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04-17-2006, 06:46 PM
I'm going to be staying there next month for a week. Any opinions you have either good or bad are most appreciated.

Is anyone else going to be there next month, perhaps we could meet up and you could buy me a cup of coffee.. :rotfl2: :surfweb: :wave2:

I see a lot of threads about the "vistana" is that the same place? This will be my first time back to WDW in 25 years and hubby has never been, so I'd be willing to bet that things have changed...just a tad... :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

04-17-2006, 07:37 PM
I've stayed there a number of times, and am sure you'll have a good time. They have some newer units, and some a little older. The older units were being re-habbed last time I was there, and I don't know if they've finished or not. So my suggestion would be to ask for a new or re-habbed unit.

Grande Vista is one of 6 Marriott timeshares in the area.
Vistana is a Sheraton timeshare. Actually, there are 2 Sheraton Vistanas - Sheraton Vistana Villages and Sheraton Vistana Resort.

04-17-2006, 11:39 PM
My family of 6 just spent a terrific week at Marriott Grande Vista. The whole place has a pleasant and easy going atmosphere. The pools were terrific. The room was spacious, we had a 2 bedroom, we were on the 1st floor so the porch was screened in which was the only thing I did not like, but we had plenty of room, 3 tv's, large kitchen area. The onsite store is a bonus, good selections and prices on everything from beer to candy and breakfast sandwiches were cheap. I founf getting around via I-Drive hassle free and both WDW and US/IOA were easy trips.

04-18-2006, 04:47 PM
Thank you for all the information, I appreciate it. I had wanted to go to this place for about 3 years ever since I first saw it in a marriott brochure, so I'm very excited about going there. I'll be sure to ask for a new or re-fabbed room, thanx again for the info.