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04-01-2006, 09:10 PM
Had a really fun time! Unfortunately, the weather was a bit chilly 'til the day before we left, but we spent the day on the beach under one of those canopy lounge chairs for 2.

We stayed in the Inn portion of the place overlooking the parking lot (the beach view was a few points more - next time I will do that). My DD has been complaining about the uncomfortable sofa beds from past vacations. Well, these beds were VERY comfy. The only prob, was the lack of privacy! There is a micro, fridge, coffee maker and toaster in the room. No laundry facilities.

And, there is A VERY BIG PROB - they don't give you towels again until the 4th night. I was on a constant search for more towels (since we couldn't wash them ourselves). I took some off the maid's cart and brought some back from the beach. This is totally ridiculous! If we had a washer and dryer, we would wash them, but WE DIDN'T! I am going to tell Disney that something needs to be done when you stay in the inn.

We ate at Shutters three times - once for breakfast (wanted those Mickey waffles) and 2 dinners. Food was good, service was fine. The gradefruit chicken was great. The prime rib just fair. Thank goodness we had the DDE card - 20% off (because it wasn't worth it otherwise)...

Ate brunch at Sonya's. The food was certainly not extraordinary (the staff kept saying it would be). It was standard brunch fare. The service that day was ok, not great. (Hubby had to ask for coffee 3 times!) There was a nice selection of food, but again, no better than any other buffet. DDE was accepted here too.

We went 'off campus' to Squid Lips in Sebastin (about 10 miles away on the water). The place was great! There were Early Bird specials for appetizers, drinks and dinners. We had the chicken wings and calamari (hubby loved that). For dinner, he had the scallops wrapped in bacon and DD and I had cocunut shrimp. We ended with a terrific chocolate cake ($3 here as opposed to about $7-8 - I forgot -- at Shutters). Would definitely go here again. Locals and visitors come and everyone leaves full and happy.

Hope this helps some who plan to visit Vero.


04-01-2006, 09:18 PM
Thanks going next week...What is a DDE As for the towels...each day you just bring some up from the pool. Everyone does it.

04-02-2006, 07:48 AM
Disney Dining Experience. This is available for Annual Pass Holders and FL Residents.

Yeah, I guess marching around loooking for towels isn't a biggie, but it's crazy for them to think there are enough when you don't have a washer!!!!

04-02-2006, 08:42 AM
...(snip)...Yeah, I guess marching around loooking for towels isn't a biggie, but it's crazy for them to think there are enough when you don't have a washer!!!!Staying in the Inn is no different from staying in a studio in one of the Villa buildings (or at a WDW DVC resort). Those do not have washers & dryers, either. Towels are not replaced on a daily basis at any DVC resort unless you pay for it.

There is a free guest laundry on the top floor of the Inn. (It has a nice view of Indian River from the windows).

If you don't want to wash towels, you may choose to pay $6 per extra set, pay for daily Trash & Towel or pay for daily full cleaning. These are the same options available to anyone staying on points at a DVC Resort.

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