View Full Version : How to thank a REALLY good CM in MS?

03-29-2006, 09:44 PM
I will send a note. I will call and talk to a manager. Any other ideas? This CM went above and beyond at a time we really needed such kindness.

Maistre Gracey
03-29-2006, 10:18 PM
I think a note/letter to their supervisor is the best idea.
Something about a good ole' old fashioned letter (not email) that really speaks volumes. It shows the event was important enough for you to take the time and compose a letter.

Let us know how it works out! :smokin:


03-29-2006, 10:24 PM
A written letter is the best thanks you can give them and will be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup2

03-30-2006, 02:41 AM
What address do I use?

03-30-2006, 11:28 AM
WDW Guest Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-1000

Also, if this was a DVC CM you might want to cc the letter to Member Services.

CM's do get recognition for guest service letters so I am sure he/she will appreciate it very much.

03-30-2006, 11:33 AM
Ok, duh! I just re-read your post where you said it was a MS CM.

I think it would be:

Disney Vacation Club
ATT: Carli D'Agostino, Member Satisfaction Manager
200 Celebration Place
Celebration, FL 34747

I'm guessing it would still go to Carli but I would send it to the main WDW address too. Also, FWIW, you might want to include your member # with the rest of your contact info.

03-30-2006, 12:13 PM
I would write the above mentioned letter to management, but I would also purchase a thank you card and send it to the CM at the DVC address as well. I love it when my boss gets a compliment about me, but when I actually receive a thank you card it REALLY means alot. I keep them forever in a file and pull them out to re-read on difficult days. :)

03-30-2006, 12:40 PM
Okay, I've been on the boards waayyy too long - I was reading your post like you had an awesome CM on MISSION SPACE not MEMBER SERVICES.


Glad you spoke with a helpful CM though!

03-30-2006, 08:50 PM
I called MS and a manager suggested that I send a letter to the CMs supervisor. He gave me her name. I also asked if CMs are allowed to accept small gifts and he said "yes." So I think I will include a small gift card with my thank you note. Thanks to all for suggestions.

03-31-2006, 12:11 AM
All good advice, particularly for the situation where it is a MS (not M:S ;) ) CM.

What we do for any CM is carry around some thank-you cards. I can't remember where I saw them, but they are MS Word docs with 8 cards to a page. You can customize them - they have a Disney character and something like "Thank you for making our Disney experience even more magical". We have a few out each trip, and the CMs are uniformly appreciative - one young lady even got a little teary-eyed.

Of course, we also send official letters when warrented, but these are more immediate.