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Mom to 2
04-18-2006, 02:35 PM
We are planning our first garage sale, hoping to get rid of some of our stuff and make some money for our DW trip this Nov/Dec!! My question is that alot of the stuff we are selling are old baby clothes-pre-teen clothes. Now these clothes are just like new, you could wash and put back on the rack and no one would know!! Practically even thing I have is all name brand, because it is all I buy. What kind of prices do I put on these?? I have all my daughters dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, shorts etc. My daughter also just had a major growth spurt (she is 12) where she grew almost 4 inches and lost 15 lbs. None of her jeans (most from OLD NAVY, Aeropostle, Abercrombie, GAP) fit her. Most were at least $30.00+. I know people want a bargin but I would like to get a little something back for what I paid. What is a reasonable price for this sort of stuff??

Thanks for any advice,


04-18-2006, 02:41 PM
Hi Lory~

You may want to look into selling the name brand clothes on eBay because you might be able to get more money for them. I know that where we live, people don't pay much for clothes at garage sales. Last year, I had a table of clothes for babies and toddlers at my garage sale. Everything was 25 cents and I only sold 8 pieces of clothing! :confused3 I think eBay may be your best bet. :goodvibes

Hope this helps you! :goodvibes Have a great vacation! :Pinkbounc

04-19-2006, 07:13 AM
I can only offer my experiences from clothing all four of my kids in yard sale finds. If you price items very high, they won't sell. If I see clothing marked much over a dollar, I usually just go on to the next sale, where they are probably 50 cents.

The advice above to use a resale store or eBay if you want to get much more than that is good. Also, church consignment sales seem to go higher. Even there, though, if you price too high, it won't sell.

Sad to pay $30 and get 50 cents back. That's why I always just bought things used to begin with. If the clothing gets ruined by messy kids, it's not so painful.

Good luck.


04-19-2006, 07:23 AM
By the way, if you are selling bigger things like bikes, I've found they sell better and for more money on Craigslist, than yard sales.

Good luck.

04-19-2006, 08:23 AM
I don't know here in Central Illinois, my daughter is 14 and her clothes are the first to go. I do price them low, but not that low.

I had a garage sale two weekends ago, and made about 1000- on mostly clothes.

Aeropostle/American Eagle items-2.00-4.00
Abercrombie tops-4.00 easy
Abercrbombie pants-4.00-5.00 easy
Nicer "church outfits"-6.00-8.00 easy. Nobody even tried to "jew" me down!

My son's clothes (boys)
Abercrombie 3.00
Levi's 3.00
American Eagle 3-5.00

I tried the consignment shops around here..and my garge sale usually seem more profitable because the consignment shops here take 50 or 60 %...and if they don't sell in the first month, they reduce the selling price 25% and if they are not gone in the second month they reduce the selling rice 50%..so sometimes i am getting a few dollars for a NAMeBRand item!

Mom to 2
04-19-2006, 09:13 AM
Thanks so much everyone! I was thinking of putting around $5.00 on the pants but I didn't know if that was an appropriate amount. They're are definitely worth it and it's not like I NEED to get rid of the clothes, so if it dont sell it is no big deal, but the less I have to put back in storage the better! I think I will put around $3.00 on the shirts then. Unfortunately we live in a smaller town and the sale is really the only way to get rid of the stuff unless I give it to the thrift store.
I have been thinking about Ebay but I didn't know if it is too complicated to do :confused3 Do any of you's use ebay?? Is it fairly easy??



04-19-2006, 09:20 AM
If you have a consignment shop near by, you could try them as well. I have a gargage sale every year (mostly to sell DD's clothes) the same people come! I sell my name brand new things on Ebay, but anything that looks even slightly worn goes in the garage sale (really worn is trashed). I have had no luck with Old Navy, but other brands usually go quickly especially Gymboree. I argee with OP Katie regarding the prices. I usually sell all of my clothes too. Good Luck.

04-19-2006, 01:18 PM
I've sold Gymboree dresses and outfits on Ebay averaging $8-$10...I would never get that at a garage sale. I haven't been successful with other brands so I don't even bother