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04-06-2006, 11:30 PM
Before I go any farther, I must make a confession.

Hello, my name is Dana, and I am a Looney Tunes collector. :guilty:

Or rather, I WAS a Looney Tunes collector. Now I must admit that I have been won over from the ''dark side'' :darth: and now the force is with me. :goodvibes

I have become completely and totally addicted to - and in love :love: with - this discussion board.

I have almost a year to go before our trip and I am here EVERY DAY reading all the posts of you wonderful DISers. I am so glad I found this place. It has become my home... um... while I'm at home! :rotfl2:

Anyway... just wanted to let you guys know... :disrocks:

04-06-2006, 11:57 PM
oh, i totally agree! Before we planned our last trip Disney, I wouldn't even hardly read the boards because my OCD nature would have me flipping out about "missing something" or not doing it right! After we got back from our trip in Feb, I have been on here just about every day! I love reading mostly, and love when I can contribute a meaningful post to help someone else have the best trip ever! Disboards Rock!!

04-07-2006, 07:58 AM
What part of february did you go? We are planning a trip for first week of feb 2007. I would love to know about the weather and the lines and the times of park openings/closings. I've read that some things closer earlier in the off season. Is Illuminations done any earlier because it gets dark earlier in Feb? We are thinking about doing a specialty cruise and would like to do it while the fireworks and such are going on.

04-07-2006, 11:40 AM
We went Feb 12-Feb 17. We found it to be busy (is WDW ever slow???) but not awful at all! There were lines, but I know it couldn't possibly have been like their peak Summer Time. The longest lines we encountered were Space Mountain, Soarin', and Test Track. Every where else was just a normal wait to me (20 mins or less). We stayed onsite, and took advantage of the EMH. At the EMH's for MK, we got onto Pirates, Small World, Teacups, Snow White, and Philharmagic with NO WAIT. At the AK, we got right onto the safari with a 5 min wait. That was great! I would encourage you to evaluate for yourself if you want to do the late park hours. We did those, but wouldn't probably do them again. Most people are not willing to get up an extra hour early to party, but most people ARE willing to stay up an extra hour to party. So, we found the EMH to be much better for us. We were very pleased with our trip. We aren't commando planners, but we did have a strategy. We looked at the park maps, and decided what we wanted to do. If we didn't get it all done, we took our last day and completed our strategy. The ONLY ride we didn't get to do (as part of our strategy) was Test Track because it was closed the day we went. The only show we didn't get to see was Country Bear's Jamboree because it was closed. As part of our strategy, we decided each night where we would counter service the next day. That way we weren't wandering around looking for food, and we could plan our walking around where we would land for lunch. That's the MOST planning we did, plus making our ADR's in Oct. We were very flexible about the when, and the where we would go. Because I have older kids (preteen, and teenager), we could flex and go without naps. Well, ONE of us had a nap...but that was because I was getting over a hospital stay! :) Anyway, we loved it. We were planning on going back in Dec, and had made tentative plans, and were starting to save....but then this mean trick of FREE Magic Your Way dining came up...and who can resist that? :cheer2: We did the MYW Dining in Feb, and couldn't have been more pleased. So...that was our Feb experience! OH, and while we were down there, Fl set record lows! GRRRR We took a fleece into the park every day, and just put it in our backpack when it got too warm. You have fun!!!

*edited to add* I do not know about the fireworks because we didn't plan well for those. We ended up not seeing any night shows except Fantasmic (MGM). We definitely enjoyed that!

04-07-2006, 03:40 PM
Thanks for the info! Glad you and your crew had a good time. I'll make sure we take some light jackets into the park for when it gets cooler. We are gonna have to plan our park visits around character meals since this is a b-day trip for my daughter.