View Full Version : Any one own an embroidery machine?

04-29-2006, 10:56 AM
What kind do you have and what do you like/dislike about it? I own a small t-shirt business and wanted to start doing some embroidery also. They all seem to do some many different things I'm not sure where to start looking.


04-29-2006, 02:33 PM
I've got a small brother 180 D (Disney) machine that I bought a few years ago. I love it! I do embroidery for purses, diaper bags, towels, onesies, shirts, sweatshirts, quilt blocks, appliques..... My machine has disney designs preprogrammed onto it. Thinking back now, I should have gotten the pooh machine instead of the mickey machine just because we are all pooh lovers here. Whatever you choose, you'll love your embroidery machine!!

05-01-2006, 01:47 PM
I have a Janome MemoryCraft 10000 and love it! We were thinking of upgrading to the MemoryCraft 11000, but wow, so expensive! LOL

Anyway, I have Janome's digitizing program so I digitize my own stuff. It's pretty handy b/c I do stuff for my aunt's restaurant and for DH's creative ventures. I have also done stuff for friends.

I think all of the top machines these days have pretty much the same features. The determining factor would be if you were comfortable with a particular brand of machine, what types of embroidery cards were available to that brand, and if you were going to do your own digitizing. Also price of machine and accessories. I have spent money on extra hoops.

Good luck, and hope this helps! :)

05-03-2006, 01:01 PM
I now have Viking/Hus. Designer 1. I love it! It is the only machine I have not been able to break/wear out. I also agree that you need to test drive a machine before you buy it. And I think it is very, very important that you have a dealer that you like and trust. If you find a machine you love and are comfy with, but don't like the dealer and you have another machine you like but love the dealer I would go with the one where I really liked the dealer... As long as you really liked the machine. IMO a dealer can make or break how you end up liking and using your machine. My dealer has free lesons for you as long as you need them... if you bought the machine at there store.
I have owned a Pfaff, burned the motherboard out.. loved the way it sewed. The first home embrodiery machine New Home put out ( this is now Janome), but I burned the bobbin motor out in less then 2 years! And at that time they did not honor the warrenty as they considered me a Perfessional sewer... well I wasn't then! Am now! I like the new Janome, they are quiet.
If I could have any new machine I wanted I would go with the Viking Designer. SE I think. I would still get the software, the Pro version, but if money was no object... I would probly get the Amazing Design studio or some other stand alone design ware. I think the Viking software is easier to use then the manuals make it, but woah, is it a pit getting throught the book Viking gives you with the software! I know they could make it easier... I have quilting software from Electric Quilt and they made the manuals to say.. .
" insert the disk picture side up... press the button with the .... symble on it... do this... ok, good job go and get a cup of coffee and take a break!"
I have looked at getting the Brother Disney machines, but don't know enought about them since we don't have a dealer close.
I would never, never, ever get a machine that did not have a dealership with a FACTORY trained repair person I could get to in under an hour or 2 drive. I do a lot of sewing, quilting, and costuming. Home dec. and use my machine a lot!
Also make sure you check each companies repair/ warrenty policy on professional use. Some companies do not warrenty there machines if used for over ? number of hours sewing a week/month/year... like my old New Home.
Most companies do warrenty there machines but there might be some restrictions. It is best to check. And some companies have commerical machines that might suit your needs.

Hope this helps.