View Full Version : Wish a friend well - and the best excursion!

03-30-2006, 08:39 PM
We've taken 5 7-day Disney cruises; and on July 2003 had our best excursion ever in St. Martin! We did a private excursion through www.offshoresunsations.com and spent the day in Anguilla. It was wonderful! We went to private beaches, remote islands (google on "sandy island anguilla") and cruised across the ocean at 60mph. I became friends with the owner and we still occasionally exchange emails. I recently found out he is recovering (doing well) from recent quadruple bypass surgery. Shoot him a get well email at zippity@neo.rr.com. Although it was a private excursion, it provided even more "magic" to our vacation that year. If you visit the web site, click on testimonials and scroll down to July 2003, we're the folks from Iowa.