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04-03-2006, 12:38 AM
Looking at going during free dining. DH may or may not be joining us and I have three kids so I am looking at either CR or POR. I am definitely a hotel snob. I have only stayed onsite at the Poly. In a regular motel type place DD and I both have a hard time sleeping with a door leading to outside. What I am trying to gather is if the WDW properties are that much of a step up say from a place you would go to on the road with outside hallways, or if I should spring the $700 difference and stay deluxe. We have stayed at a Ramada Limited with outdoor corridors vs a Hampton Inn with indoor for instance and both slept great at Hampton vs not sleeping well at all at Ramada.

I also think it may be worth it in order to make ease of reaching other restaurants a reality. Going to another resort from the CR sounds a heck of a lot easier than trying it from POR.

So, talk to me about hotel quality, please. That is my main question.

04-03-2006, 05:57 AM
CSR is a large resort that does not share services with other resorts and offers some deluxe amenities because it is a convention resort.

CSR has a salon, spa, and a gym that other moderates do not offer. CSR has full menu room service and offers an internal shuttle system provided by golf carts to assist in getting to and from the main building to the villages.

It is also the only mod to offer suites.

CSR is situated around a 15 acre lake and CBR is situated around a 45 acre lake.

CSR has terrific transportation. It does not share with any other resort (like POR / POFQ) and it only has 4 bus stops within the resort (vs 8 at CBR). And since CSR is centrally located, you'll have a quick ride to all the parks.

And being a convention resort, the buses seem less crowded because guests are busy with their conventions.

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CSR has the best pool of the mods and probably the second best on WDW property. Best mod pool (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=830638). It offers a great slide (123 ft long), an arcade, a sand volleyball court, and a playground at the main pool area.




Review from mousesavers.com!! (http://www.mousesavers.com/wdwresortfacts.html#moderate)

Coronado Springs is my Best Value choice in the Moderate category. It has several advantages compared with the other Moderate resorts. It is newer, so there has been less wear-and-tear on everything. Also, Coronado Springs is a convention hotel, so it has a few extra amenities not offered at the other Moderates, including a salon, a health club and a more upscale food court.

The theming is radically different in the three areas of Coronado Springs. You can request a specific area when booking but there is no guarantee you'll get your request.

The Spanish-style Casitas at Coronado Springs are very peaceful, with courtyards featuring tiled fountains. Casitas Buildings 1, 3 and 2 (in that order) are the closest to the restaurants and services. Casitas Building 4 contains the salon and health club, if those are important to you.
The Cabanas at Coronado Springs have a beachy Caribbean feeling. Cabanas Building 8A is very close to the feature pool, which may be a blessing (convenience) or a curse (noise, light). Cabanas Building 9B is closest to the marina and relatively convenient to the restaurants and services.
The Ranchos at Coronado Springs feel quiet and secluded -- some would say isolated -- and feature desert landscaping and pueblo-style architecture. They look closest to the main pool on a map, but in actuality they are separated from the rest of the property by a swamp, so it can be a fairly long walk from these buildings to the pool, and a very long walk to the restaurants.

04-03-2006, 06:33 AM
It sounds like you would rather go with CR ;). I feel that you will be disapointed with the POR. While the mods are nice, the deluxes are ALOT nicer IMHO! Dont just look at the $700 more for the deluxe, look at all the money you are going to save with the free dinning!!! :banana:

04-03-2006, 08:34 AM
We have stayed at the POR in the past and we were not impressed at all! For the extra, I would go with a Deluxe. HTH

04-03-2006, 11:14 AM
Thanks for the info! Yeah, basically what I needed to know was the level of difference between the CR and POR. After I typed this I was also thinking about the whole dining options available to me and just the size difference too. If I am going to be there alone part of the week, I would rather have a little easier access to the areas we will need to get to.

Buzz, the CSR looks awesome, but I am basically going to need to make a reservation at places which can sleep 5 in case DH does come along. As I understand it, I can only do that at POR in the moderate category.