View Full Version : Culligan Water Bottles

04-17-2006, 11:05 AM
Since everyone is always trying to save money on drinks at Disney, thought I would post this question here....Has anyone tried the Culligan Filtered Water bottles? I know everyone says the Brita Fill and Go are not available anymore, except on e-bay so found the Culligan ones and decided to order one. Everyone says the water at Disney is terrible, and I don't want to dish out $2.50 every time we are thirsty for bottled water. We are going June 9-15, so am sure it will be extremely hot down there and we will be wanting lots of water. The Culligan bottle was $9.99 for 16oz and filter says it is good for 150 refills. Just curious to know if anyone has tried this one. Model is SB-2. Thanks for any info! :sunny: