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04-21-2006, 11:51 PM
US :surfweb: me, :cool1: dh, :banana: ds 13, :Pinkbounc dd 10, princess: dd7
THEM :wave2: dw, :banana: dh, :hippie: dd 16, pirate: ds 10, :bounce: ds 8

Relationship: my dh works with their dw, in different departments that sometimes do business trips together so they've gotten to know each other.

We're spending two nights hopefully on the beach in the Clearwater area, then a week in Orlando in Jan '07. ds13 gets along great w/ ds10 (projected ages at time of trip), and the two youngest had fun running around the one time they met too. This is their first time to Disney, first real family trip actually, and our second other than a quick business trip w/ the oldest.

The main choice is whether to get two 2 BR villas or one larger unit. We aren't close with this family and there is potential for high energy, as noted in the smilies. First thought is that we would want separate rooms. But then both dh and I thought a lock-off would be nice so the kids would have constant access to each other without having to be running outside banging on doors worrying about waking someone from a nap. If they're not in the living room, then they're not available! Probably all the boys would share a room anyway, but I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Does anyone have any experience with timeshares and/or traveling w/ not so close friends. Ideally a 4 bedroom would be best, but there are only a few available. 3BR sleeping 10 would be too cramped. I will likely give the other couple the grand master bedroom since it's their first nice vacation and we often travel sans kids as well as having a jacuzzi tub, but unfortunately that means we'll probably have kids on a sleeper sofa inour room unless we can find a 4 BR sleeping 16. Any experience w/ Westgate lakes?
Thanks in advance!

04-22-2006, 09:46 AM
If I were you I would definately get two 2 bedrooms. Even with friends and family you are close with you need your space. So I would definately go with the two 2 bedrooms.

Have fun on your trip!!!

04-22-2006, 10:42 AM
If you haven't stayed w/ them before I'd go for 2 units. It allows a little bit of privacy. As well as some down time for the kids.

Captain Hook Wannabe
04-23-2006, 08:35 AM
Why not rent a four bedroom house? A house would be significantly cheaper then two 2 bedroom timshares. More space too!!! Look at the following developments: Formosa Gardens, Rolling Hills, Emerald Island, Sunset Lakes. Goto vrbo com to look at some of the house and the choices.

I've rented a couple of times in Sunset Lakes. I have also stayed in a number of timeshares and much prefer a house to a timeshare. Good luck

04-23-2006, 02:40 PM
I was going to suggest a house also. Thats a lot of people for a 2 bedroom timeshare.

04-23-2006, 03:03 PM
I would go with a house too


or definitely separate rooms... :goodvibes

04-23-2006, 06:46 PM
We wouldn't have 10 people in ONE 2 BR:rotfl:, we would get two 2 BR villas, or a larger 3/4 BR sleeping minimum 12 with sofas. Someone contacted me about the possibility of renting their 5 BR home, and while it looks nicer than I remember seeing them 5 yrs ago, I'm not sold. For one thing it IS more costly then renting two separate villas, and moreso than if we settle on a larger Westgate Lakes unit which always has an abundance of inventory that owners can't overprice for low season. If you're looking right now prices have just skyrocketed in the past 2 weeks, by about $300-5 for a 2-3 BR on average. My guess is that this is a summer demand price increase, fwiw, I could be wrong. I'm hoping that come August the prices will drop again and by then more inventory will be open because people will have made decisions to trade in their weeks. Or maybe we'll luck out on a great promotion as described on another Vistana thread...$149 for 4 nights, $100 resort cert. back, and no timeshare required. This was for a 1 BR but one person was complimentarily upgraded to a 2BR.

My second reason I've never considered a house, and correct me if I'm wrong, is because I like the activities of the resorts. I like cruises b/c the entertainment is easy and available, even though I'd never partake in everything. At Orange Lake they had a great BBQ luau and pool races and stuff we didn't do b/c of timing, but might have if we weren't at the parks. If we were owners, it wouldn't be a boring week to say NO trips to WDW (duck). Being part of something bigger gives the kids a chance to meet others to play with, even if only for an hour. This won't be such an issue this time, but it may for my 10 yr dd. I also like the cool freeform pools and especially if they have a couple mid size slides older kids can enjoy a few runs down. Are the private home pools usually heated in winter? This would be a plus since it's easier to heat a small pool and on a chilly day the kids would be crouched in the kiddie pool just to stay in the warmer water. Home complexes I thought were furthur away, too, but I'm sure not compared to Westgate Lakes. But compared to Vistana or Fairfield Bonnet Creek or ?

I'll look into those complexes and see what I find. Thank you all for the suggestions. I did get us two suites at Travelodge across from Clearwater Beach for two nights so I feel a little less like this guy: :crazy:

Another late night :surfweb: looking at WDW homes, then back to work :teacher: tomorrow!

04-23-2006, 07:57 PM
Have you seen the current thread on Cypress Pointe and the special rates? They have some amazing prices listed for 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units there through Walmart Travel or Onetravel.com.

I have never used One Travel or Walmart but I just looked at summer dates for July and a 2br at Cypress Point comes out to about $35 per night! It looks like you pay full price for your first night and a greatly reduced rate every night following.

For those prices I would book a 3-brm and have the extra space. Lots of reviews on CP from posters who have stayed there. Very favorable reviews overall from what I have seen.