View Full Version : How does Tux Rental on Back-To-Back Cruises work?

03-26-2006, 10:00 PM
How does Tux Rental on Back-To-Back Cruises work? Do you have to put in two separate orders or is it one order for both cruises or what?

03-26-2006, 10:10 PM
As a suggestion....

.... why not just BUY a tux? I bought 2 tuxes on Ebay for about what it costs to rent one! Check out my photo link below and you can see them. USing ebay is easy - and I recommend you just select a seller who has a lot of tuxes for sale.... as buying fro a private party can be slightly dicey - but the money is so small - even a deadbeat seller will amount to no significant loss.

I paid under $25 per tux SET inclusive of shipping! Once you've found your size you can check off the completed listings box at the left to see the HISTORY of closed auctions to determine which sort of listings sold for however much - and you'll know what is OK for you to buy.

Here are a few active examples in my size....

current bid $15 for a GIORGIO ARMANI MANI TUX tuxedo COAT JACKET 40 R... this is tux only and is likely to go higher. item number 8398813636