi Mary,
I have so very much enjoyed your trip report. I just had to comment on this picture of the bridge leading to China. My hubby and I were there on a singles trip from our church in August of 1983. We had just had dinner as a group in Germany, and were continuing around World Showcase when this bridge went up. My hubby had been very quiet all day, as he was new to our church and didn't know any of us. So we struck up a conversation while waiting to continue with group. And well, as they say, the rest is history. We have been married 22 years this July. And we honeymooned at WDW, and spend every anniversary there. And everytime we go to EPCOT, our favorite park, we always stop and kiss at this bridge. When we are there for our anniversary, we have our pcture taken there as well. it is our "Magical Spot"!

Anyway, the best of everything to you and your new hubby. And keep God as the center and everything will come into place.

Blessings galore!

06-07-2006, 10:15 PM
Sorry I have not had a chance to respond to anyone, or updated in a while! Reality called for a while, and I had to go look for a house to live in for when we move to Kalamazoo. Thankfully Nikkilala was kind enough to show me around the city and around WMU where I will be starting in the fall. Thank you again for everything, Nikki, I was so glad to meet you and really appreciated your help! Can't wait to meet Ryan and see you again in July!! :goodvibes: :goodvibes:

Wow Mary I can't wait for more-it only took me a coupe of hours to catch up from where I last read your report. I am so glad that things worked out and that you had a fabulous wedding and so far a great honeymoon. It's ok to be grouchy every once in a while. Disney can sometimes be overwhelming.

Now get busy on the next installment- I can't wait to read more your TR is so addicting. :thumbsup2

Thank you, princessblueeyzes (love that name btw!) You are so right, Disney can definitely get overwhelming sometimes! But definitely worth it! Next time I just need to plan better!!

Your Port Orleans pictures totally reminded me of our trip there. DH totally "got" your Stella reference....as for me, I was also in the dark about it with Jim...lol....I'll have to take our album out. We stayed on the 2nd floor - can't remember the room/bldg. - but have a picture of DH and DD standing there like you were. That's cool that you were "Timekeeper Mary" on TOT. SciFi looks really cool. I'm thinking I might have to try it on our next trip! Looking forward to hearing more....

That would be cool if I was standing at the same building you were standing in for your pictures.. I love those moments of "synchronicity" in life! You'll have to show me the pic so we can compare! Didn't you just love the POFQ, I absolutely fell in love with that resort!

Mary!!! Your helping me sooo much.... I saw the sci fi dinner theatre, i never knew that existed... so me and my future hubby will be making reservations there.... My one question is, do you have to make reservations to eat there? Second, how did you like it? And my last question (promise) is, what movies do they play and how do you find out what movie is playing on a particular night?

I'm so glad I can be of any help at all! We LOVE the sci-fi! Like I mentioned, the food isn't always the best (it's really hit-or-miss), but you can't really beat the atmosphere, in my opinion! You don't have to make reservations, but I definitely recommend it!!! If you call 407-wdw-dine within 180 days of when you will be in Disney you can make an "Advanced Dining Reservation" for the place. It's free to make a reservation and you'll definitely be glad you did! During the busy season it is near impossible to eat at the popular restaurants. When you check in at the restaurant, I recommend asking to make sure you get seated in a "car".. they do have a few regular tables in there, for those families with someone in a wheelchair, I beleive. So definitely ask to make sure you get a car!

They don't really play any "movies" at the theatre, they have a 45 minute loop of "clips" from movies, or cute little sci-fi "shorts". They've had the same loop for the past 12 years or so, but I still think it's really cute!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

MARY--I've had this exact same idea so often when I am in Disney and so often I am disappointed. There is very little "healthy" stuff at the majority of the restaurants They ARe getting better, but it is always hard!!!

Also--your story about the french girls is SO something I would have done. I never worked at Disney, but I was in retail for 8 years and I hold everyone to the Disney standard. My poor dh always gets SO embarassed. But I get that same physical response that you described when something is just so obviously wrong!

I definitely agree - it is hard to find healthy choices but much easier then it used to be! Thank you for your support with the other situation, I never know if I'm over-reacting in these situations or not! And good for you for hold ing everyone to Disney's standards - I think that's the way it should be, and it's definitely how I operate when I'm working customer service or retail, as well! Thank you :goodvibes:

Congrats to u & Jim you both make a wonderful couple

Im loving the trip report! Ive never been to disney b4 (i know a crime lol) but ur report has really helped me get a feel for the place, as well as providing some important info to. We have now decided we want to do a fantasmic for our rehearsal dinner too.

Just wanted to say thank you sooo much!!

Thank YOU!!! I'm so glad I could help you get a feel for the place, and how exciting to be going to disney for the first time!! I can't wait to hear about your Fantasmic dessert party! I was always surprised that the illuminations DP is so much more popular, when I absolutely adore fantasmic! Have a great time planning your wedding!!

Another great installment, Mary! I have to tell you that when I started to read your last report, I was thinking OMG! we were at Sci-Fi at the same time--our ADR was for 11. Then I read about the park not opening till 9 and I'm thinking, that's wrong it was EE that day. Duh......we were there on Saturday, not Friday. Made me feel like an idiot....but glad that I wasn't sitting at the restaurant at the same time as you and Jim and not realized it. LOL! I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's just me!
This was our first time at Sci-Fi. I would definitely go back again. We thought the food was pretty good--although, we were on the dining plan and had waaaaayyyyyy too much food. We did get the milkshakes and they were excellent!!!
Can't wait to read more!

I'm glad we weren't in the same restaurant in the same time too, that would have been tragic being there and not even recognizing each other or something! I kept looking for other couples with the wedding ears on hoping I would catch a glimpse of you! I'd like to try the dining plan one day, but I think we probably saved more money with our Disney Dining Experience card, that and I really liked the flexibility of just eating whenever. But next time we go I would really like to give it a try!

I am still loving your report Mary! I am getting a little upset b/c I know it's almost over, then what will I do? I know what you mean about those French girls. I often feel the same way, were they talking about me? Were they just talking about something else completely different? Am I completely paranoid? I am glad you told the manager though, nothing should upset you at Disney and especially not on your honeymoon!

By the way, how did you and Jim like POFQ compared to other resorts? DF and I were thinking about staying there during our planning session, but we're really not sure. Thanks for your help

Thank you again! :goodvibes: I don't know if this trip report will ever end, I will probably go to Disney again before I ever actually finish it, and then I'll have to write about that too!! :rotfl: I started this tr more then a month ago!
So glad you are enjoying it still :) Thank you for the support as well, It really means a lot to me, I was afriad everyone would roll their eyes and think I was being completely paranoid and self-conscious! Thank you :goodvibes:

Jim and I love love LOVED the POFQ! We would stay there again in a heart beat! I actually asked before we checked-out who I could talk to to compliment them on their service and told the person behind the counter how absolutely wonderful there service had been! I got the generic number for complaints & compliments, but keep forgetting to call them. One day I will, I promise! It may not be as fancy as the deluxe resorts, but I think you get so much charm & convenience for your money! I liked the POFQ better then the PO-riverside because it felt smaller and felt like there was a lot less walking to do then at the riverside. Though it's been a while since I stayed at the other place, they might have added more bus-stops, I'm not sure. It was definitely much nicer then the Caribbean resort though, in my opinion! It is definitely worth trying out!

Mary - I don't think I'll be dissapointed! I am still loving your TR. I love how honest you are no matter what you're feeling. I can't wait to read more!

Thank you again honeybun!! :goodvibes:

Mary I also remember being afraid of tower of terror the first time too. I thought you had to stand too, seeing those commercials!! I was wondering the whole time waiting in line, who the heck is this going to work with all of us just standing in a room and dropping?? How Funny ! Loving your report!!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought that the first time going on ToT!! I felt so silly about it after riding on it, but really those commercials were so misleading :rotfl: glad you are enjoying the trip report! :goodvibes:

Finally caught up on the TR after being away for our 1st wedding anniversary, and ready your trip report makes me wanna plan to have a vow renewal in WDW for 10th ann. (lottery win permitting, lol!) I have really enjoyed reading your report and only wished I had found out about the magical wishes pin before our WDW honeymoon last June. Still I think we had enough attention with our Bride and Groom ears!
I really feel like I know you and Jim from reading this and can't wait to read the next installment!
Also I will follow your example and really plan our trip to DL in November as we have limited time and I don't wanna miss anything, I must get a book, perhaps this passporter thing I read so much about!
Again, great report!

Congratulations on your first anniversary!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you to win the lottery so you can have your vow renewal! You just have to promise to invite me if you win :rotfl: ! The bride and groom ears were great and there is definitely no lack of attention with them on! The buttons were nice for the times we didn't feel like wearing the ears but still wanted the positive attention :teeth: Which Disneyland are you going to? I liked the passporter books but I have always enjoyed my birnbaum (official guides) the most, not sure why, but I do :) Thanks again! :goodvibes:

Hi Mary,
I have so very much enjoyed your trip report. I just had to comment on this picture of the bridge leading to China. My hubby and I were there on a singles trip from our church in August of 1983. We had just had dinner as a group in Germany, and were continuing around World Showcase when this bridge went up. My hubby had been very quiet all day, as he was new to our church and didn't know any of us. So we struck up a conversation while waiting to continue with group. And well, as they say, the rest is history. We have been married 22 years this July. And we honeymooned at WDW, and spend every anniversary there. And everytime we go to EPCOT, our favorite park, we always stop and kiss at this bridge. When we are there for our anniversary, we have our pcture taken there as well. it is our "Magical Spot"!

Anyway, the best of everything to you and your new hubby. And keep God as the center and everything will come into place.
Blessings galore!

Thank you so much for sharing that story, that is so sweet and I just loved reading about it!! Congratulations to you and your husband for 22 years together, that is something!! I will remember that story every time we are by that bridge now. That is my favorite thing about writing this trip report, I think, is the chance to get to hear stories like these from everyone. I think that is so cool!! Thank you again :goodvibes: :)

Sorry I don't have any more updates quite yet, I am still working on the TR for Saturday 4-29 (day 10). For those of you wonderingi "is this thing ever going to end??", sunday, 4-30 was our last day in WDW, and then monday may first we went to Universal Studios (like I mentioned, it was a surprise for my hubby).

Thanks again for reading everyone, take care!!

-mary :) :)

06-08-2006, 09:36 AM
I was just reviewing my last TR entry, and I completely forgot to post an entire section of the trip!! I thought I posted everything, my internet connection was probably sucking at the time :badpc:

I went back and ammended the bottom of post 378 and the beginning of post 379 to include more, on page 2, if anyone is curious about the missing time between Leaving a Legacy and getting to the american adventure!

There goes my sense of continuity! .. :badpc:

06-08-2006, 11:49 AM
when i was reading, i thought 'hey they had sushi? did i miss reading something? " LOL glad to know i wasn't losing it! LOL

06-08-2006, 12:22 PM
hi mary - i am not done with your report yet (only on pg 22) but i just had to stop and tell you how much i am loving it and all your wonderful pictures of POFQ. DBF and I stayed there for our trip 2 weeks ago and seeing your pics brought back so many happy memories for me. (We received a very similar little towel duck - there's a picture of it in my trip report) Like many others, I find your report so detailed and fun that I actually feel like I was there! Many congratulations to you and Jim :goodvibes

06-08-2006, 04:48 PM
Congratulations on your first anniversary!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you to win the lottery so you can have your vow renewal! You just have to promise to invite me if you win :rotfl: ! The bride and groom ears were great and there is definitely no lack of attention with them on! The buttons were nice for the times we didn't feel like wearing the ears but still wanted the positive attention :teeth: Which Disneyland are you going to? I liked the passporter books but I have always enjoyed my birnbaum (official guides) the most, not sure why, but I do :) Thanks again! :goodvibes:

Thanks Mary. We are going to Disneyland California in November, following a short stay in Las Vegas and I am so excited yet its tough to get info on DLC in teh UK unless you order it online. We did DLP in March (Oh get me, jet setter!) and I know enough about that and WDW but DLC info is lacking!

We also have the Leave a Legacy thingy, I think we did it in 2000 and I can still remember how they shoved our heads together and SNAP your pic is done, Still we don't lok half as bad as some we saw, some pics just didn't transfer well we noticed!

06-08-2006, 04:51 PM
Mary, I may have missed it but have you told the part about how you met Jim online?? Congratulations on your wedding :cloud9:

06-10-2006, 10:25 PM
a*lil*bit*goofy* - good eye! my DH Jim read the trip report, and I asked him if I had forgotten any major details in the day or anything and he was like "no I think it was all there", so even he didn't notice it, and he was there!! I feel like I should give you a prize for noticing the discrepancies!! :teeth:

Philadisney - Thank you and I am glad you are still enjoying the trip report!! I will have to check out your TR, I read your PRE-Trip report and was looking forward to reading more, I hope you guys had a great time!

Emmo - Now all you have to do is go to Tokyo Disney and Hong Kong Disney and you'll have been to them all, how cool!!! If you have any questions about California's Disneyland or the California Adventure let me know! I'll be heading there this Tuesday, I can't wait, I am going through serious Disney withdrawal!!

Skylarr29 - Thank you :goodvibes I did mention a little bit about how I met Jim on page 24 post #359 (in my response to Wasabigirl). Basically we knew each other on a star wars messageboard as "online friends" for like a year before we met in person. It's kind of funny because I know like five other couples who met each other on the exact same messageboard (including my friend Jo and her fiance). Let me know if you have any other questions about it though! :)

06-10-2006, 10:33 PM
Saturday, April 29, 2006 (day 10)

Stitch and Mickey woke us up bright and early in the morning, and we quickly got ready, left our hotel room, and were out the door by 7 am. I had gotten so sunburned the day before that instead of wearing the ears again, I decided it would be smarter to wear my beach hat, and I made sure to put lots of sunscreen on again. Jim wore his Indiana jones shirt he had bought the day before, and also decided to put some sunscreen on today, for once.

We were going to the Magic Kingdom! Yay we were going to see Winnie the pooh and friends! Yay we were going to be on Main Street before it opened! I was excited!

Our reservation for the Crystal Palace character breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and Friends was scheduled for 8:05 am. I have never done a breakfast in a park before the park opened before, but I had tried to read as much about it as possible on the DIS boards so that I would know what to do.

I remember reading that the buses started running about an hour before the park opened for the Magic Kingdom. Sometimes it would say “Magic Kingdom” and other times it might say “Breakfast” bus. I decided to ask the bell services lady once more just in case, and she said just look for the bus for the Magic Kingdom and that it should be there shortly. We got to the bus stop and sure enough, there came along a bus with “Magic Kingdom” written on it. There were about a dozen other people who got on the bus with us. The bus went around to the other bus stops around Port Orleans – Riverside, but only about 2 other people got on the bus.

While on the bus I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation some people beside us were having with another family. The one guy was from Ohio and was talking about a place called Cedar Point and how awesome the roller coasters there were. Having grown up in Michigan, I’ve been to Cedar Point many times and found myself nodding to Jim about everything the guy was saying. He was like “Disney really is the happiest place on earth, but if you want good roller coasters you go to Cedar Point!” I tried taking Jim to Cedar Point once, but he didn’t even want to go on any of the roller coasters so it was kind of a wasted trip.

The bus dropped us off at the Magic Kingdom, we went through a short security line, and then waited at the turnstyles until they opened. We had gotten there around 7:40. There was a big stand-up sign by the turnstyles that said “Breakfast line – first and second turnstyles, general park admission use other turn-styles” (something like that). We got in line in the first turnstyle where there were about 5 other families. Most of them had little girls dressed as princesses. So cute!! I told Jim “I bet everyone is going to eat with Cinderella in the castle this morning” and the dad in front of me overheard me and said “yep we sure are”. I told him how cute his little princesses were and mentioned how we thought about eating at the castle, but thought 35 dollars for some bacon and toast was a bit much (that is a bit of an exaggeration). He said it was definitely a one time thing for his girls. I told him to have a goodtime.

I thought that was so cute. It made me want to have little girls of my own so I could take them to the castle to meet Cinderella too!

At about 7:50 am, they started letting the people in the breakfast line into the park. I had my reservation number all ready to hand to them if they needed it, but they didn’t ask any of us for anything. Interesting. We were on Main Street at 7:53 and it was pretty much completely empty except the dozen or so people making their way up main street to their breakfasts. It was pretty cool!


We stopped to take a few pictures of us in front of the castle. Since there were very few people around, it was a great opportunity. We noticed the family that we had been talking to in front of us in line at the turnstyles, the mother was taking a picture of the dad and the daughters, so of course I went over and offered to take their photo of them together. Then she took our picture for us. Aren’t people so nice while on vacation! :goodvibes:




We walked to the Crystal Palace and checked-in for our reservations. We waited on the balcony for our names to be called. We saw the cast members dressed in cute yellow outfits come out and call people’s names while we waited. I don’t know why, but I was so excited for this meal!




Finally our name is called (actually the name “adams” was called, since I had made all the ressies under my name months before) and a sweet lady in one of the yellow dresses took us to our seat.

06-10-2006, 10:34 PM
Oooo confetti in a heart shape, awww!!!! That always made me feel so special. It was interesting to see which restaurants did something special and which ones didn’t. I think the restaurants inside of the Magic Kingdom made more of an effort to help us celebrate our honeymoon then the expensive restaurants that we ate at in the hotels. I thanked the waitress and told her “that is so sweet, thank you!”. She was really nice and asked us about our wedding and was very happy for us. She mentioned something about her daughter getting married, so I was asking her questions about that. I asked a few more questions, I always enjoy hearing about people’s weddings, and she seemed to enjoy talking about it, but then she seemed to get embarrassed that she was talking about herself so much and apologized and went to get our drinks. She had also explained to us how it worked, she said to have our cameras ready and the characters would come to us for our picture, and we could help ourselves to the buffet.



Jim ordered a diet coke and I ordered a water. Jim said something about how he could never drink water in the morning, and I was like, “you’re drinking diet coke at 8 am, now THAT’S disgusting!!” I guess we’re both weird. :rotfl:

This restaurant is beautiful. It’s bright and airy and very Victorian looking. You’re right smack dab in the middle of the magic kingdom but it feels like you’re miles away! I’ve read complaints on the DIS restaurant forum about it being too crowded or too loud, but it was completely opposite of that when I was there. Maybe the trick was getting there right at 8, but it was pretty quiet and not at all crowded!

We saw Winnie the Pooh making the rounds at a different section from us, so we thought we’d go get our food just then so we wouldn’t miss him.


We got up to head to the buffet. Jim said he wanted to look around before getting in line, but I told him the left side was exactly the same as the right side (according to the sign that was there), so he got in line with me. It was funny, the things I was most excited about trying (from DIS food review threads), were at the children’s section… breakfast pizza and breakfast lasagna!!! How healthy did that sound :rotfl: I grabbed myself a slice of breakfast pizza, one scoopful of breakfast lasagna, a turkey sausage, some hashbrowns, a bagel with cream cheese, a chocolate muffin, and a piece of puffed French toast. Everything looked so good, I knew I’d be making seconds!!

Our drinks were on our table when we returned from the buffet, and she had brought orange juice for us as well, which was included in the price. I used to love orange juice, but I really liked that I had developed the healthy habit of drinking nothing but water and didn’t want to mess that up, so I didn’t drink any.


Review of this plate of food: What can I say other then delicious!!! The breakfast pizza was soooo yummy, I don’t know why they consider that “children’s food”. The breakfast lasagna was so yummy too, filled with fruit and other sweet things, it was very unique and so tastey!! I could have eaten a lot more, but it was the kind of thing that would fill you up with just a little, so I only ate the one serving. Definitely worth a try!! The hashrbowns were good for hashbrowns, and the puffed French toast was really good too. I ate it without syrup and it was really good, but I think it would have been elevated to delicious with syrup on it. The bagel was just your typical bagel, I just happened to be in the mood for a bagel, and the turkey sausage was pretty yummy, though one was enough. The chocolate muffin was good too, but was just your typical muffin. The winners of the day were the breakfast pizza and the breakfast lasagna, hands down!!

While we were eating, Eeyore came around. Yay, Eeyore!! I adore the pooh characters! He acted bashful and adorable while he was with us. Our waitress took our picture for us. You can see a little bit how sunburned I had gotten from the day before! With each character we tried not to keep them for too long, so we just took our picture and thanked them. There was a little girl at the table across from us who we could tell was waiting for us to finish so she could interact with the characters. That was another fun thing about the character meals.. we may not have our own children, but we think it is just as adorable to watch other people’s children interacting with the characters and see the expressions of wonder on their faces.. Of course I don’t stare at them, but just catching glimpses of them is too cute!


Piglet came by next and Jim got his picture with me and piglet, yay piglet!! I think he’s hard one to catch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him here at Disneyland, I always see Pooh, eeyore, and tigger, but never piglet. Jim was excited that he got piglet and me, he couldn’t wait to show his mother, who loves piglet and loves all things pink and collects figures of pigs. Too cute!



Jim was having a great time with his meal too. He had less on his plate then I did so he finished and went up for seconds before me. I asked him to grab me another slice of breakfast pizza. Speaking of pigs :teeth:

Jim came back with a character waffle and had syrup all over his plate that was touching the other food. I told him “I think they have bowls for the syrup so you don’t get all your food all sticky” but he said he liked it that way.

After that, I went up for seconds myself. I hadn’t finished everything on my plate, just the stuff I was really enjoying!! I wanted to try a character waffle, they were too cute! They had waffles with the faces of Winnie, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet on them, how precious! I chose Tigger since Jim has dressed up on Halloween many times as Tigger.. I will have to find a picture, he is so cute!

I made sure to put my syrup in the bowl provided for it, I don’t like my food all syrupy :) I got another slice of breakfast pizza (couldn’t resist), and got a strawberry and whipped cream for the waffle.


06-10-2006, 10:36 PM
I got back to the table and heard everyone in the restaurant and heard everyone start to cheer, and then jim was like “yes!” so I looked behind me and saw Tigger had arrived!! He was completely grandstanding and trying to get everyone to cheer for him, it was so cute! Jim was so excited, he loves Tigger!

We were pretty much completely stuffed to the capacity and couldn’t eat anymore! The waitress came by and cleared the plates. But we couldn’t and wouldn’t leave until Tigger came by!! We were waiting for the bill anyway, so we weren’t hogging the table.

We pretended to be “lalalala nothing going on here..” when we saw Tigger coming by, and then we were like … oh, hi tigger, we didn’t see you there, what a complete surprise! you know, we didn’t want him to know how excited we were to see him!! :rotfl:

It was so cute! Somewhere along the line, the confetti shaped like a heart had gotten a little messed up (I think Jim had been throwing some confetti down my shirt again), so Tigger saw it and tried to fix it with his big paws. It was too cute! He couldn’t quite do it, Jim pointed to me and said “She broke my heart” and Tigger pretended to be sad. I got a picture of Jim with Tigger and Jim got a picture of me with Tigger, and then we thanked him and said “bye tigger!” and let the little girl next to us get a chance with him. He was being really cute with the little kids!



Me & tigger

We had gotten a chance to see everyone but Winnie the Pooh, not too bad! I never expect to see EVERY character during a character meal, it never seems to work out that way, which is fine by me.. but I know that is a lot of people’s complaints about meals like this, so I just thought I would mention that to people who are thinking of doing a character meal. If you happen to get to see every character while there, you are very lucky! :)

While we waited for the waitress to come back with our bill, I decided to make a new message with the confetti

The waitress came back and "awwed" at the cheesey confetti message I had left. We paid for our meal and then left. We stopped for some pictures by the adorable pooh topiaries they have near the entrance. Too cute! Those are there all the time btw, it wasn’t just for the spring and garden festival, which was an epcot thing.





I don’t know if you’ll notice that I’m missing something in these pictures…


06-10-2006, 10:45 PM
We were done right at 9 am, and since the magic kingdom didn’t officially open until 9 am, it was perfect timing!! I couldn’t believe our luck, we would be able to ride anything we wanted to without a wait!! We leave the restaurant, walk quite a distance away towards fantasyland, determined to ride a few things before it gets crowded, and then I realize the sun is shining quite brightly on my head, and crap I forgot my hat! I double-timed it back to the restaurant, thinking It’ll just take a second, I’ll run in get it, and run out before people start getting in line..

I walk inside and the characters are doing a parade around the restaurant with a bunch of little children following them around while the characters are holding up signs about it being a “birthday parade”. It was adorable but it was blocking me from getting my hat!! :rotfl: I patiently waited for the parade to finish, and then walked towards the table, but Eeyore had stopped there to take some photos with a child, and I of course didn’t want to get into their picture. I was silently laughing to myself at how funny it was that I couldn’t get to the table to grab my hat. It was like watching one of those old cartoons where someone is trying to get somewhere and a marching band walks by or something. I finally got to grab my hat, which was right where I left it thankfully, and headed out. Jim was wondering what happened, so I told him the story about how I had to stop for the parade, I was pretty amused by it.

We walked to the tip board first this time. We had thought about going to the Winnie the Pooh ride in Fantasy-land since we had just met the characters and all, and we love this ride. I noticed that space mountain had no wait though, and I knew that if we wanted to go on that ride we should take advantage of the no-wait and come back for Winnie-the-pooh. Jim said he didn’t care so much about space mountain, since we had just done it recently in Disneyland. I did want to do splash mountain though! The one in Disneyland just pales in comparison to the one in WDW and wanted to show jim.

So I say to Jim “what would you rather do, the Pooh-ride or Splash Mountain?” and Jim starts to laugh. I was like, what? Let's just say that Jim thought that would be a funny euphamism for going to the bathroom.. something like that.. anyway… I was like “very funny” and rolled my eyes, (though I was actually kind of amused by it, but I couldn’t have let on to that, now could I!)

Well anyway, we decide to do the pooh-ride, though I couldn’t call it that again without Jim kind of giggling to himself, and we headed to Fantasyland.


Jim went on this ride in Disneyland for the first time this last January. It was so cute how much he loved this ride! He kept smiling and said “you want to go on it again?” and I was like “sure! You really want to?” but then he got embarrassed and tried to be like “no, I was only kidding…” but I was like “you do too want to go on it again!” and he was like “shhh!”.. Anyway I thought it was cute so I wanted to go on it again while in WDW. It’s almost exactly the same, but just a little bit cuter at WDW! In Disneyland they don’t have the “subtext” of it being a ride through a book like the one in WDW, and that was always my favorite thing about the ride for some reason. Just taking a trip through the book!


The line was 10 minutes by the time we got there. Not bad but it went to show us how quickly it gets crowded at the magic kingdom. The first two hours after opening are definitely the “golden hours” in which to do as much as you can do! You can do as much in the first two hours after opening as you would spread out over the rest of the day. It definitely pays to get to the parks early! We waited in line and noticed that we were the only ones in line without any children. Oh well :) We then take our trip through the book and into the 100 acre wood! Jim noticed the car bounced along with Tigger and we both got a kick out of that! We couldn’t’ remember if it did that in Disneyland or not, but either way we enjoyed it! The ride was short but cute! Glad we went on it!

We decided to leave fantasyland and head to tomorrowland again. There was no wait for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, so we got in line and got on board.







They have this ride in Disneyland as well, but it’s fun no matter how many times you go on it because you’re always trying to get the highest score you can so you can “beat” your significant other! Me and Jim are about evenly matched, though I think I may have actually won more times then he has. This has nothing to do with the trip report, but my sister Jenny truly sucks at this game. Last time I went on it with her, she had a ‘zero” and I said “oh no, your thing says zero, it must be broke!” and she said “no it’s working, I just suck”, so I took the gun from her, shot a target a few times and it said “300”, so sure enough, she really sucked at this game. She said she went on it this trip and got a 300, so she’s improving :rotfl:

Anyway, Jim and I went through and tried to shoot as many targets as possible. I got 190,300 and jim got 155,300, I won woohoo!


I tried taking a picture of the picture at the end of the ride but my camera sucks and it blurred. Disneyland lets you email the picture for free, so here are some awful ones of us in previous Disneyland trips instead! :rotfl:

Caution: I look like a complete moron in each of the following photos!

This was from like 2003 or so. I lost. Jenny saw the picture once and said “did you think the aliens were real?”

I won!

taken in December 2005. Did I mention how I get really into this game? Jenny’s proud score of 300.

I have a picture from way back in 1999 where I look almost exactly the same as the ones above. Not much changes over time!

06-10-2006, 10:49 PM
It was around 9:40 when we got out of the Buzz Lightyear ride. When we left we happened to see Buzz Lightyear ahead of us signing photographs, so we thought we would go get a picture, but then we saw Stitch close by and so we got in his line instead. Sorry Buzz, maybe next time!


We hadn’t gotten our photo with Stitch since 2002, on the trip that Jim and I had gotten engaged on. We got our photo and Stitch noticed our magical wishes button and pointed to them and “congratulated” us. Yay Stitch knew it was our wedding! It made me feel bad for not inviting him! I was going to have mickey & Minnie at the reception, and was trying to find a way to fit Stitch in too. But I just couldn’t figure out a way to schedule him in without it detracting from mickey and Minnie, so I had to give him the axe. Poor Stitch!


I was showing some pics to someone in my family who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and my uncle saw this picture and was like “oh I didn’t know they had smurfs at Disney” in all seriousness :rotfl: I guess he hasn’t seen Lilo & Stitch, such a travesty!

After our photo with Stitch we went up to the Carousel of Progress and got in line for that. Of course there was no line for that, we were the only ones in line! They opened the doors and a few other people did come in the theatre, but it was really only about 8 people in there altogether, including me and Jim. Such a shame, because I love this ride! They got rid of it in Disneyland, so I try to ride it whenever I am at WDW because you never know how long it may or may not be here. Too bad, it was one of Walt Disney’s favorites and one he had a lot of input in developing. As it is, the ride is only opened seasonally. I hope they don’t get rid of it!!


We get inside and watch the family as they move from generation to generation, or as we move around actually. I remember the first time going on this ride I was so surprised that the audience moves around and not the stage. It makes it seem like a lot more fun! Jim hasn’t seen this ride since he was a little kid, so we were both having a good time watching it and were singing along to the song as we left the ride.

We decided to hop on the TTA again since the last time I was kind of too bummed out to enjoy it. I was in a much better mood this time! We went around Tomorowland, and Jim and I were in a car all by ourselves, so we were happily singing along to “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…. Shining at the end of every day!!! There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, and tomorrow is just a dream away! Man has a dream.. and that’s the start! He follows his dream, with mind and heart, and when it becomes a reality,, it’s a dream come true for you and me!” and then we would repeat, and repeat again. Noone was around who could hear us, so it was okay :) I always get a kick out of the part of TTA that says “paging Mr. Morrow… Mr. Tom Morrow!” It was a fun little ride.






the light at the end of the tunnel



you can see some parts of the other rides as you zip around tomorrowland – here is some overlooking buzz lightyear

exiting the ride

06-10-2006, 10:51 PM
When we got off from TTA it was about 10:20 and we decided to head to Frontierland since we hadn’t been there at all yet. We stopped for a few pictures along the way and explored Liberty Square for a while again.

Chip and dale







We got to frontierland and most of the rides I wanted to go on Jim didn’t want to. He didn’t want to go on Splash Mountain because he didn’t want to get wet, and he didn’t feel like waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. He doesn’t like to admit it, but basically he doesn’t like roller coasters and really has to be talked in to getting on one. I personally love roller coasters so this is one area of our relationship where we are not the most compatible :rotfl:

haunted mansion front and center, aunt polly’s landing on tom sawyer’s island



a big bird

We walked by the boat dock for Tom Sawyer’s Island and the sign said it opened up at 11 am. Jim said he was starting to get a head ache and didn’t think he had the energy for exploring tom sawyer’s island. Where’s that smilie with the rolling eyes. Anyway, I have not been to Tom Sawyer’s island in ages, even though each time we go to Disneyland Jim promises we’ll go the next trip, so I laid a sufficient enough guilt trip on him that he finally said he’d go. While Jim loves WDW and Disneyland, he doesn’t quite have the same exuberance for things that I do. I could explore the parks from opening till closing, but Jim believes in taking things slowly and doesn’t see the need for trying to do as many rides as possible all the time.

We had about 25 minutes until it opened, so we headed over to the Country Bear Jamboree show and saw that it was only 3 minutes until the next show. I have never ever ever done this ride, even though each time I go to Disney I always mean to check it out. Jim said he used to love the show when he was a kid, so we went in and found our seat. Even though I’ve never seen this show, I have listened to the song from the show many times, so I was kind of getting into it. It was a cute show. I liked the bear that sang “all the guys that turn me on turn me down”. The guy sitting next to us was REALLY into the show, it was cute. It looked like he might cry while watching it. During the finale, they told everyone they could turn the flash on their camera for a picture. Jim was disappointed, he said the show used to be a lot longer and they kind of cut it into segments and completely got rid of the story. I had no idea there was a story. It did kind of seem like Major Magics or Chucky Cheese quality, but it was pretty cute and worth checking out if you’ve done pretty much everything else there is to do in Frontierland.





06-10-2006, 10:55 PM
When we got out it was five minutes until Tom Sawyer’s Island opened so we headed to the boat dock. The boat came by five minutes later and we all crowded aboard. Since we were going to be among the first people on the island, I thought we might have a good chance to find the paintbrush!!


I told Jim about Tom Sawyer’s Scavenger Hunt, I spoke a little loudly thinking that if anyone overheard me they would have the chance to participate in it as well, as it’s not the kind of thing many people know about it. I didn’t know about it until reading it on the DIS boards either. I told jim “If you find a paintbrush lying around on the island, you can turn it in to a castmember and he might give you a fastpass to a ride or something similar.” I didn’t think I’d find the paintbrush because I’m the most oblivious person in the world. I never notice the things going on around me. Jim is kind of a “trained observer” with all the jobs he’s had where he needed to focus on the details. Or maybe I’m just a ditz :rotfl:

We landed on the island and Jim went to use the bathroom. I looked around the area at the landing, and saw the checker board they had out and thought that was pretty cute. I took a seat in one of the rocking chairs and relaxed for a few minutes waiting for Jim. While rocking, I felt the rocking chair kind of “take over” and it started to rock without me moving it. I was stupidly like “oh cool it must be an electronic rocking chair”. And then the rocking chair stopped completely, so finally I’m thinking to myself “wait a second…” and I look behind me and sure enough there was Jim controlling the rocking chair. He had quietly snuck up behind me to do that and was doing it for like a minute, wondering how long it would be before I noticed. Hey I’m not always the sharpest crayon in the box.


We looked at the Explorer’s Map to see where things were around the island, and went off exploring. We went into Injun Joe’s Cave and saw the treasure. Those caves are pretty spooky, but not as scary as I remember them being. They are fun though!




not jim’s most flattering picture :rotfl:

before using the flash

after using the flash


We left the cave and I asked Jim if he wanted to head to Fort Langerhorn. He didn’t really want to. I was getting a little annoyed at him for being such a stick in the mud, so I said I was going to go anyways so he said he would go too. We went over there and walked up to where the rifles were. Jim didn’t feel like shooting the rifles at the train or anything, and well, it’s just not that fun if you’re the only one into it, so we left Fort Langerhorn. I guess the day before was my mood to be in a crabby mood, today was Jim’s turn to be like that. He wasn’t crabby, he just didn’t feel like doing anything. I think he had gotten too sunburned the day before.

Baby duckies!




There was another cave close to Fort Langerhorn



06-10-2006, 11:00 PM
As we were walking back, we saw one of the barrel bridges and walked on them. I was having a hard time balancing myself so was going really slowly. Jim was getting a kick out of how much trouble I was having and started to walk on the bridge making it as shakey as possible while I was on it, thanks a lot, Jim!

We saw the second barrel bridge and Jim told me to go ahead of him, I was like “heck no, you’re just going to shake it again” and sure enough I was right. Well at least he was having fun now!


jim was enjoying the barrel bridges

stop making fun of me darnit this is hard!

We had been exploring the island for about 45 minutes, so we decided to head back to the boat dock. We walked around to the white-washed fences and I stopped for a picture. I have a picture in the exact same location from when I was younger, so I wanted another one right there. Jim took my picture by the fence that had “Tom loves Becky” in white washed graffiti and then he said “look up, Mary”, I look up but didn’t see anything. Jim was like “look right there…” I still didn’t see anything.. :rotfl: finally Jim goes over to the fence and shows me the paintbrush… Oooo we found the paintbrush, YAY!!!!


I was excited, I had been keeping my eye out for it but didn’t think we’d find it, and there it was right by the white washed fence. We were pretty excited and looked for a cast member to show it to. We found one lady and she told us to give it to the guy on the boat. We went back to the boat docking and eagerly awaited the boat so we might see what surprise we would get. It felt kind of silly standing there holding what looked like a wet paintbrush, since I knew probably not a lot of people knew about the scavenger hunt. But then we saw another family holding another wet paintbrush and I didn’t feel as silly.



The boat came and we saw a few other paintbrushes by the controls for the boat. I wonder if someone else had already found some or how many they had out? I thought they only had three out at a time but wasn’t sure. The guy tells us to hang on to the paintbrushes until we landed. We landed and he went and got a piece of paper for Jim and for the other family. He asked how many people were in our party, the other family said four and we said two. He filled out the back, took the paintbrushes from us, and gave us our surprise!




It was a fastpass to either Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Mountain, woohoo!! Since it was around noon and getting pretty crowded and sunny, we didn’t feel like waiting in anymore long lines, but a free fast pass would work nicely! I wanted to do Splash Mountain but since Jim was the one who spooted the paintbrush I told him he could decide, and since he didn’t feel like getting wet we went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was right across from the boat landing pretty much anyways.


We went to the fastpass line and showed the lady our special fastpass and she let us in. I overheard another guest who was behind us ask “I’ve never seen one of those before, what was that?”. I’m not sure what the castmember told him, but I was feeling pretty good about our fast pass and was being quite smug about it! We noticed when going in the line had been about a 50 minute wait. We walked past the long, long line on our way up to the landing platform and got right on. Doing your research really pays off sometimes, yay for the DIS boards!

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a fun zippy little ride, I have a good time on it. It’s definitely not the biggest thrill ride and is quite tame compared to other rollercoasters, but it’s still a lot of fun. (especially when you don’t have to wait in line for it!) I try to take in all the details of the ride while going around. The “story” behind the ride is something like, this was a mining town that was flooding quickly, so the local residents decided to have a party or something as there town quickly sank. Something like that, it’s been a while. But there are a bunch of cute details to take in along the way. I always think it’s funny to watch people with their hands up most of the way quickly put there hands down while in the caves with the stalagtites.

The ride finished up and we got off and as we were walking out, there was an area with these splashing fountain things that some kids were running around into getting soaked. Jim walked right into the area, and along came a spout of water which got his t-shirt soaking wet. At first I was thinking “what the heck did he do that for, I thought he didn’t want to get wet?” but he said he wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice where he was headed :rotfl: Well, we could have gone on splash mountain after all!

It was after noon and the sun was bearing down on us again. We decided not to repeat yesterday’s mistakes so we thought we would head back to the hotel, take a nap, and maybe go out later that night if we felt like it.

06-10-2006, 11:01 PM
We were both happy with what we had done at the Magic Kingdom and we didn’t think it was likely we would return again on this trip. Jim decided he wanted another dole whip before leaving, so we took the shortcut through Adventureland. I saw the entrance to the Swiss Family Treehouse. I hadn’t done that in ages! They converted the one in Disneyland to Tarzan’s Treehouse, so you never know if they might do the same at WDW. Me and my family loved this movie when we were younger, and I wanted to see the treehouse in case they got rid of it here too. I told Jim I was going on it but told him to go get his dole whip (I knew he didn’t want to climb those treacherous spiral staircases you have to climb to explore the treehouse).

I like this treehouse, but you wouldn’t think it would be that crowded, but I’m always on it with people behind me who want to go as fast as they can through it, so I never have time to take pictures or really look closely at any of the details. This attraction is definitely not for those with weak knees or a fear of heights. I walked up the attraction and then back down.


My pics blurred because I took them as I walked and my camera sucks


The view from the “jungle lookout”. I don’t remember that in the movie

I think this overlooks the “jungle cruise” ride


I went and found Jim, who was still in line for his dole whip. I didn’t want one, I thought I might stop in the main street bakery on the way out for a small mid-day snack. Jim finished up his dole whip float and we headed to main street.



We walked by the hot dog restaurant on the corner of main street and I pointed out to Jim that it was still called “Casey’s Corner”. The one in Disneyland is called “Coca Cola’s Refreshment Stand”, yep that’s corporate America for ya! We stopped and listened to the piano player for a minute and then headed to the left side of the street for the bakery.




I got in line in the bakery and Jim went to look around at the gift shops. I got a cookie ice-cream sandwich and a bottle of water. I found Jim and we went and got some seats and I shared my cookie sandwich with Jim.




There was a mother and her little girl in the table next to us waiting for the father to come back with there food and the little girl saw my ice cream sandwich and was like “I want one of those!” and the mother was like “your father is getting you a hot dog”, and the little girl raised her voice to a high pitched level and was like “why can’t I have one of those, I want one of those!!” I felt kind of bad, I didn’t mean to cause any problems with my ice-cream sandwich :rotfl: the poor mother looked pretty stressed out.
We finished up eating our lunch-time snack and walked down Main Street. We went in a few of the shops here or there and looked around at the merchandise. I didn’t see anything that I couldn’t live without so I didn’t buy anything. One of the windows had a huge display of toasters. For some reason, for the last 15 years Jim has said he has been afraid of toasters. I think it’s pretty ridiculous and tend to think he convinced himself he was afraid of toasters because people always find it funny, but he still claims to have this fear, so I took a picture of it for him.

Hard to see with the glare

There was one photo frame that I had seen in the giftshop by Tony’s TownSquare that I had wanted, and I hadn’t seen it anywhere else, so we went back in there and found it. It was a frame with some of they lyrics to “A Whole New World” written on it, I thought it was a lovely frame since I walked down the aisle to that song. We also saw a Mickey and Minnie wedding photo frame and thought we would get it. I had avoided buying any mickey and Minnie wedding merchandise before the wedding thinking people might buy us some of them as gifts, since at Jenny’s wedding she got like five of every item or something. But anyway, no-one had gotten that as a gift so me and Jim bought it for ourselves.





the photo frames we bought (pictures taken later, at home, obviously)

I saw this thing called a “Goofey’s Pose-o-matic” or something so I told jim I wanted his picture in front of it. We weren’t really sure what it was supposed to do though. Jim thought you arranged the arms to the height of the person so they had mickey ears on them, but it wasn’t that flexible. We tried it anyway and I got his picture.


06-10-2006, 11:03 PM
It was a little after 1 pm, and we said our goodbyes to the Magic Kingdom and promised we would come back soon and left for the bus stop.


We went to our bus stop and saw about 20 or so ducks all in a row walking around. I’ve never seen so many ducks in the same place before. I said “I wonder what hotel they’re staying at”. If I were a duck, the magic kingdom would certainly be where I set up shop!



We got on our bus and we got back to our hotel around 1:20. As we were getting off the bus, a lady asked Jim where he got his shirt, and jim said “at the giftshop by the Indiana Jones Stunt Show in MGM”. She said she loved those movies and asked us how the stunt show was, Jim said we didn’t actually watch it. The girl gave us a look kind of like we were crazy :rotfl: what’s wrong with buying merchandising for a ride you haven’t been on? Anyway, I told her I had done it like 14 years ago, and it was good, but once was enough. We had gotten up pretty early to get to our character breakfast, so we were both in the mood for a nap.

On the way to our room

time for a nap!

We relaxed for a while and then fell asleep around 2:00 or so. I was sound asleep for about 20 minutes, but then the LOUDEST PERSON ON EARTH got back to the hotel room and kept waking us up. Both Jim and I stayed in bed trying to fall back asleep, but every time I would fall asleep his voice would just pierce through my sleep and into my skull. He sounded like Peter Griffin from the Family Guy, especially his laugh, but with more of a Boston or New York accent. I couldn’t believe how incredibly loud this person was. Neither Jim or I said anything to each other for a while, we were both trying to take a nap. After about a half an hour of unsuccessfully trying to nap, I was getting really crabby that this person kept waking me up. I asked jim if he was awake, and he said yeah and said the guy kept waking him up too. Ugh it was ridiculous. He sounded like he was RIGHT outside of our hotel room. I just could not tell what direction his voice was coming from. I went outside the hotel room again to see if I could listen for his voice. I put my head up to the door in the rooms next to us, but I couldn’t hear anything. We thought maybe it was above us, so I went to the second level and did the same thing, but I couldn’t find him. I wasn’t sure though, so I remembered the room numbers to the hotel rooms on the second floor above us.

I went back to the hotel room, and picked up the phone and dialed the numbers for the room above us. We could still him talking really loudly, so I figured I would know if the phone rang in the right room based on listening to him talk, or by who picked up the phone. If it didn’t sound like them, I was just going to say “sorry wrong number” and hang up. I called three rooms on the second level above us, and noone picked up. I called the rooms next to us to either side, and noone picked up there either. And I couldn’t hear the phone ringing in this guy’s room so I had no idea what room he was in. Oye!!! If I could just ask him to be quiet then we could go back to our nap!! I was so frustrated, he had waken us up like three times each previous day, we kept saying “he’ll probably be checking out tomorrow” or something, but there he was again! And we knew if he was there that day, Saturday, he was most likely going to be there the next day too. We were stuck with this guy!!

I tried to just shut him out, we turned the tv on, I tried just ignoring him, but his laugh and his voice just kept ringing through the air. He might as well have been in the room with us.

Okay this is where Mary goes crazy!! I was so groggy and just wanted to fall back asleep but this guy was really getting on my nerves, so I started saying, at the TOP of my lungs something like “I CAN HEAR EVERY WORD YOU ARE SAYING PLEASE BE QUIET!!! TO THE PERSON SPEAKING LOUDLY IN THE OTHER ROOM, I CAN HEAR EVERY WORD YOU ARE SAYING, PLEASE BE QUIET!!!!!” After each time, Jim would shout “YEAH!!” :rotfl: . The guy shut up. I couldn’t believe it, finally I might be able to sleep!! I high-five’d Jim and got back in bed.

Two minutes later I hear his annoying machine gun laugh piercing my skull again and he once again started screaming/talking at his wife punctuated occasionally by a swear word here or there, very pleasant.. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it was driving me absolutely insane, I wanted to pull my hair out!! If you could HEAR this guy, you would understand!!

Finally I said to Jim “I can’t take it anymore!” and called the front desk. It was around 3 pm and it was check-in time, but I had to try to get a different room or I was going to go insane. I called the front desk, told them the situation, emphasized the fact that he was cussing a lot, and asked if we could switch rooms, to any room, I didn’t care where I said. They said they would call back in a minute.

I wait a few minutes and finally they call me back. They said they didn’t have any available rooms in our building. I told them I didn’t care what building I was in. They thought I was still with the group of wedding guests, but I explained that everyone had left but us. In that case, they said they had a room. Thank the heavens!!! They said we had to switch right at that moment though since it was check-in time and they’d have to clean our room for the next person. I wasn’t dressed and nothing was packed, but I was determined to make it work!

I threw on my jeans and a t-shirt and ran to the lobby. I went to the front desk and told them I had just called about switching rooms, they looked up my name and printed out the keycards for us. I asked the guy behind the counter, I said “do you have a lot of complaints about the noise level or was I just stuck next to the loudest person on the earth?” The guy told me they rarely had any complaints about the noise and laughed and said I guess I was just stuck next to the loudest person on earth. That was interesting, I thought the walls might have been just really thin or something, but I guess it was the guy. Which is what I figured since I knew he was in there with his family, and I never once heard his family, just him. He did not speak at a conversational level!!! I thanked the guy profusely and ran back to the hotel room.

Since we were packing to move to a different building and it wasn’t like we were going to the airport, I just threw everything in any bag I could find in any order I could do it. The problem was, though, that they had deactivated our key cards for that room, so one of us had to stay behind while the other took a few suitcases over. I said I would do it, since I’m such a sweet person, and walk faster then Jim, and am slightly a control freak, or maybe Jim was being lazy, I don’t remember! Anyway I was the one running over to where the other hotel room was and dropped off a few suitcases and ran back. We were now in the last building in the complex, which I didn’t mind, but it was taking me a while to transfer our luggage.

During one of the trips with my luggage, I was on the elevator (we were now on the second floor), This older gentleman was in the elevator with me and he smiled at me, so I smiled back, and then I see his “magical wishes pin” (I was also wearing mine), so I said “Congratulations!” and he said “you too!” and I ask him about his wedding. He said he and his wife had just gotten married at the Wedding Pavilion, I told him we had gotten married at the Italy isola, and he said “oh yeah, we had our dessert party there!” That was cool that I got a chance to run into someone else who had gotten married there (a “Disney Groom” I guess). I told him to enjoy his honeymoon and he said the same to me, and I went back to finishing up our luggage.

I went back to the room, and Jim took two suitcases while I got the last two, and we closed the door behind us. I hoped I had packed everything. I had done all that in like 10 minutes, I was proud! Jim said that housekeeping had come by and asked if we were done, I asked him if they were snotty about it or anything, and he said no, they were polite. Okay good, I really liked the Port Orleans and didn’t want to have any bad experiences while I was there to taint it.

We walked to our new building. I actually liked the new location, we had to pass by a beautiful fountain on our way there. We had a “view” of the parking lot, but since none of the moderate hotels really have a “view” since they’re on a walkway, it didn’t matter to us in the least. We were closer to the Sassagoula river in the back, which I liked. I wasn’t having the same problem with my feet hurting as I used to on previous trips, so distance to bus stop wasn’t a big deal. The Port Orleans French Quarter was so small that there really was no such thing as a bad location, in my opinion.


We got into our new room (it looked exactly the same), and I said “listen to that jim… listen… can you hear anything?? No? Me neither, isn’t that wonderful!!!!”

We had switched from Building 2 to Building 5, I think. I unpacked a little bit and made sure the important things weren’t being smushed or broken. My bouquet wasn’t doing too well, it was sad. I put it in the sink again, upside down, and hoped I’d be able to do something with it. I kept meaning to take some of the petals off and place them inside of a book to flatten and dry them, but kept forgetting. I had taken the vase of flowers with me again, still wasn’t ready to part with them yet!!

After we had gotten a little situated, we went back to bed and took a wonderful 2 hour nap. We weren’t woken a single time and it was wonderful.

06-10-2006, 11:10 PM
A little later after our nap, Jim had gone to the food court to refill his souvenir mug. He said as he was walking back to our building, he could hear Mr. Loudy Pants shouting somewhere as he passed by building 2. He said “I think he was in one of the rooms at the end of the building, I think he was just really really loud”. I was so thankful we had moved, thank you Port Orleans!! We didn't realize till later, I had forgotten to unplug Jim's cell phone charger from the other room. We tried calling lost and found but they said they couldn't find it, so we were out thirty bucks, but it was still completely worth it!

Jim and I talked about what we wanted to do that night. It was about 4:30 pm or so. I was really in the mood for Garden Grill all of a sudden. That was one of the few restaurants I really wanted to eat at that we hadn’t gone to. Sunday night (the next day) we had reservations at the California Grill, so I thought dinner at the garden grill sounded like fun. I had made a few reservations for the garden grill, but all on different nights when I thought I would be at epcot, ones that I ended up canceling. The only reservations I had for Saturday on my itinerary was Liberty Tree Tavern or Sci-Fi (in case we hadn’t made it there the day before).

I pressed the “DINE” button on our hotel room phone and asked if they had anything that night for the Garden Grill. The lady said it was completely booked for dinner but there were some openings for lunch the next morning. I took the reservation for lunch on Sunday but I was bummed. I hadn’t even cared that much about eating there until I found out I wouldn’t be able to, then I really wanted to eat there! While I was still on the phone, Jim asked to ask about the Rainforest Café in DownTown Disney. The lady said they don’t make advanced dining reservations over the phone at that location (only for the animal kingdom one), so we would have to go to downtown Disney early and check-in for the restaurant.

That sounded like fun, there was a ferryboat that took you from the Port Orleans hotel straight to DownTown Disney, and we thought we could do some more shopping. We weren’t in the mood to go back to any of the parks, we kind of wanted to take it easy, and the boatride and downtown Disney sounded perfect. Jim and I have a running joke about the Rainforest Café. A few years ago I wanted to go there with him at the one in Anaheim, and he said “I don’t want to eat there, they only have green stuff” or something, completely serious.. I was like “what are you talking about??” and forced him to go there with me, and now it’s one of his favorite restaurants. So every time we talk about going there we’re like “too bad they only have green stuff”

I decided to dress up kind of nice, just because I felt like it, but Jim was just going to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I asked him if he could put a polo-shirt on at least. I wanted to dress up nicely and it felt stupid if I was the only one, so he did without complaining.

We got dressed and meandered towards the boatdock while looking around the resort.







It was about 5:45 pm. We got in line for the boat and I was once again kind of confused about which boat to get on. One boat went to the Port Orleans – Riverside and the other one went to Downtown Disney. I asked jim if he was sure we were getting on the right boat and he kept telling me he was sure. As the boat starts to leave he says to me “crap, we’re on the wrong boat!” …….. “just kidding” he says. I was like “you suck!!”





06-10-2006, 11:12 PM
The boat ride was slow but it was a fun ride! The weather was nice and the view was pretty and there was a nice breeze. It was about a twenty minute ride, and we were there at about 6:20.








The boat dropped us off pretty much right in front of the Rainforest Café, so we went to put our names down. They said the wait was about 80 minutes. They asked for a name, so I gave them Jim’s name, but she put us down as “Kim C.” :rotfl: She said to just come back by the podium about 20 minutes before the time on our receipt thing and to listen for our name.





I said to Jim “why don’t we go on the little water sprites at the marina!” and he was like “I’ll bet there’s a long wait for it”.. well it didn’t hurt to ask to find out so I got in line. Jim said he didn’t really feel like getting wet, I was like “You won’t get that wet, it will be fun!” I really wanted to go on them! Then Jim was like “I don’t know if we’ll make it back to the rainforest café in time..” finally I’m like “Jim if you don’t want to go on them just say you don’t want to go on them instead of dragging your feet about it!” so he said he didn’t want to go on them so I got out of line. Oye! I really wanted to go on the watersprites, they are so much fun! You just zip around the water in them and it’s a lot of fun!

Well since we didn’t do the water sprites, we went shopping. We went into a “pet store” where they sold a bunch of adorable themed merchandise for your cat or dog. Everything was just too precious, but definitely expensive!! We thought about getting my husky, wampa, something, but almost everything was at that price where it was like “do we really want I tthat badly?” We did get him some rubber rings that were Mickey shaped. We looked around for something to buy for the lady who had watched wampa while everyone was gone. Sue had said she walked wampa twice a day, which is more then I do, so we wanted to get her a little something. I saw a shirt that said something like “Disney Tails” with a bunch of Disney cats on it. It was almost perfect, if it had had dogs instead of cats it would have been great! But they didn’t really have anything else that I thought she might like, so we got her that.



wampa at home with his new toy. Sad to say he never really plays with it, he’d much rather chew the furniture or something. My dog can look very effeminate at times.

I forgot to show them my annual pass, at DownTown Disney you can get 10% off merchandising with your annual pass. Oh well, that would have been like 2 dollars, but still, I would have to remember next time!

We looked around Pooh’s Corner and I picked out some post cards. I hadn’t sent any post-cards at all this trip! I was going to buy them but the line was pretty long so I put them back and figured I could get them somewhere else.

They had an adult sized Stitch Costume! Too bad it’s the alien form of stitch and not the smurfy outfit though! I don’t know why my camera blurred in all of these pictures

jim & tigger

We went over to the World of Disney mega-store. We saw Stitch spitting water on passerbys again and stopped to watch the children trying to get soaked by Stitch’s saliva

Jim went over to the pirate. Not sure what they were talking about but it looked like a heated debate. Don’t taunt the pirate, Jim.

they made up and are now the best of friends and correspond with each other weekly
Some of the pirate’s cronies. The store was pirate themed and had pirate music and pirate merchandise, and the skeletons would rattle the cage when you walked by them, like in a haunted house or something.

We looked around the store more. The only thing I bought was some chocolate covered pretzels to take home. I wanted Jim to buy a new Mickey polo shirt. He has superman and batman polo shirts, I figure he should have a mickey polo shirt too! I didn’t take a picture of it but he wore it the next day so it will be in those pictures.


chocolate pretzels I bought (pics taken at home)



06-10-2006, 11:16 PM
It was 20 minutes before our return time, so we headed back to the Rainforest Cafe

We sat around and waited to be called. It was hard trying to remember to listen for “Kim C” instead of “Jim C.” and we kept thinking our name was called when it was really someone else. Jim saw some people walk out of the gift shop wearing a “rainforest café” t-shirt and quietly asked me something like “why would someone buy a rainforest café t-shirt?” and I was like “I OWN a rainforest café t-shirt, what’s wrong with that?”. He was like “well I could understand it if you don’t have the restaurant near where you live or something, but there in like every city now”... I was like “So are the hard rock restaurants and you see people wear those t-shirts all the time too.” He saw my point. And then I added “and they only sell green stuff here too. And the guy who wears nothing but shirts with superhero characters on them shouldn’t be judging other people’s fashion” :rotfl:

The alligator behind where we were sitting here was far less scary then the one in the animal kingdom

We finally heard them call our name along with about 10 other names too. We all went up to the elephant podium to check in and they put us in another line near the entrance where we waited another 20 minutes. I don’t know what order they were calling people in, because Jim and I were the last ones seated out of that group called, and we were only 2 people. We were staring at an empty table that sat two and we were like “why don’t they just put us there?” We were patient for the most part, but right as I started to complain to jim about how ridiculous the wait was when there was an empty table right there, the greeter called our name, and sure enough she took us to the empty table we had been staring at for more then 20 minutes.

I decided to order an alcoholic drink, I hadn’t had anything with alcohol in it in over a year either, not that it was that common even before that. I forget the name of it, but it had bananas and chocolate in it and was pretty good



we ordered mozerella sticks as an appetizer – yummy!

Jim ordered the appetizer sampler as his entrée

I ordered the “Brave New World” pizza, I think it had barbeque chicken on it, it was pretty good

We enjoyed the atmosphere of this restaurant as usual. We noticed a bunch of teenagers dressed up for what looked like the prom. Aww how sweet. I asked if they had any discounts for the DDE or for the annual pass, and they said they had a discount for WDW annual passes, it was 10% off the most expensive entrée. Since Jim didn’t order an entrée, our discount on the total bill came to a whopping one dollar! Once during the meal Jim tried to bring up reality and us going back home on Monday (he still thought we were going back on Monday) and I would tell him not to talk about it, “we have one more day in WDW and I don’t want to think about reality until tomorrow night when I have to pack, let’s just enjoy the moment.” I was so thankful we weren’t going home on Monday or I really would have started to get a little bummed out.

We finished up our meal and we were both completely stuffed. Goofy's Candy Shop was right next to the Rainforest cafe, and we had discussed going in to make another candy creation to eat another day or to take home.. We went into the store, got two feet in, smelled the sugar in the air, and we both turned around and left without even a word to each other. There was no way we could even think about food at that moment, we were so stuffed!!

We went to the boatdock. We could see fireworks somewhere while we waited, probably epcot.

We took our enjoyable little boat ride back to the hotel and went to our room. We had forgotten to take off the “don’t disturb” sign on our door, so there was a bag hanging from our door handle with a bunch of clean towels and new soaps and shampoos. That was nice of them!

We went to bed early and we were going to wake up early. Tomorrow was our LAST day in Walt Disney World and we wanted to make it count!

06-10-2006, 11:18 PM
I just wanted to say that I love your trip report, and how frank yet appreciative you are about everything.
Also, I loved your Boma story.

06-10-2006, 11:26 PM
I just wanted to say that I love your trip report, and how frank yet appreciative you are about everything.
Also, I loved your Boma story.

Thank you, Hedy :goodvibes Glad you are enjoying the trip report! Sometimes I worry that I am being TOO honest about everything in this report, it's kind of like writing in an online journal, I guess. Thanks for reading! :)

Is it just me, or was I completely rambling in Saturday's entry? Wow there were a lot of run-on sentences! That's the last time I write the trip report while on an airplane! :rotfl:

06-11-2006, 12:31 AM
yay! i was so excited just now when i saw there was a "new installment" to the report! I am going to be so sad when it is over! you will have to go back soon so I will have some reading material! :guilty:

wasabi girl
06-11-2006, 12:35 AM
Thanks for the pics of Tom Sawyers Island. I've never done that, for some reason I assumed it was for really little kids...in Sept I'm going with DDs (21, 18) and friend (23)...we'll definitely be looking for the paintbrush!

06-11-2006, 02:29 AM
Still loving your TR!!! :thumbsup2

I really enjoyed your review of Crystal Palace. We have ADR's for 1900 Park Fare for breakfast and now I am wondering if I should change them. My DH says not to. He says we'll go to Disney again and then we can try the Crystal Palace.....yeah!!!

You looked so good in all your pics! Hope you both are enjoying Marriage. Congratulations!!!!

06-11-2006, 07:42 AM
Loving the trip report! I didn't realize that it was 'sanctioned', so to speak, to wear the bride and groom ears prior to the wedding. I guess we'll have to give that a shot!

06-11-2006, 07:48 AM
another great installment - you made me laugh out loud about what you yelled at the loud guy - I would have done the exact same thing!

06-11-2006, 10:15 AM

Another great report! What will we do when it's over??? I totally know what you mean about not wanting to think about your trip being almost over. I always feel that way when we are away...wherever we go! I have to tell you, you are soooo photogenic!!

I also totally know what you mean about the syrup. I'm a "syrup separate" person too! I've got a picture of me looking pretty intense on the Buzz Lightyear ride from last year. To top it off, I'm about 7 months pregnant in the picture. Very scary!! :rotfl:

We're very impressed you found the paintbrush!!!

I'm planning to spend more time at DTD this trip. YOur pictures and report definitely make me want to even more so!!! :)

06-11-2006, 11:05 AM
Thanks for the report update. I hope we're able to find a paintbrush also!!! Tryed before, but never found one!

06-11-2006, 11:45 AM
I forgot to mention this in my other post....I watched the Disney weddings special on tv yesterday.....I was thinking of you, Mary! (And all the other Disney brides out there!)

06-11-2006, 02:16 PM
First of all, congratulations! I LOVE your trip report. It is actually the first one I've read and it has kept me coming back for more. I especially love that Jim writes for it too! I do have a few pages to catch up on my reading....

Waaaaaaay back I saw that your friends are Jim and Jo, and are engaged. I wanted to tell you that my grandparents names were also Jim and Jo. So cute! It tugged at my heartstrings when I read it! (BTW they celebrated 50 years together.)

My first time in Epcot was in November. My BF had to show me around. We love Spaceship Earth...and got stuck too.

However, the next time Disney has a ride that asks me about motion sickness 4-5 times I will get off, even if it is Gary Sinise! My BF was in the Navy and compared Mission Space to his training. I believe he called it the "spin and puke." :crazy2: BUT I made it through and he was quite impressed by that.

06-12-2006, 06:58 AM
Hi Mary! As if I even need to tell you, your TR is still wonderful :)

My mom and I were casually talking yesterday about how we would love to go to WDW just the two of us before the wedding (she is an artist and needs to "envision" everything before she can properly make the centerpieces, invitations, etc). We realized we both had a few days we could go in August, and it just happens to be the free dining time :goodvibes She asked where I thought we should stay, and I said, you have to read Mary's TR and see her pictures of POFQ! Well, wouldn't you know we are now staying at POFQ! I just hope your loud neighbor still is not there! That must have been so irritating.

Oh, and my mom saw your pictures of the Crystal Palace breakfast, so we now have ADR's. Thanks for all your help Mary :) I cannot wait for the nest installment!

Marty Moose
06-12-2006, 11:30 AM
Okay...this is totally how I'm picturing "loud guy" now!


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Love the new installment!

06-13-2006, 03:36 PM
Mary, I have enjoyed your wedding thread so much! One day I spent 4 hours just catching up on the few days of posts that I had missed! OMG! I watched the disney weddings on the food network channel this past weekend and I thought about you! I loved the video that was put together for you. That is such a priceless memory that you will be able to share with your grandchildren! He did a great job! Thanks again for sharing! I have had so much fun reading your thread.
Hookedondizney :wave:

06-13-2006, 04:55 PM
Okay...this is totally how I'm picturing "loud guy" now!

MartyMoose, Peter Griffin is EXACTLY who I was picturing as well! :rotfl: too funny!

congrats on the paintbrush find - and I too would take a delicious main street bakery ice cream sandwich over a dole whip any day :thumbsup2

06-14-2006, 06:14 PM
[QUOTE=Mary626]he was kind of like “ehh”, I could relate. I told him how I was a part of the college program and that I would come home exhausted every day from working and how I really didn’t like my roommates, but how my favorite thing by far was working with the guests at WDW, everyone was always in a cheerful mood because they were on vacation. It didn’t seem like fun at the time, my feet always hurt and my face always hurt from smiling all day, but I look back at it and think about how much fun it was. Weird.

OMG! That was *MY* college program experience too! When were you down there? I was there in 1999. :) Knowing what I know now about the "real world" I'd go back in a second but I really didn't appreciate it then. My roommates stunk though so that didn't help. I'm beginning to think how much you like your roommates really affects how much you like it while you're there. Live and learn I suppose

06-15-2006, 02:06 AM
Thanks again, everyone!! :goodvibes :goodvibes Sorry I haven't responded in a while, life got kind of busy for a while again!

itgirl753 - that is cool! I will have to let Jo & Jim know about the good omen :teeth:

JJClemson - awesome!! :cheer2: I hope you have a fabulous time at the POFQ and at the crystal palace! I'll feel really bad if you don't and then it will be all my fault!

OMG! That was *MY* college program experience too! When were you down there? I was there in 1999. :) Knowing what I know now about the "real world" I'd go back in a second but I really didn't appreciate it then. My roommates stunk though so that didn't help. I'm beginning to think how much you like your roommates really affects how much you like it while you're there. Live and learn I suppose

Yep, those are my exact feelings too!! I was there in the fall of '99 at Mousegears, how about yourself?

Thanks again to everyone who posted and everyone reading! I have a little bit to post for the next day's installment. I haven't finished it yet, but since it's been a while since I posted I thought I would post whwat I have so far...

06-15-2006, 02:07 AM
wow I sure used the word "post" a lot in the last sentence of that last post didnt I.. I almost did it again.. anyway...

Our Last Day at WDW – Sunday April 30th, 2006… (Day 11)

Jim and I woke up early the next morning and were out the door by 8:25 am. Epcot (our first stop) was scheduled to open at 9. Since it was our second to last morning in Port Orleans, and I thought the next morning might be too busy, I wanted to stop and try the “beignets” at the hotel food court that I had read about. It wasn’t a bad idea to get breakfast anyway.

We stopped for some photos along the way.

Jim was wearing another shirt from the Indiana Jones gift shop – I had told him to get this shirt, it was my favorite of the ones they had for sale.. snakes.. why did it have to be snakes?




some more pretty scenery





ooo I like this pic



We got to the food court and I ordered 3 beignets while jim looked around for something else. I watched the ladies behind the counter parcel out the dough, fry it up, and powder it with sugar. Jim grabbed a bagel. We sat down to eat it, and I tried out the beignet. It tasted like angel cake with powdered sugar, which I used to have as a kid. The sugar was so powdery though that I had to be careful not to choke on it. It was such a fine powder that you could breathe it in and then start choking on it. What an embarrassing death that would be, choking on powdered sugar. Oh, and they were really really messy too. The sugar got all over me. They were good though, but I probably won't get them again. We quickly finished our breakfast and went to the bus stop.

The lady making me some fresh beignets

my beignets

jim’s boring bagel

06-15-2006, 02:08 AM
We got on the bus and it took us to epcot. By the time we got into the park it was around 9:25 am.


You can see Cinderella dancing with the swamp monster to the right of this pic


Jim and I both really wanted to try Mission Space again, it had been so much fun the first time. We head right there and it was only a five minute wait. This time I was navigator and Jim was demoted to pilot. No more Commander Jim. The ride was as much fun as it was the first time and I kept giggling again during the take-off.


As we exited the ride, I told Jim I wanted to explore the area around the exit a bit. I had noticed last time that they had a mission control game and a few other kiosks and I wanted to check them out. We saw a game that was about to start called the “Space Race” game or something so we went and found a computer terminal to participate. It was a fun game!

There were two teams, Team Orion and another team (can’t remember the other team name.. we were team orion). They got one family for each team to be the space shuttle crew, and everyone else was mission control. We each had a individual computer terminal to help the space shuttle crew along. Our job was to identify a problem and fix it. When we fixed the problem, it would appear on the screen for the space shuttle crew as one of four colors. When they spotted a problem, the problem would be a specific color, and they would need to find one of the colored solutions and drag it over to the problem area on their computer screen. So you definitely needed to work together as a team. We had to look up on their screen to see what colors they needed and then fix them on our terminals.

Jim and I did our best to pretend to get really into it, and wouldn’t you know it, our team won, go Team Orion!



Jim at his mission control terminal


the brave heroes of the space shuttle crew

After that, we left the mission control game and went over to another computer screen where you could send an email postcard. I figured it would be another photo e-postcard and I love sending those, but they were actually video e-postcards, very cool! There were 10 different space or sci-fi scenes to choose from, then it recorded you for a few seconds and you could email it to a friend (but only one email address at a time, sadly).

We picked the “Houston, we have a problem” scenario since it gave us the most time on video, like ten seconds or so. Jim and I decided to be silly and pretend like we were going crazy like we were going to die or something. We had so much fun doing these!

We did one and sent it to one of our friends, but since you could only email one person at a time, we did about three more of the same. Each time we did it we kept getting sillier and sillier, perfecting our skit. By the time we did the last time, we were pretending to scream for help, I slapped Jim, we were tearing our hair out, and crying in my hands. We felt good about our sketch and sent it off to someone.

Here’s the postcards in the order we did them. We look like complete morons. They will be up until around the end of July or early august probably, not sure. It should work just by clicking on the links and waiting a few seconds for it to load.



Jim decided to do one more to send to his friend, scott. His was the scariest thing ever.


We could have stayed there all day just sending postcards to people, but decided not to hog the terminal and to move on.



06-15-2006, 02:10 AM
I had been saving exploring “The Land” pavilion for until we were going to eat at the Garden Grill. We had reservations for around noon, so we headed over there, it was around 10:30 now.

Walking towards ‘the land” pavilion


We went inside the pavilion and looked around. I wanted to do the “living with the land” boatride before we ate at the garden grill, but the wait time was for 40 minutes. We got fast-passes that said “return between 11:15 and 12:15” which was perfect since our reservation for lunch was for about 11:45. Everything else was pretty crowded. Due to the fact that the pavilion now houses two big attractions – Soarin’ and the boatride, and also that it houses a big food-court, “The Land” can get very busy. The line for Soarin’ over California was ridiculously long each time we were in epcot. Soarin’ is one of our favorite rides. It is the most amazing experience ever, really! But when you’ve been on it a dozen times the idea of waiting 80 minutes in line for it isn’t very appealing. Since we had about 45 minutes until we could use our fastpasses, we decided to head over to “The Living Seas”

The inside of “the land”



I hadn’t been in there since 2001 so I was surprised at how much they’ve changed this pavilion. They’re really playing up to the popularity of the “Finding Nemo” movie. Not that I mind, I love that movie!

All drains lead to the ocean, kid!



The line for “Turtle Talk with Crush” was huge! Since we’ve done that attraction before as well (in Disneyland), we decided to skip it and just look around at the non-talking fishies.

They had a Finding Nemo exploration exhibit area. There was a thing that said “shark skin” and you could feel it. I rubbed it and Bruce, from Finding Nemo said “ooooooo that’s gooood!” I laughed and got Jim so I could show him. Jim looked around at the other exhibits, but there were a lot of kids, and I didn’t want to get in their way, since the kids were obviously enjoying it so much. So we moved on.


We went upstairs to the big aquariums and looked around at the cute fish, coral reef, and dolphins. It was pretty cool. It’s enjoyable just to find a place to sit and let the fishes move around and come to you.



I was disappointed to find out that the coral reef is actually fake because real coral is very hard to clean and keep alive

I told jim I’d be downstairs by the manatees and he could keep watching the dolphins. The last time I was at this pavilion, me and my friend Jo just sat for a half an hour and watched the manatees, they were so cool. This time they were sound asleep and at the bottom of the aqarium, not as interesting. Jim came by and we waited a while to see if they would wake up. I saw one fish just kind of staring at us and I said to jim “ I bet the other fish are jealous of the manatees. They’re like ‘you can take a picture of meee!’” so Jim took a picture of the guy to make him feel better.


Darn manatees needing to sleep

sitting and watching the manatees

We looked around Mr. Ray’s lagoon (or whatever that was called) that had some interesting fish, and we left the pavilion around 11:10.




06-15-2006, 02:11 AM
We went back to “the land” and got our fastpasses out and got right on the boat. The ride starts out taking us through different extreme climates, like the dessert, rainforest, etc, and goes on to show how humans have impacted the land through farming and such. It’s just the right amount of “let’s be careful what we do” without making you feel all guilty or anything. It then goes into the greenhouse to show how epcot is working with scientists to find innovative ways to produce crops without destroying the land. They have some really interesting stuff in there, like the tomato plant tree, the hydroponic and aeroponic gardens, and of course, the mickey pumpkin. It’s an interesting ride and jim actually enjoyed it too, I was surprised.





some baby gators




the tomato tree


see the little mickey pumpkin on top?

epcot is “working with nasa to create crops that might one day grow in space” or something

06-15-2006, 02:12 AM
We finished up the boat-ride and went up the stairs to the “Garden Grill” at 11:45, and checked in for our meal. I told jim how the restaurant rotates and how you can see some parts of the ‘living with the land’ boatride beneath the restaurant. It’s a character meal, which was an added plus, but really I just wanted to try the food. Me and my friend Jo had eaten here back in 2001 and it was my favorite meal on that trip!


Our names were quickly called and we were taken to our seats. We got a booth on the bottom tier, which is great because it feels very private and you don’t see anyone except the waiter and the characters the entire time. Our waiter was very nice and quickly got us our drinks and brought out a plate of bread. When we started out we were right between a part of the desert and the rainforest from the “living with the land’ ride. It rotates very slowly, you might not even notice it unless you looked up and all of a sudden you’re looking at something completely different at the end of the meal. I love that you can hear the sounds from the ride though, so it sounds like you are eating by a rain-forest or something.

We both have hat hair

I look like oliver twist or something in these pictures

the bread was yummy

The waiter brought out our first plate of food – it had flank steak, turkey with cranberry sauce, fried catfish, cheesey potato casserole, and fresh veggies. Everything was delicious! My favorite was the flank steak and the cheesy potato casserole, then the turkey.. the catfish was good but was my least favorite. It was jim’s favorite though,and he asked for a plate of just catfish! The veggies were good but weren’t as fresh as I remembered them being. The last time I ate here, the veggies were so scrumptious I had asked for a plate of just veggies, and I wasn’t at all a veggie person back then. But everything was so good. We finished up 2 plates, plus an extra plate of cheesey potatos fo rme, and an extra plate of catfish for jim.



jim loved his catfish

I was rather fond of the carb-olish cheesey potatoes

The character interaction wasn’t as good as it had been the last time I went either, but I really didn’t care. I got to see Chip, Dale, and Pluto. They stayed just for a picture, but I didn’t want to “hog” them again. Mickey walked by once and I said “mickey!” but I could tell Mickey was about to go on break.. he came by after I said “mickey!” but I just kind of waved and didn’t try to interact with him, I could tell he looked really tired or something. No big deal, he had been nice enough to come to our wedding the week before, afterall :rotfl:


me and chip (I got it right this time!)… there’s that oliver twist hair again

me and dale

By the time we were done eating, the restaurant had rotated so we were by the farmhouse with the barking dog. I was so happy we got to be in this area of the ride. I have very fond memories of eating here with my sisters and mother back when I was a teenager and we were right by the farmhouse with the barking dog. So the barking dog brought back good memories. Towards the end of the meal jim asked me “wait… does this restaurant rotate or something or am I going crazy?” I was like “yeah I told you it rotated” so much for him being the more observant one! :rotfl:

Where we started, about


The farmhouse with the barking dog

06-15-2006, 02:14 AM
The dessert:

There were four different desserts, a lemon bar, brownie, cheesecake,, and pecan pie I think? Everything was good and even though we were stuffed, we found a way to eat them all





We left around 12:45 and we were completely stuffed. It was so worth it though! This was in our top three favorite meals of the trip. I think it was Boma, Crystal Palace, and the Garden Grill, hands down! I’m not sure if them being “all you can eat” has anything to do with it, but the food is quite tastey!

We left the restaurant and I was waiting on some benches while Jim was in the bathroom. I saw this grandfather ask this girl next to me if she could go into the girls’ bathroom and ask if his grandkids were in there. He said they had been in there for a while and he was worried about them. The girl he asked seemed uncomfortable about it and said she had to be somewhere else or something. I felt bad for the guy so I told him I could do it. He told me there names so I went in and asked if they were in there and said there grandfather was looking for them. They answered me and said they’d be right out. I went out and told the grandfather, and he seemed very appreciative. By the time Jim got out of the bathroom the girls had come out and were with their grandfather.

Jim and I decided we had had our fun in epcot and would head to MGM next. It was around 1 pm.

We mosied on out towards the international gateway so we could catch the ferry to MGM. We stopped along the way for a few more photos. I saw “tinkerbelle’s fairy garden” for the first time, it was cute!

Lumiere and an ostrich from fantasia (I think)





We got on the boat and headed to MGM.

Coming up another day: We tackle MGM, California Grill with Fireworks, and the continuing saga of cab driver 353..

06-15-2006, 03:18 AM
Yea, what a great way to start my vacation--with more of Mary's TR :) But oh no, I won't get to find out about that taxi cab driver until we get back home from Florida--and that's not until July :( Well I guess it'll be one good thing about having to come back home ;)
Thanks for another fun entry Mary!!!!

06-15-2006, 02:31 PM
thanks mary for the update! adn i am very very appreciative of all the details you put into your reports, esp with garden grill. it was always one of our favourites, and mum surprisingly said 'lets not do it' after she saw the menu.

i just emailed her the pics of your food from your report. and we will see what she says NOW. LOL! my mouth is watering. (good thing i made an ADR for it anyway, eh? LOL) also we will stay at POFQ and are going to crystal palace...your report is like a travel guide for me! thanks! and i can't wait to read more. don't make me wait TOOOOOO long, please?!?! ;o)

06-15-2006, 03:55 PM
The Garden Grill sounds like another must do on a future trip!

06-15-2006, 08:30 PM
JJClemson - awesome!! :cheer2: I hope you have a fabulous time at the POFQ and at the crystal palace! I'll feel really bad if you don't and then it will be all my fault!

Mary, how could I have anything but a fabulous time at WDW! Thanks for posting more pics of POFQ, they have made me even more excited :goodvibes I had no idea The Garden Grill was like that! I just showed that part to DF, and we decided it's a must do for next time.

Thanks so much for keeping up w/ your TR and making it so detailed. I am enjoying it so much :)

06-16-2006, 07:18 AM
Mary, I am just LOVING this whole report. It is so much fun to read! Your Mission Space postcards cracked me up! I was laughing my head off, you guys are so much fun!

Anyway, even though it's not my wedding, I'm still so excited - It's our 5th Anniversary, and I have planned so many special things! We leave tomorrow for our week at WL. You've inspired me to make many memories and take lots of pictures!!!!!

Dang, when I get back next weekend I am going to have to catch up on your report. And what will we do when you're done? I will have withdrawals!!!!!!!!!!!!


06-16-2006, 10:10 AM
Mary, as you already know, I think your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it looks like y'all had a fantastic time. I'm learning so much, just by reading through your experience. Thanks so much for sharing it with us--it sure makes the DF and me smile. :)

06-16-2006, 12:23 PM
Our host takes us to our table and tells us a little bit about the restaurant and recommends a few things, such as the “zebra domes”… here was another cast member who had no idea who she was dealing with, I have been looking forward to the zebra domes for over a year and couldn’t wait to try them! .

This had me laughing out loud- I scared the cat. :) Isn't it funny. I guess we have to remember that most people don't go as often or plan as much but still it cracks me up. I bite my tongue and nod politely but my husband usually laughs. Sometimes he tells people, Um, yeah, she used to work here and she is obsessed and knows EVERYTHING about Disney. It's kind of funny.

06-16-2006, 12:45 PM
. I will also be making several reservations a day so they are booked in case we want them. I can't tell you how many times I've been to Disney and wanted to go to a restaurant or character meal and couldn't b/c we didn't plan ahead and make a reservation.

Just wanted to point out, and don't think I'm some mean self righteous B**** but as nice as it is to have options by making multiple reservations, you are also shutting out people who might want to dine at one of those restaurants. I've also heard of people with multiple reservations in a short timeframe having all their reservations dropped or being called and asked which one they meant to book. Just a word of caution. I hope you enjoy your trip. :)

06-16-2006, 03:55 PM
I finally finished reading your trip report and let me tell you it's really made me want my own Disney Wedding someday, though I have to wait maybe 8-10 years before I can even think about it :teeth:

Can't wait till your next update and the continuing saga of Cab Driver #353!

06-17-2006, 12:23 AM
Yep, those are my exact feelings too!! I was there in the fall of '99 at Mousegears, how about yourself? .

I was there January- May of 1999 and worked in Outdoor Foods. At the time it was very disappointing, I really had wanted to do something like attractions or at the very least something where my costume didn't alternate between see through white shorts (I inevitably wore colored underwear EVERY time) and purple pajamas. LOL. Some of the other CPer's got such cool jobs, I admit to being jealous. Outdoor foods seems like the bottom of the totem pole when compared to say, the monorail driver I knew, or the boat driver I knew. Or my roommate, who was Mickey's "special friend" but was a total B****. So jealousy aside a crummy roommate situation did little to help it. I got stuck with some of the most prudish girls ever. They were like, it's 9 pm, you're going OUT????? Um, YUP! :banana: I was 18 and on my own for the first time, if I wanted to go dance til 2 am at PI those girls weren't going to stop me. LOL! Or go to a late late movie, etc.... those are the perks to being on your own for once! Who goes and does a college program at WDW to sit in every night and watch sitcoms. I can do that at home!

06-17-2006, 07:18 AM
Just wanted to point out, and don't think I'm some mean self righteous B**** but as nice as it is to have options by making multiple reservations, you are also shutting out people who might want to dine at one of those restaurants. I've also heard of people with multiple reservations in a short timeframe having all their reservations dropped or being called and asked which one they meant to book. Just a word of caution. I hope you enjoy your trip. :)

I would only make three a day...one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner and I would cancel the minute I knew I wouldn't be using one of them. Thanks for the tip though!

06-17-2006, 12:27 PM
I would only make three a day...one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner and I would cancel the minute I knew I wouldn't be using one of them. Thanks for the tip though!

Sorry, I misunderstood :blush: On another group I'm on there was talk of people doing things like making multiple dinner reservations- ie, we'll be at the MK and who knows what we'll want so we'll make reservations for Liberty Tree Tavern, Tony's Town Square, and a restaurant at the Polynesian just in case. That sort of thing, and I guess Disney is cracking down on it a bit since obviously you're not going to eat dinner three times. LOL! Especially with the popularity of the dining package and that is already leading to more reservations than before. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean, I promise, just would hate to see someone go and find all their reservations had been cancelled and they were stuck eating Mickey Bars the whole time. Or is that really a punishment ;)

06-18-2006, 06:46 PM
WHAT?! I HAVE TO WAIT?!!!! What on EARTH am I going to do with myself! I've been reading this for days!!! :rotfl: I keep talking to my DF about "Mary and Jim" and he says "Who the heck are Mary and Jim?!" When I explained it he gave me a look like I was a dork or something!!! Which I am so it was well deserved, but he just doesn't get the DIS!

Mary I just have to say, that it was driving me INSANE trying to figure out who it was that Jim was reminding me so much of... and actually my DF had said when I asked him who he thought Jim looked like, he shrugged and said "He sort of looks like that guy from Northern Exposure!" I responded with, "Yeah he sort of does...maybe that's who he is reminding me of!" How right he was!!! Not to gush b/c I know how annoying that is...but I adored that show, Barry Corbin in particular and he was on all sorts of cool shows, he did an episode of the A-team!!! He had a really bad guy name like "Kincade"!!

I've really enjoyed your trip report...my soon to be step son was sitting on my lap the other day as I was reading and he said "Ohhh look, she has blue marbles in her eyeballs!!" He's VERY into blue marbles these days...blue anything...but marbles are a favorite, so he paid you a VERY high compliment!! (he's 4!) You have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile! It's been joy to see every day! I'm so excited for my honeymoon after reading your TR!! We are SO going to find a paintbrush!!!

I totally did a snort laugh when you wrote "If I were a duck I'd set up camp at Disney!!" I thought I was the only one who thought stuff like this!! Y'know the ducks there are fat and happy and they set up little nurseries for the ducklings in out of the way spots...it's so neat to find them!!!

thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us here on the DIS!! You are a wonderfully descriptive and engaging writer!!!

MORE MORE!!!! :cheer2: :cheer2:

06-18-2006, 09:17 PM
Mary! I just read your post from start to finish and I'm so impressed! Like everyone else, I've been giggling and laughing and tearing up, and like everyone's else's significant others, my bf has been chiming in with, "are you reading that girl's post again??" Guys just don't get it! :confused3

Your tips are great. We're getting married on April 23, next year, and I'm really disappointed that I might not get the MK photoshoot because of the stupid GradNite. I mean, I went to Grad Nite when I was a kid, but that doesn't make me any less disappointed now! :sad2:

I've been taking notes while I've been reading; just wanted to let you know that your post is greatly appreciated! :grouphug: It's been great re-living the experience with you! :happytv:

Mommy Poppins
06-19-2006, 07:58 AM
Your tips are great. We're getting married on April 23, next year, and I'm really disappointed that I might not get the MK photoshoot because of the stupid GradNite. I mean, I went to Grad Nite when I was a kid, but that doesn't make me any less disappointed now! :sad2:

Don't rule out the MK photo shoot because of grad nite. We had our vow renewall on May 1 and the grad nite lighting was there for our photoshoot. However, with a little Disney Magic, it doesn't appear in our photos. The link to the photos is at the bottom of my signature!

06-19-2006, 09:53 AM
MommyPoppins, your pictures are gorgeous! I've never seen the MK photoshoot done at night. Thanks so much for giving me hope for next year...and congratulations on your vow renewal!

Mommy Poppins
06-19-2006, 01:45 PM
MommyPoppins, your pictures are gorgeous! I've never seen the MK photoshoot done at night. Thanks so much for giving me hope for next year...and congratulations on your vow renewal!

Our MK photo shoot wasn't at night. We had the 5am slot so it is dark because there was no sun yet! I think the 6am shot would be better because you would still get some of the dark shots but it should be getting light by the time you are finishing up so you would get some nice clear sunny pictures as well.

Just as an FYI, I did hear from the hairstylist that during slow times when the MK closes early, there have been MK photo shoots in the evening. I don't know if that is something they still do or not, but they did at one time at least. Just another option to check out..........

06-19-2006, 03:50 PM
Mary! Where Are You!?!?!

06-19-2006, 07:47 PM
Mary! Where Are You!?!?!

You are right, its been almost 5 days since she last posted on here. I hope she is ok.

Anyways, Mary, I must have missed your last post about your last day at Epcot. But either way, I've never been to the Garden Grill and the scenery looks amazing. I wish you had posted this before I made all my ADRs. hehe

06-19-2006, 08:38 PM
I'm here, Sorry it's been a while, thanks for caring though!! :teeth: I have been really super mega busy lately. I have been packing to move like crazy, among other things, our house is filled with boxes stacked upon boxes at the moment! And the fact that it has been like 103 degrees here has not been helping it to move any faster!! I've been telling Jim California summers are ALMOST just as bad as michigan winters!! :sunny: :furious:

Anyway sorry again that it has been a while! Thank you everyone for reading and taking the time to post!! I will post more TR in just a minute...

WHAT?! I HAVE TO WAIT?!!!! What on EARTH am I going to do with myself! I've been reading this for days!!! I keep talking to my DF about "Mary and Jim" and he says "Who the heck are Mary and Jim?!" When I explained it he gave me a look like I was a dork or something!!! Which I am so it was well deserved, but he just doesn't get the DIS!
Mary I just have to say, that it was driving me INSANE trying to figure out who it was that Jim was reminding me so much of... and actually my DF had said when I asked him who he thought Jim looked like, he shrugged and said "He sort of looks like that guy from Northern Exposure!" I responded with, "Yeah he sort of does...maybe that's who he is reminding me of!" How right he was!!! Not to gush b/c I know how annoying that is...but I adored that show, Barry Corbin in particular and he was on all sorts of cool shows, he did an episode of the A-team!!! He had a really bad guy name like "Kincade"!!
I've really enjoyed your trip report...my soon to be step son was sitting on my lap the other day as I was reading and he said "Ohhh look, she has blue marbles in her eyeballs!!" He's VERY into blue marbles these days...blue anything...but marbles are a favorite, so he paid you a VERY high compliment!! (he's 4!) You have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile! It's been joy to see every day! I'm so excited for my honeymoon after reading your TR!! We are SO going to find a paintbrush!!!
I totally did a snort laugh when you wrote "If I were a duck I'd set up camp at Disney!!" I thought I was the only one who thought stuff like this!! Y'know the ducks there are fat and happy and they set up little nurseries for the ducklings in out of the way spots...it's so neat to find them!!!
thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us here on the DIS!! You are a wonderfully descriptive and engaging writer!!!

Thank you so much for all your kind words! :goodvibes That is so funny & sweet of your son to say that, it's definitely a unique compliment! :rotfl: That's really cool that you recognized Jim's dad through Jim! He doesn't think he looks like him at all, but I always completely see the resemblance! I never saw that episode of the A-team, that is so funny, I will have to call him "kincade" at some point when I see him again :rotfl2:

Mary! I just read your post from start to finish and I'm so impressed! Like everyone else, I've been giggling and laughing and tearing up, and like everyone's else's significant others, my bf has been chiming in with, "are you reading that girl's post again??" Guys just don't get it!
Your tips are great. We're getting married on April 23, next year, and I'm really disappointed that I might not get the MK photoshoot because of the stupid GradNite. I mean, I went to Grad Nite when I was a kid, but that doesn't make me any less disappointed now!
I've been taking notes while I've been reading; just wanted to let you know that your post is greatly appreciated! It's been great re-living the experience with you!

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you are enjoying the TR!! :goodvibes Wow, your'e getting married one day before our first year anniversary, how cool!! Like Mommy Poppins already mentioned, you can still do the MK photo session even with the decorations up! I just chose not to, I didn't think it was worth the money with the decorations up. Looking at how beautiful Mommy Poppins photos are, it probably would have been worth the money.., but I dont' regret my decision. It was just one of the reasons. Since we saved over a thousand bucks just by cutting that out, we used the money and went to San Francisco a few days later, so I felt it was a good compromise.

For your wedding, you might not even have to deal with the grad night decorations. They go up a few days before grad nite, so it really depends on their scheduling. For this year, they went up April 24 and lasted through May 6th. So had we gotten married on the 23rd or something it might have been fine. No big deal though. I'm sure your photos will be beautiful!

ZPT1022 That's so funny, my roomate experience was kind of the opposite! I liked partying a little bit, but that's all these girls did, it felt like. I could tell they didn't really like me all that much, but I didn't really care. They were a little too to the opposite extreme for me! I think I was still far too naive and innocent back then :rotfl: I had some friends at Mousegears that were really nice, but unfortunately everyone had such different schedules it was hard to hang out with any of them when not working. It was definitely a learning experience!

also, like honeybun mentioned, I also made a reservation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and didn't make like 3 reservations for dinner on the same day. I learned from the restaurant forum here that that is a no-no! I tried cancelling the ones I thought I wouldn't be able to make it to.

Indigo09 - So glad you are enjoying the TR, thank you for reading! I am sure you will get the wedding of your dreams someday soon! :teeth:

Thanks again to everyone else as well! Your comments are always appreciated!! :goodvibes

06-19-2006, 08:45 PM
here is the rest of the TR for Sunday, April 30th, Day 11... I am afraid that I am starting to forget a lot of the little details from our trip since it's been like a month and a half! I hope the Cab driver story wasn't too hyped up for everyone, btw, I didn't mean for it to be :rotfl: Anyway, I will post more TR from our day at Universal/Islands of Adventure too, just in case anyone would like to hear about that as well. I'll have that up in a few days, I hope! :)

************************************************** ************

We got on the boat and headed to MGM.

On the boat to MGM, stopping at the Boardwalk on the way

The boat took a while to get to MGM, but it was better then walking in the sun for a half an hour. It was 1:45 by the time we got into MGM. I waited on a bench by the “Crossroads” sign waiting for jim while he was in the bathroom. When he came back he had bought me a “Fantasmic” t-shirt awww thanks, Jim!

Taking pictures while waiting for jim


mickey’s of Hollywood

the cars were out making an appearance again

I never noticed the little mickey on top of the sign before

We walked to the Tower of Terror and there was only a ten minute wait. We got in line, and sure enough the wait was only ten minutes when we had waited an hour and a half the last time. D’oh! Well, at least we got to go on it a second ride. I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of that ride!



After we were done with the Tower of Terror we went back to the tip board to see what time the next show for “Lights, Motors, Action” car stunt show was on. The next show was at 2:45, which was less then 10 minutes away, otherwise the next show wasn’t until 5:30, which we doubted we would still be at MGM at that point. Since I kind of wanted to see the show and it was our last day, we thought we would try to make it. I went into my speed-walking mode and walked towards the backlot area where the show was. As we were walking by “Star Tours” we saw they were doing the “Jedi training academy” thing for children, where a guy dressed as a jedi teaches children how to fight with lightsabers. It looked cute and I asked Jim if he’d rather stop and watch that, but he said naah, so we went to the car show instead.

You can kind of see the jedi training in the background

We got there and there was still 2 minutes to spare. I figured that was good timing, but then they started directing everyone to behind the bleachers and all the way down to the very end, then they were only allowing like 10 people to go find their seats at a time. It seemed strange to me, I had seen from the other side that there were plenty of empty seats on that side, and they took us to the side that was pretty filled up. Then the car show started and we were still standing there behind the bleachers. Finally they let us go up, and we climb up all the way to the very top of the bleechers, all the way up, and all the way over. I was following the people in front of us thinking they were following the cast members, but then I realized everyone was just trying to find any empty seat. So finally I told Jim just to take the seat on the end of the bleacher, where there was space for one, and I sat next to him on the stairs. I was worried someone would come and tell me to move because it was a fire hazard, but I saw about five other people doing the same thing as me, so I stayed. The show had started already, but really it wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on.


our seat way up high in the bleachers

It was a good stunt show, but I’m not a huge fan of stunt shows so I won’t be seeing it again. It was kind of cool to see how they do some of the car stunts. I won’t give anything away, but I thought the part where the car was driving in reverse and they showed how he did it was pretty cool. And then there’s the guy setting himself on fire, that’s always cool too. And the guy falling from the top of the building. It was cool, glad we saw it, but don’t need to see it again any time soon.




We filed out of the theatre and there was a parade going on right by the exit. The power rangers were saying something like “Power Ranger Roll Call!” or something, and I was like “let’s get out of here” to jim :rotfl:


06-19-2006, 08:47 PM
There were plenty of things we hadn’t done yet in MGM, but neither of us really felt like staying around much longer. The only thing I wanted to do that I knew I would regret if we didn’t do it was Rock n’ Roller Coaster.

Walking towards sunset through Mickey Ave…

The fountain from “Splash”


It was snowing!



stopping to watch some “Streetmosphere”

I stopped in the Villain’s Confectionary on sunset boulevard for a mickey pretzel and a mickey brownie, just cuz I thought they were cute!

Mickey pretzel

Mickey brownie


On the way to the rollercoaster, I told jim that it was the last thing I wanted to do that I would regret if I didn’t do, so watch it’ll be broken down or something… We get to the roller coaster and it’s broken down! :rotfl:

I ask the cast member how long it had been down, and he said about fifteen minutes and they didn’t know when it would be back up. We decided to wait, we found a seat in the shade and decided to wait no longer then 25 minutes or so. We knew if it got back up there would be no line, so that was cool. We were lucky and we only waited about five minutes and it was back up, woohoo! We were among the first in line and got through right away, so that worked out rather well!


Some bad pictures taken during the queue

I love this ride and was excited that Jim would get to see it. I like the part in the queue line where it looks like aerosmith is in the recording studio. Of course the film is deteriating and it doesn’t look as real as it used to. I wish Disney would put their attraction films on digital media. Jim’s company could fix that up and make it look brand new in just a few hours. That and the film for “soarin’” needs to be cleaned. We just went on “soarin” this last Tuesday at Disneyland and the film has so much dirt and scratches on it. It kind of takes you out of the moment when you’re flying over san Francisco and you see a huge piece of dust right in the center of the film! Anyway…

It was funny though, the part where one of the band members say “Chris, can you grab my guitar?” or something, there was noone in the studio. Since the ride had just come back online I’m guessing they weren’t fully prepared. No big deal though.

We get in our stretch limousine and are propelled forward onto the 101 freeway. Such a fun ride!

With that ride checked off my list, I felt satisfied in everything we had done at all of the theme parks. It was around 4:15 so we decided to head back to the hotel, relax for a little while, and then have dinner at the California Grill at the Contemporary at 8:00

Waiting for the bus

06-19-2006, 08:51 PM
We went back to the hotel and just relaxed for an hour and a half. We were dressed and ready to go by 7 for our dinner at the California Grill. We took some pictures along the way.

A strange picture

more pictures by the pretty fountain


We arrived at the Contemporary around 7:30, a bit early for our 8 o’clock ADR. I bored Jim with some useless Disney trivia about how when they originally built the hotel, they installed the rooms intact like cellular units and inserted them into the hotel by crane. I was pretty sure that this was the first hotel they built at WDW. Jim thought that made sense, since it looked a lot like the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, and how all the other hotels had more of a theme.

The parking lot/lobby entrance of the contemporary


We went into the lobby of the Contemporary, I haven’t been in here since 1992. My family and I had stayed here back then, it was my second trip to Disney. Since I was only five years old the first time I went to Disney and only have a few small memories of that trip, it was the contemporary trip that feels like the first time. So coming back to the hotel brought back a lot of fond memories. We went up the escalator that took us to the check-in counter for the California Grill restaurant. There were some people kind of standing off to the back of the line, I couldn’t tell if they were in line or not, so I asked them and the guy gave me kind of a snobbish look and was like “yeah…” I was thinking “great is that what everyone in this restaurant is going to be like?” and started to wonder if maybe we wouldn’t be happier going to the magic kingdom instead of having an expensive meal that neither of us would enjoy, but I didn’t say any of this to Jim. We checked in and they said they were about 15 minutes behind but we could wait in the bar area. We got our beeper and then got on the elevator that was exclusively for the restaurant, and went up to the 15th floor.

in the lobby of the contemporary


going up the escalator


checking in

going up the elevator

As we got off the elevator, I was still thinking about maybe just forgetting about the dinner and having another night in the magic kingdom itself. Then we get out of the elevator and look up and the view from the restaurant just took our breath away. Wow it was beautiful! Okay, maybe this would be worth the money eating here.

06-19-2006, 08:53 PM





the parking lot of the contemporary

We couldn’t find any seats in the lounge area so we just kind of milled around and stood by the window trying to stay out of everyone’s way. About ten minutes later, we found some seats and sat and enjoyed the view. I was glad we got there when we did, we got to see the view with some daylight left, watch the sunset, and then later on we saw it at night. It really was a spectacular panoramic view of the entire magic kingdom area. A waitress came by and asked if we wanted to order a drink or anything. I wasn’t sure when our beeper would go off, so we didn’t get anything. The lounge area was pretty loud and I was hoping that it would be quieter wherever we were seated.




after sunset



waiting in the lounge area


getting a little bored

06-19-2006, 08:54 PM
Our beeper went off and we were seated by 8:25 or so. The hostess took us to the “Wine Room” (I think that’s what it was called) and told us we could watch the “Wishes” fireworks from the catwalk outside around 10 pm. Since we had gotten there so early, I was actually thinking maybe we could finish up our meal and go over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks, they were having extra magic hours and were open till midnight that night. She also told us we could watch Illuminations at 9. She took us into the “wine room”, which was kind of a nook and cranny to the restaurant. It was MUCH quieter in there, so even though I was a little disappointed we didn’t have a view of the castle, I did like that it was kind of quiet and secluded. There was only one other family in there with us. Our waiter came by and introduced himself and the assistant waiter. They recommended some wines, I pretended to consider the wine list (I don’t like or drink wine, but he didn’t need to know that :rotfl: ) and just ordered a water.


pictures of the wine room



the doors behind us leading to the main sitting area of the restaurant

the breadbowl for the table

As an appetizer we ordered one of the sushi platters, I think it was the California Roll

Jim was having problems with the chopsticks like he usually does. He eats sushi all the time but has never mastered the art of chopsticks. Our waiter saw me trying to teach Jim how to use chopsticks and he came by with a gift for jim. Funchops! Like training wheels for chopsticks. They worked great! I thought it was pretty funny.



our waiter

The sushi was pretty good. Not the best sushi I’ve ever had but it was pretty good.

While we were eating our appetizer we could see some of the fireworks from Illuminations off in the distance. They were pretty far away though so it wasn’t really that spectacular. You couldn’t hear them and you could barely see them. It’s definitely not the place to go to watch Illuminations, but it was kind of cool that we could see them at all.

Watching illuminations

you can kind of see some fireworks in the background



For our entrée, I ordered a fish, I can’t remember, I think it was swordfish with macadamia nuts? Something like that. Jim ordered a different kind of sushi platter as his main meal. While our service was great and they were very friendly and wonderful about refills, it did take us quite a while to get our food. So much for the notion of going back to the Magic Kingdom before they closed and staying for the extra magic hours. Our whole meal ended up taking us more then 2 hours. They brought our meal out and the waiter also told us that if we wanted dessert that there were two items that required a half an hour notice if we wanted them, and told them about us. I thought that sounded good, so we went ahead and ordered dessert before we finished our meal.

My meal was okay. It was a little bland honestly, but if I ate it with some of the macadamia nuts and rice pilaf it was okay. It was a little disappointing though since this restaurant is always raved about and rated so highly, I had my expectations pretty high.

Jim’s sampler sushi platter

my meal

06-19-2006, 08:57 PM
It was getting pretty close to ten and I was worried that we wouldn’t finish up our meal and pay in time to go see the fireworks. Finally our desserts came and they were really good, definitely the highlight of the meal.

Jim ordered a strawberry tart

my apple crisp tart thing, it was very good

We used our discount card again, and for the last time on this trip. It had saved us so much money on our trip and on this meal. We paid our bill and left a generous tip, the waiters were the best we had had on our trip. We had about 5 minutes left before the fireworks started.


While we enjoyed our meal at the California Grill, I think eating here once is enough. I would much rather try some of their other restaurants first before returning to this one. The food was good but nothing special (at least to us, maybe it’s cuz we live in California and eat sushi here all the time? I don’t know). The service was great, very friendly waiters. The meal took too long though – 2 hours for one meal was actually longer then I wanted to spend there. And I didn’t want to admit this, but I was a little disappointed that they didn’t do anything or say anything about it being our honeymoon. I remember when I was making the reservation, the cast member on the phone was so excited about us getting married,, and she said something like “do you mind if I make a note on your california grill reservation that it’s your honeymoon?” and I told her I didn’t mind at all.. so I was kind of wondering if they were going to do something special.. Guess not, oh well. The only restaurants that did anything for our honeymoon the entire trip were at the Magic Kingdom, not sure if that was coincidence or if that’s standard proceduare, but just thought I would mention it as a tip.

06-19-2006, 08:59 PM
We went out onto the viewing area outside next to the lounge. I was surprised there weren’t that many people out there. We were way up on the 15th floor so it was really really chilly out there that night, I was cooooold.

Our view from the viewing platform outside



I had read on the DIS boards that they pumped in the music in speakers outside, but was disappointed when the fireworks began and we couldn’t hear anything. We could hear the music in the distance, from the magic kingdom itself, but you kind of had to strain to hear it.

The fireworks were, as always, amazing to watch. It was kind of neat watching them from the 15th floor, so you’re looking towards them and not up at them, kind of a unique perspective. The kid next to us was so funny. He kept ranking which fireworks were his favorite “those are my fifteen favorite.. those are my seventh favorite! Those are my ninth favorite! Those are my 24th favorite” Me and Jim were cracking up.





After one of the fireworks that kind of looks like an explosion, I said to Jim “those kind of remind me of…” and jim says “the death star explosion?” and I was like “well kind of, but actually it reminds me of the third stage of mitosis, probably not what you were expecting was it?” Jim was making fun of me for being a dork, but I told him “just wait till we get home, I’ll show you a picture of the slide where the chromosomes are being pulled apart and you’ll see!” I don’t know which of us is dorkier sometimes.

The picture didn’t come out at all

The fireworks were fun, but I actually wished we had skipped dinner and gone back to the magic kingdom and watched them from main street. Though this is actually one of the VERY few things that I think are done better at Disneyland then at Walt Disney World. The “Wishes” fireworks at Disneyland are somewhat similar, but just so much more incredible. So not a big deal that we didn’t see them from Main Street since we’ve seen the ones in Disneyland so many times.

The fireworks over, a lot of people prepared to leave at once. We waited in line for an elevator and when we got in, it was jampacked with people. The elevator stopped at every floor, the doors would open, the people would see that they couldn’t fit in, and we would move on to the next floor, and that happened several times. Everyone in the elevator was either laughing at it or really annoyed by it. Finally we get to our stop. Jim suggested we take the monorail over to the magic kingdom and pick up the bus. It sounded like a great idea, but I thought since the Magic Kingdom was closed to the general public (open for extra midnight hours, but it wasn’t letting people in). I don’t know why, but I didn’t think they were taking people to the magic kingdom and thought we HAD to take a taxi home, I don’t know why I thought that. Either way, I had a LOT of packing to do and I was tired so I figured paying ten bucks for a taxi seemed like the best thing to do. On the way out, I was like “wasn’t that just the perfect ending to the perfect honeymoon?” We were both in a really good mood and really happy.

06-19-2006, 09:03 PM
We went to the bell services and put our name on the taxi list. We were third in line, she said, it would be just a few minutes. Two other taxis came and went taking their clients away without any problems, I’m sure. Then the bell hop calls our name and opens the door for us to get into the taxi van. Jim and I get in and sit in the seat behind the driver.

I looked at Jim and he looked upset and I could sense he was anxious about something, He said “you know what.. let’s take another taxi…”. I immediately knew that he thought we were in the same cab as before. Since they had told us this guy had been fired, I assumed Jim was being paranoid. I saw the back of the driver’s head when he was outside of the taxi, and thought he looked similar, but didn’t think it was the same guy. I told jim “no, I think you’re just being paranoid, it’s not the same guy”… I mean, that would have been just too bizarre.

The taxi driver gets in the driver seat and starts driving forward after I tell him what hotel to go to. All we could see was just the back of his head. As we’re about to pull out of the Contemporary parking lot, the guy says “just so I’m sure, will you be paying with credit card again?…..”

My heart sank and jim and I gave each other a look. Yep, he was the same guy. We were in cab number 353. I couldn’t believe it. Immediately I start imagining all sorts of scenarios where this guy takes us into a back alley somewhere and drops us off in the middle of nowhere, or who knows what. It was kind of scary. I figured okay, well it’s the same guy, and maybe it will be a really awkward trip, but we’re already in the taxi, we’re all adults, so let’s just deal with it. But then the guy starts talking..

“Yeah, I know you guys complained about me, said I wouldn’t accept your credit card or something….”

I think it was here that I cut him off and I said to him “look, is this going to be a problem? We just want to get back to our hotel!”

“no, it’s no problem, I just wanted you to know that I was willing to take your credit card…”

Jim interrupted here and said “we called to complain about the fact that you charged my card FOUR times!”

The cab driver maintained this really condescending tone of voice, like a “I’m arguing with you but pretending to be polite about it” and continued to say how he was going to accept our credit cards and there was really no reason to call and complain, and that he didn’t do anything wrong and blah blah blah…” Basically he just kept on being a jack*** about it and wouldn’t shut up.

Finally, I said “You know what? I don’t want to drive with you, take us back to the contemporary.”

“okay, that’s fine, I just wanted to explain my side of the story to you – “

“yeah well we all have our sides to the story..” I said.

As he drove us back the short distance to the contemporary (we hadn’t gone that far, but it certainly felt like it took us an eternity to get back), he continued to whine and complain and tell us “his side of the story”, it was really getting on my nerves. He wouldn’t shut up.

He drove up to the entrance to the contemporary, b***ching the entire time, even as we were getting out of the car, finally as I was getting out of the car, I got so angry about it that I argued back at him and was like “you know what? First of all you whined and complained so I wouldn’t use my credit card which was unprofessional enough, secondly you charged our credit card FOUR TIMES, and just now you wouldn’t shut up, you are completely unprofessional and – “ well I don’t really remember what I was saying, but it was something like that. Of course he wasn’t listening to what I was saying, as he kept trying to counter my arguments, and I just finished getting out of the car and was like “whatever”, I shouldn’t have even wasted my breath on him, really.

As we got out of the car, another family was coming up to the taxi to get in, and the mother in the family saw me yelling at the guy and looked really concerned and said “what’s wrong?” I’m sure getting into a taxi after seeing the previous client ranting at the guy didn’t exactly seem like the best idea to her. I don’t remember what I said, I think it was something like “just make sure he doesn’t charge your credit card four times” or something

Jim and I went back to the bell hop services. I was furious. I was just fuming. He had ruined my night. It had been such a beautiful ending to our time at WDW and he just completely ruined the night. I had to go back to the hotel and pack and all I could think about was how angry I was. First of all I couldn’t believe out of ALL the taxi drivers in the Walt Disney World area. What are the chances that we would end up in the same cab again!! And they had told us he had been fired, I was so angry. And Jim had been right, I should have listened to Jim, I thought he was being paranoid.

I went back up to bell services and told the lady “can we have another taxi, the driver in the last cab was extremely rude to us!” the lady didn’t really seem to care about our ordeal and said it would be about ten more minutes. Right after that, another lady came up to the podium and said “the taxi you just told us to get into just drove off without an explanation!” or something like that. I asked her “was it cab number 353?” she seemed confused and said she didn’t know. I tried to explain that it was probably the same driver we had just had and she was better off not getting into the car, but the lady didn’t seem to care about what I was saying. Oh well.

I didn’t want to take another taxi, so Jim decided to ask if the monorails or buses were still running, and someone told him they were. Dammit, we should have just done that to begin with. Ugh out of all the chance encounters, I just could NOT believe we ended up in the same cab again! We had been third in line waiting for taxi’s. If we had been first or second or fourth, we would have gotten another taxi. If we had missed our elevator, we would have gotten another taxi. If Jim had to tie his friggin shoe laces at some point, we probably would have gotten another taxi. I just couldn’t believe it. I was so mad we had to be subjected to that, I couldn’t wait to get back to our hotel so I could call the cab company and complain to them.

I’m not sure if my description of the event really captures how frustrating it was, or what a jerk the guy was being, but it really upset me. Jim told me to try to not let it upset me. I didn’t want it to upset me. I wanted to go back to enjoying our lovely night, but of course I couldn’t. I tried really hard to just not think about it. I at least wanted to call the cab company and complain about it though. I decided once I did that I would put it out of my mind, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I had my “closure”.

06-19-2006, 09:07 PM
We went back up the elevators to the level with the monorail and got in line. I was still so angry. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, but I was. For some reason I thought we got out at the TTC to find a bus back to our hotel. We got off the monorail at the TTC and I wasn’t sure if that was right or not, so I asked a cast member about it, and she told me we had to pick up the bus at the magic kingdom, so we should wait there to get back on the monorail. We were the only ones in line so we struck up a conversation with the cast member as we waited for the monorail. I don’t remember what brought it up, but I mentioned to her what happened with the taxi driver. She was really nice about it and was upset about it for me. The cast member was from the Dominican Republic, I think she said, and she said something like “those boys were so nice when they were down there, then they come up here, and something happens to them, and they become jerks….” Actually I don’t think the taxi driver was from there, but I decided not to tell her that, she seemed like she was enjoying ranting about them :rotfl: It was nice to at least commiserate a little with someone about the guy. She was recovering a little bit of the “Disney magic” feeling that had been lost completely after the taxi driver experience.

We got back on the monorail and got off at the magic kingdom and headed to the bus stop. It was actually nice being that close to the magic kingdom one more time. I wish we had just done that to begin with. I tried to relax and soak up the “pixie dust” but a part of me was still pretty angry. I just needed to complain to the company about him and then I would put it behind me. Even though it ended up taking us more then an hour to get home from the time we got on the monorail, it was much better then getting in another taxi. I will never ever, no matter how late I am running or where I need to be, will take another taxi while on Walt Disney World property, or at the Orlando airport for that matter.

I was pretty stressed out. It was close to midnight when we got back to the hotel. I hadn’t started packing at ALL yet… I needed to pack.. plan for the morning.. and get some rest so we could enjoy Universal Studios the next day…

Jim still thought we were going home, so I think he mentioned something like “it’s kind of good that we’re going home tomorrow..” I was ready to scream inside of my head…

When we got to the Port Orleans front lobby, I went to the bell services person so I could get connected to the company to complain about the cab driver. There was noone there though. We were going to go to the front desk anyway to cash out our remaining Disney Dollars for real cash (we had about $150 left over). I had told jim that I thought the tab on our hotel room would be for about that much, I had been keeping track in my head, so we thought we would find out. The lady at the front desk told us our balance was about 40 dollars. I was surprised. I couldn’t’ remember what things we had bought, but I had thought it was around 150. Well anyway, ,we paid the balance and cashed out the leftover Disney dollars. We had done a really good job of staying in our budget.I also asked the lady if the person in bell services would be there soon, and told her I needed to cocmplain about our cab driver. The girl said “she will be back soon b ut you can call there number directly” and she wrote down the number to Mears. I thanked her and also asked her if there was a number to call or a person to talk to about how wonderful the service I had received at the Port Orleans hotel had been. I told her how everyone we had encountered at the hotel had been extremely helpful and friendly. The lady seemed really happy to hear me say that and gave me two numbers I could call to “complain” about the nice service!

We went back to our hotel room and I tried calling the number to Mears. I asked to speak to a supervisor or something, and they said that they were on break right now and to try again in a little while. Just great. I really wanted to get this off my chest so I could relax. In the meantime, I started packing like a crazy women. We had sooooooo much stuff, I didn’t even know how to start. I asked Jim to help me fold the clothes as tightly as possible so we could fit in as much as we could into our suitcases.

It took me quite a while to finish packing, but it was a good way to relieve the tension that I was feeling from earlier. I tried calling back once or twice to complain. I called once again and the lady who picked up to transfer me to someone asked what it was regarding, and I said cab driver 353, and she told me to hold a second, then got back on the phone and said the supervisor was out and could he call me back. I was a little skeptical so I asked “is he actually out or is he just trying to avoid me?” and the lady said he was actually out and that he would call me back. I really wanted my “closure” that night. I wanted to complain about him and then forget about him.

I finished up packing. I had set aside a few items to put in one small carryon suit case for the next day, so I wouldn’t have to unpack everything to find our stuff. I put our swimsuits and an extra clean outfit to wear on Tuesday, along with makeup, toothpaste, deoderant, etc.. everything we needed, and put it into our laptop carryon bag, and hoped Jim didn’t notice the odd way in which I was packing.

The next morning’s plan was to take our “happy limo” towncar to the Hard Rock Hotel. When making the reservation I had told the girl my plan and asked to have the driver pretend like we were going to the airport. I figured Jim would probably be tired while in the towncar and he wouldn’t really be paying attention anyway. I wasn’t sure when he would figure out exactly that we would be at Universal and not at the airport, but I figured I would wing it. I was really excited to see how the surprise would pan out and what his reaction would be.

Before we settled in for good, I called the cab company one more time, and finally got through to the supervisor. I politely explained the situation and just emphasized what a jerk the guy was being. I also mentioned that I was angry that the cab company had lied to us about it. The guy didn’t know anything about that. He honestly didn’t’ seem to care. He wrote it down and said he would forward it to his supervisor in the morning. Whatever, that was good enough for me. It kind of pissed me off that he didn’t apologize or seem to care in the least. It wasn’t like I called up yelling at the guy, I explained it very calmly and politely. Yeah I won’t be taking any Mears cabs anytime soon. But at least it was off my chest, that would have to do. I put it out of my mind and after that night, didn’t let it upset me again. I have no idea if anything ever came of it or if anything happened to that guy. It sucked that my last night in Walt Disney World had been tainted by that jerk, but at least nothing worse had happened.

We got ready for bed and fell asleep really quickly. I was exhausted and we had to be up in five hours. I was sad that we were leaving Walt Disney World, but I was so glad I had the next day in Universal to look forward to. If that had really been my last night in Orlando I would have been much more upset. I was so glad that we would have one more day to play in the theme parks, and one more night to relax in a nice hotel before heading back to California.

I was going to miss Walt Disney World. I had had so much fun. Such a beautiful wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. I hoped we would be returning sometime soon.

I fell asleep quickly. I couldn’t wait to see Jim’s reaction to his surprise in the morning, and hoped it would go off without a hitch. It was sad that it was the last night in Disney world, but I was really looking forward to the next day. I was so glad we still had one more day in Florida for our honeymoon, I was no where near being ready for the honeymoon to end!!

Coming up soon: Jim's "reaction" to the surprise.. Islands of Adventure, the spiderman ride, jim discovers the water blasters.. and our night at the Hard Rock Hotel while enjoying the perks of the concierge level..

06-19-2006, 10:03 PM
I can't wait to hear about Jim's reaction to his surprise!!! I would have told him by now......you're good about keeping the secret!!! I'm angry about that cab driver, too, and I wasn't even there!! I wish your trip report had another 2 weeks to go!!! :)

06-19-2006, 10:43 PM
Hello! SOOOO enjoying the TR! Your pictures are so beautiful! And your trip is well-documented :thumbsup2
Quick questions, side note, which discount card were you using for the dining? And is it available to everyone or just bride and groom? (am wondering for family from out of town)

06-19-2006, 10:48 PM
you are such a good storyteller - the cab driver story had me on the edge of my seat! :magnify: SO sorry that happened to you on your last night - i understand what you mean about getting tense & frustrated. i ended up in tears on one of the last nights of our trip in may because i kept giving my flight info to magical express and they kept losing it. NOT fun to be frustrated on your magical vacation - cab #353 sounds horrific!
I LOVED your review of cali grill with all the pictures - i'm taking my parents there in two weeks and you've got me sure excited for it now! what a great view! :goodvibes

06-19-2006, 11:11 PM
I totally know what you mean about mitosis..hehe :) Sorry about that fricken cab! BOO CABS!

06-19-2006, 11:47 PM
:) ZPT1022 That's so funny, my roomate experience was kind of the opposite! I liked partying a little bit, but that's all these girls did, it felt like. I could tell they didn't really like me all that much, but I didn't really care. They were a little too to the opposite extreme for me! I think I was still far too naive and innocent back then :rotfl: I had some friends at Mousegears that were really nice, but unfortunately everyone had such different schedules it was hard to hang out with any of them when not working. It was definitely a learning experience!

also, like honeybun mentioned, I also made a reservation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and didn't make like 3 reservations for dinner on the same day. I learned from the restaurant forum here that that is a no-no! I tried cancelling the ones I thought I wouldn't be able to make it to.

Oh gosh, I wasn't a rowdy drunk partier like some of the people, but if MK was open til midnight and I was off work I saw no reason not to go ride rides until late at night. I just didn't think my nights were only for pj's and sitcoms, not at 18 and turned loose in WDW! LOL! I certainly wasn't like one of my co-workers who kept a tally of how many days straight he'd been drunk for. :rolleyes1 I agree that it was a learning experience, if I had it to do over again knowing then what I know now I would do it in a heartbeat and it would be such a different experience. I've heard they've improved the living quarters a ton too, so that certainly helps!

As for the reservation thing, I just wanted to make sure no one here was trying to make like 5 dinner reservations or something, since I've heard they've really cracked down on that quite a bit. I totally agree that you definitely have to have them though, especially with the new dining plan. You really can't walk up to anywhere anymore.

Okay, gotta go read the new TR's you posted- I'm captivated! :) popcorn::

06-20-2006, 12:59 AM
StitchBride - Thank you :goodvibes The Disney Dining Experience card is available to anybody with an Annual Pass or is a resident of Florida. It costs sixty dollars but then is good for 20% off all food and beverages at almost every restaurant in Disney, and is good for a year. There is more info here if you are interested :) http://allearsnet.com/din/dde.htm I ordered mine a week before I got there, and picked it up at guest relations at the front entrance to epcot the first day we got in. If you qualify for it, it is so worth the money!!

Philadisney - thank you again!! :) I've heard such mixed reviews of Disney's Magical Express, I'm sorry you had a hard time with them!! I hope you and your parents have a great time at the California Grill and enjoy the view!! :Pinkbounc

Beana - thank you for the support, Jim thought I was crazy! I'm glad I'm not completely insane.. maybe just a little insane, but not completely :rotfl:


06-20-2006, 08:30 AM
Wonderful!!! I love your Trip Report...and sure enough, this morning my little soon 2 be stepson wandered past me and said "Oh it's the lady with the blue marbles in her eyeballs..." He makes the most random observations...most four year olds wouldn't even notice or recall that he'd seen a different picture of the same person a few days before...little smarty pants he is!!!

You can just bet that I have WRITTEN DOWN in my passporter to AVOID Mears Cab #353!!! Oh man, my DF would have had totally lost it in that situation. He'd have wanted the guys job and if he'd found out that he was lied to...oh my we'd have an arrested new husband in Walt Disney World! :rotfl: (we are working on deep breathing!!!)

I hope your trip to Universal was great...but don't tell Mickey, he'd be very insulted!!! ;)

06-20-2006, 11:32 PM
thanks for the much needed update :O) i am looking forward to h earing more!

06-21-2006, 07:11 AM
Can't wait to hear more. :sunny:
Mary I honestly don't know what Iam going to do when this report ends. popcorn::
You are such a fantastic writer...I have never read such a detailed ..amazing trip report before. :thumbsup2
It is almost as if iam right there with you. :teeth:
How about not ever ending the report! :teeth: ..It can just carry on...like a soap opera of your lives.. :happytv: :dance3:

06-21-2006, 07:14 AM
Can't wait to hear more. :sunny:
Mary I honestly don't know what Iam going to do when this report ends. popcorn::
You are such a fantastic writer...I have never read such a detailed ..amazing trip report before. :thumbsup2
It is almost as if iam right there with you. :teeth:
How about not ever ending the report! :teeth: ..It can just carry on...like a soap opera of your lives.. :happytv: :dance3:

:happytv: :lmao: HA HA HA... Yes, Please?! :happytv: popcorn::

06-21-2006, 02:00 PM
Mary, I am so sad that your WDW TR is over! You need to go back again soon, and write about it, so all of us here have something to do ;)

What a terrible experience with that cab driver! I cannot believe your bad luck in getting him again! I really could not believe that the supervisor did not care. What kind of company are they running? I will definitely not be supporting Mears on my upcoming trips to Disney. You did a very good job of keeping your cool, Jim too. I would have totally lost it!

I cannot wait to see how Jim reacted to the surprise. That's so sweet that you planned that for him!

06-21-2006, 10:38 PM
Mary, I stumbled across your trip report... I don't even belong on the Wedding & Honeymoon board. But i'm so glad I found it. I really enjoyed your trip report, and congratulations! I haven't been to Disney since Jan and not going until Sept (a record length for me!) but reading your report has made me want to go right this second. Thanks again for such entertainment, I tried to read it all in one night but my dh was waiting on me to go to bed so I had to finish the next morning... but even my dh liked hearing about it. I'd love to hear about your night in Universal... we just got back last weekend from our first stay in Universal.

06-21-2006, 11:30 PM
Pg 29, #431 "You can see Cinderella dancing with the swamp monster to the right of this pic"

I read this and thought "WHAT?" Then I re-read it, looked closer at the pic and almost fell off the chair I was laughing so hard! :rotfl2: Some day my swamp monster will come!

Thank you Mary for such an enjoyable trip report!! I'm a wedding addict and loved experiencing yours....

06-22-2006, 12:33 PM
I just discovered your trip report! Thank you so much for taking the time to right it! What a lovely bride you made and what a beautiful wedding! You inspired me to have our vows renewed at Disney for our 5 year anniversary!
Also, thank you for sharing your pictures!
Congratulations! :wizard:

dee slack
06-22-2006, 06:02 PM
Wow! What a great read - it's taken me most of this afternoon and evening in between making dinner and a few trip to the 'little girl's room' but sooo worth it! Thanks for sharing,

06-23-2006, 03:52 PM
littleladykaty - your stepson sounds like such a sweety! :goodvibes Too bad your DF wasn't with us at in the cab situation- who says having a temper is always a bad thing! :thumbsup2

a*lil*bit*goofy - thank you again, I am glad you are continuing to enjoy the TR :goodvibes

Tinker74 - Thank you so much for the compliments! :goodvibes I hope you continue to enjoy the TR!

JJClemson - I'm working on my husband trying to convince him that 'since we have annual passes we really should go again..." :rotfl: , we're thinking maybe in December, but unfortunately moving is really expensive and is eating up all of our money at the moment :(. We'll see though!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can go again :teeth:

deeslack - thank you, I am glad you are enjoying the TR! :goodvibes

anewvance - Thank you, I'm really glad you are enjoying the TR! How cool that you get to visit WDW so often!! Thanks for reading :goodvibes

Chrissiereiss - :teeth: Thank you for reading, I'm glad you are enjoying the TR!

daisy_77 - thank you so much for the kind words and that is so cool, I really hope you get to have your 5 year vow renewal in Disney!! If you do you will have to tell us all about it as well! :goodvibes

06-23-2006, 03:55 PM
I got the CD with all of our professional pictures on it last week.. Finally uploaded them all and have some to share :)

Here is a link to all the photos (all 740 of them)

and here are some of the ones that I thought were okay.. (i'll do a few posts with the pics)








that “stayin’ alive” song always gets in my head when I see this picture




06-23-2006, 03:57 PM

hidden mickey





I turned invisible.. ghost bride!









06-23-2006, 03:58 PM






post ceremony pics






06-23-2006, 04:00 PM







by the lighthouse at the yacht club







maybe i'll post the link in a seperate thread too. Hopefully that won't be too redundant!

06-23-2006, 04:16 PM
these are great photos! I love the one of the two of you walking down the aisle with petals being thrown at you. :flower:

06-23-2006, 09:05 PM
Wow you were a gorgeous bride! You got some really great shots in there. I've been loving reading your TR, are you going to do the part about the Universal surprise trip too? The whole thing was beautiful and it seems like you all had such a good time :goodvibes

06-23-2006, 10:51 PM
Those are such beautiful photos! I like the ones with you and Jim on the bridge. :)

06-24-2006, 07:14 AM
All I can say is WOW!!! You must be SOOO happy with how your pictures turned out. They are absolutely amazing. And the way you wrote things, I felt like I was right there experiencing it with you - thanks for inviting us! I hope you'll keep your story so you can share it with your kids . . . . grandkids . . . . great-grandkids . . . over the years!

06-24-2006, 10:26 AM
Whoah Mary, That pic of you and your mom! Your hubby must be.... :lovestruc .

Thank you for sharing. These are beautiful pictures!

06-25-2006, 03:23 AM
Thank you all SO MUCH for your really sweet comments!! You are all really sweet to take the time out to say such nice things!! :goodvibes

ZPT1022 - yep I'll be posting the Universal trip report pretty soon actually, :sunny:

06-25-2006, 03:26 AM
Monday, May 1st, Day 12 (leaving Walt Disney World and heading to Universal)

Jim and I woke up pretty early the next morning so we would have time to get all of our stuff together without rushing. We had to be in front of the hotel at 8:30 for the towncar from Happy Limo to pick us up. I asked Jim if he was sad to be leaving, he said he was sad but that the vacation had been just the right length of time. I told him I could use “just one more day… if we had one more day here it would be perfect!” (hint hint wink wink). Jim asked what time our flight was, and I lied and told him “around 11:30”.

We packed up all of our remaining things and we each grabbed like 4 bags each. We managed to take all of our bags down in one trip, it was kind of impressive!

We took all of our bags to the front of the hotel and placed them by one of the benches. I took a seat and looked at the time, it was almost exactly 8:30. I looked around for the towncar but didn’t see it. We waited a few minutes.. I had Jim’s souvenir mug out and said “why don’t you go refill your mug one last time, so you have something to drink on the way to the airport.”

I waited on the bench hoping I would run into the towncar driver before jim did so I could reconfirm my plan. I waited on the bench with the suitcases while Jim headed to the food court. It was about 8:35 and the towncar was supposed to be there around 8:30, I was getting worried, right as I was about to call the company, a girl came up to me and asked if I was Mary and she said she was the driver from Happy Limo. Her car had been there the whole time actually, but it was an SUV not a towncar. I had been looking for a towncar and not an SUV so I didn’t know she was there. Right as she came up to me I saw Jim walking back with his drink, so I quietly whispered to the girl asking her if she knew we were actually going to the Hard Rock Hotel but not to mention it and she said yeah she knew, it was no problem. Okay cool. Jim came back and I smiled at him like “nothing going on here!” and we loaded our suitcases into the back.

Our towncar

jim drinking his refillable souvenir mug

We got in the car and oooo they had tvs in the back of the chair rests, cool! (of course we didn’t use them).


Jim was really tired so I told him he should close his eyes and lay his head down.

The ride to Universal is actually something like 20 minutes. Since the ride to the airport is much longer, and Jim knew that, I was worried he might catch on based on when we got off the freeway.. He was tired and kind of nodding off here or there I thought that was perfect. I told him he should try to take a nap or close his eyes or something. He kind of dozed off here or there for the next ten minutes. I was watching the signs and knew when we were coming close to Universal. If Jim was awake and I saw a sign that might give away our location, I would talk about something or distract Jim by saying something like “so are you excited about the new superman movie?”, it seemed to work pretty well.



Jim was kind of half asleep when we got off the free-way. We were really close, there were signs everywhere and you could kind of see the theme park in the distance.., it was definitely obvious that we were close to Universal. Jim opened his eyes occasionally and I would distract him, but it wasn’t working, so I just let him watch the roads and get more and more confused…

I watched the expression on his face.. It was obvious we were at Universal and it was obvious the driver was going a strange route… the look on Jim’s face kept looking more and more confused.. it was like you could almost see the wheels in his head turning and turning… I kept waiting for him to say something.. I had the video camera on and was recording, but I didn’t want to keep it pointed at him because that would definitely be obvious, so I kept moving the camera around pretending to be recording the roads or something… He looked so confused that it looked almost painful :rotfl: .. I kept waiting for him to say something, but he didn’t, he just kept the confused expression on his face.. …I think he figured he was just confused and didn’t want to ask me because he’d feel stupid or something..

As the driver got in the left turn lane on a road that said something like "Hard Rock Hotel road", it was pretty apparent what was going on and I could tell Jim knew something was up... I couldn’t wait any longer, so I finally said something..

I quietly said “surprise.. guess where we’re staying tonight!”

His reaction:

“that’s cool…” :rotfl:

Luckily I know Jim well enough to know that his mind takes a few minutes to process really big surprises. His mind was all set to go to the airport and I just totally messed with his head! It was going to take him a few minutes to process it…

But watching the expression on his face, his smile got broader and broader.. He was definitely happy!! I could see it start to sink in and he was smiling more and more.


We pulled up to the hotel and the bellhop opened our door and said “welcome to the Hard Rock hotel!” they took our luggage and gave us our luggage claim ticket and we went in the lobby to check-in. Jim asked how many nights we were staying, I said only one.


If you want to see the video.. Here is a five minute video of the car ride with Jim’s reaction to the surprise, and also me interviewing him afterwards asking about his reaction.. It’s about five minutes long (Ten MB) so you might want to give it about five minutes to load, and let it load completely before playing it… it’s also very low quality, but hey it’s a free-website so I’m not complaining!

I'll post more soon, forgot i have to go walk the dog...

06-25-2006, 04:17 AM
We were there at 9 am, and check-in wasn’t until 3 or so, so I fully expected not to have a room. But I did want to get our key-cards for the hotel.. That’s one really cool thing Universal Studios does – if you stay at one of their three hotels, your key-card acts as a “front of the line” pass. And it works great!! I don’t think they have a lot of people staying in their hotels or something, because whenever we use our key-card to get ahead in line, we are always the only ones there doing it, it seems like.

Jim in the lobby, don’t ask me why this picture is blurry

The front desk clerk gave us our key-cards and told us they would give my cell phone a call when the room was ready, and that in the meantime we could go enjoy the parks. Sounded like a plan to me!

The bathroom in the lobby.. fancy bathroom!


The lobby is actually on the third floor of the hotel due to the hotel being on a hill, so we took the elevators to go down to the first floor to exit and head to the parks.

I “interviewed” jim on the camcorder on the way asking him about the surprise. I asked if he had had any idea we werent’ actually heading to the airport, and he said he had no idea until I said “we are almost there” since he knew it was really far to the airport from Universal… and then he was like “wait a minute…. We’re almost there.. to the hard rock?” but he said it took a while for it to click.. he knew something was up , but it just wasn’t clicking in his head until I said “surprise!”


I told him that this day was his wedding gift so we could do whatever he wanted to do. If he wanted to do nothing but ride the Spiderman ride over and over again, that was fine!

We were both wearing our jackets since we didn’t have room to pack them and had forgotten to give them to the bell-hop. It was really hot so we knew we would have to get some lockers.

We walked towards Islands of Adventure, which is on the far side of the Citywalk complex. We saw Woody the Woodpecker and Scooby Do on the way there.



yeah it’s a bit hot for jackets

the entrance to universal

walking past the city walk area

06-25-2006, 04:18 AM
We got to the gate and I got out our admission tickets and jim was like “now I know why you didn’t want me to give the tickets to Jeff!” I was like “well yeah… that and it would have been dumb anyway!” I mean they still have 2 days of use on them, without any expiration date! We had no problems using our 3 year old tickets and the lady told us we still had one day of use on them after today. Woohoo!

The adventure begins

We were in Islands of Adventure, yay!! We went to the left and put our jackets in the lockers. One of the photographers took our picture on the way in to the park, but it was a dumb picture. The guy saw Jim’s “Superman” t-shirt and was talking to him about the new movie. It was 9:30 am. I thought the parks were open till 6 that day, but I found out from the map that they were actually open till 7, cool!

We went in and we knew exactly where to head – to the left to Marvel Super Hero Island! I don’t think I need to tell you that Jim is really into comic books and other dorky things, so this place is almost his idea of heaven! It is all themed like you are walking through a comic book. Everything is decorated with vibrant primary colors, with pictures of comic book characters that look like they have burst out of the comic book pages and are now a part of the architecture. The music they play sounds like it is from the comic book cartoons and movies. They have the Incredible Hulk roller coaster, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall.. they have one “tea cups” type of ride called “Storm force accelatron”, and best of all, is the Spiderman ride, one of the most incredible rides ever!

Jim in front of the Incredible Hulk Roller coaster



Jim in front of “nelson and Murdock – attorney’s at law” .. A dime to anyone who knows what that is referring without googling it :rotfl:


There’s the spiderman ride Entrance to the left

The Spiderman ride is like a 4-D experience, but you’re on a moving track and even though your “car” never leaves the ground it feels like you are falling 20 stories down at one point, it is really something! We went straight to this ride, we were going to use our front of the line passes but there was no wait anyway so we just walked right in. J. Jonah Jameson, the chief of the Daily Bugle tells us about the new newsrover car that we’re going to ride to help us get the scoop on spiderman. We put our 3-d glasses on and buckle up. Soon we’re being tossed around New York, we witness some of spiderman’s villains up to a plot, and soon they spot us and then we’re in trouble.. We get pumpkin bombs thrown at us by the Green Goblin, fire sprayed in our face, and get tossed around by the villains before Spiderman saves us and saves the day. An amazing ride!

Walking through the News room in the queue line

in the gift shop, jim likes the 3-d effect of the shirt

We spent the next hour or so looking around at the island, shopping, or just enjoying the theming.

Jim getting stabbed by Wolverine

We stopped to have some breakfast at “cinnabun” which sounds really good right now.. mmm.. cinnabon… I shouldn’t write this while I’m hungry… anyway..





While we were eating our cinnabuns the Hard Rock Hotel called my cell phone and told us our room was ready.

Jim didn’t want to ride any of the rollercoasters or anything (not surprised), and since the day was his wedding gift, I wasn’t going to force him to (even though I really wanted to.. I need to find me a rollercoaster buddy that I can fit into my pocket or something!)

More shopping..

Jim’s in heaven



Storm & Rogue singing autographs

Jim with Cyclops and xmen, who are looking at the WRONG CAMERA! Cyclops said he liked Jim’s shirt, and told him to have Superman call him, they could team up or something..

“hey man did you just touch my butt,, no it wasn’t me…”

06-25-2006, 04:21 AM
Around 11:30 or so, we moved on. We headed into Comic Book Strip Alley. The place is cute, and I like getting our pictures underneath the word and thought bubbles. It has two really fun water rides, but we didn’t feel like getting wet so I wanted to head to Jurassic Park.

This guy was playing one of those “test your strength” things and was winning each time, and kept getting prizes to give to people around him

comic strip alley


betty boop

I stepped on gum along the way which totally demoralized me for a while

We accidentally headed in the wrong direction and we were right by “me ship, the Olive” which was a really cute children’s playground.

While we were there, I went to get a bottle of water to drink and left Jim behind where he was waiting.

When I came back, I found Jim on the bridge and he looked completely transfixed by something. I went over to him and asked what he was doing. He had discovered the “water blasters”. All of a sudden my 26 year old husband disappeared and was replaced by a mischevious 13 year old boy, I don’t know what happened. But Jim completely turned 13 years old here. He was having such a great time.

The water blasters were cannons that for one quarter you could spray unsuspecting passengers of the Ripley Fall’s Water Ride with a cannon of water. They think the ride is over and then BAM, they get sprayed with water right in the face. You put a quarter in, the red trigger button lights up, there’s a cannon off to the side with a number that corresponds to your blaster. You can’t control the aim but you do control WHEN the water sprays out by hitting the button when you want it to spray your victims. Jim had the most devilish grin on his face you could imagine. He was really getting in to it. They were fun! I’d help him out by telling him when to hit them.




People’s reactions were hilarious. They thought the ride was over so they’d be laughing or just starting to relax and then they’d get sprayed with the water and they’d scream bloody murder, look up at Jim and the few other people who were there doing the same thing… Jim would just wave at them. I’m like “way to be a jerk, jim!” But hey, you don’t go on a water ride if you want to stay dry!



Jim did that for about 20 minutes, and spent about maybe 5 dollars doing it. It was the most fun I’d seen him having in a long time. Out of all the rides in Disney World and in Universal, he was having the best time just spraying people in the face with water. Go figure :rotfl:

I wanted to move on and go to Jurassic Park. It was about 11:30 now. While walking towards the entrance to Jurassic Park, Jim saw that there was another section of water blasters for the other ride (the Dudley Doo-Right ride one or whatever). He spent about 2 more quarters on that section just to see how they were compared to the other ones,, then we moved on to Jurassic Park..

The Dudley- Doo Right water ride




06-25-2006, 04:24 AM
I love the big gates they have up, just like in the ride,, and they’re blasting the theme from the movie.. Jim stole my line he said “what do they got in there, king kong?” so I said “welcome.. to Jurassic park!” I love those movies.




I wanted to do the “Jurassic Park River adventure” but Jim didn’t want to get wet, which I thought was ironic considering all the other people he just spent 25 minutes soaking them to the bone. But I thought we could go change into something more get-wettable at the hotel and come back later maybe. It was about lunch time now so we went to the rotunda building that resembles the Visitor Center from the first movie. It looks just like the one in the movie! We didn’t really explore it, but I’ll add my pictures from some previous trips just because I really like this area…



a baby velociraptor hatching









We went in to get something to eat, but didn’t like the options they had there, and Jim thought pizza sounded like a better idea. So we went to the “Pizza Predattoria”. The pizza looked really greasy so I asked Jim to get me a cup of fruit to “balance it out”. Yes, it completely negates the pizza if you eat fruit with it :rotfl:




06-25-2006, 04:25 AM
We didn’t really do much else. We walked around and looked around more, but we were really taking it easy. I suggested we head back to the hotel for a light nap and come back out later, it sounded good to Jim. If you go to Islands of Adventures, there really is a LOT more to do here! We didn’t do the Jurassic Park discovery trail, the pteranodon flyers, or the activities in the visitor center. I was saving the last two “islands” for when we came back later. The “Lost Continent” section of Islands of Adventure is a lot of fun! We’d be visiting that later. The “Dr. Seuss’s island” part is really cute for kids. And then there’ s Universal Studios itself too!

We walked towards the front of the park back the way we came. We stopped for some pictures along the way.

Jim spent a few more quarters at the water blasters




jim strutting his stuff

We saw these shirts and I was like “hey he looks familiar!”

I yam what I yam

We rode the spiderman ride one more time, for a total of four times that morning.

More from the queue line


We got our jackets on the way out and went to the boat/ferry dock that took us to a closer entrance to the hard rock hotel to save our achin’ feet.



06-25-2006, 04:26 AM
jim by the back of the hotel

Since we were staying at the concierge level, we needed to use our key-card in the elevator to access the club level and we went up. We went to our room, but our keys weren’t working, darnit I hate it when that happens! We went to the concierge club room and told one of the people working there, he asked for our id and checked our names against the ones on our cards and used his master key to let us in. He told us to get new cards the next time we were in the lobby.

Yay we were in our room! It was a really nice room, I made sure to take a bunch of pictures before we threw all our junk around in the room making it messy. I called for our luggage then looked around some more. The hotel and rooms are decorated to the theme of music, obviously. They have random music lyrics written on a bunch of the hotel items, and they give you a free CD with a collection of about 12 songs, and they have CD players in the room, along with a bunch of music video stations on the tv. There pool plays music under the water and when their employees hang up the phone they say “take it easy” (don’t ask me about that one, I thought it was a little strange myself). But it’s a really nicely decorated hotel and a lot of fun. After the luggage came up, we both took a short but really nice nap. Their beds were soooo comfortable. I don’t even know what the thread count was in their sheets and pillowcases, but it was the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in. I wish I could have smuggled the whole bed out in my suitcase!

Our room

ha, a scale… I won’t be needing that while on vacation..



Our view of the pool




some stuff around the room


It was about 4:30 when I woke up from my 2 hour nap. We got dressed and I headed to the concierge club to get some snacks. I grabbed some free water bottles and sodas and grabbed a plate of veggies and dip and some “corn dog nuggets”, and a pretzel with mustard.



the free drink station at the club room





06-25-2006, 04:28 AM
I asked Jim if he wanted to go back to the parks, and he didn’t really want to. Okay, I know I said it was his day, but I was really disappointed that that was it. I told him I really wanted to go do at least one more ride or something, and he finally said okay. The parks were only open until 7 anyway, and it was almost 5:30 when we left the hotel, not a lot of time.

In the lobby of the hotel

exiting the hotel

the pool

on the way

We were just going to go back to the Islands of Adventure, but Universal Studios is so much closer so I asked Jim if he wanted to stop in there. I actually really wanted to try the new rollercoaster ride called “The Mummy” that I had never done before. There are a lot of really fun rides at Universal Studios, but I knew we only had time for one or two. Other rides that I LOVE here but we didn’t have time to do are the “Twister” ride, the “men in black” ride, and even though they’re really cheesey and out of date, I still love the ET, Back to the Future, and the Jaws rides. But it was off to the Mummy ride!

Walking from the entrance to the Mummy ride


We went straight to the ride and the sign said that you must put ALL your belongings in the lockers next to the ride (at least they were free). It was one of those fingerprint scan things, we put our stuff in a locker and put our finger prints on the kiosk to close it and we went to the line, used our “front of the line key card” passes to get past the half an hour wait and got right on.




the queue area

Wow that ride was amazing!! If “pirates of the Caribbean” “it’s tough to be a bug” “rock n’ roller coaster” and the new “expedition everest” ride had a baby, it would be this ride! It was just THAT cool! It was another one of those rides that was so much more then a rollercoaster, it was a complete experience. I don’t want to give anything away, let’s just say it was really cool and I was so glad we got to go on the ride!! Wow!!


We left the ride and we went to get our stuff out of the locker, and wouldn’t you know it, our fingerprint scanner wasn’t’ working… Why do they install technology that’s still obviously like ten years away from being practical? We went and got a technician who used his master key and asked if we could prove what was in there, since my drivers license was in the locker it was pretty obvious the stuff was mine.

We headed out to leave Universal. Jim wanted to stop at the “terminator” attraction gift shop. Universal was closing soon so we knew we didn’t have time to go on anymore rides there. On the way, someone asked us if we wanted to be a part of the audience for a show they were filming and then give some input about what they thought about the show. Jim kind of wanted to do it, but it sounded boring to me, I’d rather ride spiderman again, so we skipped it and went to the terminator store. We looked around a bit but didn’t see anything we wanted to buy so we left and headed to Islands of Adventures.

06-25-2006, 04:30 AM
By the time we got in to the park, it was 6:15. We had a whole whopping 45 minutes left to play in the park.

We headed to Marvel Super Hero island one more time and did the Spiderman ride again. Still so much fun! We looked around little bit.


Jim was content to stay but I asked if we could at least go over to the Lost Continent area. I knew nothing would really be open, but I wanted to at least go over to that part of the park. I really like the “Lost Continent” area and I was sad that we didn’t get to do much of anything there really. The last few times we went to universal, I had so much fun in that section of the park. I love the theming, it’s really cool. They have some great shows and rides.

We had to walk through Seuss Landing to get to the Lost Continent



We went to the Lost Continent area but almost everything was closed already. Well, at least we got to talk to the fountain. I love talking to the fountain. They have a comedian/improv actor somewhere where you can’t see him, but he can see you and interact with you, so he you can ask him questions and he can talk to you or make fun of you, depending on what kind of actor is working there at that moment. The first time I went here, the fountain’s name was “bob”. I loved that there was a fountain named Bob.

Entering the Lost Continent

looking back at the front of the park




We went to the fountain, and someone came up to us and asked if we wanted to come to this nearby hotel in the morning, eat breakfast, and they’d give us 90 dollars if we filled out a survey. We lied and said we had a really early flight. Then we went to the fountain and the fountain asked what the guy was trying to sell us. We told him and the fountain said ‘oh that’s too bad, I hear that guy has 20 kids to feed. Or he’s blind. I think last time he was blind. You should have gone, they record you eat so they can learn from you how to eat, so what you do is mess with their heads and eat really sloppy” or something. The fountain said he was about to go to sleep and wished us a goodnight.


Pretty much everything was closed, it sucked. We asked an employee what was open still and he said the Jurassic Park river ride was still open, cool! So we headed in that direction and went on the ride.



I love this ride too. The animatronics are great and it’s just a fun ride! I love the giant T-Rex at the end, it really looks like it’s going to come down and bite your head off, it’s kind of scary! Jim got pretty soaked, I only got a little wet.


jim’s pants got a little wet

I was relatively dry

We stopped to look at the scary dinosaurs on the way out of Jurassic Park

Jim running from the dinosaur

I saw some “love bugs” on the way out.. they fly around connected together copulating all day, gross

We walked towards the exit and Jim once again decided to use his last few quarters on the water blasters. There were only a few more people coming down the rides since the park was closing, but jim got them pretty good. On the last vehicle, there was only one guy and he was wearing a raincoat. I think he was probably one of the employees, since I think they have to go on the ride once at the end of the night. Jim got him good, and the guy was like “thaaanks…”

Some fun optical gags


There was sooooooooo much we didn’t have a chance to do at both Islands of Adventures and Universal, but we still had a great time. After 2 weeks of having fun in the theme parks, doing every single ride doesn’t seem as important anyway. Though hopefully we will return one day soon and use our remaining admission ticket and do more of the rides!

06-25-2006, 04:32 AM
Jim and I were both really hungry so we headed to the Hard Rock Café in the Citywalk area for a bite to eat. There was no wait, woohoo!

The food was sooooo good. As much as I love Disney food, the food here rocked! (no pun intended, honestly)…


Jim hungry!

They have great nachos, so we ordered some of those as an appetizer with chicken..

For our entrée,s Jim had the Twisted Mac & Cheese. It was Mac & Cheese but made for adults, I had a few bites and it was really really good!!

But the winner, hands down, was my entrée. It was pineapple Quesadillas. Don’t ask me to describe them, I don’t know how, but they were SO GOOD!! By far one of my favorite meals on the trip! (They were so good I actually had them while we were in San Francisco a few days later for my birthday). They were a little spicy, but not too spicey, they were just perfect!!

We also had a dessert, it was a peanut butter and chocolate dessert, it was good but not memorable.

We headed back to the hotel.


still haven’t had the chance to use their pool


We spent the rest of the night enjoying the perks of the hotel, listening to the music CD they gave us, and eating some of the desserts they had for free in their club, just because it was free. Jim went on the internet for a while seeing if the new Superman Returns trailer was available on the internet yet (it wasn’t).

Their desserts




Jim checking out the latest superman returns news

the most comfortable beds in the world

Well, it was the last night of our Orlando Honeymoon Trip. Having had just that extra day was perfect! It was like a perfect transitioning point. We left the magic and wonder of Disney, but didn’t leave it for an abrupt change to reality. Instead, we went to an incredibly fun theme park, which we both love, but Jim and I both agree it’s no Disney and never will be, but it was still so much fun. It was a perfect transition. We were leaving for California in the morning, for real this time.

Still, I wasn’t ready for the honeymoon to be over, so I was so thankful we were heading to San Francisco on Thursday!! We would fly home tomorrow (Tuesday), had Wednesday to catch up on our sleep and do some laundry or whatever, fly to San Francisco early Thursday morning, and stay until Saturday night.

So even though there would be a day and a half of “reality” I told myself it was basically a “pit stop” and the honeymoon would continue!!

We both went to bed and had a wonderful night of sleep in the world’s most comfortable beds.