View Full Version : I just won a Ready Set Go on Skyauction for my dates in October...Yeah!

04-25-2006, 11:00 PM
We have a couple joining us at WDW in October for a week and they have never been and we wanted to get a GOOD condo. :sunny:

Well, I thought a 2 bedroom at Vacation Village at Parkway would be good as we both like our own space but they have not been coming up often in the Ready Set Go. Having two 1 bedroom apartments was even on the idea list... :rolleyes1

Well, this morning I was so surprised when I saw our dates October 22-29th, that I was just about to climb out of my skin. I just won the auction...I can't wait. :banana:

We have been 3 times before and with other people, we find it nice to not have to be together 24/7 and have some space. Our friends like the idea too...I can't wait. :yay:

If it were not for the DIS, we would have never tried Skyauction. I want to say THANK YOU TO ALL DISers that have been so helpful.... :woohoo:

04-26-2006, 11:22 AM
Hey, we'll be there too that week (and the week after). I'd already won a week on Ready, Set, Go and was waiting for October dates. I check daily too, but nearly fell over when I saw the 10/22 - 10/29 dates. Hope you have a great trip!!!!

04-26-2006, 12:28 PM
Are you saying you will be at Vacation Village too? Cool...

We are going for 2 weeks, 8 days at Sheraton Safari then the week at Vacation Village...I can't wait.

I almost fell off my chair too...who would have thought that we could get a deal like that 5 plus months ahead of time...Last year, I was desperate to find a place for Oct/Nov till they came out in September...I was sweating it big time.

We are going with 2 different couples each of those weeks. It's going to be a blast.

Well, maybe we can meet up for drinks by the pool :thumbsup2

04-26-2006, 12:54 PM
I must be doing something wrong...I always lose to a "faster on the keyboard" vacation planning junkie :goodvibes

or I keep bidding against you, Sam!!:teeth:

After all, you're the one that's got us hooked on trying VVP!! :thumbsup2

Have fun!!

04-26-2006, 01:51 PM

There is a trick...With the "Ready Set Go" auctions, they always say quantity 1 but as soon as someone bids up to $50, they up the quantity available.

So all I had to do last night was bid $50 and the other person who had bid $51 also got it...but it only works on the Ready Set Go ones...

If you want to come in October...I know where the Cocktails are going to flow... :thumbsup2

04-26-2006, 02:10 PM
Yep, we'll be there at the same time. We're hoping to spend a lot of time just hanging out at the pool (drinks in hand of course) with our three daughters, 10, 8, 5.

riu girl
04-26-2006, 03:12 PM
So say there are 3 or 4 people who are trying for RSG auction and are all willing to bid $50, does that mean if they all enter bids for $50 that sky auciton will increase the quantity available to 3 or 4?
If so, what a bargain.
$50 + $195 + 20 admin fee = $265/wk

04-26-2006, 04:15 PM

usually they just up the quantity to 2 when it hits 50 thus if someone bids 52$ it might knock off the 50$ bid....


if you work it right, the time share tour should knock your cost down to 0$ almost since you will have two different couples probably eligible for the tour ( not sure what their time limit is on taking tours with Berkley Group though, for some you can not have taken a tour within the last 6 months eg Westgate, some at least a year, others once you have taken the tour a cetain number of times, you can never do it again since they keep your name "listed" in their master computers )

they seem to have a lot of inventory at VV at Parkway now as they bring new buildings online at the resort perhaps ( although not as many 2 bedrooms, they seem to be "less available" as the resort likes to split the nice units into TWO one bedrooms )

they even have a lot of inventory at RCI's Extra Vacation for VV at P from 227$ to 262$ for october ( 8 of the listing are 2 bedrooms )

other resorts in orlando ( HGVC OLCC Summer Bay etc) are going for 500$ on Extra Vacations in october

we will be staying there in May and got a very good deal on Skyauction also

riu girl
04-26-2006, 05:15 PM
lawgs, thanks for the info. I take it you got your H & A certificate on April the 18th and were able to book something suitable for your family?

Congrats photobearsam on your win. From pics I have seen the resort seems to have really nice units.

04-26-2006, 08:38 PM