View Full Version : Regal Palms Resort vs. Vistana ?

04-21-2006, 12:30 PM
We're traveling with family to WDW in August. We have previously stayed at Vistana and are comfortable with possibly doing so again. However, a friend reccommended Regal Palms Resort.

Does anyone have any info on this resort? Can anyone compare the 2 as well?

Thanks for any info in advance!


04-21-2006, 04:36 PM
We've never stayed at either, but have visited both..

I can tell you this much, though..the Vistana is going to be much closer for you in terms of traveling time. :moped: :moped:

Regal Palms is a lovely condo development, and has a great pool complex. It's out on the 27 in Davenport..under 2 miles from the 192/27 junction.

If you're renting from an owner, rates are probably going to be a little cheaper at Regal Palms, ie, a 4 bedroom condo for the price of a 2 bedroom at Vistana.

www.vrbo.com would have lots of listing for RP rentals:)
It does;)

Hope this helps!:)


Bella the Ball 360
04-21-2006, 05:04 PM
Tough decision I have stayed at the Vistana and have wanted to stay at Regal Palms. I can tell you that REgal is much further than Vistana. I also think that with the gas prices the way they are you are most likely going to be getting pretty good rates at both. I know that we got our Vistana reservations for last year for 50 per night on Skyauction (not including their 195 flat fee) This year we got it for 70per night not incliding the flat fee. Regal was much more than that both rentals were for a 2 bdrm.

04-21-2006, 05:33 PM
I don't have any experience with either, in fact have considered Vistana but there are such mixed reviews I worry about it and am trying to get into the new Fairfield at Bonnet Creek without paying Disney prices.
My reason for responding, other than to get the feedback on Vistana, is to let you know about other rental options. Redweek(dot)com, Tug (TimeshareUsersGroup)-specifically(add the prefix yourself since I'm new here) tug1(dot)org/tugads/1 and others besides the last minute dumping grounds like Skyauction. I was surprised that Sam's Club's price is as low as many of the rentals on Vistana if you're leery of the third party. I actually like the idea of helping out someone who won't get to use their week, and they're helping me out with a good price on a larger villa vs. hotel for my family. :grouphug:
Really, I'm not an owner, in fact the only times I've stayed in timeshares have been once post 9/11 with Skyauction at Disney, and another on a 3 night discounted rate if you tour deal. I'd never buy retail, and rentals are really a better deal than maintenance costs and membership fees at this point in our lives.

04-23-2006, 01:20 PM
We've never stayed at either, but have visited both..

I can tell you this much, though..the Vistana is going to be much closer for you in terms of traveling time. :moped: :moped:

Thanks for the info. Does anyone have any idea about the actual drive time from Regal Palms to Disney?

I checked on Mapquest and it said 22 minutes to EPCOT. I thought it would be longer considering how many lights and traffic there probably will be on 192.


04-28-2006, 04:17 PM
I can tell you that our travel time from the Regal Palms to Disney is about 15- 20 min. in late January/early February, going north on rt 27 and then east on rt 192. Not bad at all...it was very quick actually! And the Regal Palms is beautiful with an awesome pool complex! :thumbsup2 :goodvibes