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04-01-2006, 03:51 PM
Hi everyone! This is my first post on Disboards, but my husband is a member and he figured maybe someone could help!

1. How do the Professional Internships work? Is it like the College Program where you take a semester off from school to work at WDW, or is it flexible around a school schedule? I'll be a Junior at UCF, so I can't take a semester off from school.

2. Are there deadlines/what are they for Professional Internships? What kinds of roles are available? What kind of commitment do I need to make in regards to days a week and times?

3. Can I get hired for part-time with Disney for the summer with Disney knowing I'll only be working for about 2-2 1/2 months? I'll still want an internship there in the fall or spring. (I'll have school, so I can't do seasonal; I can't be available 24/7.)

4. Is it best for me to work part-time in the summer (from May to August) (while taking, possibly, a class or two at UCF) and then work as an intern in the fall or spring?

5. At casting, is there a space on the application for a Guest Service role, such as at City Hall at Magic Kingdom, or Guest Services at another park? If not, how do I apply for that role/what are the qualifications needed?

6. I used to work at WDW in 2004, and left for medical reasons. Now, as long as I have medicine on me, I'm fine. I want to get my foot back in the door again because I want to work for the Disney Company for my career, long-term. What part-time position and internship allows the most advancement opportunities throughout the company, not just at WDW, for the future?

7. If I work part-time, it may just be for the summer. It is possible (maybe) to work my class schedule around a 2-day-a-week part-time role during the school year. a) If I were working part-time, would I have to quit in order to apply for an internship? b) If I were working part-time, would I have to quit in order to have an internship? c) As a college student in their Junior year, after my internship, would it be best to get another part-time role until I graduate and then get a full-time role once I graudate? (Would it hurt if, after my internship, I didn't apply again for a role unitl after I graduate?

8. How much does it help throughout the company that I worked part-time/ as an intern at WDW?

9. What roles require a college degree at WDW? I will have a degree in Communications.

10. How do you get a position at the Art of Disney (either at Epcot or Downtown Disney)?

Thanks for any advice!!!