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03-18-2006, 11:27 AM
Friday - Castaway Cay
Up at 7am. Breakfast at Parrot Cay. We knew we'd be late getting to CC because of the medical emergency stop in San Juan Wed. night. They told us Thurs. with rough seas we couldn't go fast enough to make up time. On Thurs they said we'd get there at noon but Fri. morning they said we'd be in around 10 and disembark at 11. We went to see the premeier of Shaggy Dog in the movie theatre at 8:30. Finished at 10:15 and went up on deck to watch us pull into CC. Very windy, I didn't think we'd make it but we did. We went ashore at 11:00 found chairs on the family beach. Devin found his friends and played till lunch. We ate at the buffet plenty of seating. We checked them into kids club and 10 min. later were paged for ds3. The counselors said they had not paged us, so we left him again. We rented bikes $6/hr. and rode out to Serenity Bay-looked very nice, they also have a buffet here. Our pager went off again and it's funny to watch all the parents grab theirs to see whose went off. The pager didn't text anything so we ignored it, later found out ds7 had paged us. We road the trail and headed back after 40 min. Stopped to look at the new stingray area- didn't go in the water but looked interesting. We sat on the beach till 3:45 and then picked up the kids. They closed down the food area and all but 1 drink station by 2:00. The bar and stores were still open of course. We packed up and walked towards ship, stopped at beach to fly the kites the kids made. Took alot of pictures and walked to ship at 4:45. Showered and changed for dinner in Parrot Cay. We pulled out at 6 from CC. The waiters did a show with the chefs carrying baked alaska and the servers waving flags from their country. They played "It's a Samll World" After dinner I went to try and start packing, not fun :guilty: We went to the farewell show and Deving sat up front by himself again. The ventiloquist picked him a 2nd time to come up on stage. Luckily this time dh was here to see him. He made him into a puppet-amazingly he sat still the whole time, he's rather hyper so I was impressed with that :thumbsup2 After the show we went to Treasure Ketch to buy souvenirs for teachers, along with everyone else. I tried to shop during the week to avoid this but the kids hadn't picked anything out on their own. Then we did the next thing everyone say's to avoid, Shutters on the last night. It's hard to decide on which pictures you want until you see them altogether. Between us we bought 6 8x10. We headed back to finish packing and get the bags out. I think we finished at 11:30. We couldn't find our custom forms so dh ran up to guest services in his pjs. He came back and climbed into bed to fill them out and realized he grabbed them in italian! So back to gs for him.

Saturday - It's over
We had breakfast at 6:45 in PC. The boys did not want to wake up. We made it by 7:00. We said goodbye to our servers and friends from Atlanta. We went back to our cabin and packed up our carry-on bags. Alot of people took luggage to breakfast, you can leave things in your room. Left ship at 8:00 not really in a hurry, could have hung out on the ship longer. We grabbed a porter for our bags and they whizz you right thru customs line and out to the curb for the Radisson shuttle. We waited 10 min. for the shuttle and were back to our car at 8:30. We were at MCO by 9:50. Dh and ds7 flew home and the rest of us drove. It was terrible traffic on I4 and 95 due to bike week? We stopped in Hilton Head and decided to drive to the coast and see the DVC resort there. It was 6:00 and we were tired so we stayed there for the night. We checked out the resort the next morning and started north again at 11:30. We were going to try and get home (north of Philly) by Sun. night but it was too much. We stopped again Sun. night in VA and went to a Disney outlet store at the Potomac Mall on Mon. Just can't get enough of Disney shopping :rolleyes1 We were home by 2:00 on Monday and the temperature was an unseasonable 78. It felt good to us. Then it dropped back down this week to the 40's. All in all a great vacation and an excellent cruise. :smickey:

03-18-2006, 02:09 PM
I just finished all 4 of your reports. Thanks for your details. We leave on the Eastern 4/1. 14 days :cool1: :banana:

I'm a terrible sleeper and picked cabins away from everything for quiet.

Good advise about the motion meds too. I was thinking about starting them in the morning BUT that makes better sense.

I want the dinner rotation you had. Did you request it?

03-18-2006, 03:18 PM
We used ginger capsules and never felt motion sickness, even on that really rocky day. We had the same dining rotation as the OP and did not request it--I think I heard families with young children tend to get that rotation?

03-18-2006, 04:51 PM
The only dinner request I made was with out travel agent before the cruise. However, I asked for 6:00 dining time and ended up with 5:45. The rotation of dining rooms was just random but worked out nice being in Lumiere's on formal night.

03-19-2006, 08:27 AM
Right, I meant that we requested early seating (6 pm and ended up with 5:45) with the travel agent, but the specific restaurant rotation was not requested (but I also was happy to be in Lumiere's for formal nite and Parrot Cay for Pirate nite).

03-20-2006, 06:04 PM
We were on the crusie just before this one (2/25/06 western) and our server, Maria from Hungary - partnered with Alexander from Russia, became ill and was quarantined for the last 4 days of our cruise - just curious if she was the server for any of you and how she was doing?

03-24-2006, 06:19 AM
Maybe I just can't get awake this morning, but what was your recommendation about the meds? I can't see it in this post. But I will be sure to get another cup of coffee and re read.

03-24-2006, 09:59 PM
It's funny you say that, I didn't post anything about meds. We didn't use any.

El Capitan
03-26-2006, 05:43 PM
It was our families first cruise and it was an awesome cruise. We sailed out on the 4th to wonderful sunshine which stayed with us the entire cruise. The weather gods were really looking out for all of us on the Magic from the 4th thru the 11th. :sunny:

Although we did (the ship) have to make an emergency stop in San Juan for a very serious medical emergency with another passenger, the cruise went very well. I thought they did a very good job of keeping everything as close to on schedule as they could considering. I only hope the person hurt is okay.

Hardly saw my son once he found the Oceaner's lab. From morning to midnight he was gone, see ya Mom, see ya Dad... :yay:

We ended up having a lot more just me and my wife time than we ever thought possible. It was truly awesome. In fact, we booked our next cruise while aboard the ship we had such a good time. :cool1:

Best tips we utilized from these boards:

Clothes pins for curtains
over the door see through shoe holder for anything small
collapseable clothes hamper
power strip

But we still way overpacked on clothing, go figure :rolleyes1

If your going on the cruise plan to have a great time, but don't over plan each day. Remeber, your on vacation!!!! pirate: