View Full Version : CR tower CHEAPER than garden standerd at tripres.com

03-31-2006, 02:26 PM
I was just looking around tripres.com and found a CR tower room for May 21-23 at 762.26 with tax. The garden standard room was 944.10. I don't know what the regular prices are,if this is a good price someone must have entered the prices in backwards. Hope this helps someone. Better jump on it before they fix it.

03-31-2006, 03:32 PM
I just jumped on it for my dates in June......I'll update as soon as I know whether the ressie went through.....


03-31-2006, 03:42 PM

Well, tripres.com just called me back & said that there was no availability........Surprise Surprise....... :rolleyes2

03-31-2006, 04:19 PM
I just attempted another ressie at this rate for a different set of dates when I KNOW that there is availability at the CR in a MK Tower room.......

We'll see what happens.....

03-31-2006, 04:28 PM
I just looked it up and they have wing rooms for my date when no one else including disney shows no availability. Does anyone have any experience good or bad with this site? I am very tempted but knowing nothing about them makes me cautious.

03-31-2006, 04:35 PM
Well, my second request failed......

I know that Disney had availability for a tower room for the last set of dates that I submitted to Tripres.com.

My conclusion......Tripres is a scam.

I should add that they did have availability at the ASMo for $190 a night...... :sad2:

Colorado DISers
03-31-2006, 05:39 PM
Tripres is a scam :smooth: site. A couple of friends of ours tried using them because of the great deals they saw. The great rates were never available and they tried to con them into some other "great" deal. Buyer beware!

03-31-2006, 09:13 PM
Sorry, I didn't know anything about them. Just say them mentioned on a post here and went to have a look.

04-01-2006, 07:12 AM
Glad I didn't bite then!! I just sooooo want to be at the Contemporary in June! Thankfully we do have a room at the Polynesian but that really isn't our favorite.
Thanks for the heads up!!