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05-05-2006, 02:55 AM
When we check in, is there a place where Disney can store bulky stuff on the ship for us? We will have 2 large carseat bags that I can't imagine storing in the room with us.


05-05-2006, 05:46 AM
Not that I was aware of...I stored the car seat and stroller in the closet in the room..there was plenty of room in there for it.

05-05-2006, 07:30 AM
DCL has no extra storage onboard for guests. What you bring on with you has to stay in your room.

05-05-2006, 08:14 AM
If you are staying in a hotel the night before cruising, the hotel might store them for you. We stayed at the airport Hyatt the night before and the bell hop stored a carseat for a family member in the luggage storage area. When flying out, they just stopped up there and got the carseat.

05-05-2006, 10:09 AM
If you have a cat 7 or beter, you can store them on your veranda. We purchased a carseat travel bag for the 2 week repo cruise and it kept the seat protected from the sea air for those two weeks (was well as made an easier way to carry it through the airport).

I've also hear of others storing them in the bathtub when the tub is not in use. When its time to get everyone cleaned up, move them to the bed til you're finished.

Don't expect to have plenty of closet space for the seats. If you've got two car seats, you've also likely got extra luggage for things like dipers and other baby/child needs. And if you're in a cat 11, storage space will be a premium. When it was just the two of us, we could do things like store the luggage in the closet in a Cat 6. But once we started cruising with a third, we had to start doing the "tricks" of maximizing space such as storing luggage under the bed (sometimes you have to lift the edge of the bed for some of the larger pieces to fit) and moving the life vests from the closet to under the bed. And don't forget the over-the-door shoe holder (a must for organizing some storage space for all the small stuff if you're in a Cat 11 with a family of 4).

05-05-2006, 12:42 PM
Thanks so much for all of your responses! Yes, we seemed to be maxed with luggage before our clothes are even packed! 2 carseats with bags, but traveling with an 8 month old and a 3.5 year old seems to do it! Diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, the list goes on and on.... And then there's the strollers (which even taking the compact ones seems such a nuisance!) My husband teases that we are going to have to layer 10 outfits and wear them on the plane because there's no room for our clothes! :rotfl2:

We are in a cat 5 so I guess we will store them on the verandah. Does the water touch up that far from the ocean (like mist)? They will be in the car seat bags.

Can't wait :cool1: ...thanks so much!

05-05-2006, 01:01 PM
You may want to check out the "ship ahead" thread regarding sending items to the ship before you leave. Also, you can rent strollers once onboard that have the sun shade, recline & have a big basket underneath. You may want to just take an umbrella for your youngest in the airport & at the terminal, then go to GS & grab a couple for the cruise. The tub is great to store them folded up when not in use. :)

05-05-2006, 02:18 PM
We are in a cat 5 so I guess we will store them on the verandah. Does the water touch up that far from the ocean (like mist)? They will be in the car seat bags.

To some degree, ocean mist seems to go all the way up the ship. You can easily see this when you notice all the sea salt on the plexglass verandas if its been a while since they last washed them.

But in our case, we were in a Cat 6 on deck 5 for two weeks!!! You'll be two decks higher and on a shorter curise.

Additionally, you can make use of those bags as some extra carry-on space, at least for things like toys and a few stuffed animals and other light stuff, so long as it can easily fit in the seat of the car seat after the carseat is in the bag. And the good news is that you can check your seat at the DCL terminal so you don't have to carry the car seats on board. They can get you extra luggage tags for them once your at the port.