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Pluto's Honey
04-04-2006, 02:25 PM
When I booked my trip I took out trip insurance and was wondering about hurricanes during that time. It is the 21 - 25 of september and I was only thinking about flying and lost luggage but didn't think about the weather. Has anyone dealt with thid? If there is bad wheather do they make it right or are we just out. :confused3

04-04-2006, 03:01 PM
I did get the ins. thru Disney and now that I saw that other post I'm going to investigate other options...but my question is for those who have been down there with hurricanes lurking etc. What does Disney do if there is a hurricane and your stuck in your room for 36 hours....food, refund wise (if park is closed) etc. I have 3 small kids...should I plan on bringing a flashlight, games etc...if there is a hurrican on the horizon while we are there? I know maybe I'm crazy....as excited :banana: as I am about free dining some of these posts are making me crazy with worry now :confused3 !

If your flights are messed up I'm assuming they work with you to accomadate you for a longer stay if necessary (i realize you may have to move resorts).

I don't know much about airline industry, but if they cancel the flight due to weather then they need to get you on another flight? I'm not soo worried about flight $ simply because we fly out of NY and Jet Blue is pretty inexpensive compared to what some of you have to pay...but now I'm wondering about this whole hurricane scenario and how that would play out.

Let me know your thoughts....thanks

04-04-2006, 03:17 PM
We had reservations in September 04 for a week at the SSR. We were supposed to arrive on a Saturday at 1:30 on Friday evening we heard that MCO was closing at 2pm. We would have been one of the last flights in. At 10pm on Friday night we changed our flight to leave at 7am Saturday instead. I'd rather be stuck in WDW during a hurricane than at home miserable wishing I was there. We were stuck in the room for less than 24 hours. You could barely here anything outside. The resort was built to withstand the storm. As soon as it was clear enough to go outside (of course we had to hold onto the small children it was still pretty windy) we walked down to the main building and they had games and characters for the children. The next day we went to MK and the park was spotless they cleaned up really well. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The CM's left us plenty of flashlights in our room. Our friends were at SSR for the hurricane that came before ours and they actually missed their flight home because of it. They had to stay at SSR a few extra days (what a pity) because of the MCO closing. SSR was more than happy to accomodate them.

04-04-2006, 03:30 PM
We were due to go 2 days after the predicted hurricane. Disney & JetBlue (most airlines do this) allowed us to make changes without any fees. We changed it by one day and didn't have any problems.

I just booked also for mid Sept. and wanted to get some info on the insurance. The disney rep. told me that if you cancel from 45 days-7 days you loose $100, within 6 days you loose $200. Does anyone know if that fee is per person? :grouphug:

04-04-2006, 10:02 PM
Did you lose power? Did they let you stock up on food for those 24 hours?
How did the kids do?

I had heard that MK recovered quickly...

I also spoke to Jet Blue today and she reassured me that work with you re: flight changes due to storms of this type.

I'll wait to hear what any others share, but you've made me feel better already. :)

04-05-2006, 08:32 AM
They allowed us to change our flights/hotel with no penalty to arrive after the hurricane.

I called the company that provides the insurance to Disney and they only cover you in a hurricane if you have to be evacuated.

No worries.. We'll all ask for some pixie dust to be sprinkled!! :wizard:

04-05-2006, 09:09 AM
DH and I went last September and are going again this September. Last year we drove through Hurricane Ophellia...once we got to Disney, the weather was absolutely beautiful!

04-05-2006, 08:17 PM
We where there during Wilma at BWV. They closed all the parks in the am monday. They had a Breakfast, and a lunch for us. We when to the lunch at 12 noon , it was great. They open the parks at 1 pm.

04-06-2006, 09:38 AM
We were also there during Wilma last year. We were told that if it is a hurricane that will heavily hit Orlando (which Wilma was not) then they run the resorts on a very limited number of staff so that they can be home with their families. In that case menu options will be very limited but there will be something available. We did not receive maid service that day, but that didn't matter to us, it did bother some though. Once you're there it is no big deal. I would be more concerned with options at the airports.

04-06-2006, 11:02 AM
My wife and I went to WDW in September when Hurricane Frances just went through. Our trip was delayed 1 day because, well it was still there. But we were the first plane to land in Orlando (United are some crazy people). We did the WDW and Cruise Package. We got $200 shipboard credit since there was a delay and I didn't think we got anything on land, except that there were very little people at the parks. That was awesome, we were able to go to every park in 3 days and on every ride, and check out everything. I say if you like to gamble hurricane season is the best time to go because not a lot of people go at that time and the prices are A LOT cheaper. But we didn't get any money back for our day out on land. We didn't get insurance and didn't need it. Like I said we did get $200 shipboard credit. (Which they announced over the entire ship, that was kind of cool it was like I was in school again.):cool1:

WDW 9/04
DCL Wonder 9/04
Soon to come:
DCL Magic Mediterranean 8/07 :banana:

04-06-2006, 01:52 PM
I was at CBR for Jeanne in Sept 2004. From reading here I realize that CBR was completely opposite of SSR. We had a horrible time with check in, the CM's at registration never mentioned the hurricane to us, nor did they inform us that all restaurants would be closed and we should stock up on provisions. CM's simply told us our room would be ready at 2:00 and we should go check out a park while we wait. At the bus stop other guests were talking about how PR (Port Royale) was running out of bread and water. We high tailed it over to the shop and managed to get a loaf of bread, jelly, sodas and waters. Now we were loaded down and couldn't go to a park, we decided to wait for our room. At 2:00 we called for our room number (as instructed by the CM). Our room wasn't ready and we should call back in 15 min. (We were fine with this as actual check in time wasn't until 3:00) We called at 2:15 - room not ready call in 10. Called in 10 - room not ready, call in half an hour. 2:55, room not ready call in 15, called at 3:10, room not ready call in 20. Finally reservations requested that mousekeeping check on room. Mouskeeping came and went. We called after we saw her radio. Room still not ready, call in 15. We called in 15, and the room was STILL not ready! It was 4:00-ish and we were hot, tired, and frustrated. My 18 month old was restless and nobody was feeling any magic. DH called front desk and spoke with several CM's. CM's offered to switch rooms for us as all of the other rooms in the building were marked ready, but ours still wasn't. We had to trek up to main house, get new room keys and back to our building. We checked in at 5:00, and headed up to Epcot. Park was closing at 6:00 for the hurricane, so we grabbed a quick bite and headed back to our room to hunker down for the night. We did not have ONE flashlight provided to us, and really the CM's that we talked to all had a "Hurricane is coming - nothing we can do attitude" (Actually when we asked something of a CM at the registration house he said that to us!) There were characters in Port Royale after 7pm that night, which was nice, but the frenzy of everyone around us, crazy lines, and just horrible overall atmosphere really got us down.

As far as the Hurricane itself, it was fine. The buildings are strong and the wind didn't seem bad at all. Damage was cleaned up promptly and the parks were almost spotless Monday when they opened up (a little later than usual due to the storm) By 6:00 or so on Sunday PR was open again and restaurants were serving a limited menu. We grabbed some pizzas, visited with characters and headed back to the room.

What we learned:
In Crisis situation - don't depend on Disney to supply staples. (Use a service that will stop at a grocery store on your way in)
Service - You get what you pay for. Those staying at Deluxe resorts seemed to receive more individual care in hurricane prep. We haven't been back since Jeanne in 2004, but are going again in October 2007. We will only stay at Deluxe from now on because of this added service.
Avoid Hurricane Season as much as possible.

I believe that our experience would have been MUCH better if we had gotten groceries on our way in and also if we'd stayed at a different resort. I don't think it was just us and our attitude either, as all of the guests at CBR who were at PR felt the same way we did.

We never lost power during the hurricane, we did each receive one day of park hopper plus passes that have no expiration date to make up for the day that the park was closed.