View Full Version : Hilton GVC @ Sea World, I am here now if anyone has questions

04-29-2006, 09:39 AM
We are on the 2nd day of our stay here, will be here until next Sunday. If anyone has an upcoming stay here and has questions, let me know. :wave:

04-29-2006, 09:52 AM
No questions just JEALOUSY!! We drove thru earlier this month when we were at the MGV and it looks lovely!

Have a great time!!:wave:

04-29-2006, 12:01 PM
Hi Grumpy,

Do I have questions!! We will be there in June for a week. Is it totally gorgeous? The pictures look great, but you can never really tell. How well is the kitchen stocked? We are going to be eating a few meals in the villa. Does it have pots, pans, utensils?

I was also wondering...we have a two-bedroom villa. Are they all lock-offs?

Oh, and my DH want to know...does the jacuzzi fit 2? :blush:

Have a great time!


04-30-2006, 03:34 AM
I have stayed at this resort.. and our two bedroom was a lockoff..
The kitchen wias well stocked with utensils, washing up fluid and even dishwasher tablets..

However I do know that the rooms can be quite a different shape and configuration.. we had friends staying in a different building and it was really different.

I didnt want to share my jacuzzi with anyone quite frankly but i suspect you might get two adults in if you tried!!

Its a gorgeous resort... and the pool area is lovely too..
We are owners at the HGVC at I drive which is even more amazing!

04-30-2006, 07:26 AM
Thanks Robin :)

Helen, the pictures you see on the website pretty much depict what the rooms look like. When we came on Thursday they put us in the St. George building, nice clean rooms, looked just like the web ones. We were put in a non-smoking room and DH :smokin: smokes so they moved us all the way down to the end of the complex, building 10, the Smith bldg. The rooms were identical there but we were wayyy far away from the pool area, so far that we had to drive to the pool. :sad2: We asked to be moved once more and we are now in the Somerset bldg. 1. So after 3 moves in 24 hours we are finally settled in and happy. The rooms are slightly different in the building we are in, it is the oldest building I believe, angled differently and a tad bit smaller, but the jacuzzi is bigger here, a big round one that would definitely fit 2, and we are very close to the pool area now. (I will take some room pictures and post them somewhere for you to see before you go) Not sure about the 2 bedrooms since we only have a 1 br.

The kitchens are well stocked, I have found in all 3 units so far, any dishes you will need, plates, bowls, 3 different size glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups, pots and pans, strainer, cooking utensils, blender, toaster, microwave, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, Tide for the washer, paper towels, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, sponge, toiletries for the bathroom area. I mean just about about anything you would need. The only thing we picked up at the store was salt and pepper, other than our food.

There is a deli/store onsite that carries alot of food also. A little more expensive than your typical store but they have most everything you would need there, should you forget something when grocery shopping.

The pool area is awesome, the waterfall pool is a little colder than the fountain pool but both are very nice. There are plenty of hot tubs, 4 around the main pool area. Plus poolside pool table, ping pong table, playground, shuffleboard. There is a Pizza Hut Express by the pool, as well as an outdoor restaurant/bar. The other day they had a live band playing, and last night they had the dive-in movie, where they bring out a big inflatable screen by the pool (made to look like a very large screen tv) and played Chicken Little movie. It was pretty cool, but we missed most of it since we had just returned from Epcot.

Wow, I typed alot here, I think I just started my trip review lol :rolleyes1

If you think of anything else, let me know. And I will get some pics somewhere and give the link to them. :wave:

I will take some pictures of some of the things they don't show on the websites so you can get a better idea. Do you know which building you are staying in?

04-30-2006, 07:34 AM
Hi, thanks for starting this thread. :thumbsup2 We are going to WDW this fall, but have no ressies yet. We usually stay at Grand Cyrpress villas, but I'm up for a change. Are the rate here reasonable or is there a way of getting discount rates? Also, how far is it from WDW? Thanks again!

04-30-2006, 07:51 AM
Thumper, the rates when we first booked I believe were $145 a night, then they dropped to $135 (we kept watching the website and called to get the new rate). About 2 weeks before we left they went down to $125 and $112.50 for AARP discount, which we have. So we got our room for $112.50 a night. It all depends on when you are going. You can go to the Hilton website and pull up this facility and play with the days/rates to see what you get. Good Luck! :thumbsup2

Also, it is about 15 minutes, if that even, from WDW, not far at all.

04-30-2006, 12:11 PM

Thanks so much for the answers! It sounds great. Only 40 more days! I am looking forward to your pictures!