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03-29-2006, 11:17 AM
I really need some adivce on this hotel. This is the problem I am having:

I have always wanted to stay at the Poly, but it is 100.00 more a night vs a standard view at AKL. Which brings me to my other question. Is it worth it to even stay at the AKL without a savannah room? The savannah room is 70.00 more a night vs the standard parking lot view. We have also considered the WL but not quite sure what to do.

We have 2 kids ages 4 and 8 and they both love, love the animals. Transportation is not that important to us as we will have our own car if needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated. We have already booked the AKL standard room but now I am not so sure. :confused3

03-29-2006, 11:33 AM
There are plenty of places to see the animals at AKL even if you don't have a savannah view room. There are numerous public viewing places all around the hotel. So, not having a savannah view room won't prevent your kids from seeing the animals.

Other than that, AKL is a gorgeous hotel, wonderfully themed, beautiful rooms, has a great pool, lots of on-site activities, two wonderful restaurants and a decent quick service meal place. You will not be disappointed by your stay there, even in a standard view room.

03-29-2006, 11:38 AM
We did a last minute stay at AKL one time (we have stayed there many times it is one of our favorites), anyway, there were not any savannah views available...we said, oh well, we will try it anyway.

We loved it, almost as much as the savannah view..lol. There is just something special about AKL. The great pool area, nice childrens play area, beautiful rooms, wonderful lobby and excellent restaurants..all right there. It is so relaxing.

03-29-2006, 11:42 AM
I agree completely with what's been said!! Our kids, although having a savannah view, couldn't wait to run down the hall to the big picture windows and see what animals there were. We saw lots of animals from our patio, but in the morning (around 8 or 9) they would often call the animals in to clean the areas and put out food ... so there wouldn't be any to see at the time we were getting ready and dressing. That's why the kids couldn't wait to be dressed and go down the hall !!! There are benches to sit on by almost all windows too!

03-29-2006, 04:36 PM
If you can swing it, I'd fork out the extra money for the Savannah view. When we stayed at AKL we went through the same questions in our mind that you are. We ended up paying the extra, and were glad we did.

If your kids love animals, there is nothing like going out on your balconey to view them--it is awesome. Yes, there are viewing areas all over the hotel, but its just not the same as from the comfort of your own room. If you are going out into the public areas, you lose the sponteniety of wandering out on your veranda any time of the day or night. You have to depend on the animals being around the public areas when you happen to be there.

03-29-2006, 04:49 PM
Just got back from AKL and we had an awesome time. Kids are 4 & 6 and we paid extra for the savannah view room (The Kids were thrilled at first but very use to the magic by day 3). We saw more different animals out the windows and the kids LOVED running down the hall to the next set of windows with animals. You will not be disappointed in AKL and the transportation was fine for us(Liked not sharing with other resorts). Check out the availability and if not busy ask to be upgraded. I would stay again but not pay for the view and hope for upgrade, we would be looking for a different kind of magic next time but would definately do AKL over and over again. Be prepared to Walk ALOT but in a beautiful and friendly environment.

03-29-2006, 04:53 PM
The AKL is a great resort but the big draw for me to the AKL is the view of the animals. I think I would even go for a pool view but if I knew I was going to be staring off into the parking lot I would find another place to stay. Remember that AKL standard room is going to be much smaller than what you are use to at the Polynesian. What about maybe the Swan or Dolphin? Better location and view and they come out with some good rates.

If you really want the AKL than pay for the savannah view.

03-29-2006, 07:33 PM
I would not stay at AKL if I did not have a Savanahh view room. It's the only reason, in my opinion. I loved going out to my balcony, day or night, with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, in my robe, if I wanted. If I wanted to see a parking lot, I could do that for cheaper at another resort, in my opinion.

03-29-2006, 07:45 PM
Thank you all for your replys. I really think the kids would like to see the animals from the room each day but to be honest we really are in the room very little. As for paying for the extra money for the savannah room, I would just rather pay the 30.00 more for the poly.

Here is what we have through AAA (tax included and rounded up):

Poly garden view: 300.00
WL Courtyard view: 250.00
AKL Standard view: 200.00
AKL SV: 270.00

AKL standard view is by far the cheapest rate for a deluxe hotel. This is why we really thought this would be a good way to go and hope for an upgrade. We are going the week after Thanksgiving for 7nights and 8 days.

Another thing is that we love :love: eating at Boma's.

Thanks again for the help!

03-29-2006, 08:36 PM
Ak has the best buffet in Disney, BOMA's. You got to eat there.

03-30-2006, 09:19 AM
Anybody else with ideas or thoughts? :wave:


03-30-2006, 09:46 AM
We were here in Feb. We booked a standard room and we were upgraded to a pool view when we arrived for free. I would say that I would have liked the standard room parking lot just as well. We were hardly in the room at all and when we got back to the hotel each night there is soo much to do there that you end up walking around the hotel and doing all the activities anyway, so i would say just go for the standard room and maybe you will get lucky and be upgraded! If not, trust me, you will be fine. We loved it here so much and my 5 year old had the time of her life. They have activities almost every hour of the day for the kids and they earn African beads, my daughter loved this! Any questions just let me know! Oh, and make sure you book Boma for the breakfast buffet, it is wonderful!!!! It was our best meal of the week.