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10-08-2001, 10:36 AM
Ok, that sounds weird, but I am writing a story about a girl who goes on a Disney Cruise. I started it because I didn't write a trip report, so I could just make up one. This is all I have so far, and I still have to edit it and since it's a diary seperate the entries, but maybe you guys could let me know how the report is.

April's Disney Cruise
I am so excited! Weíre leaving for Orlando in 3 days! First of all, Iím April McGuire Iím 11, and my best friend is Summer Johnson. Ok, now back to the important stuff. In 3 short days, we will be on a plane on our way to a 7-day tropical Disney Cruise!
Now, Iíve never had a diary/journal before so this vacation is going to be written down in every detail possible! Up to date thoughts, feelings and descriptions!
Ok, you thought I was excited before, but right now, I think Iím going to burst! Weíre leaving in 2 hours so we can spend the night in a hotel before going to the airport. We get to go there in a limo, and to the airport in a limo, but we donít fly first-class. Oh well, you canít have everything!
I think Iím all packed. Oh! Wait! My swimsuit!! Ok, now I have everything. Well, I gotta go for now, I wonít even try to write in the car. If Iím not to tired at the hotel, Iíll write some about the trip.
Gosh! I fell asleep in the car and Iím still tired, but I just canít sleep! We have to be at the airport at 8:30 tomorrow for our 9:00 flight. Goodnight!! J
Hello again! Right now Iím sitting in seat 14C, listening to my CD Player and waiting to take off. Mom just said she has a surprise for me when we get there, Hold on, gotta turn down the volume, the captian is coming on. Oh! Here we go!! Wow! Iíve flown before, but this plane is huge! Oooh! Now that the seatbelt light is off, we get breakfast! Yummy! Itís granola bars! Ewww! Bye! Iím going to take a napóif I can, and listen to music and look out the window. Well, I didnít fall asleep, but I kinda dozed off. Mom just said weíre landing in 5 minutes! Itís sunny out and it looks hot. I canít wait to see the bus!
Weíre off the plane and weíre with the Disney Cruise Line representative waiting for 15 more people so we can go on the bus. This is kind of boring, but hey! Were in our Disney Vacation! Yay!! Weíre leaving! Now, weíre on the bus waiting. Itís a really cool bus. The inside has bluish seats with Mickey anchors on it. Weíre in one of the front seats so we get cup holders. There is a bathroom in the very back, I think. All over there are TVís. For the movie I guess. Hey, our driver got on! Weíre about to go!!
Well, canít write long, but the movieís really cool! I wonít spoil it though! OMG!! The Wonder is HUGE!! We are almost at the terminal and it is 11:25. Dad said we should be able to board right when we get there. The terminal is really cool! Itís huge and very beautiful!! They have a model of the Magic in the middle. Where you go to board the ship the gate has big and I mean big Mickey ears! Hold on, I want a picture with Goofy! K, Iím back! Right now, Iím sitting in a extremely comfy chair by the window waiting for dad to check us in.
Dude! That was cool! After we went through security with our new Key to The World cards (KTTW) We got our picture taken next to a huge sign with the cruise dates and a picture of Mickey. When we stepped onto the ship they asked us where we were form and our last name. Than a cast member (CM) announced over the microphone ďWe welcome the McGuire family from Pennsylvania!Ē Then everyone clapped for us. After we had boarded, we headed up to Parrot Cay on deck 3 and had the buffet. I had a turkey sandwich, some good fruit and dessert. Then we decided to head up to deck 7 to see if our room was ready. In the end, it had been ready for a while. Susan is our hostess, and she is extremely nice! She showed us our room and she will come in and clean it 2 times a day!! At night, while we are at dinner and the shows, she will come in and turndown the beds. The room is really nice. We have room 7631 which is an inside state room. That means there are no windows. There is a king bed, and a pull down Murphey bed for me. There is a small closet and dresser and the tv. Since we have a handi-capped room, we donít have a bathtub. Instead the water probably gets all over the floor! Lol! After we got settled, we had to get our life jackets and go to the boat-drill. Since we were in room 7631, our station letter was S. Anyways, You go in to your station (ours was Animators Palate) and tell them your state room number and then they tell you where to sit. You sit down and they sound a horn and go over safety stuff, then you can leave. After the drill, mom took me down to deck 5 to get registered for the Oceaneerís Lab. On the way there I had to go to the bathroom, and I must warn you, the toilets are LOUD!!!!!! I heard that the water travels at 125 mph to get through all the pipes! Anyways, we got to the club and signed me up, and guess what! I can sign myself in and out! That is soooooo cool! Then they let you look around, and it is awesome! The have a TV, K-nex, arts and crafts, computers, huge video games on a big screen TV, a science corner, a reading corner, and the counseleours are really cool! These are their names--Marilyn, Hayley, Brad, Robyn, Karen, Amaldo, Rhonda, Abu, and Lori. Theyíre all really nice. The kinda crappy part is you have to wear a wristband. Oh well! Anyways, we had the late seating so from 7-7:30 I played around in the club and made a friend! Well, two, sort-of. Jamie is from Wisconsin, and Amanda is from Florida! When I left, we went to Parrot Cay for dinner.

Well, thats all I wrote so far1 Do you like it?

10-08-2001, 09:13 PM
COOL so far!

10-08-2001, 11:49 PM
Awesome!! You are a really great writer! I am very impressed. You are making me even more excited to go than I already am.

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