View Full Version : Need some help choosing.. (can you move to dining please..sorry)

05-07-2006, 11:58 PM
Ok, we are going 9/30 for our second Disney trip. We went last year and loved it.

As for dinner last year we ate at
Le Cellier
Planet Hollywood
Crystal Palace

We liked all those pretty well and are trying to make our choices for this year now.

The thing about this year is we will have our 3 year old with us like last year but the new baby will also be with us and will be about 6 weeks old by then. (induction Aug 20) SO we are trying to find places it will be good taking him in, not too crazy and such for him...etc..

So we know for sure we will do Le Cellier and LTT. Most likely we will do CP again too. We are not planning to do WCC ot PH.

We are going to be there for 6 nights this time so we need 6 dinner choices.
So if we do
Le Cel

what else would you do??

A couple that sound good to us are Spoodles, Ragland Road, .....

We are kinda picky eaters..don't like a bunch of extras with our food as far as sauces and veggies, etc., just typical but really good stuff. ;)

So any ideas for us?? Thanks in advance! :goodvibes