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04-14-2006, 05:53 PM
I will refer to my DDs as DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4 (14, 12, 8, & 6)

Day 5 St. Thomas April 5, 2006

We awoke at 7:00 and were all in the Disney Theater by 7:30. The line moved very fast. We were out in 10 minutes. We went up to Topsiders. The views of the Harbor in St. Thomas are much prettier than St. M. There was a huge ship in front of us and one pulled in behind us. Costa Magica in front and RCCL in back.
We had a quick breakfast and took pictures. TS was more crowded since EVERYONE was forced to get up. We went back to the cabin and grabbed water bottles and snacks and sunscreen and headed out with the masses.

We knew we wanted to go to Coral World/Coki Beach. When we got off the ship men were asking us where we wanted to go. The first man took us to a second who took our family of 6 and a family of 3 in one of the open air “taxi” trucks. The view of the area was good.

DH and I are going back to St. T in 2 months and I wanted us to assess if we were brave enough to rent a car. NOT SURE. It was not a bad drive to CW/CB. Both were busy when we got there.

I’d printed discount coupons off their web site and left them at home. ($3 off adults $1 of kids $14 for all of us.) SO it as $18 per adult and $9 per kid $90. A Family Annual Membership was $75. We are now members of Coral World on St. Thomas and can go for free until 4/5/2007 :rotfl2: . We rented a locker for $3 and stashed our towels and took in the park in little over an hour. It was neat. Think of it as a zoo for Marine animals. We could have stayed longer. We were HOT and the beach looked incredible.

When we entered Coki Beach locals tried to rent us chairs and braid the girls hair BUT NOT AS BAD AS ON St. Maarten. IN FACT IT WAS MUCH MORE AMERICAN. We did pay $10 for 2 chairs under a tree for shade. We rented 2 mask and snorkels for another $10. The were good quality. The water was the most beautiful of St. M, St. T and (getting ahead) Castaway Cay. It was near perfect, except it was a little crowded, BUT not as crowded as CC. We took turns snorkeling. We had a set for the younger DDs. There is a great rock wall you can swim around. We’d brought a cool float. It stores flat in a circle that pops out and you blow up just a “ring” round the out side and a pillow. We used it to avoid fatigue. We took some underwater pix there and planned to do some at CC too. We’d told the taxi man we’d like to be picked-up @2:30. HE was there. We did head out then to get back without feeling rushed. (It was $50 each way).

We’d gotten good lunch Cheese burgers and generous cheese pizza at a food stand right near the Coral World entrance for about $6 per person. We’d talked about taking food from the ship BUT with Pirate Night the night before we did not have time to plan ahead. NEXT TIME I WOULD I THINK BECAUSE 6X$6 = $36 and that ‘s a lot more than free)

We were dropped at Heavensight Mall and DH took DDs 2 & 4 back and I took DDs 1 & 3 shopping. We bought a few things for friends and were on deck 9 in 45 minutes.

DDs 2,3&4 swam in the Mickey for an hour. There was a sailaway party and the ship’s horn interrupted the band before sail time. It blew two more times. DH learned that several family were late! DH and I watched as The Magic pulled out from between the two big ships we were parked between. Everyone on the RCCL was on deck watching us. Our horn blew for real and they blew back and we blew back and they blew back and we sailed away.

Dh and I went to Palo for supper. DDs 2 & 3 went to dinner alone. DD1 disappeared, we fed DD4 room service while we dressed.

Palo was wonderful. I’ll skip what we had. It was ALL GREAT. HOWEVER, forgive me, the Chocolate Soufflé was good, but not as fantastic as I expected??? I would never miss it. We had a great table by the windows but the sun set on the other side of the ship. Peter Pan, Mr. Smid, sp? And Captian Hook came by!!! AND THE PEOPLE AT THE TABLE NEXT TO US, who we’d never met, ARE FROM OUR TOWN. Our DD3 was in 1st grade with their DS!! His office is 2 miles from our house and her parents live across the street from my dearest aunt!!

We met DDs at the braiding station where only DD3 was getting a half head. ($26 not bad)

We went to Family “Who wants to be a Mousekteer” but we were not picked “TONIGHT”.

Got youngest DD from OC and went to bed!!!

Verandah Man
04-14-2006, 06:32 PM
Enjoying your TR, I was able to get caught up on days 4 & 5 tonight!!! :thumbsup2

04-14-2006, 09:00 PM
Sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but did you take a camcorder? I'm thinking that I would hate to drag it around everywhere but I would also hate not having it - what did you do?

04-15-2006, 12:33 PM
Sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but did you take a camcorder? I'm thinking that I would hate to drag it around everywhere but I would also hate not having it - what did you do?

So many people helped me out. I can't imagine how different our crusie would have been if not for this board.(FOR THE WORSE)

We have a smaller digital camcorder. Not tiny BUT smaller. We took it and the camera bag ( about the size of a adult shoe box) because it held the extra tapes and recharger stuff.) DH carried it on/off. He shot lots of tape. We did not take it to the beach in St. M or St. T. A lot of what he shot is not what I would have wanted BUT that's typical for us. He shot the deck parties, lots of shaking. SOMEDAY we'll enjoy looking back on the trip and seeing how much the girls have grown etc. You won't find it on any websites (I don't think) He may try to edit it. He can burn it onto DVDs with his computer. I'm glad we took it. I believe that you can't have too many pictures!!
We had one of my "old" 35mm, 3 digitals, 7 underwater disposables, and 2 disposables! AND I bought 15 8x10's and 10 6x8's = $300+
I can't wait to her your TR!!
I am thinking about the people on Deck 9 RIGHT NOW trying out Topsiders and the Mickey pool about to sail to the Southeast!! :banana:

04-15-2006, 03:56 PM
Did any of your girls have problem with sea sickness? Did you give them any medicine for it?

04-15-2006, 04:43 PM
Can hardly wait for Day 6. Our first cruise is coming up Sept 29 - I have learned so much from this site. My husband and son will be so impressed (I hope).

04-16-2006, 04:27 PM
Did any of your girls have problem with sea sickness? Did you give them any medicine for it?

I had everyone take a non-drowsy med (we had several brands but they are all the same thing) except Rachel who is too small Saturday morning before we left the hotel. I gave Rachel regular Draminine. When we left port we could feel the boat moving and it was a bit eerie. We decided to take another. (It was close to 12 hours later and the label said 1 or 2 every 24 hours.) We continued to take one every 12 hours for about half the cruise. I gave Rachel her meds less than called for since one only last 4 - 6 hours. She asked for some during the frist 2 or 3 days but never after. I was really worried because I have bad ears and suffer from vertigo sometimes when I lay down at night. I had no problems and we had "rough" seas for about 24 hours.

No one ever felt sick or anything close. It was just a new feeling. I needed something the first 2 nights home. When I laid down I felt funny.

I should have given it to DD3 one for the ride home as she gets car sick. Halfway home she started throwing-up. (3 pullover, clean ups) No one else ever got sick so it HAD TO BE her car sick tendency.

04-17-2006, 10:38 PM
How long of a cab ride was it to Coki Beach? We are on the May 13th Eastern Caribbean cruise, travelling with 4 children as well, 2 boys, 2 girls. Thanks,

Margaret :woohoo: