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04-25-2006, 08:52 AM
Hey, all. I am trying S. Beach again and I had a really good week - or so I thought! Although I was good and stuck to the plan, I am only down 2 pounds. I know this is only water weight. I am very discouraged.

Has anyone else had slow progress on SB? Any suggestions to have move the scale? I did SB two years ago and dropped 8 pounds in Phase One. I was hoping to see that this time, too, but at this rate it looks very unlikely.

I need some good advice :confused3 Thanks!

04-25-2006, 08:47 PM
cindereallafifi -- sorry i can't give you and SBD experience but i just wanted to say hang in there!! surely there are some SBD here that can enlighten and encourage you!!

04-25-2006, 09:09 PM
Hey Cin! :wave2:

I've been on SBD since last July and have lost 53lbs. I love it. :lovestruc I feel so much healthier. One thing I've noticed is that I can go for 2 weeks without losing a pound and then all of a sudden I will wake up and be down 2 or 3lbs. I call them WOOSHes! So keep it up and I'm sure your woosh will come! Just do everything you're supposed to and your body has no choice but to let go of the extra weight. This diet REALLY REALLY works.

My MIL tried SBD but didn't follow it strictly and didn't lose any weight. She would follow it most of the time, but the times she "cheated" she would get her body hooked back on the sugar. She said the diet didn't work, but I know it was just the fact that she didn't follow it correctly. So if your weight stall goes on too long you may want to double check that you are following the program. It is easy to eat things you aren't supposed to just because you didn't realize it was an Avoid food.

If you have any questions about it or need any help please let me know. I love talking about this diet! I'm a believer!

You can do it! ::yes:: :cool1:

04-26-2006, 10:49 AM
Thank you both for replying!! :)

Dana, that is just awesome about your weight-loss! :cheer2: It's good to hear that the slow weight loss is normal. I'm thinking my slow loss might be "hormonal" too at the moment, so perhaps by the end of phase 1 (next Tues) I'll be down a decent amount.

I can honestly say I have been sticking to the proper foods...I can hardly believe it myself...but I am motivated to lose this weight! :yay:

Thanks, again, for the support!! :goodvibes

04-30-2006, 04:03 PM
My thoughts are that since it was "only" 2 lbs its more likely it was true lb lost. I think the 4-10 lb first week losses are the more "water" weight successes. Keep at it. That is one "diet" I believe can work. I love how it allows "good" carbs unlike Atkins. And I like how it says to avoid red meats and what not. It was a good book but to me hard to really restrict my eating. I'd rather work my way slowly to that kind of eating as to not get soo discouraged. KWIM?? But keep at it you will get there. :thumbsup2

Oh and WTG on the 2 lbs that is great loss. And remember 1-2 lbs a week is ideal.